Our new flat is sort-of finished…

Posted by Lipglossiping On September - 29 - 2012

… Seeing as it’s the weekend, I thought you might forgive me a (massively) self indulgent post. Remember when we moved home back in July and all we had to move with was our beloved, super-hard-like-sleeping-on-a-door bed?

Well, I literally have bought no next to no beauty things in an attempt to get this place furnished. From the sofa to the cooker, the fridge-freezer to the kitchen tongs, I’ve watched our poor bank-balance take one hell of a hit. Being self-employed, I won’t lie – it’s been freakin’ scary at times but we’re nearly there now and haven’t had anyone knocking on our door to remove our telly just yet (they’d have to get past Leila first).

I have some of my favourite photos that I want to get up on the walls, it’s kinda clinical still, and you can pretty much point out the entire IKEA catalogue once you step through my front door.  But it’s basically done, and it hasn’t killed us, so that’s good enough for me.

Here’s how it looked when we first moved in.

And here’s how it’s looking now…

looking toward the front door, two storage cupboards on the left (gonna move the coats into one of them!), love my bargain rugs from Matalan!

Looking down the hall towards the living room, Dolly and Cindy on the walls.

Looking back up the hall from the opposite direction. Bathroom door is on the right, big shoe/boot box underneath the mirror

Living room. It’s more cluttered than I’d like but it does have to encompass sitting, dining and office space… balcony at far end.

Looking back into the living room from the balcony end

I haven’t killed the flowers! (yet).

For a two-bedroom flat, the kitchen is really generous and actually has more cupboard/counter space than my Mum’s 4-bed house.

I’m in love with my spice rack/wall vegetable storage combo.  My microwave is utter shit though.

The boss’ room.  Those boxes are RAMMED I tell you.

That’s the bedtime story stool, it’s flippin’ uncomfortable.

Master bedroom, you can see my hoola hoops peeking out, I need a better storage solution for them!

The bed is slightly too big/tall for the room so we’re going to get the Malm double. And then probably cry.

Serge watches over us.  Ignore the dirty clothes pile.

Bathroom! I have the cabinet on the wall there, and a tall, narrow one (you can’t see) in the bottom left corner.  Still love my towel rack.

Hate the clothes airer attached to the wall but it was already there when we moved in and Mr. L refuses to risk breaking a tile taking it down.

 So, that’s our ‘new’ flat.  I haven’t decided when we’ll stop calling it ‘the new flat’ in all conversations we have about it.  When does it stop feeling ‘new’? (serious question).

I would call it an apartment, but then I’d feel like a massive twat.

Hope that was at least, sort of enjoyable?  I love being nosey in other people’s homes I do!  Not scary, knicker-drawer rummaging nosey… just general “ooh, where’s that from?” type noseyness.  Honest.

48 Responses to “Our new flat is sort-of finished…”

  1. Amy says:

    I have a ton of those bedroom stools in my classroom and they are SO flipping uncomfortable.

    I love your flat, especially the kitchen!

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  2. Alison says:

    i love it! it’s so pretty, the green accents in the main room are lovely.

    also i am jealous of leila’s bed. those swirls are SO COOL. (is that weird??)

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  3. victoria says:

    Lovely. We’ve just moved too and our house looks like an Ikea showroom too :D

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  4. Iris says:

    Love your colour scheme and how bright and airy the whole place looks!

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  5. sophie says:

    Oh, it’s gorgeous! I’m so jealous, I want a nice put-together flat! The living room is fantastic, even though there’s a lot of stuff in there it still looks really bright and airy, it’s not cluttered at all. I love all your bookshelves (I am such a bookshelf whore).

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    • Thanks lovely! I don’t have as many books as I used to… I collected all my favourite kids books but had to have a massive clear out when Mr. L moved in with us. Boo. My shelves now mainly consist of travel books, cookery books, and my old uni books – I don’t think there’s a paperback novel in there!

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      • sophie says:

        Oh no! I hate giving books away – I’ve just put about fifty up on Amazon and it broke my heart, I literally couldn’t fit them onto my (stupidly massive) bookshelves though. Mind you, I suppose with L to look after you probably don’t have much time to get stuck into novels! ;)

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  6. Louise says:

    That looks absolutely gorgeous so bright and airy and I love the idea of the balcony :)

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  7. Anne says:

    Hooray – good job :-) Seeing your flat makes me realise that we have waaaaaaay too much stuff!!!

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    • Seeing mine makes me realise we have far too little! All those storage boxes in the expedit unites are bloody empty! Still, we had to contain ourselves into two rooms in the last house so we didn’t have much option.

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  8. Jo says:

    Lovely :-)
    Am curious about the veg wall storage as I could do with something similar – also Ikea? any names to help me find it on’t website?
    Ta, Jo

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  9. Leah says:

    Loving the spice area, Leila’s little chair on the balcony and all the IKEA. I bloody love IKEA, it’s my idea of porn. I’m trying to wangle a visit soon since my wardrobe has been broken for 11 months and my clothes are in a massive heap at the bottom :)

    It looks lovely and cosy whilst still being bright and airy.

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    • I am partial to a bit of IKEA, though their customer service sucks. Still, mustn’t grumble… we’d have zero furniture if it weren’t for their prices. Argh, my dream is to have one of those huge PAX wardrobes with all the matching nerdy storage bits haha

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  10. WONDERFUL! You did such a great job, it really does look like a home now (just needs a few of Leila’s toys on the ground). I think I’m almost there with my APARTMENT (massive twat) as well – maybe I will share! :)

    Curious/nosy question: next to your desk is that a scanner/printer or a light box?

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    • Ahh you’re allowed to say apartment, you’re ‘merican innit! Over here it’s a flat unless it’s like a really posh one and then it feels slightly more appropriate to call it an apartment. Either that, or I’m just not moving with the times ;)

      That’s a printer, the HP Envy 110, it’s my baybee! xx

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  11. Trimperley says:

    The carpets came up nicely

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    • They did! But I feel they’re gonna need another go early next year… think we should have gone back over with the rug doctor just with water in the machine to rinse them thoroughly. x

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  12. Lou says:

    Where is that towel rack from?!
    I am moving out in a month or two and my place looks about the same size so this post was really helpful! x

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  13. Alex says:

    It looks great – I love the pop of lime green, and the fab pictures on the walls! Must feel good to be sorted :)

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    • Hi Alex,

      It really does! Though there’s still 101 little things that still need doing. All the windows need resealing before it gets really cold, so does the bath… but we’ll get there! x

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  14. Sabrae says:

    I love your balcony and the dinning table! I’ve always wanted an apartment with a balcony. I imagine lounging in a chair, reading a book while enjoying the fresh air. Of course, it rains a lot where I live, but who says fantasy has to match up with reality?

    Also, I won’t lie. I had to look up what a flat is (and also twat XD). I’m American, so no doubt that’s why. Amusingly enough, Google directed me to the Wikipedia article for “Apartment”. Does apartment have a negative meaning in England?

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    • Hi Sabrae!

      The weather’s turned here now so it’s pretty chilly out there!

      Apartment is just an Americanism that started being used over here in the 80s when people wanted to differentiate between something like a council-rented “flat” and something far posher! Estate Agents always call them apartments over here because it makes them sound better ;)

      It’s just a quirk of language that I’ve grown up with. I’m sure that younger generations will call flats “apartments” without hesitation as it becomes the norm :)

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  15. Sarah says:

    It’s gorgeous Charlotte. And huge congrats on your self-discipline on the no-buy – it’s definitely paid off.

    One question though… where is all the makeup stored? I didn’t see a makeup room. Maybe you didn’t photograph it yet. There has to be at least 12″ square of makeup storage somewhere in your home.

    Oh and DON’T BUY A MALM, please – you’ll hit your shins on it every day for the rest of time and you’ll grow to hate it. This based on experience.

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    • Thanks Sarah! Haha, the makeup… well… in the photo facing the front door, there’s two cupboards. The one nearest the FD houses makeup/skincare that isn’t part of my personal collection and the rest is in the MALM drawers under the perfume collection in the bedroom. Yeah, the whole thing *blush*.

      Oh and my 2 Helmers (polish) are in the bedroom with the weird wooden plate thing ontop. First thing my friends do when they walk in is dive in the cupboard by the door! They don’t actually come round to see me :D

      YOU CAN’T PUT ME OFF THE MALM (although you just have a little bit) – what about if I get a super king size duvet and quilt to cover the sharp edges?!

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  16. Leigh says:

    Love the Serge picture!

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  17. Christine says:

    It looks so lovely and like a home! It’s all that I wish my home was. Very well done, Charlotte!

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  18. Sara says:

    Try calling it “home” it’s what you have made

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  19. Lyn says:

    Looks gorgeous, and most importantly, cosy and homey!

    Where do you keep all your make-up?

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  20. Sydney says:

    The new place looks lovely. I actually really like Ikea goods as I think it makes everything look very clean (which is an added bonus for a slightly untidy being such as myself)
    I don’t know how you have coped not buying cosmetics but very well done you! :) x

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  21. Paris B says:

    I love how your new place looks! I love how you used white everywhere and then splashes of colour. I would love to do that to mine, except I went the dark route :P

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  22. Oooh it is so chic. And tidy. Does Leila not make mess? I have flat envy.

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  23. Nazneen says:

    It’s so lovely! I love the green with the neutral wood – so zingy and fresh (which we need in grey and dismal Southampton!)

    I really loved this post, especially since I’m thinking about better ways to utilise our living/dining/working space. I love the way the living area is organised! not cluttered at all.

    Leila’s room is so cute – I like the green with the pink as it stops it being sickly (lilac is the usual option, no? much as I love purple, pink/lilac is just everywhere for little girls).

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  24. Syen says:

    LOVE the look of your new place! It’s beautiful Charlotte, thanks so much for sharing with us. Potentially moving next year (pending a few things), so looking forward to doing up my own place!

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  25. Sanam Saleh says:

    Absolutely love it! You are a shining beacon of good taste fair lady…got some good ideas- especially loving the veggie bins! We’re getting the keys to our own bricks and mortar next week, excitement abounds!

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  26. liloo says:

    So beautiful, love the lime green accents of colour in the living room and the art work by your mum xx (i think it’s your mum anyway). love the naughtyness of having serge in the bedroom xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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  27. SoFrolushes says:

    OK – so this is more proof I need to move or find major storage solutions. Love the flat.

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