NYX Hauling to the UK – MsCuppyCakes RANTY UPDATE

Posted by Lipglossiping On August - 22 - 2009

Part 1 & Part 2 of the saga… and don’t read further if you’re offended by swearing.

…So, my original order was made back in May and included lipsticks, loose pearl eyeshadows and nail polishes.

I received 2/3 of my order 2 weeks later with the rest being marked as Out of Stock on the invoice.  I didn’t think anymore of it and assumed that I’d be refunded for whatever was unavailable.

Fast forward a couple of months and the rest of my order still hadn’t arrived.  Neither had my refund.  I was busy being a new mum, so was preoccupied with other things and not overly concerned about this.

I emailed them in July to query what was going on as I hadn’t heard a dickie bird from them and they replied promptly to let me know that my items were going to be shipped that week.  They weren’t infact shipped until the end of the month and I wasn’t notified of this until I had chased them up a couple more times.

We’re now heading towards the end of August, and I emailed to tell them that I still hadn’t received my order and I wanted a refund for the items not received.

I had a one line reply telling me to go check with my customs office.

That totally got my back up.  No apologies, nothing… just a ‘we sent it’?  Fuck off, I’ve waited since May for you to pull your fingers out of  your bums and send me my order and now that it’s lost somewhere over the Atlantic you tell ME to chase it up?

I’m gonna do a long story short thing here, because quite frankly… I’m boring myself thinking about the whole thing now.  It wasn’t a huge amount of money – but it’s the insincere “have a nice day (we don’t actually give a shit)” attitude they displayed towards the whole sorry saga which turned me into a dog with a bone on this one.

After some more emails which mainly involved them telling me what great communicators they felt they were whilst I tried not to piss myself with laughter over the irony, I got an email this morning…

…We will not continue back and forth email, as it is clear we view this situation very differently.

We have issued you a refund.

in other words: “You don’t half go on, we thought you’d have buggered off by now – so take this and piss off”.

I can do that! ‘Cos your stock buying abilities suck, your communication skills are non-existent and most of all… the name of your shop is rubbish.

15 Responses to “NYX Hauling to the UK – MsCuppyCakes RANTY UPDATE”

  1. mizzworthy says:

    OMG – How Fucking rude! I’m glad you did this post, as I will now def not order from this company – appaling customer services!

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  2. i’ve used MsCuppyCakes before but don’t think i would again
    not worth the bother!

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  3. VexInTheCity says:

    Oh dear! I follow MsCuppycakes on Twitter and have had a NYX query dealt with by her quickly before. What’s up with that shit service?! I won’t be reccing her to anybody else in future.

    Sorry, but you don’t treat your paying customers, the ones keeping you in bloody business like that!

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  4. Ooh, that was quick – you all love a good rant!

    Thanks ladies, she kept referring me to their stock/shiping policy which says (and I’ll break it down):

    “ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. At times we run out of stock and will do our best to fill your order.” (perfectly reasonable).

    “We do our best to stay informed from NYX and Red Cherry when items are in/out of stock.” (shame you don’t do your best to inform your customers too though. She said that a notice was put up on the website informing customers of delays… not good enough. The contract to buy is with ME, so contact ME directly. I don’t hang around on your website all day so it’s perfectly reasonable that I didn’t see notice of the general delay.)

    “In the event your order contains out of stock items, the remaining portion of your order will be shipped and either a refund or second shipment will follow for the out of stock item.” (That’s fine, but I did ask when the cutoff period was for refunding on OOS items as I thought that a 2 month wait with no refund was excessive. She didn’t reply to that question).

    So there ya go.

    Honestly, I’m just gutted to have had such a crappy experience with them. Their shipping rates are awesome for international buyers and I dearly wanted to love them.

    Bottom line though…

    1. There’s a really good chance that they won’t have your whole order in stock.
    2. It may well take a few months for them to gather up the OOS items and send them to you.
    3. They won’t inform you directly by email if there are any problems with your order (although they may put a notice up on their website).
    4. If your order subsequently gets lost, tough shit.

    You spend your money and you take your chances methinks!

    Gawd, I really do go on don’t I? No wonder she refunded me to shut me up.

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  5. thank you for following me :)

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  6. Cassie says:

    I hate that you experienced that! I’m expecting a shipment from them soon, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that!

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  7. Sounds HORRIBLE! Will stay away from them.

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  8. Rhamnousia says:

    That is really crap, I hate shitty service when they make you feel like the villian even though you’re the one keeping them in business.

    I was just watching Corrie and Norris said something about unhappy customers talking more than happy ones which is a point, How can they think it’s ok to keep your money for that long and not say anything? Whenever I sell anything and there’s even the slightest delay I tell the person because if I was the buyer, I’d like to be kept in the know.

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  9. Oh, that’s pretty poor. I have always heard only good things about them but this really has put me off.

    At the end of the day, all they needed to do was be a bit more friendly and upfront.

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  10. VexInTheCity says:

    Yeah it’s true you’re more likely to tell people of the crap service you’ve had than the good.

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  11. tali says:

    What shits… never gomnna order from them!!

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  12. Thank You for all being cross on my behalf – therapeutic this ranting innit?

    I work in the service industry myself, and my number one rule is to keep my clients up-to-date. Things do go wrong, I make mistakes… we’re only human. Above all else, my clients appreciate being kept in the loop. If there’s gonna be a delay, I let them know and apologise for it. If I can’t get them the part they want, I let them know and suggest alternatives… simples!

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  13. […] this in mind, after my previous experiences trying to get my hands on some NYX products from across the pond you can imagine my slight […]

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  14. Grrarl says:

    I feel so terrible that you have to go through such a tremendously upsetting situation and am preparing myself for the worse now since I’ve just e-mailed them regarding my package which never arrived. Here are the details:

    I bought 8 items from them last month.
    Here are the dates:

    21 September 2009: Order and Payment made

    30 September 2009: Confirmation of my Order and Payment, mail stated – will ship in 2 to 3 days. The website said shipping will occur in 7 to 10 days time. But this was a confirmation 9 days later and they instead say to +2 to +3 days more for shipping, making it 10/11 days after order was made before they ship.

    6 October 2009: Notification that items have been shipped (took 6 days after confirmation mail to ship although confirmation mail said 2 – 3 days, therefore making it a total of 15 days after day of order/payment to ship the item out. Even if I were to just take into account working days, i.e. 15 – 4 = 11, it is still not the number of days as they claimed shipping would take place.

    It is currently 5 November, 30 days after shipping took place, or 22 working days. I am still waiting for my mail, hopefully not lost forever or missing OOS items.

    I never had any problems with any items ordered from the U.S. (I am from Singapore) and I regularly purchase things online (at least twice a week). Will let you know if I get “flipped off” by them in the mail regarding my package.

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  15. Lucy says:

    This isn’t the first (or the third) time I’ve heard of crap experiences with Mscuppycakes.
    Consider them avoided! I’ll be off to Cherryculture now…

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