Avoid the brush off with Oral-B Pro-Expert

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 1 - 2011

There’s a new toothpaste in town. It’s lean, mean and err not very minty as it happens.  Featuring the revolutionary bacteria-busting ingredient Stabilised Stannous Flouride, this supposed super-paste claims to be all you need to target the oral issues that affect us daily.

It’s taken 15 years of development and 70 scientific studies ahead of today’s launch because this volatile active ingredient has proven difficult to present in a stable, usable form.  That sounds like me before my morning cuppa.

Finally, the bods at Oral-B reckon they’ve nailed it in the form of the new Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste which goes on general sale today.  There’s more sciencey stuff behind it about how they managed to stabilise and tame this chemical but seeing as it involves words like polyphosphate, you will excuse me if I skim over those finer details this early in the morning?

The bottom line is that Oral-B Pro-Expert is proclaimed to be the toothpaste to put an end to forced compromises.  Oral-B say that you really can have your whitening, cavity protection, plaque reduction, tartar control, enamel strengthening, sensitivity repair, gum improving and breath freshening all in one tube.  Phew!

I used it for the first time last night and it’s really a little strange!  It feels slightly gritty on the teeth (although I have been promised that it’s 100% non-abrasive) and the taste!  Oh the taste!  It is EXACTLY like the rinse you get at the dentist.  It’s not bad, I actually really like it… but don’t expect that minty zing because this is something altogether quite different!

Oral-B Pro-Expert goes on sale today priced at £3.49 for 75ml

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  1. Emily says:

    It sounds kinda terrifying. Not sure if my mouth is ready for such craziness!

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  2. Twelve52 says:

    I am always getting convinced into trying new toothpastes. I am easily swayed by marketing I suppose! So, obviously I’m going to have to try this space age sounding variety. Not sure about the gritty texture though…

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  3. Tass says:

    70 years? wow! I get excited about toothpastes (saddo) and will probably buy this one. I’m just put off by the dentist rinse taste, I want minty freshness! xx

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  4. Th infredient is actually stannous flouride, and has been in toothpastes like Crest for years! Sounds good, though.

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  5. Sabine says:

    hmm – the way you describe the taste and feeling reminds me of the (relatively new) Arm & Hammer toothpaste. I loved that one, even though the taste was something I had to get used to. Will give OralB a try and see which one I like better…

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  6. opals says:

    I think this is crest pro health in the states! I luv it. I like the grittiness, actually. My teeth have never felt cleaner (except after a cleaning!)

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  7. Olivia says:

    this looks exactly like crest pro health. The bad thing about crest pro health, if it’s the same as this, is that it notoriously makes the skin in your mouth peel. it’s disgusting! so hopefully your mouth isn’t as sensitive.

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  8. Sydney says:

    I really like the idea of this but I am a sucker for the morning fresh mintyness that I get with my regular toothpaste.
    I wonder what the rule is of using this perhaps before/after a nice minty fresh paste… hmmm.

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  9. Nicola says:

    I usually use corsadyl toothpaste and mouthwash and have done for around 6 months. I decided to change to the Oral B pro expert toothpaste and used it for the first time around 30 mins ago.

    OMG, about 5 mins ago I started to get this white slime in my mouth and asked my daughter to get me some tissue and when I looked at it, it was my skin!!!!

    I got a magnifying mirror and the skin on my lips has peeled off up to the start of my outer lip.

    Yes my teeth feel clean but it will be going straight in the bin and I will be emailing Procter & Gamble.

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    • That’s awful, take some photos and contact them for sure. If you don’t have any joy… let me know and I’ll forward your experiences on. Look after yourself and see a dentist if you think it’s not improving in the next few days.

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      • Nicola says:

        Thanks for that, proctor and gamble have replied to my email when I contacted them and I have received SAE to send the product back. They also kindly enclosed a voucher to reimbuirse me for my purchase.

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  10. OralB_User says:

    Both my husband and I have also experienced peeling of our inner lips after brushing. Is this normal/safe? The toothpaste does wonders for the teeth but I’m worried about the loss of layers of skin.

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  11. Lilmiznutcase says:

    I got sent a sample to try and I really liked it. No problems with peeling so I would recommend people try a sample and see if they like it or if they get the peeling.

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  12. Lee Rolph says:

    I love the taste and the texture but it’s also making my mouth peel. Also happening to my mate and his mum. Seems to be a lot of people this is happening to. I’ve also had this happen with the arm and hammer toothpastes. Really would like to know if I should stop using it or if it’s “normal” for this to happen until the mouth settles down. Have read on the net and someone suggested it happens because these kinds of toothpaste leave the mouth slightly acidic.

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  13. Hi Everyone,

    You’ve made me curious about the issues some of you have experienced with the new Oral B Pro Expert. I did enquire to the PR company about the ‘skin peeling’ but haven’t heard back so I decided to do some of my own research.

    I’ve found this:

    Since using Pro-Health toothpaste, I’ve noticed a “shedding” of the lining of my mouth. It is like a layer peels off each time I use it. My mouth feels cleaner than ever, but I’m not sure if this is normal.

    The shedding that you have noticed in your mouth is not unsafe and is a result of the natural process to remove dead cells from the skin surfaces in your mouth. The cleaning action of both Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste and Crest Pro-Health Rinse can accelerate this process and often results in the skin coming off in sheets, making the removal of dead skin cells more noticeable.

    source: http://www.crestprohealth.com/crest-advisory-board/questions-and-answers.aspx (click on other and scroll down)

    Crest Pro Health is the U.S. ‘name’ for the same product. I hope it puts your minds at rest a little.

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    • Nicola says:

      Oh so All of a sudden they are aware of the peeling and know what causes it? When I emailed Proctor & Gamble (the company that makes Oral B pro expert) they apologised and asked me to return the product so they could find out why this happened. Sounds like a huge great fob off to me. Why would they send me a voucher to reimburse me and ask me to return the product? Oh and Proctor & Gamble also make Crest!

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      • Hi Nicola,

        It’s my experience with multi-national companies that sometimes the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

        I don’t think it’s a ‘fob off’ so much as the UK ‘branch’ of P&G probably just haven’t been made aware that some people are sensitive to the formula. Not excusable in terms of CS but I’m sure they’ll catch up fast when more people complain about the peeling!

        I *think* Corsodyl has the same peeling effect for some and the solution the company suggest for this is to dilute the formula with water before using. Can’t do that with toothpaste though huh?!

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  14. Oli says:

    Also getting skin peeling.. freaking me out.. i reckon there must be more of us out there with this problem?

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  15. Rhian says:

    I’ve also been getting peeling, every time I brush which is day/night. My mouth is full of White stringey skin (nice), personally I don’t by the whole reason for this happening is to do with dead skin cells, I can’t be producing that much dead skin, it seems my mouth is full of it from dawn to dusk.

    But I would say that it’s a nice tooth paste for the overall clean.

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  16. PJ says:

    I’ve been getting the peeling as well and searching for this under ‘oral b pro expert’ brought me here. A white film in my mouth after using this is very unpleasant and made me feel sick.
    I guessed it was a thin film of skin. Very strange they continue to sell it with this side effect.

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  17. Kirsty Jones says:

    This is a great toothpaste, and for the UK market is certainly one to buy if you are doing so ‘off the shelf’ at the local supermarket.

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  18. Maddy says:

    I have been worried about peeling on the inside of my lip and recently realised it started a couple months ago when I changed toothpaste. Never had this before. I will be switching back’

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  19. Walter says:

    My wife and I have both experienced skin stripping from the inside of our mouths since using this product. I had not taken it too seriously until yesterday as I liked the way my teeth were feeling. Yesterday my lower lip started to bleed! I have found similar issues with other ‘intensive’ products so have swithced back to very basic Macleans. My feeling is that these teeth cleaning products are too intense for the mouth, combining as they do so many so-called features and benefits.

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  20. michelle says:

    I have also had the skin peeling problem. Surely guys, this is not right? Why on earth are they still selling a product which is basically causing an allergic reaction? And why has nothing been formally published about it?

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  21. Griff says:

    I’ve just finished my first tube of Oral B Pro and am also now getting the peeling/shedding.

    I came here from a Google search to see if anyone else was having side effects.

    Although I suspected it was skin, I wasn’t 100% sure and my skin/mucus membranes/gums are not sore or “angry” looking. So perhaps it is harmless?

    I’m going to keep on using the toothepaste for now as it’s having an otherwise very, very positive effect on my oral health!

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    • Griff says:

      I just wanted to update: I am still using this toothpaste and am,a total covert. Nothing cones even close to how clean this gets your teeth.

      Shedding got less and less and now doesn’t happen. Or perhaps, isn’t shedding in “sheets”

      So as suspected, the shedding is totally harmless. In fact I have reason to believe following some dental surgery it seems to speed up healing. Which could explain how this toothpaste helps gum health.

      I have gone from having chronic periodontal disease to almost perfect dental health and I firmly believe this toothpaste played a big part.

      So bear with it, this is clearly the best toothpaste money can buy!

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  22. Anthony says:

    My skin has been peeling inside my mouth leaving my skin feeling thin and tender, Its just clicked that its this toothpaste causing my problem, I thought I was getting Chrones disease or something and was about to go to GP Should have a health warning on packet as it seems to be affecting significant number of people.

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  23. Seb says:

    Awful – This morning after brushing with this toothpaste I’ve realised that the skin inside of my mouth started dissolving and the white pieces coming out (peeling).

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  24. Pauline says:

    I had the same problem with skin peeling. Very embarrassing when speaking to people because you have to remove it.

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  25. Brenda says:

    I have had exactly the same problems as those mentioned by others. It only seems to be the Oral B pro expert that has caused this sloughing of dead cells. I also use Rembrandt plus (which is a whitener) which I use during the day to avoid the dreaded slime, however that makes my teeth sensitive. Procter & gamble did eventually explain that it was the sloughing of dead cells & that this was harmless. Does anyone know different?

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  26. David says:

    Hi I have also noticed that Oral B Pro Expert is stripping / peeling the lining on the inside of my mouth. It has left me with a sore burning sensation on the inside of which is hurting at work today. I have been using pro expert for a while, but I have only just recently noticed this happening. I like the toothpaste – but worrying.

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  27. mike says:

    Anything that causes your mouth to shed skin cannot be good. This has happened to me when using ‘Oral B Pro Expert’ and it has happened to my wife as well. Judging by the comments above it’s happened to lots of other people as well. I don’t care how much research and development has gone into this product, it is clearly insufficient and we will never use it again. You’ve got this seriously wrong, Oral B, so back to the drawing board, please. If these are short term effects, what happens with prolonged exposure to this muck? If you get these symptoms, my advice is bin this rubbish and stay with products that have an established and trusted track record. ‘Oral B Pro Expert’ does not. As for this peeling effect being the “sloughing of dead cells” I think that is absolute nonsense; no other oral hygiene product has ever done that to me before. Bin it!

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  28. Ant says:

    Peeling skin and lips. Everyone should be made aware of the problems this toothpaste can cause utter madness this has not been tested enough !!!! Avoid takes time for mouth and lips to recover really not happy if this was the USA we would take the company for every penny!!! 12/10/12

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  29. Niamh says:

    I have been using this for the past 3 weeks and was fine up until this week when I developed an allergy against it and have swollen lips and sore gums… I got oral gel and antihistamine to relieve pain. Anyone else experience this???

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    • Betty says:

      Yes see comment below

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    • Julie says:

      Niamh, I started using Oral B pro expert gum health,no problems for about 3 weeks, then I noticed clusters of
      ulcers appearing, I initially thought it was a viral infection, at one point I had 47 ulcers in my mouth and my lips
      were swelling up, not thinking about the toothpaste I kept using it, my mouth got so sore I had to stop brushing my teeth (ewwww) I ended up using my childrens toothpaste….within a week it cleared up…., then a few days ago I tried the Oral B again and guess what? My lips have started swelling up again, I will not be using it again,I’ll stick to the colgate in future.My Husband has been using it with no problems.

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  30. Susan says:

    omg! I’ve been searching on the internet to find out what’s been causing the horrid white slime that has started appearing in my mouth – especially bad when I wake up in the morning. It’s disgusting. I thought it might be this toothpaste, as when I went on holiday and used a different brand, the slime disappeared. Now I know for sure I will start using something else instead.

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  31. Betty says:

    Used this toothpaste for around a week and had a allergic reaction to it, tongue swelled up gums swelled up lips were tingly very pink and swollen my mouth was bright red and very painful, took some antihistamines as recommended by the GP mouth swelling decreased and pain subsided however was left with a very painful and ulcerated mouth have now changed toothpaste back to good old Colgate and will never use oral b again,

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  32. Mary says:

    I have also experienced this. Is it really jutst dead skin cells? I hope so because I’m starting to worry and am considering wether to change back to collgate or not.

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  33. Steve says:

    use the greenish Oral B for a few months and noticed the white stringy mucus. Konw I’ve developed a stinging allergy and swollen lips and this was after using the product for several months. It’s like a burning sensation and my lips are numb !

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  34. Lea says:

    I picked up a sample of Oral B Pro Expert from my dentist on the last visit, I initially enjoyed this toothpaste but did notice this ‘skin shedding’ problem and this gradually got worse, waking in the morning with this horrible stringy mucus in my mouth.

    I’m on several different medications for high blood pressure and several trapped nerves in my neck, I recently had a medication change and put the dryness and mucus down to this.

    So I continued to use Pro Expert, but having spoken to my Father who also has been using Pro Expert and experienced the same problems, I now believe Pro Expert to be the source of the problem, my gums are now very sore and painful, I’m going back to my Aquafresh toothpaste.

    Should Oral B not recall this rubbish, there seems to be lots of people experiencing some nasty side effects.

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  35. ash titt says:

    I know this is an old thread but thank god i came across it. I have only just bought a tube of this toothpaste and this morning (first time ive noticed the problem) the skin from my mouth was peeling away too. Looked mucusy and stringy as described by others here. I didnt think anything of it until i used it just then before bed and the same thing happened which is why i googled it. I love everything else about this toothpaste. It taste is so good and my teeth feel cleaner for longer and my breath stays fresh. But this peeling on the inside of my mouth cant be good. I dont have any redness or tenderness or bleeding. Just the grose decomposing mouth skin! Will be calling oral b tomorrow and questioning it.

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    • Mei says:

      I am having exactly the same problem. i have been brushing with this product for 3 days, my gums and inner mouth is raw red, and the skin is peeling off. It seems that this is not uncommon, the tube of oral b pro health is gling in the bin!!

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  36. Mo says:

    Just read this thread after realising that oral b’s damn toothpaste was ruining the lining of my mouth – my skin is not just peeling but leaving it red raw and painful! It’s also vile sating bt it seems to have taken over te supermarket shelves – I ain’t complaining to p&g to be fobbed off I am reporting it to Trading standards and everyone else should do the same lets see if we can put a stop to this dangerous toothpaste!

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  37. Ann says:

    I was given a sample tube of Oral B Pro Expert by my dental hygienist and think that it must be the cause of my outer lips starting to sting and peel soon after I started to use it (about three weeksago). I have never suffered from dry lips before, but this is ferocious. Lip salves make no difference. The inside of my mouth seems to be OK, I think. I am interested to read in your blog that antihistamines may help. Of course I stopped using the toothpaste before I even finished the tube

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  38. Mr. Mr says:

    Skin peeling? Bleeding gums? Receding gums? Sounds like a science experiment conspiracy. I had the same dry/peeling gums with the stuff and will not put my dental health under jeopardy by Oral B again. Surely the guys at Oral B knew about these side effects and decided to launch the product anyway with no warnings attached. In years to come we’ll probably hear of mouth cancers caused by the likes of Oral B Pro Expert. Scary thing is that every dentist I’ve been to advertises this stuff like it’s a gift from the gods. That’s how I learnt of it, but in future I’ll do some research before purchasing such products. Tut tut dentists..

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  39. Alex says:

    My skin is peeling inside my mouth also I’m really freaked out and considering throwing this product out! No way this is normal

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  40. Jemma B says:

    I have been using this toothpaste for a couple of weeks, and my mouth peels all the time.. It’s horrible :< And about 10 or so minutes ago I have had a really weird reaction… My upper lip is swollen in two places (in the corners). They looks like two 2cmX6mm pink bubble blisters, and they feel numb and stingy and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger :(((( I now have a upper lip that looks like it belongs to Katie price XD If the swelling does not reduce in a hour or so I am going to call NHS direct.

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  41. Jemma B says:

    I forgot to mention that it’s difficult to close my mouth due to the two weird bumps.

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  42. Coby says:

    Israel Also:
    Used it – and my inner chick is peeling off.
    WTF ?!?!

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  43. James says:

    I would tell my friends to avoid this product and felt compelled to also comment here about the skin peeling problems. It cannot be a harmless side effect long term, and it is not pleasant to have remove peeling skin from your mouth every morning. I decided to change toothpaste to a non-foaming SLS free brand and my problems went away immediately.

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  44. Beverly drew says:

    I have been using this toothpaste for many months and only realised today the connection with the white cotton like slime in my mouth, more so in the morning. So disappointed as loved how my teeth felt. Will contact company to see if they have had similar feedsck

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  45. kathy says:

    I bought it a week ago and keep getting white slime in my mouth…off to the dentist to get this checked out

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  46. Johanna says:

    I can’t use Oral-B anymore. Used it for a month now and my mouth is sore and peeling. Scared the lights out of me at first but now I know better. Will be going back to “Pepsodent White Now”.

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  47. Alison says:

    Thank goodness I’m not going mad, have experienced all of the above, very embarrassing when talking to people as stringy white bits stuck around teeth and come out of corners of mouth, inner lips inflamed and tingly. GP didn’t know what it was, sent me to dentist, he didn’t know either but asked if I had changed toothpaste recently – it was then I realised and have stopped using Oral B Pro Expert, and guess what, all my symptoms have gone. It’s going straight in the bin!

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    • Johanna says:

      I know what you mean. I, too, first thought that there was something wrong with my mouth. Well, I did change back to using the “Pepsodent White Now” and my mouth is back to normal. All the symptoms went away in a week and I feel fine again. Oral-B toothpaste is seriously dangerous stuff.

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  48. Well I must say how glad I was to visit this site actually thought something serious might be wrong with me.I visited my dentist for routine examination and decided to use this new oral b toothpaste after having my scaling and polishing done I wanted to keep teeth nice and clean. I noticed especially at night that I was up drinking a lot of water and that I had a bit of a sore throat every morning after getting up. next was after breakfast I would clean teeth and the inside of my cheeks were sore however never thinking that this had anything to do with my new toothpaste I continued and bought number 2 I am now onto number 3 and noticed that my husband didn’t seem to have problem then the penny dropped he was using an old type of toothpaste.
    As mouth was so sore I went to dentist and he couldn’t find anything wrong with teeth and suggested it might be a virus but after this time I can say that it IS ORALB PRO EXPERT.
    May I suggest that its simple don’t throw tube out just stop using go back to original use for 4 weeks and if you don’t have the symptoms you have the answer and I would contact company.
    Who wants refund? just answers as to what the cause is that’s most important.
    Remember dentists are promoting this and if patients don’t tell them well they will never know.

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    • Anne-marie says:

      I’ve only used this toothpaste for two days and the whole of my lips are covered in tiny blisters which are turning into sore patches and the skin inside my mouth is shedding every time I move my tongue around it. This is totally ridiculous and I cannot see why P&G are still selling it. My mum is also suffering the same problems, she thought it was the cold weather!!!

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  49. Ayesha says:

    My husband accidentally picked up the oral b premium gum protection instead of the all round protection and my inner lips skin has peeled and become Very dry and sore over the course if two weeks. I couldn’t figure out what was causing this and when u noticed the change in my tooth paste, I stopped using it and now it’s healing. It’s been a week but still left unite dry and slightly sore. I say we sue them it’s just Wrong! I’ve been so worried and its true who knows the long term damage it’s caused.

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  50. Alison says:

    Oh my goodness. I didn’t realise it was skin shedding, I thought it was just a residue left behind by the toothpaste. I experienced the same thing with Arm & Hammer. I have been using Oral B for months and have just stocked up as it was on offer in my local supermarket. I will now be going back to Macleans. Thank you for enlightening me.

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  51. James says:

    I have just started using Oral b pro expert and after brushing with the toothpaste the lining of my mouth started peeling and coming of in sheets – Very unpleasant!! This surely can’t be good for your mouth. I’ll be going back to Colgate!

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  52. Leslie says:

    Product: Oral B Pro Health Enamel Shield
    I thought my whole mouth was dissolving into thick layers of mush! It was horrifying, and I had to keep scooping out the never-ending sheets and shreds of the wet muck!

    This product should come with a warning so people won’t think they are melting away! Dreadful, dreadful experience!

    I guess I won’t bother reporting to Proctor and Gamble since they already know and are keeping it on the market, but I will definitely report it to a consumer watchdog agency, because this is nuts!

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  53. brendan says:

    Same is happening to my wife and I, i’ve contacted the company and guess what they’ve never heard of this incident before, what a load on there behalf

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  54. Susan says:

    I was actually looking into causes of thrush for my daughter and I read another feed which suggested some of the fancy Colgate and Oral B toothpastes can cause thrush because of their anti-bacterial ingredients. This got me wondering about toothpaste ingredients in general and their potential problems affecting the mouth/throat region as I have been suffering with Globus Hystericus (sensation of persistent lump in the throat) since December 2013.

    When I stumbled across this feed and started reading the above comments I had a great Ah-ah moment. I too have been having the stringy white bits of skin forming on the insides of my cheeks close to my lips. I hadn’t put it down to the change in my toothpaste at all until I read all these comments.

    Also, for probably as long as I have been experiencing the Globus symptoms I have intermittently (but never before in my life) had sore cracked blistery looking splits to the corners of my mouth. I had at first thought this maybe due to a vitamin deficiency and had asked my GP about this. I have had blood tests for all sorts and no deficiency has been detected. For the past few months in an attempt to help me solve my overwhelming Globus problem I have been paying close attention to my diet, eating tons of fresh fruit and veggies/juicing daily/eating mainly alkaline foods, so I find it impossible to believe I have a vitamin deficiency. But it would seem here Oral B’s toothpaste has caused other people similar mouth cracking problems.

    And then my possibly/maybe Ah-ha No.3 moment was when I read that this toothpaste can leave the mouth slightly acidic…………! Well, for anyone who has ever had Globus you may know that acidic foods can be a cause/trigger for it. I’ve had Globus for 6 months and tried everything to make it go away. An alkaline diet has helped a little, as has the Fast Tract diet, but it is still a problem for me. What just occurred to me is this: I first got the Globus symptoms in December 2013. I just checked my personal finance records for my receipts and I have found that I first bought the Pro-Expert toothpaste on 2nd December 2013 and have been using it since.

    It seems fairly certain this toothpaste has been causing my other two problems. Could it be causing the Globus as well I wonder? I’m shifting back to regular Colgate tonight. Thankfully the rest of my family didn’t switch over to Pro-Expert. I bought it for me as I was having bleeding gums – which incidentally it seems to have fixed!

    I guess time will tell.

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    • Teemu says:

      Hey Susan, Iv been using the oral b expert aswell,and im having the same globus symptoms as you are. reading your story makes alot of sense when i reference it to my own.

      i have also had kinda burnt feeling on my tounge.

      I wonder do you still have globus symptoms?

      i have been going to dentists and doctors trying to know whats wrong with my mouth. and i wonder.. if its all because this damned toothpaste.

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  55. Susan says:

    P.S. I brush my teeth 3/4 times a day, because I eat so much fruit! I brush my tongue too. That’s quite a lot of exposure to it.

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  56. Steph Cully says:

    I started wearing invisalign braces about 6 months ago and recently had a hygienist appointment. She said I had some plaque developing on my back teeth and recommended oral b gum protection. From the start it made my gums ache when I used it, but this developed into horribly sore skin on the inside of my mouth which made it really painful to eat and to speak (and I’m a teacher!) I stopped using it yesterday as I decided it might be the toothpaste that was causing it, and already there is a (slight) improvement. Definitely throwing it away

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    • Dawn says:

      I am sure the dry mouth and throat is the result of using Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste, I stopped using it nearly a week ago, does anyone know how long it takes for the mouth and tongue to get back to normal please? I had been using it for about a month, my teeth were certainly very clean but I’ve gone back to the toothpaste I’ve used all my life now as can’t put up with the dryness.

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  57. Jewels says:

    I work in a dental clinic and have used ALL the different types of Oral b. Yes I have had the same shredding when using the one for gum health but in all honesty thought it was something to do with an infected gum pocket draining. I spoke to our hygienist who said some people can have a reaction to it so changed back to the original Oral B which tastes horrible and the shredding seemed to stop. This weekend I bought the 3D 360 whitening…Yes you’ve guessed the stringy substance appeared again..So now having read all these post I will be binning the lot I have at home and going back to Colegate!!!

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  58. I’ve been using this toothpaste for the past week and I also have skin shredding . Plus I have an painful ulcer in my mouth now.. I really cant believe its still on sale…

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  59. Pauine says:

    My lips swelled like I had botox! and I also got ulcers, what a relief after finding out it was the oral B toothpaste. However it seems Proctor and Gamble still won’t take it serious, I guess that is because of all the revenue they are raking in, especially as the Dentists are advocating it! So what can we guinea pigs do about it? Wonder if the company uses Oral B themselves? Maybe we all could set up a petition to stop production?

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  60. Colin says:

    At last, I find the answers to my problem! I’ve used this garbage, for a few months now. The skin stripping I had, but just put it down to “deep cleaning”. The just today, I had the top lip swelling issue.

    It happened so fast after brushing, I thought my top lip would explode! Thankfully though, it’s gone back down to some normality. This stuff’s lethal, it should be banned from all shops PRONTO!

    I admit it’s powerful stuff, but not at the expense, of my mouth felling like it’s been sandblasted. Do us all a favour P&B, remove this muck from general sale.

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  61. Sue Virciglio says:

    I have had slight problems with skin shedding but my biggest problem is that since starting to use this product my taste buds have changed and I have really noticed that parts of my mouth now are constantly sweet or sour. It affects how I taste my food too. Think I will try a different brand and see if this improves.

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    • Karin Andersson says:

      Try a tooth paste without zinc. I have had all those problems with oral b and I am hypersensitive to zinc in different kinds of bandages and dressings.

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  62. Andy says:

    Thank you so much for this thread!!! After hours of googling I convinced myself I had contracted about 30 diseases because of this skin peeling in my mouth! I’ve stopped using oral b now because I had some suspicion about it but the peeling continues after over a week…… Realised tonight in still using the damn oral b mouthwash!! Lol

    All binned and never buying again. Back to good old arm and hammer and sensodyne! Gonna do a corsodyl cleanse to see if it helps too.

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  63. Joanne says:

    I have been using this Oral b toothpaste for a while as I had a problem with sensitive teeth but also when I went to the hygienist she told me I had a build up of tartar, so I thought this all in one toothpaste would be great. The first time I used it I thought my younger was burning in my mouth. I have tried to continue to use the toothpaste as I don’t like throwing something out but I am glad I have found this, although it isn’t affecting me the same way as others as I don’t have mouth peeling my tounge does feel as if it is burnt every time I use it.

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  64. Julie says:

    I have used oral B pro expert for sometime now, probably a couple of years and I used to rave about it, the condition of my teeth has improved and the dentist is impressed with how little work they need to do when I visit annually. I never had any of the skin peeling that others have noticed but I have been left perplexed over the last 6 months as to the cause of a horrid dry mouth I get through the night which I have never suffered with before…it’s not just dry, it’s bone dry and often my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth. I am currently waiting on blood results from the GP but something triggered a thought last night (whilst soaking my dry mouth) and I wondered if it could be the toothpaste. Why it only started 6 months ago, I don’t know, perhaps hormone changes. I thought I was really dehydrated but even upping my water intake didn’t help. This thread was the first thing I found when searching on it, I Shall try using another past for a few days and see if that helps.

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  65. David says:

    This is one of the worst toothpastes ever. I’ve been suffering from sensitivity recently and couldn’t understand why and now i have narrowed it down to this toothpaste. I have now stopped using it and it’s getting better already. It also makes the inner walls of my mouth really tender and i can also literally feel that my teeth are softer when i chew or grind e.

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