A somewhat personal journey…

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 13 - 2010

My first video… eek, no edits!  Video queen I ain’t…

If you have any questions (no matter how silly you think they may be) about professional IPL treatment at a clinic, please ask and I’ll either be able to answer them through my own experiences or find out on your behalf.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions in the comment box, feel free to email me privately.

To find out more about the sk:n clinic and the treatments they offer, visit their website here.

EDIT 13/05 20:51:

I wanted to quickly update to say…

Firstly, thank you SO much for being supportive and generous in wishing me the best of luck with the treatment, it’s really appreciated and very good of you.

But I also want to clarify something…

I don’t feel brave and I don’t think you should think me brave either.  Save that for someone who writes openly about something like this without being rewarded with many many pounds worth of free treatments in an attempt to fix it.

Honestly?  I wouldn’t be discussing this on my blog if it weren’t for that fact.  I’m certainly no martyr to the cause of hirsutism!

I seriously contemplated limiting my experiences, review and photographs to my upper lip.  It’s the least ‘freaky’ area to suffer from excess hair and the place where most people would be able to relate.  But the simple fact is that receiving this free treatment puts me in a privileged position.  I’m not a bonafide beauty writer… I’m a lucky girl dedicated to her blog and I think I can suffer a little bit of indignity if it:

a). helps highlight the more embarrassing aspects of excess hair in a sympathetic way.

b). brings a small amount of comfort to even one person who may read this and realise that there’s literally loads of women with the same problems.

c). (if the treatment works) bring hope that there is an effective solution to the problem.

d). (if the treatment doesn’t work) potentially save someone a good deal of money, or encourage them to explore other options first.

Regardless, from now on… if I see any of you checking out my FOTDs with a magnifying glass… you’re off my Christmas Card list FOR GOOD!

54 Responses to “A somewhat personal journey…”

  1. Sabrina says:

    I really enjoyed this video… I would love laser! I am so pale and have dark hairs its quiet upsetting. I’ve been tested for polycystic ovaries but luckly don’t have it. Would love to see the result X

  2. Firstly, thank you for making such an honest video and for being so awesomely open and brave about everything. I know loads of women with PCOS who’ve really struggled so I’ll be pointing them in your direction over the next few weeks :)

    Secondly, you should definitely make more videos. You crack me up (having dreams of a Lipglossiping/Facegoop video special now – it would be comedy genius)

  3. Congratulations on your first video – a success I think! Can’t wait to hear how your treatment goes xxx

  4. Eyelining says:

    This is really brave of you, hats off to you for doing it! You being brave enough to speak out about the condition will no doubt comofrt a lot of women and will let them know they are not alone. If anyone is idiotic enough to say anything negative remember there are many of us out there who admire what you are doing x

  5. Amanda says:

    Hey, what a lovely, endearing and courageous vid. Don’t be nervous about the people at the clinic – I saw them last year in Aberdeen for something different and felt very much like they would go ‘eww’ or something but everyone was very very professional. I hope it goes well for you! xx

  6. Kathiza says:

    I think it’s really brave of you to talk about this publicly! Good luck!

  7. Sabrina says:

    I forgot to say… Thank you so much for making this video X

  8. Emma says:

    So brave of you to talk about it! Good luck and much love xxx

  9. Lisa says:

    I have been considering laser myself for my face, I have very fine down hairs on the sides of my cheeks, and under my chin, and then the dreaded tache which is somewhat darker. Like you, dipilatory creams just leave me very sore, same with waxing, so I can’t wait to hear how you get on with it.

    I think it is incredibly brave of you to share something that you find upsetting in such a way, so a big pat on the back for you! Go Charlotte! I am thrilled you are having this chance xxx

  10. teampixie says:

    You are so amazing, brave and thank you so much for the making this video.

  11. Cat says:

    You have no idea how comforting it is to hear someone talk about this on a personal level, especially a pretty woman. Having my doctor discuss things with me is so uncomfortable (23y/o female with a 50 odd year old male doctor!). It’s lovely that you have the confidence to talk about this, and I hope one day I do too!

    Thank you so much, and I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences.

    PS. You said you researched a lot a couple of years ago, did you look into electrolysis much? If so why did you decide to go for laser?

    • @Cat – Hi! My sister had electrolysis on a small patch and said that she’d never experienced so much pain in her life! I’m a complete wimp and that was enough for me!

      I’ve also read that each hair follicle has to be treated, one at a time… to be honest… on me… I’d be 63 before they’d finished half my face 😉

  12. Julia Arenas says:

    Everyone has something…something they wish they didn’t have, whether physical or personal. Your video with its honesty, sincerity, and vulnerability was beautiful. I’m not being too cheesy am I? No I don’t mean to be. Your message moved me. I’ll pray this works for you…

    You’ll be fine, Charlotte ^v^ Have a go at it.

  13. Awwww babe, you’re so brave talking openly about your problems. We all have problems, but I couldn’t do what you’ve done and talk so openly abou them. I can imagine how tough that was for you, and I respect you so so much.

    I actually had a little cry, its that time of the month etc etc and Im weeping mess and just watching you talk about something you struggle with daily just brought tears to my eyes. Especially when you talked about your husband, because I could tell you was about to fill up.

    Love you Char!


  14. liloo says:

    First things first, as I am starting to write this, my eyes are watery and I just want to cry cos I’ve been moved so much by the sincerity of this video. Thank you for opening to us and trusting us. Life is a b**tch. Eyebrows won’t grow and this is happening ‘everywhere else’ but on the brows. I’ve blown all my savings many years ago to have a similar treatment (Epilight IPL system) on my legs. I stopped the treatment mid way throught as 1. it was too painful for me (as in physical pain while the treatment was going on) 2. I ran out of money (i foolishly thought the average number of sessions would be enough for me, but I needed more. I have no idea if my treatment is similar to yours, but I had to shave as well, never epilate, and keep the areas out of the sun to minimise pigmentations spots appearing. I would take a nurofen before the session but it was still painful. If it is painful, maybe they can put some ‘magic ‘cream on it. it’s called lumea or elmer or something like that, which is in effect an anasthetic cream and needs to be put on surface 30 minutes before. People in those establishments are incredibly nice and they don’t go ‘oh come on liloo, how old are you, we had a 5 year old kid yesterday and he didnt make half of the fuss you made here. How are my legs now? Well, a definite 50% reduction but it came back a bit, all that because i didnt finish the treatment. I like to make fun of myself and talk a lot about my jungle legs but because I can, cos it’s only legs (and not the face) which get covered up most of the time anyway. Been fortunate to have a lovely boyfriend (he still cheated on me the b*st*rd) who was super supportive at the time of the treatment, but we have stayed friends. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. Life is a b*tch but we’re there for you.

    one of your 600 number one fans

    gros bisous

  15. Rachel says:

    Great video, and so so brave to talk about something that as you say, is a taboo subject. Really hope that the treatment works for you lovely! xx

  16. VexintheCity says:

    Awwww bless ya. I take my hat off to you Chars, I really do. Hope the treatment goes the way you want it to xxx

  17. Chrissy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this very personal issue with us. It takes a lot of courage to actually make a video and post it for so many people to read.
    I think it really is a great opportunity to try this laser treatment and hopefully it will be a solution for you. How great is it to be offered this opportunity in the first place?
    I hope your first consultation tomorrow will go well and you can proceed with the treatment.


  18. Jenni says:

    Nobody will laugh at you. You’re a lovely young woman. I hope it’s successful. I know laser surgery is highly recommended for the eyes (nothing more delicate than eyes, surely) so I imagine this is a thoroughly safe procedure.
    PCOS must be awful but you have a baby and I believe fertility is often compromised in PCOS sufferers so you did well to conceive.
    I shave my top lip daily. It’s just routine. I always think that I’d have to choose a razor as my luxury on Desert Island Discs as I’d be even more grotesque than usual if rescued!
    We all have our “flaws” and sensitivities so best wishes for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  19. La says:

    You are so awesome!!!

    I have the same condition and even though my boyfriend says he’s cool with it, every time he looks at my face that little bit TOO long, all I can think of is “THE BEARD! THE BEARD!”

    I don’t think people fully understand just how much it effects day to day life. Every week it feels like my tweezing routine is getting longer and longer. Cheeks, neck, upper lip, chest, stomach…every time I find new batches a little part of me dies. I’m honestly expecting to look like Cousin It by the time I’m 50!

    Thank you for taking the time to talk about your experiences. I can completely relate to how exhausting it is having to deal with an illness that’s just seems to want to make you feel as unattractive as it can. You are a fantastic, beautiful beauty journalist. It’s refreshing to see a real issue being tackled. I’m certain this video will bring comfort to a lot of PCOS sufferers out there.

    Me and my beard salute you!!!


  20. Rocaille says:

    Chapeau bas, Charlotte, that was really brave – and I like your voice so much, it’s so soothing and pleasant!

    While I don’t have PCOS, I suffer from acne which is (at least to my mind) mostly hormonal, so I understand what you mean by living a normal life without having to go through time-consuming and embarassing procedures to cover things up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! xxx

  21. Nicole says:

    Charlotte, you have become one of my favorite bloggers, and one I look forward to checking on daily. You have a wonderful sense of humour in your writing. I appreciate that you are being brave enough to talk about this and share it with us. We all have our insecurities, and it’s difficult to want to point those out to other people. I’m interested to hear how this goes and I hope it works for you :)

  22. Hayley says:

    I’m new to your blog as a follower (I know, where have I been??!!) and I just wanted to post and say well bloody done on posting this vid. I suffer with different, though not unrelated issues, and it is so refreshing to see someone talk about this stuff openly. You should feel very proud of yourself, and I hope you do!
    Your new fan :)

  23. Louise says:

    really interesting video lovely – hope all goes well and I’ll be interested to hear your results I don’t have PCOS but have dark hair and pale skin so my facial hair is so obvious it really gets me down at times – good luck honey and I’m expecting a you tube channel soon you are a gorgeous natural xx

  24. Anitacska says:

    Aaw, bless, you are so sweet! Of course noone will laugh at you! To be honest, I never realised you had this problem, your skin always looks so smooth and beautiful, but I do understand how big an inconvenience this is for you, and I hope it goes well. Please keep us updated and best of luck! xxx

  25. Caitlin says:

    Hello! Sorry for a little off topic comment, but I stumbled across your blog today while looking up reviews for some makeup I wanted to buy, and I’ve been reading your blog (off and on) now for several hours! I really like your blog!

    My only problem is that I live in America, so some of the really cheap things you mention cost a bundle for shipping. I still want to continue reading your blog, cause it’s really brilliant, but I was wondering if you also knew of a good website that does reviews of products in America?

    Thanks so much! And keep blogging, because I really like your blog a lot :)

  26. Lauren says:

    Good on you for posting this, very brave. Hope all goes well with the hair removal. Keep us updated.
    You come over really well on video xx

  27. nikki says:

    Just wanted to say good luck with the treatment. You’re video was great and refreshingly honest. I have always and still do think you are very pretty. If the treatment works it will give you more confidence in yourself, but I have never noticed.
    I get a few dark hairs on my chin which I pluck out and get a bit embarrassed about that so I can only guess how it makes you feel.
    Good luck Hun x

  28. KT says:

    I’m another with PSOS and I have very similar problems. Mainly in the upper lip, chin, and sides of my face (sideburn/cheek edges). I’ve tried a million things bleaching, Nair, shaving tweazing, etc. I’ve found solutions for my lip and chin but nothing for my back cheeks. :( Aside from uge pores its my #1 insecurity. Ekk. Anyways, best of luck hope it works!

  29. Jennifer says:

    I loved your first video! Lovely to hear your voice.

    I found out yesterday I have PCOS, which explained a few things why its taking over a year for us to get pregnant, why I cannot shift weight easily and why over the past year I have discovered hair growing under my chin and like you along my jawline. Most of it is very very pale and fine and isn’t noticeable but I get the odd dark one which I have to pluck!

    Good luck with your treatment, I hope it works for you xx

  30. Dani says:

    I love your blog and this is my first ever comment, as I found your video quite compelling and emotional to watch. While I have the odd facial hair problem (result of having an Indian dad, I suppose) my baby sister was diagnosed with PCOS last year and she suffers, like you, from excessive hair. She has not really been in any contact with any other women with it (she’s still at school) so I know she feels isolated due to her condition, and I hope watching your video, which I have passed on to her, will give her a sense of companionship, in a way. I wish you the best of luck with the treatment and I really hope it helps :)

  31. Jas says:


    I get excessive hair on my sideburns (more than normal), chin/neck in two patches like you, and upper lip as well.

    I’m not comfortable doing IPL because my close friend did it and was partially burned on her face. She’s since healed but it was a long recovery.

    I was wondering what methods you use to get rid of your upper lip hair and chin? I usually hide my sideburns using my hair…

    I’ve tried shaving, big no-no, I know, but it’s easiest and most convenient. I’ve tried wax-strips but I am extremely embarassed waiting for the hair to grow so I can wax it off. May I ask what you have used in the past and what method best worked for you, before considering IPL?

  32. Lisa says:

    Good on you for being so honest and open about this, I really hope the treatment works well for you. I look forward to hearing how you get on, best of luck xxx

  33. Holly says:

    You rule, thank you so much for bringing this up. I get hair on my top lip and jawline too (or beard and moustache to give them their proper names!) and I really hope the IPL clears yours up.

    You did a great thing by being honest about this. It made me feel a million times less freaky :) Thank you x

  34. AlicatAHL says:

    Anybody laughs or says something nasty, put them on to me. I’ll sort ’em out.

    Good luck and well done for doing this video. It couldn’t have been easy!


  35. Ashley says:

    I don’t care about the hair on your face! I am still a big fan of yours :) I’m 19 now but when I was 13 I would shave my upper lip area because I had a faint stash. I told my cousin in secret but she told EVERYONE in my family. I felt so embarassed that I almost debated having a sex change all because of my facial hair. Talk about stupid eh? Well I’m totally over my ‘stach & if anyone gawks or points it out I’ll just take a permanent marker & draw one on their face to match mine :)
    I wish you the very best on your treatment!

  36. Charlene says:

    oh wow i love u even more now! that was truly honest, and you know my sister suffers from the same, so to hear you talk about this really touched me personally. I’d love to see the ‘afters’ of your treatments and I pray that all goes well! Geez i know how embarassing and hard it can be, but you ladies are brave and strong! I really take my hats off to you for having spoken today…xo

  37. Mo says:


    You’re being way too harsh on yourself, just stop it now.

    The fact that you even got the courage up to talk about this subject regardless of the reasons behind it is enough in my book. It is quite clear in your video how you feel about your issue and although you may not think it yourself, you are brave and brilliant to all of us who feel like that and going through similar issues but have no vent or anyone to speak to about it.

  38. nicolajones says:


    OK, I’ve never replied to a blog… but I just wanted to say, best of luck. I’ve had this therapy, and it’s worth it, even if only for psychological benefit of talking to people about something that so many of us keep secret about.

    My experience was that it isn’t a 100% cure, but it has really improved things. You might need the occasional top-up treatment once a year or so, but it needn’t break that bank.

    And don’t worry about what people think. I’m convinced that there are so many of us secret shavers out there! It’s so much better than creams, potions, waxes. It’s just a case of getting your head around it. :o)

    Anyway, very best of luck; feel free to contact me if you want some support. And keep up the awesome work on your blog!


  39. Don’t be nervous or embarrassed hun – Nobody will be laughing and you’ll be absolutely fine. I think you’re so brave posting about this as it is very personal to you.

    It will work and even if it didn’t fully work – it will dramatically reduce the problem. I think this will be life changing thing and I’m delighted for you! Good luck and I can’t wait to see how you get on. x

  40. I had laser years ago for facial hair, I’ve never looked back. It was brilliant, expensive but brilliant. Good luck and I hope it works for your PCOS. xxxx

  41. Heather says:

    I have a friend who has PCOS who has the same issue – excess hair growth on her face. She’s opened up to me about how she struggles feeling feminine, but I know she also hopes one day she can get it treated with laser hair removal. I’m very excited for you! :)

  42. I am a bit late to commenting on this post but I wish you all the best with this one – it is very exciting and I so hope it works for you.

    Lovely to see you in video too x

  43. Nic nic says:

    Yay! a video.. it is really lovely to hear you speak and to hear another british voice! I’m looking for to hearing your post-laser experience with this! Asians tend to have dark hair too, I am definitely conscious of my facials hairs and around.. Good luck – hope it goes well!

  44. Grace London says:

    I really hope this works for you. No-one ever talks or writes about this issue, and it *is* courageous to do so, and a brilliant resource for anyone going through the same sort of thing.

  45. Sophie says:

    You’re an absolute inspiration for doing this. Thanks for talking about it so candidly and good luck! Can’t wait to see the results and hope it all goes well for you. xx

  46. Pasiphae says:

    I loved your video, you have a beautiful accent and a soothing voice. I hope you make more! I also have polycystic ovary syndrome and I have facial hair which I pluck with tweezers, they are not so many thank God! But I do have more hair than I should according to my skin color and I can totally sympathize with you! Good luck sweetie, I hope it works out and you get rid of it once and for all!!! xoxo!

  47. […] had previously shared my concerns and nerves about this first meeting… but I needn’t have worried too much.  The staff […]

  48. Sarah says:

    Massive, massive props to you for this. You are An Hero and thousands of fingers are crossed for your success.

  49. Emily says:

    I’d just like to say that I’m in a similar situation to you!

    I’ve checked my hormone balance and although they don’t cross the threshold for POCS but they are I suppose a bit imbalanced.

    I’ve had dreaded upper lip hair since I was 13 and other parts of my body aren’t as hair free as I’d like them to be either.
    I got laser hair removal done on my upper lip when I was 17 and I am so happy with the results. I no longer look at the mirror and detest myself and wonder if I should’ve been born a boy or something~!

    Loved this blog entry. Thanks!

  50. Dora says:

    Just dropping in to say this is an amazing act of bravery talking about this. Facial hair is really not funny (I worry when I get the finest of hairs on my upper lip chrissakes). Go you!!! xxxx

  51. Aishah says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’ve just recently learned about you having PCOS. I too, have excessive hair, and its not just on my face – its all over my body. I get so embarrassed when people look at me and I tend to look away. I really hate that. It makes me feel like they are staring at all the hairs on my face. Especially when practically everyone around me has smooth, hair-free skin. I’m 21 and I think I may have PCOS too. I haven’t had myself tested for it, but I’m pretty sure I have it. I don’t know how to open up to my family and tell them that I might be having this syndrome. I’m not a really talkative person and I’m very shy, so I just can’t find the courage to go ahead and open up to people, even if they are my own family. How do you suggest I go about telling my family, my mom especially that I might have this condition and that I might need to get it checked?

  52. Jeff Fraley says:

    this is an amazing video, loved it…

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