Where do you apply yours?

Posted by Lipglossiping On August - 28 - 2010

Your make up that is!

I have my makeup stored beside my computer… I never have to leave this desk if I don’t want.  L.A.Z.Y.

But… this comes at a price.  My mirror is too small and a bit far away, I’m forever squinting and grabbing the mirror from one of my NARS duos or blushes instead whilst trying to apply liner or blend my eyeshadow.

My bathroom has NO room for storage, so although the light is good… I’d have to drag each product in there piece by piece in the mornings.

I dream of something like this…

Seriously beautiful no?  *chin on hand*

Where do you apply your makeup?

34 Responses to “Where do you apply yours?”

  1. Eyelining says:

    Our second bedroom is kind of a study. Since finishing uni I converted my desk into a huge vanity with a mirror etc and it’s right infront of a window so the light is fab. It’s my happy place :-) x

  2. pwettybambi says:

    i apply mine everywhere.bathroom,bedroom study table.

    • emily says:

      Sitting at the computer desk with a tiny hand mirror as this is where the light is best….or standing up in my workroom to use the big mirror – the light comes from my left there though so I always think I look haggard in that one! I dream of a bathroom like that too. And a matching dressing room please!

  3. Louise says:

    I apply mine in my room. I have a full body mirror which is great! x

  4. Lucy says:

    One of my friends has a bathroom like that, the cow!

    Mine’s in my room, in the dark (my windows face the local fire station so I tend to shut the blinds if I’m pootling around getting ready)!

  5. Mora says:

    I have my own makeup place in my room. I love it. the light is perfect.


  6. Nikki says:

    I use my dressing table in our bedroom! We have a tiny window infront of it though so lighting is a bit of an issue! I dream of a whole window to do my make up!!

  7. roxy says:

    i apply mine in the bathroom and a full length mirror in my bedroom


  8. Olivia says:

    I stored all of my makeup in my desk and I aplly all here… I’ve got a handy a quite big mirror and it’s all useful :)

  9. Rima Kaur says:

    i have a full length mirror in my room with a large cabinet behind it that stores all my makeup, so i stand in front of that mirror and don the paint. :)
    it gets tiring though, sometimes. :(

    (my first comment here. i’m a silent reader :D)

  10. Lianne says:

    When the post first loaded all I saw was the picture and I was overcome by this huge wave of jealousy! Somewhere like that would be amazing. I tend to apply my makeup in my room using the wardrobe mirrors, since my bathroom has no natural light. :S

  11. Suzy says:

    This is my makeup lair 😉 Needless to say I love it to bits 😀


  12. If I’m lucky, I will apply it in my room. There’s an ok mirror on the back of my wardrobe door. More often than not, I end balancing my NARS laguna open on my laptop and I do it in the living room whilst refereeing! No matter where I am, it usually involves keeping little hands off the goods. Maybe someday soon I’ll get to do my makeup without a small audience?
    J x

  13. I apply mine in the bathroom–luckily enough, it gets the best natural light of all the rooms in my apartment! I store pretty much everything in there too, although there’s a bit of lotion and perfume overflow into my dressing room …

  14. Shifa says:

    oooh loook at that pic! awesome :) I dream of a walk in wardrobe too heh..my washrooms too small so I have a spare room converted into a dressing room for my self :)

  15. rhamnousia says:

    It used to be in my bedroom, I still do my EOTD practices in there but I found that the light is more lifelike in the bathroom so that’s where I apply it.

    It’s a good thing that Simon is understanding and lets me take my time in there because I am in there for an AGE.

  16. i have a side table beside my bed which is against the only window i have in the room. i’ve piled some magazines on and i basically put my vanity mirror on there and just reach over to my desk for any product i may need. not an ideal set up, but i prefer doing my makeup using natural light.

  17. ZebyK says:

    I thought you were showing us your real bathroom there for a moment…was about to get seriously jealous! I have a lovely vanity table now in my new house, so I’m very pleased. Lighting is a bit rubbish in that room in general but I have loads of storage space so I deal! Xxx

  18. Andrea says:

    I do mine in the bathroom, although I wish I had the room for a nice vanity in my bedroom (and better lighting). The bathroom probably has the best lighting in the house.

  19. Em says:

    I’m like you at the moment- just doing it with random mirrors and with whatever I’m using in a pile on my lap. bad!

  20. Crystal says:

    The only good mirror for me is on the wall by my bed, so it means that I have to sit on my bed to apply my makeup. Because of this, I have so many makeup stains on my bed because I’m so clumsy and I drop everything

  21. I was discussing this with a friend today! I have a closet with large windows that I like to apply my makeup in because of the large mirrors that I have in that room and the amount of natural windows. However, I like to move around to my washroom and bedroom as well because of the different types of lighting, which allows me to check my makeup and make sure I don’t look like a clown.

  22. I have all my makeup stored in/on top of some Ikea Helmer cabinets that are next to my desk. I’ve been thinking about fixing up a vanity from a garage sale sometime soon because my makeup keeps creeping onto my desk space and I get distracted while trying to read for class.

    I dream of this…


  23. Bunbun says:

    During the school year I do mine in the bathroom because it’s most convenient. The lighting is kind of crap (it’s all incandescent, so kind of yellow) and the only window is tiny and above the shower. I have to sit while I put on makeup (no idea why!) so I sit on the toliet, lid down of course!

    In the summer, I put all the products I need in a bucket and sit on my bed with the blinds open in my bedroom. It’s not the greatest, because I have to hold my mirror. There’s no room in my room for a desk or vanity because I have a shelf and a keyboard and four guitars.

  24. Lisa says:

    I used to apply mine on my bed for the best lighting as it faces the window but after numerous accidents involving an excitable dog and an open pot of mineral foundation, I decided a different location would be more sensible. I now apply it in front of my big wardrobe mirror which is easier but only one side of me gets decent light so it’s not exactly ideal. I would LOVE a huge dressing table in front of the window with tons of drawers and surface space for pretty perfume bottles but a) my room isn’t big enough and b) I’d need money for something as amazing as that! xx

  25. I wish I had a bathroom like that!~I apply my makeup in my bathroom…I have it all set up on my side of the counter…which is ok, but the sink takes up sooo much room! I long for a larger area as well!

  26. daisyduck says:

    If it’s the holidays (I’m a teacher) then I apply mine in the living room; big mirror, lots of natural light.
    When I’m teaching, I like to minimise the “get ready” time before work (not a morning person), so I apply on the bus! I’m expert at it now. I can do a full face in less than the 17 minutes of the journey, including mascara and liquid eyeliner. I know where all the lumps and bumps in the road are by now, so that helps. People stare in fascination when I’m doing , but I don’t mind. It gave me 15 minutes extra in bed : ) Plus, I’m not the only one. There’s often at least one other woman doing the same thing and always a woman who does her hair on the journey- beautiful intricate plait. Women- brilliant at time-saving and multi-tasking!

  27. I apply mine sitting on the ground in front of my full length mirror XD and you can tell, there’s smudges and powder at the bottom of it LOL

  28. tass says:

    My makeup is also near my desk so I prop a mirror against the window and apply it there. My bathroom has the worst lighting ever. I’d love a makeup/dressing room!

  29. Phyrra says:

    I have a vanity and makeup storage in my bedroom. I had lights installed above it so it has good light. If we ever remodel our bathroom (it is huge and has good space, just crappy set up), I’ll probably move it in to there.

    You can see my setup in the URL link above :)

  30. I have a little desk in my bedroom that’s been taken over by my makeup stash. I have two sets of sterilite drawers to hold all the makeup.

  31. liloo says:

    applying and playing with makeup on computer desk for the winner. love tweeting about it as i go along xx
    i’d love to have a dressing room, not a bathroom with allthis space and stations for makeup, with also a big mirror to see clothes from behind, and some settings/room arrangements to take photos with a special lamp and stuff. and this room would have a mini computer too so i can be on internet at same time. god i AM sad.

  32. Omg I want a bathroom like that!! :) I keep my makeup on my desk, next to my computer too! hehe :)

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