Does your fella follow in your footsteps?

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 7 - 2010

Try saying that after half a bottle of Shiraz.

Does this picture need a NSFW warning?

Tough…. it’s Monday morning, don’t even try and pretend you’re not struggling to read THE WORDS in this post.  Words?  Are there even words in this post?

Anyway… where was I? *distracted*.

Oh yeah…  So, hardened beauty addicts… what I want to know, is this….

With a bulging (sorry) beauty cupboard and a crammed bathroom cabinet, does your better half/significant other/tea maker ever indulge in your products, and are you happy about it?

Mine doesn’t.  It saddens me…

I have a lovely man doll, but he won’t let me play.

I have gorgeous masks and scrubs that I wanna put all over his face and I bet he’d look Johnny Depp-esque with just a hint of guyliner but he’s not having any of it.

He’s not all “Urgh gerrof me with that girl crap!” or any of that unsensitive macho crap… it’s just…

He couldn’t care less about ‘beauty’ products.

They’re not on his radar.  He’s all about HTC Desires and Flash CS5, a little bit of PES and a lot of Opal Fru Starburst

I could even present something to him in the latest ‘man packaging’ and his lack of interest wouldn’t waver.

He gets up, splashes his face with water, shaves with Imperial Leather and a BIC and then wonders why he gets a sore chin.  He doesn’t even differentiate between shampoo and shower gel.

When I first got married, I had visions of changing all this.

Maybe this is a bit of a weird confession, but I’ve always thought there’s something very sexy about a man shaving.  Especially if it’s done “the old fashioned way”.

I’ve tried many times to persuade him to buy one of those posh safety razor sets with a huge domed badger-hair shaving brush and a musky sandalwood-scented soap in a dish…

… of course, this is more for my (slightly pervy) benefit than his, but a man should make these sacrifices for their one true love.

Part of me is relieved that he doesn’t hog the bathroom, it’s not really big enough for two beauty aficionados.  However, another little bit of me thinks that this is the reason behind him simply not understanding my love for all things frivolous, pretty and rose-scented.

So tell me ladies….

Does your fella know his eye serum from his athlete’s foot cream?   And are you pleased he shares your passion?

46 Responses to “Does your fella follow in your footsteps?”

  1. Unfortunately, mine does not follow… I’ve tried to force it on him, by buying him a set of skin supplies (in man packaging!), thinking that, if I’d buy it for him, he’d have to use it, otherwise it would be a waste of money.
    That didn’t work.

  2. Rocaille says:

    Hahah, mine is actually very practical: he’ll use something if he thinks he needs it or it smells nice. So, Soap&Glory Clean on Me was a big hit and he likes a bit of Lush bubbles in his bath from time to time, but said no to face cream, because ‘he doesn’t really need it, and would it work under his beard?’. Well, I don’t know if it would. Do you? xxx

  3. Hahah fab post! Gareths a pretty boy definitely, he cares about his looks but he won’t use any of my products. He has his own BOSS moisturiser, that he swears by but thats it really, hes not fussy what he washes with whatevers there he’ll use. He wouldn’t ever let me put a mask on him or anything like that, Ive tried :( Oh he is picky about his toothpaste though, its Sensodyne and nothing else. Doubt he’d ever go the whole hog and use an eye cream or anything like that, hes happy with his BOSS haha.


  4. AlicatAHL says:

    I must be a proud owner of a very modern man :-) Mine uses face cream and eye cream every day. He uses a mattifying moisturiser on his T zone, and something a bit richer on his cheeks. He will occasionally let me put a mask on his T zone, but only if I hold him down and force him (which I think he quite secretly likes – ooh er!). He’s happy to use my shower gels and soaps, so I’m guessing he thinks whatever’s good for me is just as good for him.

    He doesn’t necessarily use ‘men branded’ products either, he’s quite happy to dip into my stash, and even asks me which ones he should be using! Bless!

  5. ZebyK says:

    Haha my boyfriend will go far enough to moisturise (on occasion) and put some gloopy stuff in his hair and thats about it. But he still takes ages in the bathroom! Infuriating! Anyone able to shed light on how a man can spend an hour in there to do so little? Us women make much better use of our time! :) Xxx

  6. Julia says:

    Mine’s the same – won’t go near anything that might be construed as a ‘beauty treatment’ and thinks that I’m ‘doing a spa thing’ when all I’m actually doing is having a bath. He shaves with an electric razor and will use nothing but toothpaste (Colgate), hand cream (Nivea) and bar soap (The Cheapest Available). This is all much to my sadness as I don’t agree that it’s masculine to have blocked pores and would love to cover him in my (I think very butch) clay mask.

  7. Lauren says:

    haha, great post. My man is actually quite into his ‘products’, although he doesn’t like to admit it. He loves Lush though and he’s always stealing mine!

    This reminds me of the Man’s Eye View interviews I did with fellas regarding their beauty habits over on my blog


  8. Jenni says:

    I don’t have a fella. I have a female.
    She despises my varnishes! She has beautiful hands. Ironic because mine are little puddingy shovels.
    Sun block for her. Bit of foundation perhaps. Perfume. I don’t actually fancy women with a lot of slap so that’s a good thing!

  9. rhamnousia says:

    Yeah, my Mr does, all the time. He has bought himself the Korres face mask and scrub and his skin is usually very nice but with these, it looks brilliant.

    He gets really dry nuckles so he has been on a quest to get something to sort them out, so far his favourite product is that nail oil from Jessica Nails, mainly because it smells like marzipan.

    I don’t mind though, he listens to my ramblings and actively participates (heh!) so I allow him to use whatever he wishes.

  10. Louise says:

    I’m not in a relationship :( BUT I still live at home with my parents so.. I’ll speak about my papa! haha
    He uses nothing. This sounds gross but not even deodorant because he doesn’t sweat (lucky man).
    He has no hair (shaves it, not going bald yet!) so he doesn’t need hair products..
    The one thing he does like is bubble bath.. lots and lots of it. He’s used a whole bottle once! I’m talking 500ml plus haha. But he likes Radox bubble bath because they do ones to help ‘achy muscles’
    That’s it really: shave gel and bubble bath ha

  11. Louise says:

    *Oh and when I say a whole bottle.. I mean in one bath!

  12. edenblue says:

    He has a particular cleanser and shower gel that he likes, and he uses a medicated shampoo but thats not really a vanity thing. And he likes a particular aftershave. He has soft skin, smells nice and cuts his toenails and thats more than enough for me!

  13. Hayley says:

    My man has no appreciation for beauty, as he thinks he is gorgeous! He just washes his face with soap and thats pretty much him done. He’s not a preener at all. x

  14. Danielle says:

    My Mr only uses my Lush ballistics, bubble bars and sometimes he uses my face scrubs. He never uses anything else.

  15. Jasmine says:

    My best fried is completely metro, open to new experiences and totally cool about skincare, masks, etc. He’s all straight but he’s totally into slathering masks and bitching about skincare that don’t live up to their promises. 😀

  16. Jasmine says:

    ^ I just typed “my best fried”. Duh. Worst typo ever! FRIEND.

  17. caz says:

    Took me a year to convince my ex he needed to use shaving gel for sensetive skin if he didnt want red angry rashes every time he shaved. but nooo decent shaving gel was too girly. I hate men.

    my big brother on the other hand has more lotions and potions in the family bathroom than i do D:

  18. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend doesn’t use a lot of products and he has his favorite brands. He has been using the same deodorant, hair gel and moisturizer for years. He refuses to wear perfume and won’t let me give him a facial. Bummer…

  19. Anna says:

    Dear god no. Nothing beauty related whatsoever.
    The only thing he does do, is know his shower gel from his schampoo and he actually puts conditioner in (he wants soft hair haha). I occasionally get to slap som moisturiser on his nose when it goes flakey. But that is as far as it goes, on a good day.
    Although, he’s absolutely gorgeous andI love him to bits!

  20. My boyfriend has some cheap Suave shampoo, shower gel, and a TON of containers of this hair stuff he uses. He takes forever to do his hair, I swear all he does is swish it back and forth. I always want to experiment on him but he says no >:[ I convinced him to try pore strips, but so far the face mask is still a no go. He also has insanely long eyelashes, I’ve been asking to put mascara on them for like a year now. Someday I’ll convince him!

  21. Grace London says:

    Mr London is a complete dandy. He gets me to buy his stuff, but he uses face wash, moisturiser and eye cream, as well as nice shampoo and shower gels etc.

  22. Cindy Khor says:

    my boyfriend loves whatever i slap on my face. he uses my cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, masks and even my eye cream. that’s why i’m always buying skincare because they finish up so fast. but i’m glad that he enjoys using them because we could go shopping for skincare product together and talk about the latest beauty technology on the market.

  23. My husband will only use something if I tell him to.! I bought him some face cleanser specifically for men and he uses it occasionally. He remarked when he first did that his face felt nice afterward (uhh really? I had no idea!). He also uses some of the biore nose pore strips I get him but other than that he’s very very low maintenance! No moisturizer unless he peels and requests something, and certainly no eye cream!

  24. Sarah says:

    My hubby is half and half. He is very practical, so when he does use my products it’s because he needs to. He is very good at overlooking the “girlie” aspects of it and seeing the benefits.
    He’ll use my shampoo sometimes because it’s a 2in1 and saves time, even though he uses the same brand just a different formula that comes seperate.
    He rarely moisturizes his face, but he uses a good shaving cream. And if his feet, elbows or knees are dry he will gladly slather on some of my Bath & Body Works lotion.
    He still doesn’t really understand my love of makeup & nail polish though. lol Oh well. Can’t win em all. At least he knows when to compliment a cute polish colour I have on. :)

  25. Jules says:

    The spouse has evolved from punk rock boy whose shoes were held together with a mixture of duct tape and hope to a fellow who knows that looking good is part of his day job (orthopedic massage & bodywork therapist). Who wants a scruffy LMT? He loves his Biore pore strips, his face scrub and his Boots moisturizer, and he’s been casting eyes on my Catch a Wrinkle lately — all that lack of sunglasses use during college is catching up around the eyes!

    We have entirely too many bath and body things around the house and he uses a lot of them, from scented oils to body wash, but then again he’s never been uptight about ‘girly’ versus ‘manly’ or anything silly like that.

  26. Wendy says:

    My fiance lets me pluck and trim his eyebrows for him, and even though I taught him to do it, he still wants me to do it. (I think he likes the view when he’s sitting and I’m standing, to be frank lol!), and he also likes a lot of the Nivea and Clinique products. He will actually wear my unscented moisturizer w/ spf if he knows we’re going outside. He’s a good boy :)

  27. Roxanne says:

    My asian counterpart (that’s our saying for significant other XD) tends to get me hooked on face products! We don’t live together; we’re both poor university students living at home (but luckily like… a block away from each other). He uses what his mom buys him and she has good taste!

    But yes, he got me hooked on a Burt’s Bees face wash. I was at his house and I had an allergic reaction to something so I just wanted to wash my face and I borrowed it. Ooooo tingly goodness.

    When it comes to hair products though, I don’t understand how his beautiful long hair stays so beautiful. While it’s “short” now (just below chin length) it used to be halfway down his chest. And he uses pantene. If I used pantene, I’d look like I hadn’t showered in 3 days. The buildup is atrocious. I think it has to do with the texture of his hair. Chinese hair is so beautiful!!

  28. Daisy says:

    Chris will happily use my products (granted they don’t smell too girly…although saying that he loves Lush snow fairy shower gel!) but he’s really a minimal man. Washes his face twice a day with (my) face wash and uses 2-in-1 shower gel and hair stuff.

    My ex was really into beauty products and took great care of his skin- to the point where a concealer rolled out of his bag once. It was too much for me. I prefer a low-maintenance, but clean guy! x

  29. liloo says:

    i don’t have a fella. *sobs*

  30. Aleksis says:

    My BF won’t put anything on his face but he LOVES using my hair stuff and will wear cologne if I buy it for him. To the person above…don’t cry!!

  31. Rebecca says:

    I keep buying him nice stuff, which he uses with my encouragement, but when I’m away (long distance relationship) he has to be nagged to get a shower! Hopefully my nice stuff encouragement will become habit when we move in together soon 😀 It does make a difference when he moisturises or changes his razor blades.

  32. @Rocaille – Yeahhhhhh! Mine does that, he’s a bugger to even get near to with sunscreen when he’s got a beard going on… I have to work ‘around’ the damn thing! x

  33. @AlicatAHL – Oh my goodness, how metro is he? Props to him! x

  34. @Zebyk – one of life’s unsolved mysteries!

  35. @Jenni – Mr. L hates my polishes too :( It’s the smell. I wanna know how many polishes you have now!

  36. @Louise – Eek! A whole bottle? I’m surprised the neighbours weren’t enjoying his bath too! x

  37. @Heather – I LOL’ed at swishing it back and forth, too true!

  38. @Grace London, I see some of the lovely things you get for Mr. London, he’s a very lucky man to have a wife with such discerning taste.

  39. @Jules – Sounds like he’s struck the perfect balance!

    @Roxanne – You’ve made me want to try out the Burts Bees face wash now! x

  40. Julia says:

    My boyfriend has a slight bit of machismo in him but I throw tomatoes at it every time it rears its ugly head, hehe. None of that for me. But he accepts me and my passions for this this…sometimes insane craving for beauty related things. He likes soap that dries coz he knows it kills bacteria and strips everything. He’s only sensitive about his scalp, that’s where he asks for my help…he doesn’t mind using more gentle shampoos intended for women or children if it will help soothe his scalp, he asks for my advice on that end.

  41. Emma says:

    Mine wouldn’t even put on moisturiser until I recently managed to persuade him to let me rub my Clinique dramatically different gel into his face haha. He has this thing were he refuses to use things but then when I finally get him to try it he quite likes it lol x

  42. I got mine to try the Clarisonic cleansing brush…he was so shocked at how much cleaner he looked that he keeps going back for a sneaky scrub. This is the most enormous progress for the man who tried to brush his teeth with moisturiser and used deoderant as a face cream.

  43. Beth says:

    i know its not current (im back reading) and not strictly beauty product related but i need to share. My boy was laughed at hysterically by a completely random girl sat opposite us on the bus when we met a friend of mine and she showed off her new feather shrug bought in the sales. He looked confused and asked if it was a skirt….this is pretty much all i have to say on the subject, apart from that when we met he had longer than shoulder length hair and owned a comb. no brush, no conditioner, no hairdryer, a comb :|.

  44. Beth says:

    aye lol 2 years in and he has a shorter hair cut (cant take credit for that one, was job related) owns a tub of “hair gunk” bless him the boys technical and actually requested a beard trimmer for christmas me wins i think yaiiiii 😀

  45. Alison says:

    oh god… the shaving process you described is exactly how my dad always used to shave when i was little. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to find it sexy!

    i’ve brought my boy over to the ways of clinique, he’s got one of those 3-step skincare sets, which is great and all but he’s the least consistent person i know! so he’ll wash his face one day, moisturise the next, barely ever tone… then forget the whole process until i pester him about it.

    he doesn’t half hate the fact that i love makeup though! it’s the fact that i won’t leave the house until i’ve scrubbed and slapped on a bit of mascara (at the very least!!), whereas he’d just get up and go. ahh, to be a lad!

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