Fish Pedicure at Aqua Sheko!

Posted by Lipglossiping On September - 25 - 2010

The Background

I have been looking forward to this for months!

I booked my fish pedicure from Wahanda because they were offering a great mobdeal on a 25 minute pedicure.  Infact, I booked 2… one for myself and one for my husband who instantly announced that he’d rather sit through a game of cricket than go for a fish pedicure.  I took that as a hint and invited my cousin to come with me instead.

The night before I made sure to exfoliate my feet with a sugar scrub in preparation… I didn’t want those little suckers to get an easy ride!

The Salon

Aqua Sheko is fairly easy to find, just off Kensington Church St in London.  The interior didn’t seem quite as plush and swanky as the website photos would have you believe.  It’s quite a cramped and utilitarian space… and the decor just kept making me think of the Tron Light Cycle scene!

The Washing

First things first… a very softly-spoken and gentle male therapist washed my feet… I would have become quite caught up in the moment if it weren’t for the fact that the water felt practically sub-zero!  He apologised for this, but my goodness – must it be that cold?  You can see the reaction on my cousin’s face as her feet are washed (mind, she is a total wimp!)

Once my feet were clean and dried, the therapist carefully inspected them for cuts and sores.  I had two insect bites on my ankle which were covered with a plaster before I was shown to the tank.

The Fish

I was brave.  I didn’t even flinch!  I did giggle though.  Lots.

What I didn’t realise was that you’re supposed to put both feet in the tank together at the same time… it makes sense right?  Idiot.  I plunged one foot in and they all rushed to greet it!  Realising the error of my ways sharpish, it wasn’t long before I had both feet dangling into the water.

It tickles.  It feels like a jacuzzi but with a bit of gentle suction in places – especially if you get a couple of big ‘uns in your tank!  It’s not unbearable… but if you are VERY ticklish, you may not enjoy it.

Me?  I kinda loved it… I giggled A LOT and made little to no verbal sense.  I found it an uplifting experience and became quite fond of my little tank dwellers by the end of the session!

My cousin?  Not so much… she’s very pleased that she did it and wants to take a friend back as a birthday treat, but it’s more for the unusual experience than any therapeutic benefit.  It was just too ticklish for her – she said she probably wouldn’t do it again.

The Massage

Not included in the Wahanda deal, we paid extra on the day to get a 15 minute foot massage after our 25 minute dip.  It was a great way to finish off and having never had a foot massage before – I was amazed by just how good it made me feel!

My therapist spent a few minutes working on my big toes (she said that she could feel I had stiffness in my neck!) and oddly enough a few days earlier, I had woken up with a terrible crick in my neck!  It was only when we left the salon that we were able to really appreciate the benefits, both of us commenting that it felt as though we were walking on air.

The Conclusion

Post pedicure, my feet are much softer and smoother though I don’t think it’s as effective as a professionally-performed pedicure.

There’s a bizarre sense of camaraderie at Aqua Sheko.  The staff are well-used to people who are reluctant to take the plunge (har har!), they even keep an iPad on site to distract nervous fish botherers!  Patrons were happily chatting amongst one another, keen to reassure any newcomers that it wasn’t as scary as it may seem.

Would I do it again though?  You bet!  What a fun way to spend an hour.

The Video

It’s a terrible video… but I’m no You Tube Guru and it’s the best I’ve got – sorry!

Here fishy fishy from lipglossiping on Vimeo.


22 Responses to “Fish Pedicure at Aqua Sheko!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Fish in a bath thing which eat your dead skin? No thanks! Almost cannibal like.

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    • Claire says:

      If it had been a tank full of humans, eating the dead skin off your feet, then yes I doubt it would be as popular. But little fishies? Cannibalism, it ain’t.

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  2. liloo says:

    awww how cool is that. the first photos would not display but the video is priceless: really gives an idea of what the fishicure is like. feet in bubbles of champagne? yes please. I would so want to have that done. shame it was only in London. Film would have been even more hilarious with Mr L hehe.

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  3. Annette says:

    hmmm… that’s interesting… I dunno if I wanna try it though, I’m hella tickelish, so….. LOL

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  4. tiptoe shortbread says:

    Heading to London at the end of October… me in for one of these babies….I’d love to try it!!!

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  5. marie says:

    i wouldnt mind trying this out. i bet it feels like such a strange sensation the massage after sounds nice too and u even had a little reflexology thrown in with the therapist finding an imbalance. love the vid lol :)

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  6. Sophie says:

    Look amazingly strange! I’d love one, but I’m a bit funny about feet.. We’ll see!.. You look really good Charlotte, and you can tell you’ve lost weight :) xxx

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  7. How cool is that girl!!!and recently I was watching pictures from tropical fishes and sea life!!I’m envy!!!:)

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  8. Jan says:

    I love having my feet done, but by a podiatrist rather than having a pedicure, because the podiatrist is properly trained to use the metal utensils to get the hard skin off. Not sure about this, I fear I would be laughing so much that I would frighten the poor fish, good to see a review on it though. Thanks for the post. Jan x

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  9. Lucy says:

    Oh, I have a voucher for this too1

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  10. blandine says:

    I would hate that! I’m so afraid of fish!

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  11. Shameera@MyFrostedWorld says:

    Omg just the thought of doing this makes me feel all squirmy! Lol! Well done for going ahead of it! You’re braver than I am!

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  12. I would totally get one of these if they were available in Canada! How cool! Thanks so much for the post!

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  13. Julia Arenas says:

    LOL, we’ve had this here in the Philippines for like about two years now I think, but I’m not sure where, I just heard that my mom’s friend went for the sake of saying she did it, hearing bout it I found it strange and surprising. I think this fad may have arrived here first coz we’re Asian…and near where it first started…

    She said that it was “bizarre” “weird” exactly as you put it but not overwhelming gross to her, and the results weren’t astounding.

    Two words…comic relief, I guess, and it also makes for good conversation. I imagine a caricature of the fish beneath going “burrrp…NEXT!” LOL

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  14. Shifa says:

    wow this sounds so fun but I am so ticklish :S You look lovely girl!

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  15. thebristolbeautyblog says:

    I really want to do this. I must book it next time I’m on a trip to the big smoke! x

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  16. Anna says:

    That video was so disturbing, when the fish swarmed. ICK. I don’t think I could handle that but it looks like quite the experience for someone’s birthday present or something hahaha.

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  17. jess0501 says:

    i went to malaysia last weekend in the attempt to try this fish spa thing (because it’s so cheap down there). I ended up spending 10 minutes holding my ankles 1 inch above the water. Then in the tenth minute the biggest fish decided that he wants to jump and have his dinner out of my feet. i screamed and walk out of the tank. i ended up just having a reflexology. Good that you can endure the fishes. cause i think it’s great for blood circulation as well ^^

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  18. JoElla says:

    In America we have a football player named Dhani Jones, and he did/does a show for The Travel Channel called Dhani Jones tackles the World.. one show he went to Japan for the Dragon Boat Race to try to learn how and compete.. anyway they took him for one of these fish pedicures and well.. picture a big ole hunky football player yelling like a little girl! It was so funny and even the quite employees of this salon kept asking him “please don’t scream sir”

    It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and I have to be honest, made me crush like mad on him.

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  19. LOL that’s so cute that you didn’t know you had to put both feet in XD

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  20. Tina says:

    The place looks great, as for the actual pedicure, I guess that one would have to try it first…!

    Not sure how widely available this is here in Greece, but I know it’s being done..! However, give me a regular spa treat than the fish pedi anyday (think it would help my neck and back more directly, hehee)! 😉


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