SK:N Treatment Update: First Full Treatment

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 21 - 2010

This is the most horrific video and after watching it, I very nearly stuck to just still images for this post (and you’ll probably wish I had).  I was blatantly traumatised enough by the whole experience to think that filming a video in direct sunlight without a scrap of makeup on was a FABULOUS idea!  Perhaps the laser fried my brain aswell as my follicles?

Oh god… Don’t judge me bitches.

Ok, enough of all that…

So here’s an image showing the area around my chin and neck later on the same evening after my first full treatment at the sk:n laser hair removal clinic.

It was pretty much as sore as it looks.  Itchy too…  Bear in mind that my skin was completely clear when I woke that morning… so this is all from the laser.  I spent most of that evening with a wet muslin cloth pressed to the area to take the heat out of it.

Having known other women who have undergone the treatment, I honestly didn’t expect to develop such a strong reaction and seeing it in all it’s gory glory on here makes me feel a little bit better about being a touch wimpy during my first session.  Put it this way… if flinching were an Olympic sport, I’d have been high on that podium saluting the flag.

My cousin reminded me yesterday that I was the only one in the family group (as a child) who managed to get sunburned severely enough to need A&E treatment whilst on holiday in Devon.  In October.  I’m so pleased that my Sk:n therapist agreed it would be wise to turn the laser down for me!

I had a rough time that first night and didn’t sleep well.  The itching was driving me insane and I don’t know HOW I managed to keep my nails away from my skin.  The next morning, I woke up looking like I’d done a few rounds with Mike Tyson.

It’s not that easy to see here, but my upper lip was really swollen.  When I pressed my lips together, my top lip completely overhung my bottom and it was tricky to talk without sounding silly.

It wasn’t painful though, the best way I can describe it is thus… yano when you get a blister on your foot and you press lightly?  It feels slightly numb and cushion-y?  That was how my lower face felt.  Admittedly, not the most pleasant sensation.

You can see that the redness had subsided by the 2nd day, but the swelling is also apparent around the jawline.  Frankly, I felt pretty hideous.  I didn’t want to wear makeup, despite having been assured that I could if I wanted to… I just wanted to hide in the house, preferably under the bed.


So, those last two photos were from the day before yesterday (Wednesday) and it’s getting better as each day passes.  Today (Friday) the whole area is back to being flesh-coloured and the swelling has completely disappeared.  The treated area is still covered with bumps where each dark hair-containing follicle has been zapped, but these are camouflageable with a bit of concealer and patience.  I’ve also still got a bruise coloured tache as in the 2nd photo, but it’s fading.

It’s been a tough few days since my first full treatment on Tuesday.  Tougher than I imagined it would be.  I honestly expected to go in and emerge 30 minutes later with some redness that would subside within a few hours.


Back then, I was the only 9yr old getting her blisters popped in A&E and again… I find myself being the exception rather than the rule.  Whilst it’s beginning to look like I’m not your average ‘reactor’ to the treatment, I think that my experience is perhaps even more useful as a result.

It’s hard to underestimate just how DIFFERENT we all are and I’m starting to understand why there just can’t be any guarantees with something as personal as laser hair removal.  I’m also secretly hoping that this extra dose of irritation means that those bastard hair follicles are taking an extra battering and admitting defeat under the awesomeness of the laser.  Pee-ow, pee-ow!

Stay tuned…

26 Responses to “SK:N Treatment Update: First Full Treatment”

  1. it looks great! and i totally feel your pain — i used to get sunburned eating lunch outside during high school, and i was only out there for 20 minutes!

  2. Jo says:

    That does look sore! I have a lot of facial hair and have toyed with laser removal, but I’m a wimp when it comes to my upper lip for some reason. I’ve had it threaded before and WOWZERS it hurt! I would rather give birth again than have it threaded again!

  3. Gemma says:

    Oh my gosh! I was really interested in SK:N after Lisa (lolasayswhat) had a great experience with them, but I could only keep up the treatments after this summer when I’d be back in England. Now I have the boots system to try, but if its not effective I will go to SK:N. Sorry you had such a painful reaction but fingers crossed the finished result will be worth all of this!


  4. patuxxa says:

    I feel with you! I hope you get better. I’m on a course of laser hair removal for full leg (we’re talking Hobbit legs here), underarm and bikini… and I have almost zero irritation post treatment. After reading this, I realized how fortunate I am and never again will I be such a wimp during sessions (the bikini part is like having an elastic repeatedly snapped against your, um, tender parts).

  5. AlicatAHL says:

    Yowchy! But just think about how even MORE fabulous you’ll look when it’s all done and dusted and you have great results! No pain no gain as they say. Stick with it and keep taking the pills xxxx

  6. Julia says:

    My mom got cauterized before on her neck with laser treatment but not for hair, for a rash that wouldn’t go away and didn’t seem to be a rash. She had skin allergies before to perfume and newspaper ink…I remember the dark dots on her neck…I was grossed out when I was younger, they looked…alive ^.^

    It’s nice though that you’re proceeding with this. Rooting for you, go Charlotte ^v^

  7. Ouch! I’m seriously getting sore just looking at that! No pain no gain definitely applies here! Well done – stick in there. Think of the results x

  8. liloo says:

    I keep on missing posts. Those two were posted this morning? Not had a chance to look at the video, as I am at work. Woah, the irritation looks pretty red. Glad to hear it has subsided since then. Will come back to comment some more, after video is watched.
    Hang on in there and let’s declare the war to those b*stards of follicles.
    Score at half time: Lipglossing 0 – Follicles 0
    *cue boxing music tune*

  9. Jenni says:

    It looks as if your upper lip is hair-free though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your adverse reaction does indicate that you are going to have a very good outcome.

  10. Sarah says:

    That does look sore. I really hope you get great results that make all this worth it!

  11. Lora says:

    Once they’ve turned the laser down a bit your skin might get more used to it and hopefully you’ll have less discomfort afterwards. The only thing I can compare this to would be threading as I’ve never had laser treatment. My first threading I was in so much pain I was practically crying, but now I just sit.. Stick with it, hopefully you’ll get the results you want! xx

  12. Sirvinya says:

    Oh gosh, that does look sore. I hope your future sessions are a lot less ouchy.

  13. Kaoru says:

    The reaction you showed looks a lot like when I epilate for the first time in a long while, strangely enough…

    Everyone is their own worst critic. Honestly, to my eyes, it looked like you had a small rash in those first photos, or maybe an allergic reaction. The second day photos I probably wouldn’t have even noticed anything unless I knew to look (you know, in person).

    First treatments are always the hardest. Good luck with your next ones!

  14. Ouch, that looks SO painful D:

  15. Janaka says:

    You’re so brave. Fingers crossed, and I hope you’re feeling better xx

  16. Evie says:

    Hi. I’ve just come across your blog via and I had to thank you for posting your experiences. Watching your videos is like looking in a mirror – I have the same pale, sensitive skin and the same hirsutism but I don’t have the balls to talk about it in public. It’s brilliant to see (for the first time) someone honestly, matter-of-factly addressing a problem which most people just keep scthum about.

    You’re fantastic for sharing this – I hope all goes well (and less painfully) with your future treatments.

  17. Wordbird says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It’s so helpful for us fellow hairies. I’m thinking of getting zapped too, so am very keen to see how this goes for you.
    Hope you’re feeling less sore by now. xxx

  18. […] time I be brave and post a before treatment / during picture.  Now that the irritation and redness has completely subsided (took about a week) from my first Sk:n laser hair removal treatment, […]

  19. […] it and dreading it in equal measure.  I’ve already said that I found my first session quite painful but I was hopeful that with a lot of the hair already destroyed, this 2nd session would be easier […]

  20. Jen says:

    I maybe too late in sharing this, but crazy as it may sound, try vinegar for the burn.
    I use a plain brown paper bag and soak it in vinegar then put it on my sunburns and it seems to really draw that heat right out. Not to mention the cool wet paper feels wonderful on it. Hope it helps and I hope you get through this quickly!

  21. Evamar says:

    ouch, poor thing!!! That looks like it actually burnt your skin, not only did it fry the hairs!

    I guess it all depends on how sensitive your skin is. I had both laser and IPL, at quite a high level, and never had that bad reaction… but it seems I have rhino skin!. Unfortunately with my PCOS and after almost 15 sessions I decided to stop. Keep in mind that my experience was over 10 years ago, and that I’m sure they have much better lasers around nowadays. I simply cannot afford them at the moment, but saw excellent results in several friends of mine, also one with PCOS, but it took longer for her. She made me believe in these things again… and will be following your sessions, surely once the technician finds the best setting for you it won’t be as bad as your first.

    Take care love, and best wishes for the next treatments!

  22. Nic says:

    So I realize I’m a year late for this
    Post, but I just had my 5th round of LHR on my legs and bikini and they look exactly the same
    As your face. After each round, every follicle becomes and itchy red bump and I’m
    Left scratching myself to sleep for about a week. The doctors and nurses think I’m lying when I tell them how bad it is…I finally decided to take photos to prove it to them!

    • Ahh it sucks when no one believes you. They believed me but did point out I was a very rare case (which I kinda knew seeing as I couldn’t find anyone else who puffed up quite as much as me LOL)

      Hope you find it worth it! x

  23. kelly says:

    Hi, I am aware that this is a late response! But am new to your site and have been reading all sorts of posts over the day! (yes the whole day, what I do with a kid free day eh!)
    Anyway, I am after some advice. Are laser treatments and IPL the same? Both myself and my partner want some, well just him before but I might brave it after reading these! I want an upper lip, under chin and possibly cheek treatment (although that is fluff so not sure its suitable) and he is after some work on his mono brow as he cannot bear tweezing.
    Do you think these treatments are worth the money? Did they hurt?

    • Hi Kelly,

      I’m currently having IPL but I’m too early into the treatment to tell you if it’s comparable in terms of results. Gut instinct says that it’s not *quite* as potent but still reduces hair enough for me to be happy with.

      Laser hurt more than IPL though… I’d finish each session with tears in my goggles! It wasn’t remotely unbearable but it wasn’t pleasant either. Like a sharp pinging sensation and wherever the laser struck a dark follicle (or particularly wiry hair) it was definitely enough to give me a jump. Mostly, it’s over really quickly… all done in under 10 minutes.

      I absolutely think the treatments are worth it but for me, they’ll need repeating every year because my hair ‘problem’ is hormonal. For many others it’s a near permanent solution. I’m a massive fan of laser hair removal.

  24. jeff fraley says:

    wow it looks really amazing
    she turn into a new personality

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