Bye Bye Boots Points (it’s been nice knowing you)

Posted by Lipglossiping On November - 13 - 2010

I haven’t had any trouble deciding what I’ll be splurging my Boots points on this year.  Last year… the Dior holiday collection caught my eye quite late on… but this year, it’s all about the Chanel.

I have 7578 points saved up through some tireless shopping efforts.  It hasn’t all been glamour… Leila has had to quickly develop a taste for Boots branded baby things and I suspect that with no more buggies to buy, next year’s bounty won’t be quite so fruitful *sniff*.

However, that’s still £75.78 to blow spend.  Annoyingly, when converting points to prizes purchases, you’re not allowed to part pay in cash… which means that my total spends must come to under that amount.

Can I do it?  Here’s my wishlist… (do you care? doubt it… but I love a bit virtual shopping me)

1. Les 4 Ombres / Quadra Eye Shadow Palette – Tentation Cuivre (£35.00)
2. Ombre D’eau Liquid Eyeshadow – Splash (£21.50) Criminally overpriced IMO, but when you fall in love… you get stupid.
3. Rouge Coco Lipstick – Magnolia (£21.50)

Erm, where’s my money points gone?  That comes to *counts on fingers. and toes* – £78.

Oh NOES, I’m short by just over £2!

I need to earn 222 points on as low a cash spend as possible – PRONTO!

Do you save store loyalty points for a Xmas treat?

30 Responses to “Bye Bye Boots Points (it’s been nice knowing you)”

  1. I do indeed but I’ve got a measly £31 in comparison to your massive loot this year! Still can’t decide what to spend it on …have to use it wisely you know!x

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  2. Khuzzy says:

    I do not have a clue how many I have as truth be told im more of a superdrug lass. Hmm… I do want a new clinique facial set tho… maybe I should check my points! hehe have u got a debenhams beauty card? xkx

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  3. Vicky says:

    I didn’t know you couldn’t pay part cash when redeeming points. I tend to spend on little bits and pieces here and there so I have about £1.75 on my card right now.

    To get 222 points you would need to spend £55.50. Do your xmas shopping now!

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  4. Justine says:

    Oh, I love this! This reminds me of spending my Shoppers Drug Mart points, though thankfully yoU CAN pay partial cash (and actually you must spend at least the cash amount for points before tax to redeem them). I was all about Dior this year… the way the points program works you redeem 95000 points fo 170$ in merchandise… and when I did my redemption there was a 30$ ‘bonus redemption’ reward, so I actually got 200$ of free stuff :D

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  5. Marina says:

    Great choices but you can add cash to your points amount if you don’t have enough…..I have done it many times. Strange that they said that to you :/

    I usually save my points too :) xo

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  6. Anitacska says:

    I have a stupid amount of points on my Boots card right now (about £80 or so) because I’ve been going to their shopping events and spending far too much! :D I have just bought the Chanel quad, blush and two glossimers which earned my 2400 points thank you very much! :D

    I also hate it that you can’t use your points to pay for something more expensive and then just cover the rest by cash. You can do it with your Debenhams cards, but annoyingly they only convert £15 worth of points a month into rewards, so at the moment even though I have another £28 worth of points sitting on it, I can’t spend it all until January. :(

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    • baby in a corner says:

      what way does the debenhams card work? I can’t find any info on the website. On my account it says i’ve a £5 reward but then it says i’ve to spend more to claim the reward or something? Thanks!

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      • Anitacska says:

        I’m not sure exactly, but I do know that they convert your points into rewards every month, and they only convert them for up to £15, no matter how many points you have.

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  7. ashlie says:

    I’m so stupid. I have an Advantage card but never use it, and I spend alot of money in Boots! I think I have about £2 on it from a long, long time ago!! oxo

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  8. Ah, UK, the fancy land of customer loyalty programs! Here I have to spend about a million euros in makeup before I get the great gift of a 5 € voucher. But I got the Chanel quad and Ombre d’Eau anyway (I had a perfect dupe for the lipstick already) :)

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  9. amanda says:

    that’s a great scheme! i wish we had boots over here in malta.. it’s such a shame cause i love all their brands
    it’s great that you’re looking forward to getting these amazing stuff such as the chanel quad :) it looks lovely!

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  10. Didi says:

    I’ve got about £56 worth of points you can have! ;o) xXx

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  11. Jorid says:

    Maybe you could buy some christmas presents or something? The you get those points withouth bad concience! :D

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  12. Tali says:

    I am a terrible points hoarder (and voucher user to double them) and i love the pre-christmas offers. Last year I managed to save almost £300. Ok i didnt spend a single point most of that year to get to that stage!
    This year my balance is only about £40 but ive been using the points as I get them. LOVE my boots card!

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  13. Katrina says:

    I’ve got about £35 on my Boots card but I’m not too sure what to spend it on. I might just keep saving them. Although, that pink lip gloss looks really pretty..

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  14. EmmaDazzle says:

    Why dont you: Ask for a £2 discount off the eyeshaddows, because you dont want the stupid applicators. Hehe… Sorted.

    I am defo going to save my boots point next year. *Online now getting boots card*

    Emma x.x.x

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  15. I think I’ve got about £12 on mine. The guys at work give me their lunch receipts and I get their points. A bit naughty I know……Have no idea what I’m spending it on I may just let it roll over until there is something really amazing I can’t live without.

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  16. Ann says:

    If you end up getting that Ombre d’Eau, please do post swatches! I totally love Chanel’s Fluid Eyeshadows, and I hate that they’re so expensive, but it’s one hell of a quality product, and they actually last a really long time despite looking pretty tiny.

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  17. lulu says:

    That’s such a great idea! I tend to end up spending my points on food when I run out of money at the end of the month, but this seems much more productive!

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  18. Chrissy says:

    I used to save them for shampoo, razor blade and shower gel emergencies when I was a student but now, yes! I save them for the post Christmas, penniless months. I’m only at about 40 quids worth at the moment but have still got a bit more shopping to do! Get yourself down to Boots on an extra points evening! 1200 points for spending over 50 quid!


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  19. Pennyy x says:

    Woooooow thats a lot of points!
    While you’re on the subject of spending…
    ‘Benefit Creasless Creams on cheap smells for £7.95′
    :O who said that? wasnt me ;)
    ‘43% percent saving!!’

    I shall be investing :D

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  20. deborah says:

    Oh my I cannot believe how many points you have. I am bad I never let mine get that high I end up spending it as soon as I have it. I never really thought about letting it build up really high then blowing it on some goodies like this. Think I will now. Enjoy x x

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  21. Jan says:

    I had a nice little stash of points – about £20 until stupid OH made me redeem them on some toothbrush heads, okay he didn’t make me make but he sort of put me in the position where I couldn’t refuse. I love the Boots points, but have never had more than about £20, that is enough to give me a bit of treat. Good luck with your purchases, half the fun is working out different permutations of how to spend Jan x

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  22. Rebecca says:

    Man, they don’t give good things like that away at Ulta or Sephora here… :) I’m jealous of Boots points.

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  23. Cam says:

    I have just over £30 on my card at the moment and I would like to thank the nice Boots employee for persuading me to spend more money in there last weekend so I could take advantage of their points bonus scheme!
    You can also gain points by shopping online on different websites now. I can’t remember what sites they are but I know ASOS is definitely one of them as I used it the other day. On the Boots homepage click on Treat Street which is under the options bar and it will take you to the site :) x

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  24. Sarah says:

    i was well chuffed with my £14’s worth of points until now .. lol

    def buy the Chanel! xxx

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  25. Shifa says:

    haha I should save them like you but I don’t :( I get my dry shampoos with them every so often lol

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  26. SoFroLushes says:

    Well I have £70 and some pennies in Boots Advantage points. The only thing I want is the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but oh no every time I go to my local boots that sell UD it is always sold out. Even worst they do not let you redeem points online or the phone. so unsure what to do. The last time I had £110 on my boots card and it allowed me to replace my broken camera for a free sparkling new one.

    I might have to think of someting else to spend my points on

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  27. Alla says:

    i spend mine quite regularly, when it gets to about 3 quid. i just buy femfresh or body moisturiser with it.

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