Le lipstick, le MAC et le BIG Mac!

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 27 - 2011

Last weekend saw VexintheCity and myself wandering the streets of Paris, city of lights and painfully stylish women.  What is it with Parisienne ladies anyway?  Do they teach eyeliner in schools?  I didn’t see a single pair of eyes that hadn’t been expertly rimmed with smudgy black kohl.  It was both refreshing and slightly intimidating.

Here’s some shots from the (very long) day out, starting with the Paris essentials:

A map, we looked at it blankly all day long.

Jaffa Cakes – Don’t attempt the Eurostar at 6.22am without copious amounts of sugar close at hand.

Papped – I swear to God I did not pose for this!  Red lipstick made me feel almost cultured enough to tread the cobbled streets though.

Undeniably Paris!  Napoleon’s rebuild of the great city renders it thoroughly iconic with it’s long, wide Boulevards and grand Avenues!

Ahhh Sephora!  My first ever visit!  This is the one on Champs Élysées, we arrived v. early and as you can see, it wasn’t too busy at all!

Makeup, makeup as far as the eye can see!

Can you believe we sat our bums down on the posh chairs in Ladurée only to be told that we were too early for cake?  Too early… for cake?  So we boycotted all things French and went to McDonalds instead.  No really… we were famished!

As night fell, we indulged in a little of Paris’ notorious cafe culture… I recommend the house Merlot at Café Kléber, though I was a bit squiffy after only two glasses!

As you can probably tell by this photo.

But not this one!  Oooh La la!  Je t’aime La Tour Eiffel!

So what did I buy in the capital of fashion, beauty and all things ladylike?  Not a lot actually.  I’m saving my pennies for this weekend at IMATS but I did pick up a couple of bits…

See?  How restrained was I?

Despite all your fabulous advice and words of temptation, (for which I was immensely grateful and will be relying on when I return later in the year!) I held back and only picked up a Bioderma cleanser (for Mr. L!), a MAC CCB (I know, sacrilege to go to Paris and buy MAC right?) and a Rouge Baiser Lipstick (described as the world’s first ‘kiss-proof’ lipstick!)

Did I do well?  I also played with some MUFE in Sephora and expanded my IMATS wishlist tenfold.  Oops.

45 Responses to “Le lipstick, le MAC et le BIG Mac!”

  1. Row says:

    I don’t believe that you two weren’t up to something

  2. VexintheCity says:

    Hahahaha! Love it – I just had a funny flashback of that crazy day! xx

  3. Jean says:

    Woooh! Nice pics. That’s really funny, even the Sephoras in France seem so much classier. The ones in the US are, well, much more… common, not just in quantity but in the attitude as well. Red carpeting and a classy interior seems almost sacrilegous in Sephora! Guess you Europeans do everything classier. Le sigh.

  4. Debbie says:

    Terrific photos as always.

  5. Julia Arenas says:

    Would love to go to Laduree, too early for cake?! haha what a first…

  6. Andrea says:

    Did you really think that the people of Paris were stylish? I was very disappointed when I went. In 5 days I don’t think I saw one well dressed Parisian! They looked liked 90’s tourists.

  7. em x says:

    oh so jealous, not of the paris trip itself but getting to Sephora, drool drool drool

    and how come even your wobbly photos put mine to shame( i dont think its wobbly though)

  8. babyinacorner says:

    Did you go to the Guerlain store? I’ve always wanted to go there!

  9. Ria says:

    Thanks for the amazing photo travel!!
    I love your earrings in the lipstick photo!

  10. Jan says:

    What fun, great photos and great post. Everyone looks more stylish in Paris. Thanks for this. Jan x

  11. Kimberley says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Great pictures! as usual! Im going to Imats for the first time, on my own! I can wait! Can you give me some ideals of what to buy.. i know i’ll be after a few more occ lip tars, such a wonderful product ‘Anime’ is the best hot hot pink ever!!!.. add this to your list!.. what other things should i be looking out for please?

    Thanks! x

    • I have anime! Maybe I should do a quick swatch post of my OCC Lip Tars before Saturday?

      Ok… I’m mostly gonna be hitting up MUFE at a 35% ish discount.

      The new lipsticks, highlighters, cleanser and maybe mascara
      Then you’ve got Face Atelier, that “must have” foundation, I want to see how that feels on the skin.
      Then there’s Yaby – teeny little eyeshadows and palettes.
      OCC Lip Tar in NSFW
      hmm what else…
      Various pro brands for things like eyeliners, setting powders

      I think that’s it? Oh wait!

      Crown Brush for decent, cheap brushes.

      Does that help? x

      • Kimberley says:

        Thanks Charlotte, i’ll keep my eye out for you. Ive listed a few things down that i may need to try. Hopefully you’ll get everything you’ve listed. Cheers. x

  12. Mercedes says:

    Lovely photography!

  13. redtiger21 says:

    What beautiful pics. I haven’t been to Paris as an adult, I’d love to go back. Very restrained on the shopping front, well done!

  14. Ida says:

    You went to Paris…and you didn’t buy 5 tubes of the Embryolisse moisturizer?! I’d go mad at the pharmacies rather than Sephora.

    I’d buy at least a litre Bioderma Sensibio cleanser, their sunscreens too, and the Caudalie shower gels (super cheap and super delicious) and lots and lots of Klorane dry shampoo. And of course the aforementioned 5 tubes of Embryolisse moisturizer. 😀

    I’m slightly amused by the obviously American commenters who still haven’t realized that “we Europeans” do not have much in common among ourselves. Danes have very little in common with Italians and so on. I really dislike stereotypes.

    • Jean says:

      Pardon me! That commenter would be me, and yes I am American. Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to offend. I do realize that there are great variances among different European cultures, there are a lot Europeans living in the U.S. and I do know first hand how different everyone is, just like there is no common Asian identity. Anyways I was in jest, not serious at all, but still despite my intention I am very sorry to have stereotyped and offended you. Hope that sets things alright!

      • Hi Jean, I didn’t take any offence… it didn’t even register as something offensive in my brain. You called us (yes, us – I’m British AND European) classy.

        Wait, you were calling me classy right? 😉

        • Jean says:

          Haha, well nationality aside YOU are a classy individual. :-) That photo of you putting on your lipstick is very chic and sultry! I wish I looked like that when taking photographs too, I always close my eyes.

    • I already have over 1.5litres of Bioderma Crealine (I’m still working my way through the old bottles!) so no need to stock up until the Summer at least. I did a review a longgg time ago on here somewhere.

      Embryolisse… tried it, wasn’t that enamoured to be honest. Klorane? The same… I prefer my Batiste!

      Caudalie shower gels though? MmmmMMMm where were you when I was asking for suggestions!! I wanna go back for some!

  15. Scientific Housewife says:

    Holy crap, that Sephora is huge! You look gorgeous and I’m so jealous right now!

  16. Sophie says:

    Utterly jealous right now!! :( that sephora looks like heaven :( ive just shown my boyfriend this and begged him to take me but he just shook his head :( im sulking big time now. xxx

  17. Gemx says:

    The pics look fab! I’ve never been to a Sephora, but I’m going to Marseilles in the summer. I must make a shopping list and try not to drool on all the pretty items in the store! 😛

  18. Marie says:

    Your eyebrows are très fabuleux in that papped pic…

    • christ, that makes a change! xx

      • Marie says:

        I struggle with my brows too, too bushy in the middle, wierd baldy bit in the middle of the right one :( Needless to say I’ve looked with interest upon your own brow nightmares (Nice to know that everyone isn’t effortlessly airbrush perfect apart from me) and complements when due; they’re looking mighty fine *She mutters jealously while staring daggers at her own novelty shop standard brows* Thank god for the baldy bit camouflaging properties of the Elf studio brow kit, seeing as I’m far too impoverished for the Benefit one. Ok, calm, rant over.

        • em x says:

          oh Marie does it work well? only recently got into brow products so need more to play with

          Em x

          • Marie says:

            Not sure how great the wax is at keeping ’em neat (Still like clear mascara the best) but the powder is great for filling in the sparse patchy bits. I use the medium shade even though I have dark brows ’cause I’m quite pale and the dark shade is too dark for my skin really (oposite with the treat and tame though) Definately worth a punt for £3.50.

  19. Imo says:

    wow it looks like you had an amzing time! That pap shot of you is rather beautiful. Cant wait to read about your imats purcahses

  20. Natalya says:

    How funny I was in Paris this week too.. on the 6am train on Tuesday. Not fun! Though mine was for work so lots of meetings and no shopping :(. Glad you had a good time! xxx

  21. Jules says:

    Beautiful pictures! They brought back some happy memories of when that was home. I need in my life whatever camera it is you’re using!

  22. I love all the photos but the one where you apply the lipstick is just stunning! x

  23. ahhh, Paris! one of my dream destinations. sounds like you guys had fun!

  24. Grace says:

    So jealous…Paris looks beautiful! And I must comment on that photo of you reapplying your lipstick, it looks so classic and beautiful! Just love everything about it!

  25. tass says:

    Lovely photos and the one of you is tres classy. The first thing I thought when I saw your purchases actually was “What?! She went to Paris and bought MAC!?”.

    Can’t wait to see your IMAT buys xx

  26. Rae says:

    Amazing photos, Charlotte! I’m jealous 😉

    Hope it was as magical and fun as it looks!

  27. Bourriquette says:

    I like your title… And I agree with the others that this photo of you is stunning. Très classe, ma chère, très parisienne!
    As for all the parisiennes being make-up artists, it really depends on where you go, the city is big with different quarters that are a bit like different villages…
    But I admire your restraint. If I were to do the oppoite (coming to London with a friend), I’m sure I would not have the will to resist!

  28. Elizabeth says:

    It looks like an awesome trip – I am so jealous! Make-up heaven aside, your black and white photo is truly stunning. I am in awe of your photography skills!

  29. Tina says:

    Sounds like a day to remember!!! I’d love to have gotten together with a fellow blogger friend and join them for an impromptu day trip!
    Tres jaloux (sp?)!!


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