Things you shouldn’t do… but do anyway…

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 5 - 2012

This is your Tuesday morning confessional.  Confession All.

You’d be forgiven thinking that people with our level of beauty obsession might get it right, but we don’t.  Just because we know the rules, doesn’t mean that we don’t break them.  I’m feeling a little heavy-hearted this morning, let me lay bare my (grungy) beauty soul in the hopes of lifting a little weight off my shoulders.

1.  I store my brushes in pots, upside down.  These infact.  They’re perfect and lovely and hold all my brushes beautifully – so what’s the problem?  Dust.  You know, all that dead skin and tiny insect turds that float down onto my brush heads before I buff them into my pores every morning?  That.

2.  Flannel-washing.  Do I use a clean flannel every morning?  Errr… sometimes… not really, um no… maybe 3x a week (on a good week).

3.  Best Before… Unless the skincare actives are very, very active (vitamin C and the like), I can’t promise you that I don’t use skincare after its recommended expiry.  I always mean to write the date I opened it somewhere on the packaging to ensure I don’t go beyond… but you know, I have a fucking life.

4.  Skin-picking.  I am the queen crater-creator.  Find me the tiniest blemish and I’ll make a mountain out of a pimple in no time at all.

5.  Concealer?  Oh, I can’t quite reach you over there – never mind, let me add another 7 coats of foundation on this spot instead, I’m *sure* that will fix it.

In my (weak) defence, I do wash my makeup off every night before sleeping.  Without fail.  What used to be a chore turned into a habit and now I’m actually quite compulsive about it.  Not that it really matters though, seeing as I’m using a “dirty” flannel (oh the shame!)

Make me feel better!  Please share your beauty confessionals this morning!

34 Responses to “Things you shouldn’t do… but do anyway…”

  1. Safoora says:

    Haha, I do all of them but the last one.

    In my defence for number 2 – I do attempt to wash my flannel using hand soap after every use, but I know thats not a perfectly clean flannel :s

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve just woken up with an entire face of make up on….it’s becoming somewhat of a hangover ritual! This post made me feel so much better!!

  3. kelly says:

    I am terrible at the whole Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise routine, especially as I don’t wear make-up everyday!

    I am also a crater creator, rarely use body lotion, take no notice of the lifespan of things with active ingredients, buy duplicates of things by accident even though I will never finish the original!

  4. Paris B says:

    We’re supposed to wash our brushes often and at least once a week. Erm… I do that. Sometimes. Ok, not as often as I should 😛

  5. Kat says:

    Phew! It’s so good to know you’re human! I’m guilty of all of that except for the concealer one where I’ve kind of reversed the problem – I’ll happily dab concealer on all day instead of evening out my skin with foundation, which when used does make everything look so much better. Worst is, I think all of these habits have got worse as I’ve got older.

  6. Nazgul says:

    Guilty too. I don’t wash my brushes often and very often I forget to use hand cream.

  7. Sarah s says:

    I can’t be arsed to wash my face in the morning, a quick swipe of toner will do the job right? I collect the No7 vouchers to buy new eye brushes so i don’t have to clean my others whoops! Although i praise my clarisonic for banishing all my skin care worries out the door, like i can be bothered to charge it for a week when it goes flat – until i get spotty again do i then bother. Ohh doesn’t look too sunny out today, i cba to wait for my sun screen to set in. I HATE MYSELF! xxxx

  8. I’m an awful skin picker. If I have a spot on my face (which is 100% of the time), I can’t NOT pick at it. Twice I’ve picked a crater in my face at work that can’t be covered by concealer because it’s too wet *shudders* =/

  9. Nuša says:

    Ohhh, we’re quite alike.
    The brushes. I should have been washing them waaay more often.
    “Best before”. I have a tendency to feel bad for the product when it’s coming to it’s end, so I always have just a teeny tiny bit of a product in the packaging and keep it until it turns bad. Visibly bad.
    Skin-picking. Yeah, I’m the ultimate master of that one, no more words needed.
    Concealer. Who needs concealer when you can just load three layers of foundation and look like you got cake on your face, with a pimple peeking trough?!? 😉

    Adding another one: Body lotion. Who has the time and the nerves to apply it every night and then go to bed all sticky?? Not me for sure.

  10. Sara says:

    Manky brushes – tick
    Toe nail picking whilst reading in bed – tick
    and here’s the big one….
    weeing in the shower – tick but only very occasionally

  11. Get Lippie says:

    I wash my makeup brushes properly maybe once a year. Twice, if they’re really lucky. Mind, I own approximately 894378763847 brushes, so …

    Oh, and I regularly wear a lipstick that is approximately 12 years old. And I own a back up of it, too. Still in the box. I fully intend to use it up, as well.

  12. Yulia says:

    I’m guilty of:
    – cleaning my teeth only once a day, in the morning.. I’m working on this one, though
    – I store my brushes in a cosmetics bag and don’t clean them every time I use them
    – sometimes I abuse concealer..that’s all poor lighting’s in my bathroom fault!
    – i don’t pay much attention to the best before date unless the product’s smell puts me off
    – skin-picking..oh yeah. Sometimes in the university/elsewhere, while I can’t be sure my hands are 100% sterile
    – biting lips, especially when they’re withered
    – worst of all: picking at nail polish on my hands, especially if it has started to chip….

  13. Leah says:

    Tiny insect turds, oh I do love you!

    I have to use all my resolve not to pick spots, but I make up for it by gouging at any pimples on my scalp like I’m trying to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench. By bedtime I just want to wipe everything off with a make up wipe rather than cleansing again and I can’t be arsed to use night cream half the time, either. My brushes get a swill around in MAC brush cleaner about every 3 weeks if they’re lucky, but I wipe the excess off on the towel I’m wearing, fresh out of the shower. I’m a bit of a beauty minger.

  14. Victoria says:

    I’m guilty of most of these too, especially the brush washing. I’m pretty lax at applying body lotion regularly too but I seem to owna ton of the stuff!

  15. toyboys says:

    I didn’t know that about brush storage. Is it going to change how I store brushes? No, it is not.

  16. Jayie says:

    I cover the brushes with tissue paper held in place with rubber bands to prevent the dust and all that… it does help to a certain extent…

  17. Claire says:

    I have no regard for use by dates or anything along those lines. If a product hasn’t clearly gone ‘off’ I keep on using it, I only recently chucked out a lip gloss that was at least 10 years old! It was really manky. Where the wand goes into the gloss was caked in bits of stuff, who knows what! I really liked the colour and it had been discontinued … Vileness I know!!

  18. Lily says:

    I store my brushes the same way – honestly, it’s perfectly fine! If you’re worried about dust and insect turds (ahaha) wrap yourself in bubble wrap and NEVER leave the house. Never open any doors or windows, either.

    I don’t wash my brushes as much s I should…Probably once every two weeks. And eyeshadow brushes only if they get coated in dark shades…

    I pick my skin – and when I’m lazy just use face wipes to clean it!

  19. Jools says:

    I have good intentions of CTM morning and night but it usually ends up as often as you use your flannel lol. Most nights it is a quick swish with a baby wipe but in my defence I am housebound and rarely have make up on, when I do I wash properly honest :0)

  20. Nargis says:

    I wash my brushes all the time, but I tend to pick on my spots. And never pay attention to best before and forget to moisturise

  21. Rashidah says:

    I LOVED this post. Also, I don’t clean my brushes or replace my mascara as often as I should.

  22. Julianne says:

    I love squeezing my spots. I figure it’s okay though if I wash my hands and the area squeezed before and after, right? Hahaha. I completely ignore best befores on cosmetics. I’ve had one of my current mascaras a VERY long time. So long I cannot mention it, as you would all be appalled. To be fair I haven’t used it continuously for all that time. But let’s just say I recently discovered the magic of pulling out the rubber stop!

    I should be better at washing my brushes regularly but I can’t be bothered to make the time!

  23. Gladys says:

    Little tip for your brushes, I store mine in two stationary pen holders but I place a large zip lock bag over the top to keep the dust, bugs and what not out.
    Hope this helps.

    My confession is that I keep my mascara way over the three month mark. I wash my brushes EVERY TIME I use them, but 6 month old mascara, hand that sucker over!

  24. Excepted for the concealer point, I’m guilty of all of these!!

  25. kmk05 says:

    …I’m guilty with mascara. My eyelashes get very long with only one or two brushes of a mascara wand, so I can go on and on and use a mascara for a year or more and there will still be some in the tube when I read a post saying ‘CHUCK YOUR MASCARA AFTER 3 MO’ and I look at that battered tube 16 month-old guiltily, use it one more time, and put it in the bin.

    I wash my face religiously of all make-up except mascara because I hate rubbing at my eyes: no matter how many times I go back with a cotton pad, there is still some panda-eye going on! WHATEVER after two swipes with make-up remover I just leave it.

    Guilty of no.4! So much skin-picking, it is disgusting. Also guilty of no.1, but come ooon: how else would we store all these brushes?

  26. Rads says:

    I am guilty on the concealer and the skincare expiry dates 😀 Not just skincare, I hoard (and use) just about everything until it dries up to dust and disappears 😛

  27. Jen Bon Jovi says:

    You are the wind beneath my wings.

    Having kept several mascaras well into their second year, I tend to get that little element of surprise when I finally buy a new one……. having forgotten that mascaras aren’t really supposed to smell like unwashed bellybuttons, getting a new one that smells actually quite nice is always a bit of a shock to the system.

    But hey, being exposed to germs is good for you, isn’t it? Isn’t it?!!!!!!

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  29. I’m not great about washing brushes. I try to do it once a month or so, but rarely keep that vow. I do wipe them off each time I use them, though.

    I’m terrible about picking spots. My face really doesn’t break out any more, but my 14-yo daughter’s does, and I’ve literally attacked her face. Every time she gets a zit now, she runs from me! I’m sure that qualifies as not only disgusting but child abuse as well.

    I never toss my mascaras at the 3-month mark. I use so many different types that I usually have 5 or 6 open tubes at a time, and I just can’t use them all up in 3 months. I tend to wait for them to dry out or smell “off” before tossing. It’ll serve me right when I get pink eye.

  30. Roz says:

    I don’t always remove make up before sleeping, terrible habit, and in the mornings sometimes I only splash with water because I cannot be bothered to pour out the face wash etc. I don’t even own a moisturiser as I believe my BB cream should cover that lol.

  31. […] Lipglossiping – gets down and dirty, talking about all those things you shouldn’t do… but do anyway… […]

  32. Ann says:

    I’m horrible at washing my brushes. As for washing my face before bed, that is a habit that I just recently started…after 40 years. Thank god for good genes.

  33. Tass says:

    I’m guilty of cleaning my eyeliner brush with makeup remover instead of a proper wash. I don’t use a new face flannel everyday either but I’m going to now after I caught the Mr using my flannel to wash something that was NOT his face :/

  34. I store my brushes in a little box, but they get somehow dusty anyway :( don’t like it.

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