50 Random Facts About Me

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 18 - 2013

I need to apologise for my absence.  If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already know the reasons behind my blog neglect.  I’ve been suffering with pneumonia and after no less than a full week, I’m finally on the mend.  My brain is not in the “blogging” place right now.  At least, not in the way that I’ve come to expect from myself so I’m easing back into things with a simple “50 Random Facts About Me”.  An exercise in self-love and vanity.  Would you do me the great honour of leaving a comment with some random facts about yourself?  Or if you have a blog…. perhaps, a link to your list?

I’d truly appreciate it.

50 Random Facts About Me

1. My first name is hyphenated but I never use the second part of it except on official documentation.
2. I got married when I was 23 but I’ve been with my husband since I was 18.
3. Our daughter is named after my favourite au pair as a child.
4. My little finger is so badly broken that I can stretch an octave on the piano with no bother despite having small hands.
5. I have Dermatographic Urticaria (“skin writing” skin) but it was worse when I was younger.
6. I’m left-handed and turn a page on its side to write on it.
7. I met my husband in a chat room in 2000 and crank-called his mum more than once to check that he wasn’t an axe-murderer.
8. My idol in life is Joe Strummer.
9. I know my way around the city of Sydney better than I do my home county of Hampshire.
10. I honeymooned in Manchester, of all places. [br] [br]
11. I’ve only recently become semi-comfortable with my inner freak.  Older age is suiting me.
12. I used to travel all over the country to watch Southampton Football Club play.
13. I was a foreign languages prefect at school.
14. I desperately want to do a road trip across the U.S. (who doesn’t)
15. I have recently conquered a massive fear of lifts (elevators).
16. My favourite thing on a menu is usually the nachos.
17. I’ve been blogging in some shape or form since 1999. Anyone remember Deadjournal? (Livejournal for angsty types)
18. I build beautiful houses on The Sims but never “live” in them.
19. I only moved out of my Mum and Dad’s house last year at the age of 30.
20. My first boyfriend “came out” to me.  It wasn’t my doing. [br] [br]
21. Top five bands? The Clash, Stone Roses, The Black Crowes, Blondie, Pulp
22. Top five artists? Prince, Janis Joplin, Doris Day, David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper
23. I did literally everything I could to avoid a planned c-section whilst pregnant. I had an emergency c-section.  It was ok.
24. I still miss the house I grew up in.
25. And the city.
26. I hated university but I got what I needed to get.  And then never used it.
27. I try to add jalapenos and spice to everything.
28. I’m a night owl, and always have been.
29. I only play computer games on God mode.  I appreciate a good story more than a challenge.
30. I didn’t attend my graduation, I still don’t regret missing it. [br] [br]
31. I love Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers and have seen it no less than 6 times in my life.
32. I’m not motivated by money.  In the slightest.
33. I’ve been told that I can come across as prickly, sometimes even “mysterious” in large group situations.  I’m not… I’m just hyper-aware of talking crap, so end up not saying much.  One-on-one though?  You can’t shut me up.
34. I’m too scared to have another child incase he/she isn’t as perfect as my first.
35. I desperately wanted Leila to be a boy, until I met her.
36. I love bum chins, and dimples… I have neither.
37. My husband has a bum chin, my daughter has two dimples on the same cheek.
38. We had our first dance to “Sea of Love”.
39. I think that arms are the sexiest part of a man’s body
40. I’m rubbish at arguments, I just get aggressive. [br] [br]
41. I’d love to be more ambitious.
42. I owe everything to my parents but I don’t revere them as I should.
43. Gherkins.  Always the gherkins.
44. A nice coat is worth spending (lots of) money on.  Shoes?  Not so much.
45. I was too upset to go to school the day I found out that Kurt Cobain had killed himself.
46. If I could go on a giant geocache event dressed as Emma Peel, I would probably be in my element.
47. I’m a fantastic drunk.
48. I like to clean the flat to the sounds of Pat Benatar and the Divinyls.
49. I started going grey when I was 17.  Around the same age I started sprouting a full-on beard.  Thanks PCOS.
50. I struggle to commit 90 minutes or more to watching a film.  But usually enjoy myself when I do.

How about you?

37 Responses to “50 Random Facts About Me”

  1. Heather says:

    I love random facts! :)

  2. Heather says:

    Loved reading this :)
    A few random facts about me? Well here goes…

    1. In social or group situations (especially when I don’t know most of the people there), I find myself always wishing I was the one that could say the funny things. But I always end up being super quiet while giggling in my head to my own jokes. I’m weird.
    2. Every meal in my world should come with a dill pickle.
    3. I have at least 3 different kinds of chapstick/lip balm with me at all times. It’s a need, not an obsession!
    4. I love the feeling of cleanly washed hands.
    5. I say “yay” a lot. Yup.


  3. layla says:

    Oh, I loved reading this! I love dimples too and was really jealous of my sister growing up who has one in each cheek. My daughter (an almost 2 year old) has a dimple in her right cheek and I couldn’t be happier now! haha..

    I love how you used to crank call your husband’s mum.. Haha.. You met in a chat room? Wow! Have you blogged about how you met? If not, and if its not too personal, can you please do a post? (Man i’m nosy aren’t I? )

  4. Veronica says:

    #14 is on my bucket list, too, but it’s something that’s going to have to wait until after I graduate. The cost of gas is just too much for a student income right now. In addition to a road trip, I also want to visit every state at least once. There’s no point in being a U.S. citizen if you don’t take advantage of living in such a big country! 😀

    #17 – I actually still have a Livejournal! (My sister was the one with a Deadjournal in high school.) Shame the new management is running the site into the ground, though.

    #44 – It depends on the shoes. 😉

    #50 – It’s hard to even get me to sit down and watch one. It doesn’t help that most movies are crap these days.

    Hope you get over the last of your pneumonia soon!

    • You’re not allowed to moan to a Brit about the price of fuel 😉

      Livejournal used to be invite only (maybe it still is, I don’t know) but I didn’t know anyone with an account back then, I’m not sure how long the site had been going! Thanks for the wishes :)

  5. Gotta love random facts! Hope you feel properly better soon.

  6. Andrea says:

    Facts about me:

    It drives me mad when people miss out the “The” from The Stone Roses. Sorry to nit-pick but it really does!

    They are my favourite band. My favourite solo artist is Morrissey.

    I would love to own lots of handbags but I just can’t bring myself to buy a cheap one.

    I can’t find a curry hot enough to satisfy my love of spicy food.

    I hate to go more than a day without doing some strenuous exercise.

    I would love to live in Italy.

  7. Wordbird says:

    34 and 35 Yes, oh yes and yes! My girl has ended up as an only child, but that’s mainly because of the fact that I was 38 when I had her. Now I’m really glad she’s a girl, but I really wanted her to be a boy when I found out I was pregnant.

    • I was given a LOT of grief over #35 when I was pregnant. No-one understood that I felt it was OK to have a preference and wouldn’t cause some major psychological impact on my relationship with my baby. Either that, or people felt that I had no right to a preference until I’d had 3 of the same sex.

  8. Wow what a list! Here’s mine for me and Sammy my newest partner in beauty crime. I’m glad you are on the mend, I’ve been off too and have a cough that won’t go away!


  9. Andreea says:

    I loved reading this! Here some random facts about me:

    #I like to watch Latin American soap-operas and this is how I learnt Spanish.
    # I’m a morning person and I wake up as soon as my phone alarm starts.
    # I love to eat oranges during winter time. In the summer they don’t seem to be that tasty…
    # I recently decided to go back to my origins and moved back to the countryside.
    # I don’t like Disqus…

  10. Nazneen says:

    Ach, that’s just rubbish for you Charlotte – I do hope you’re on the mend and feeling better soon! I wrote mine up to cheer you up:


  11. Lexi says:

    You poor thing, glad you are on the mend!
    Random facts about me:
    a) I used to play roller derby
    b) I met my husband at one of his then band’s gigs, didn’t watch them and was then very rude to him!
    c) My pregnancy cravings have been broccoli, millionaire’s shortbread, and Haribo gold bears
    d) I remember so clearly being at home and reading about Kurt Cobain’s death too.

  12. Poor Charlotte, I knew u were poorly but pneumonia, that is full on grotty. Hope ur fully mended soon! Good on you for reaching the full fifty, I’m struggling to think of even one to put in the comments! Okay, erm…
    1) I’m only really happy when my nails are nude, brown, red creme or french. Balls to glitter, holo etc!
    2) I love ALL types of motorsport but can’t drive.
    3) Obsessive worrier.
    4) Allergic to dogs
    5) Chew airwaves gum all the time
    Um… that’ll do.

    • Haha, It did take me a little longer than I’d anticipated. Paul was like “I thought this was supposed to be a quick, easy post to keep your eye in!” Gah.

      Do you wish you could drive? Stop worrying!

  13. Beka says:

    This is a great list. It’s nice to know a little about the person behind a blog you read all the time. I do hope you feel better soon.
    Here are some things about me:
    -I got married when I was 23 and had only known my husband for 11 months (and I wasn’t pregnant!). We’ve been married 10 years and its worked out great!
    -LOVE Nirvana. Cried endlessly when I found out Kurt Cobain was dead. (And I still don’t think he killed himself)
    -I have 3 kids (9,7,3). I was scared I wouldn’t be able to love the second as much as the first, the third as much as the first two, but each of them is so wonderfully perfect in their own ways. Don’t be scared to haves second. It actually made my life easier,because there is always someone for the kids to play with.
    -I miss being close to my mom (I live in Utah, she is in Virginia)
    -I like soap operas- my husband always teases me
    -I throw a lot. Like once a week. I have since I was a kid
    -i love makeup. My husband kept telling me to get a hobby so I did. I don’t think he realized it would cost him so much money.
    -i don’t have to wear makeup everyday, but when I do, I go all out.
    -for me,makeup is about being creative and having fun, not trying to look like me but a little better. I don’t often go for a natural look and I don’t care what other people think. As long as I like it, it’s good.

  14. FragrantWitch says:

    I loved this! I worried about having a second and not being as madly in love with her and upsetting my first born. I was wrong on both counts- I was in love with her immediately and my eldest adored her sister from the beginning and seeing them together playing and happy is my absolute greatest joy. It is a gift to have a sibling I think!

    Okay random facts:
    1. I won the school spelling bee and science fair for all 4 years of middle school.
    2. Misspellings annoy me intensely.
    3. I used to have a crippling fear of travelling on field trips etc as a child in case I was ever sick away from home. Now I live 4,000 miles and an ocean away from my hometown and my family.
    4. Can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
    5. Adore David Lynch films and Twin Peaks.
    6. Can read Latin.
    7. Have a phobia of geometry.
    8. Always think I am the person people dont want to be talking to.
    9. Miss crab rangoons from Panda Wok a lot.
    10. Adore scary movies.

    • Thanks lady! Number 4 is intriguing me! You shall have to show me one day 😀 What’s a phobia of geometry entail? Does that mean there are no straight lines in your house?!

      I can speak latin. Ready?

      Fattibus sattibus on the desk galorum, deskibus collapsibus… fatty on the floorum.

      • FragrantWitch says:

        Your Latin rocks!
        I’ll happily show you my cherry knot talent. Impresses the menfolk, doncha know? 😉
        Phobia of geometry means 3d thinking freaks me out ie ‘How many square meters is this room do you think?’ Unintelligible answer drifts back as I bolt from said room. Admittedly not one I struggle with daily but I do dread when the girls get onto geometry-, isosceles, Pythagorean theorem PAH I say!

  15. Tiffany says:

    We match on number 2! I’m also left-handed, and I love dill pickles. Dill with garlic, though, not so much gherkins. I…actually get kind of opinionated about brined vegetables. (Yum-yums? Yuck, yuck. I have issues mixing sweet with sour or savoury.)

    I hope you feel better soon! I’m pretty new to your blog, and I’m loving it!

  16. Alice says:

    Uhm, some facts about me:

    1- I’m either completely messy or obsessively organized(Things organized by colour, alphabetic order, etc);
    2- Related to the first one, I’m an “extremes” person. In my country we say 8 or 80.
    3- I love the sun but hate the burns. I hate winter and cold and lots of coats and sweaters.
    4-One of my favourite things is sleeping at the beach.
    5- I love to cook, I find it relaxing.
    6-I’m extremely clumsy.
    7 – I feel like I’m discrete and “normal” but usually stand out of the crowd and get creeped out when people I don’t know know my name.
    8- I’m trying to learn how to sew.
    9- I love learning new languages or expanding my knowledge of one.
    10- I prefer series to movies.
    11- I get too emotionally invested with fictional characters.
    12- Every pair of shows I own have made blisters on my feet except for 2.
    13- I get easily distracted.
    14- I can fall assleep (almost) anywhere I want.
    15- I like books. Not just reading them, but smelling them and holding them.
    16- I love shoulder bags but usually carry a rucksack to college.
    17- Tulips are my favourite flower.
    18- I want to go live in another country when I graduate but haven’t chosen yet.

    I think it’s enough! Hope you get better soon.

  17. Zuzu*s Petals says:

    Divinyls! Very good house-cleaning music.

    I could eat pizza three times a day, every day, and chocolate just as often
    I never wear socks
    Animals love me
    I own no black clothing
    Peonies/ranunculus are my favorite flowers, and hydrangeas are my favorite shrub
    I adore the ocean but no longer live on it
    I turned down acceptance to 2 brilliant prep schools (stupid teenaged rebellion)
    Life without cheese would be a bleak one, indeed
    I cannot sleep at night unless I am reading a book
    A thunderstorm makes my heart sing
    I love Radiohead, Charlie Parker, Billi Holiday, and Butthole Surfers as much as I adore Bach, Fasch, Monterdi, and Lully
    I am a (paid) writer
    My chin has a dimple that’s more like a dent
    I like to read 18th/19th century Brit lit and also books about serial killers. If only Knightly had been a cunning sociopath …
    I am very INTJ
    My eyes and shoulders are my best features
    I LOVE winter because I can wear sweaters
    My family of origin are all still alive, and we are very close
    Ive always wanted long, thick hair
    I grew up spending every August at our cottage
    People who ramble and have no sense of urgency make me impatient
    If I could do nothing but read all day, I’d be happy
    I adopt FIV+ cats
    I’d rather sit in silence than endure small talk; let’s NOT talk about the weather
    I can type 122 wpm

  18. Lillian says:

    We have similar taste in music! I wish I had Dermatographic Urticaria, it looks so cool 😛 And I too didn’t attend my graduation and couldn’t care less about it!
    I just did 50 things about me here: http://lillianfunnyface.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/50-things-about-me.html x

  19. Amanda MUA says:

    I loved this random fact post, thank you for sharing.

    #1: One of the houses that I lived in as a child was haunted.
    #2: Over 90% of the clothing/accessories I own are black (and have been since about the age of 12).
    #3: My son is 7 years old (and an only child) and I too am afraid that I could not love another child as much as I love him.
    #4: I have been a make up artist (freelance & teach make up artistry).
    #5: I travel abroad frequently on my own (through my work, I am very used to it and quite like my own company.
    #6: I am afraid of the dark (see number 1).
    #7: I have 2 cats, we didn’t *choose* either of them, Lou Lou walked in the back door when she was a 6 month old kitten (literally starving) we adopted her, 6 months later she brought a friend (we have adopted him too).
    #8: My only addiction is caffeine but I would get *stabby* over time if I did not start the day with a decent coffee (not instant/filter) espresso or cafetiere in an emergency).
    #9: I thought that I was pregnant with a girl until my son *flashed* in his scan (gave me enough time to get my head round the fact that I was not going to have a daughter).
    10: My favourite desert of all time is Eton Mess.


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