Bare Escentuals Blushers

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 22 - 2010

I talked this morning (briefly) about Guava shades… I love ’em and there ain’t enough of them about.  It’s a fabulous shade for a whole variety of skintones and is about as close to coral as I can get before I hit ORANGE!

It reminded me that I hadn’t shown you 2 of my favourite blushers for Summer yet!

These are Bare Escentuals mineral blushes in shades: Promise (guava pink) and Giddy Pink (um pink, pink).

10 points for correctly guessing my nail colour by the way…

Check out the ingredients… hooray for minerals, Boo for Bismuth Oxychloride (replace the damn component with something less irritating to sensitive skins already…)

Both blushes are fairly sheer and build up beautifully.  I tend to use duo fibre brushes to apply most blushers because it just means I never screw it up and walk out the door looking like Bozo.  It takes about 3 sweeps to build up to a natural looking colour with these products.

Promise… see?  Guava.

This is a gorgeous, gorgeous blush.  It’s a matte colour base which has then been liberally sprinkled with golden sparkles, the shade stops short of coral and is simply a stunner for summer.  I had a hard time pinning this shade down… I think it’s discontinued now, but I found it on eBay (at a great price too!).

Giddy Pink is in the current line up of Bare Escentuals products and one that I received at a press day.  It’s a shimmery pink which gives that wonderful glowy illusion that catches the light when you turn your cheek.  It’s pink without being dolly pink… a natural flush.

The problem with all minerals like this?  They suck to travel with.  I can’t be arsed taping over the holes before going anywhere so always end up with about 95% of the product in the sifter by the time I’ve reached my destination.

Hmm… I wonder if they’re pressable… anyone ever tried?  I’m not sure I’m willing to be guinea pig, I love these too much to risk ruining them!

Promise looks matte in my swatch… there is sparkle in there, just no shimmer.  Both are swatched heavily to build up a true impression of the colour.

They last well on my skin and I’m positively addicted to them.  At least until the next addiction comes along right?

8 Responses to “Bare Escentuals Blushers”

  1. Anca says:

    *drool* @ “Promise”
    that’s a lovely colour, looks very eh juicy!
    I’m a sucker for any coral shades ><

    Oh oh it's the new Illamasqua one. From Body Electrics! I forgot the name :( 5 points? 😀 lol


  2. Promise was part of the Purist kit, released in January 2009 exclusively through QVC. Promise may show up at BE boutiques and in Sephora stores (and other places) in the next year or so, if BE follows its usual pattern (not always easy to guess, though, especially now that they’ve been bought by Shiseido.)

    I think the BE blushes might be pressable – I’ve seen mentions of others pressing BE eyeshadows and blushes successfully. I prefer all my minerals loose, though, so I haven’t tried it out for myself.

    For travelling, I found that storing a cotton ball in the jars, atop the sifter (or two, for larger jars like must blushers,) stops leakage easily enough. That may help, until you find more information about pressing BE blushes.

  3. Laura says:

    BE is pressable. However, I tried pressing some e/s of theirs using just alcohol and they ended up falling apart. It wasn’t too awful sad because they just powdered back to their original state. I did press one of my more glittery blushes of thiers and had pretty good luck. However, since I did that one, I keep it in a palette that I never take anywhere and it is kept stored flat. I believe this was part of the issue I had with my e/s breaking. Maybe if you tried an actual pressing medium rather than just alcohol, you may have some luck. I have TONS OF BE from when I sold it on ebay. I still have a lot of NEW stuff left if there are any colors you are looking for. Most of what I have is LE colors from the collections. Just email me at if you wanna ask about any colors. I have tons of blushes. You should try and get your hands on First Class (I may have one), it is the PERFECT color on most skin tones! I have used it a million times on myself and my clients. Thanks for the post! I am going to get Promise…SO pretty!

  4. Lipgloss86 says:

    nail colour is the new illa one??

  5. Louise says:

    oooo I am sure I have promise scuttles away to look x

  6. RaeRae says:

    Not only is guava a beautiful blush colour, it is also a really tasty juice… Om nom nom.

    Promise looks gorgeous!

  7. Dani says:

    yeah i hate traveling with my BM’s. you open it up and boom! cloud of mineral smoke all over the place. and i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve dropped my pot. :p

    and i just found out about bismuth oxychloride! can you believe i was using BM all through my breakout coz i thought it would be less irritating than a liquid foundation? fail!

    anyway i really like both colours. promise is a bit like style by mac except style has some shimmer. giddy pink is gorgeous! kind of looks like an old rose type colour to me. thanks for sharing!


  8. You could try a mineral pressing medium for the blushes, I know BFTEcosmetics sells one :)

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