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No, I haven’t started blogging in Algebra, C25K stands for “Couch to 5k”, a running program that has been devised to get anyone up and running 5k in roughly 9 weeks.  Yes, really.

Being English, I didn’t actually know what 5k was off the top of my head.  I’m all about the inches, feet and miles.  I guessed at 2 miles, so was shocked when I looked at a converter and saw that 5k = 3.1 miles!

Me? Run? 3 miles?

In 9 weeks?  Not a bloody chance.

But you know what they say about God loving a tryer…

The program consists of 3 runs a week, each getting progressively longer and more challenging.

Last night, I attempted my first run.  I literally mean, “my first run”.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I broke the “fast walking” barrier.  I mean, why would I?  I never have to run for a bus and I’m well past chasing men!

I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to co-ordinate my flailing limbs into a running motion anymore.  What if I fell over?  What if I knocked myself out with my boobs?

First things first, the boobs had to go.  I bought a sports bra online a few days ago and it arrived this morning.  It doesn’t kill the motion completely, but it absorbs the shock enough for it not to be a problem to my back or my chin!  It also happens to be the most comfortable and uplifting bra I’ve ever worn (though alas, far from the prettiest).  I’m buying another in white to trial wearing daily (I’m a sad old sports bra-wearing mum nowadays).

Anyway, enough talk of bras… back to the running!

The first week’s schedule consists of interval training which involves a 5 minute warm up/cool down and alternating between 60 seconds jogging and 90 seconds walking.  Repeat this until you DIE or for 20 minutes, whichever comes sooner.  In my case, it was very nearly sweet, sweet death.

It’s cold out there now in the evenings and heaven forbid I’m only going to attempt this kind of body wobbling under the cover of darkness.  Cold air = burny lungs and that was my first obstacle.  I’m a chronic asthmatic which although well-controlled, still requires daily inhalers and the whole burny lung thing was not comfortable.  Next time, I’m wrapping a light scarf round my gob – I don’t care if it looks stupid.

Second obstacle?  The snots.  My nose would. not. stop. dripping.  Again, the cold air… I’m thinking that at least the scarf will double as a nose wiper.

Third obstacle?  None really!

Of course, I was knackered after about 10 minutes of walking/running – but I didn’t get any stitches, painful calves or shin splints so I think I got off quite lightly really.  Those last 3 minutes did nearly put me in an early grave though… my head felt like it was going to explode every time I pounded the pavement (did you feel the quaking from where you are?).  I think that was because I was a touch dehydrated, I should have had been sipping fluids regularly for a couple of hours before starting the programme (especially being on the CWP).  Something I’m going to remedy from now on.

Once I got home and collapsed in my chair, my pulse stayed elevated above 100 bpm for a good 15-20 minutes… a sure sign that this chick needs to get back out there and improve on her fitness.

I downloaded the C25K iPhone app (there are also podcasts and an android version available) to help me with this endeavour and the app vocally guides you through the timings of when to run and when to walk.  The countdown is particularly motivational for those last 20 seconds of each running segment!

Have you ever tried the C25K programme?  If you fancy giving it a go with me, I could sure do with the virtual company!  Week 1, Day 1 complete… I’m eager commited resigned to the next installment!

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  1. Oh gosh, good luck with this! I have the same problem outdoors, though indoors I’m fine. When I was allowed to work out (gr back) I did the ellipticals at the gym with no asthma related side effects. Is that a possibility?

  2. Danni Ogier says:

    I’ll do it with you! I’ve been telling myself for ages now that I need to be doing proper regular exercise (I spend my days in an office so I’m about as inactive as it gets) so this will be a great way for me to make a start and stay motivated :)
    When is your next run planned for?

    • Yay Danni!

      My next run is tomorrow (Thu) evening – it’s 3x a week. I think that because there’s a goal in sight that it really does amp up the motivational factor.

      Please come back and fill me in on how you found the first session and feel free to email me if you have any questions about it x

      • danni ogier says:

        I did day one last night and miraculously survived! I’m opting for the treadmill since the area around my flat is a bit dodgy so I don’t fancy running alone in the dark!! My big worry was shinsplints, but I was given a tip to set everything to a slight incline and it worked! No shinsplints :) I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve never sweated so much in my life but I finished it all and can still walk today which is a bonus. Next run is tomorrow so fingers crossed last nights success wasn’t a fluke!

        • My second one last night was easier. Not by lots ‘cos I was still feeling the muscle ache from the first one! Mine is on the inside of my thighs… you got any specific achy areas?

          Congrats on day 1!!! Can’t believe you did it on an incline too! Strong lady!

          Good luck for this evening, come back and keep me updated!

  3. Dempeaux says:

    Well done! It takes enormous commitment to do something like this. I looks forward to reading about how you go :)

  4. Emz says:

    I did this programme last year & I found podcasts a great help for motivation as well as timing – there is a link to Robery Ullrey’s podcasts on http://www.c25k.com.

    Best of luck with it & you may not believe it now but it really does get easier I promise :)

  5. Julia says:

    I like that idea, I want to try it. I’m getting my iphone4 soon, will try this app :)

  6. Ailsa says:

    Hmmmm, I tried a similar programme without the phone a few years ago and almost completed it! have now downloaded to see if having the technology in my pocket helps…

  7. Melissa W. says:

    I hope this goes well! I so want to be able to run (or just to move quickly) again. I’ve never been one to run as a form of exercise but I used to be much more active than I am now. I’m going to look into it! :)

  8. NicolaOCD says:

    I tried this a while ago – did my first run, nearly fell off my perch like you but did my knee in and never ventured out again!

    I’ve recently joined the gym and use the treadmill (i walk fastish, there is no running!) but I’l love to do CT5K on that if I can find a treadmill schedule – would love the iphone app, that would help a lot!

    So in short I might join you!

  9. nicolajones says:

    Hey! Awesome news that you’re doing this – you won’t regret it.

    One piece of advice, that I was told when I started running, which has really helped. For the first 3 mins (more or less) of running, you will feel like you’re going to die. Period. But it gets SO much easier once you break through this (mainly mental!) barrier. For years I just thought that running wasn’t for me, but it turns out that all runners find it hard when they start their running workout, every time they leave the house. So, once you move from the run/walk intervals, make sure you stick with the running until you’ve gone through that barrier! Breath really deeply – it’s fine to be ‘out of breath’, indeed, if you feel that, just breathe more, means your lungs are working! Also, if it’s really really hard work (breathing hurts, legs kill) just ease off on the pace. I used to run far too fast at the start of my workout… :o)

    Do get in touch if you need any advice – have been reading your recommendations for ages, and it’s nice to offer something back!


  10. Anna says:

    Ah! I’m so encouraged to read this post. I might consider doing this too… will have to look at my schedule and fit in these workouts. You can do it! Please keep posting updates on how this goes for you, I would love to know =)

  11. Tessa says:

    Good luck! My boyfriend is in his 3rd week now (sounds like he’s pregnant – he’s not lol) and he found it getting easier and easier each time he went running. Looking forward to posts, maybe you’ll two get me motivated to get off the couch also !

    • That is really inspiring and I’m so pleased he’s finding it easier LOL!

      Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, come on and join us – imagine how much more we can stuff our faces at Christmas if we get in shape now! LOL

  12. I was in for sports when I was a teen, I was very good at running. But I don’t do that anymore. But good luck to you! :) PS. Love the Homer photo x

  13. Ce says:

    I started the C25K last week, currently running for 90secs..it’s killing me too! but I am going to stick to it!seemingly the 1st month is the hardest! Good luck!

  14. Rebecca says:

    Oh my… I hear about 5k runs here in the US all the time. It seems to be a huge goal for a lot of people, but I’m a realist. I haven’t run a mile on a road since High School, and prefer to walk or excercise in one place.. like Yoga or the treadmill. LOL I wouldn’t want to get tired and pass out where people are driving. I’d rather pass out on the floor in my own home. Plus I’m like a 38 DDD, so I worry about gravity. I’ve been looking for a good sports bra. I’ve heard Lululemon makes really good ones.

    • Oh I hate exercising in a gym! Thankfully it’s pretty quiet where I live. My husband is running with me and that’s all the audience I want!

      I didn’t realise how great sports bras really were for keeping things in place, it’s a revelation to me! x

  15. Charlie says:

    Go for it! I started the C25K in April 09 and ran my first half marathon last weekend. I truly could not run at all (I’ve always been a bit of an anti-fit person). It’s an amazing programme, good luck!

  16. Roxanne says:

    Boy do I feel ya on the asthma front. The city I live in is in a really really dry climate. Like, we have to run a humidfier so we can keep our house above 20% humidity. Unfortunately, this just makes my asthma worse :( Combined with grass and tree allergies (probably not the greatest idea living in the prairies..), I can’t run more than a block.

    I try to stay in shape by doing less intense activities more often. I walk home from the train station frequently (It’s about 2.7 miles), keeping up a pretty good pace to make the most of it. I also bike ride tons with my sweetie. If it’s too cold (which it is a lot here in winter XD hello -30 celsius!), I do step aerobics in my room. I bought a step for about 60 bucks, and I turn on a tv show and go at it!

    Another thing that’s great for asthma is swimming because the moisture helps keep inflammation down. Oh! And a tip from my doctor: Take your rescue inhaler before you begin exercise. It’ll help to prevent having an attack in the first place.

    Phew. Felt like I wrote a novel there.

    • Ouch! Mine is pretty much non-existant nowadays (especially since I gave up smoking)… it sounds like a nightmare where you live though in terms of keeping on top of things!

      I wrapped a scarf round my mouth last night and although it made me look like a mugger, it really helped.

      Thanks for all your tips, I’m gonna try the inhaler one x

  17. Sarah says:

    Good for you! :) You can do it!
    I might join you. Currently hubby & I are biking as our exercise, but it would be good to be able to switch it up with running. :)

  18. Jade says:

    Go for it, I was a hopeless runner then started lil by lil and I can now run about 15k without much worry :)

  19. I’m not doing that program (I positively despise running) but I am making regular trips to the gym for the elliptical and I would love to share encouragement! Currently my encouragement consists of a very very bad playlist including Hall & Oates. Mostly it’s Little Boots and La Roux though — SO PEPPY!

    • I don’t know what elliptical is *googles*

      OH MY GOD. I hate those things more than anything! I’d rather run! The burn those machines gave me was intolerable!

      I was particularly encouraged by Gwen Stefani – Holla Back and Whatchu Waitin’ For last night – ha!

  20. Eilidh says:

    Well done and good luck! As a previous poster stated, you will feel like hell on toast for the first couple of weeks, but a wee bit off payoff is lovely moisturiser after showering.

    Also, your app is a good idea as you can sometimes feel like you are on a plateau after a couple of months. The evidence will be there for you to see.

    Go forth and conquer, and keep us all posted!

    • Thanks Eilidh!

      I don’t need any excuses for post shower pampering 😉 But I’ll use yours anyway!

      You’ve all really encouraged me to push through the tougher times too, if only just to see if you’re all completely LYING about it getting easier 😉 x

  21. Fatty Bumble says:

    I’ve had the C25K stuff on my iPod for yonks but not actually been brave enough to use them!
    Maybe I’ll give it a go this weekend! Obviously I’ll have to do it in the middle of the night so no-one is traumatised by the sight of me huffing and puffing through the streets!

    • I love your name! Well not your “name” obviously, but oh… you know what I mean!

      Please give it a go, I am SO not a runner. I used to use my Asthma as an excuse at school to get out of ANY running… even the warmup jogs. It’s not easy… and for me, the last 2 runs in the programme (I’m still on week 1) are killer. I really have to push myself not to just walk through them.

      But heck, do I feel good after (well, not the first one LOL) – I swear my stamina is already improving too!

  22. Beth says:

    Well done you for getting out there and running. I did the first run of the Get Running iPhone app (which is pretty much the same principle) but managed to injure my knee just like Nicola.

    Turns out it was from wearing totally the wrong trainers so if you can, I’d recommend going to your nearest running specialist shop and getting a gait analysis done. I found out that I over-pronate (so my feet hit the ground then roll inwards) which is what had hurt my knee. There are different trainers which correct any issues you might have so you don’t get injured and now that I’ve got the right trainers I’ve been… well to be honest I’ve had them about 4 months and I haven’t so much as run for a train. One day though.

    Good luck, keep us posted on your progress! xx

    • Thanks Beth!

      Oh no, boo to injurys :(

      My sister-in-law (she lurks on here sometimes) was running with my brother and they had proper running shoes fitted. It’s something I’d like to do… but I’m so flakey, I’m just not sure I can commit to the money without knowing if I’m going to continue the programme yano?

      That’s a real cop-out answer/excuse isn’t it? I just don’t want to spend £100 on shoes that will gather dust.

      If I feel any niggles though.. I’m going to drag out the yellow pages and have a look for my local store.

      Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you get back into it soon! xx

  23. ashleigh says:

    This sounds like such a wonderful idea! I’m actually searching in the Droid market for this as I type and I can’t wait to do this… obviously at night, as to not scare small children with the crazy red face and sweating and general swearing that I’ll probably be doing!
    Be sure to keep us updated.

  24. Sharon says:

    What kind of sports bra did you get? Was it an ENELL?? They are great for no bounce support and for larger breasted women. Also on sale at: http://www.onesweetone.com

  25. […] me, then maybe it’s time you joined Charlotte at Lipglossiping, who’s taking part in C25K. You can do it, […]

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