Scented Nail Polish? Count me out…

Posted by Lipglossiping On November - 10 - 2010

So, it seems that the UK is gearing up for the Spring release of Revlon‘s scented nail polishes… something that our cousins across the pond have had access to for a while now.

So, cousins… what’s the verdict?

I love me a bit of Revlon and these are indeed some v. pretty shades… but…

…the last time I dedicated any time to sniffing my fingers, I was about 6 years old and had just picked my bum.

And the thing is… If I saw someone partaking in a bit of finger-sniffing tomorrow… I wouldn’t be wondering what flavour they’d painted their nails.  I’d be making sure I didn’t shake hands with them.

I just don’t see how these are workable in our society.  Should we exercise our right to sniff proudly in public or will we become a nation of closet finger sniffers?  It’s not like we can even be surreptitious in the workplace ‘cos you know if you get caught with your fingers hovering near your nostrils and you’re being all clandestine about it, it’s only gonna look worse for you.

The only reason I could think of to justify making scented nail polish is to stop those stinky fumes from filling the room whilst painting your tips.  That would be worthwhile no?  Except this stuff stinks like regular nail polish until it’s dry.

Will you be rushing to buy these when they’re released next year?

34 Responses to “Scented Nail Polish? Count me out…”

  1. I only picked up the creams in this collection here. They are fun but not necessary. =)

  2. Swatchgirl says:

    I think I’d rather get a pack of scented pens, to be honest!

  3. Debbie says:

    “…the last time I dedicated any time to sniffing my fingers, I was about 6 years old and had just picked my bum.”

    Too, too funny! How long did you dither over whether to leave that in, or did you just click “publish” without a second thought? Its the sort of thing I’d write and then freak out and remove, glad you held your nerve, its a stunner.

  4. Sylvie says:

    That bright purple is a stunner and the blue isn’t too similar to anything I already have but the scent makes no difference to me xx

  5. Gemma says:

    I’ve heaard from american friends that the smells are kinda chemically anyway.

    Think I’ll pass

  6. Alicat says:

    Definitely missing this one. What a waste of time and effort! I can’t say I even like the colours very much either…

  7. Katie says:

    I never even knew I had access to these! I’ve never tried them, but maybe it helps to not make your house stink so much. I always paint my nails outside because of this. I surely wouldn’t walk around sniffing my fingers though.

  8. Rhamnousia says:

    I never get the point of scented nail polishes because I assume they smell chemically when wet and the smell comes out when dry. I wash my hands during the day so I assume the smell will come off with that.

    Either way, I’m not bowled over my smelly polishes.

  9. i’d buy the olive green and the turquoise (?) because they’re lovely colors and Revlon makes nice polishes, but i’m not pleased about scented nail polish. it would be mad to see people wih fingers in their noses :))

  10. Phoebe says:

    I tried the Rimmel scented polishes, the scent didn’t last long enough to justify it anyway.
    If there happens to be a nice shade and they’re the same price, then I would get it just to have an added feature but I wouldn’t get them just for the scent.

  11. Huh, I’m tempted to give these a try considering the fact that normal nail varnish stinks like hell :L
    Also, i happened to be taking a large drink of water when I read this post, you owe me a new keyboard xD

  12. alamode says:

    I have actually tried the teal/turquoise one shown in the middle of the picture. One of my co-workers had it on and mentioned that it was supposed to smell like sea salt or some other oceanic fragrance reminiscent of beaches, suntan lotion, and frozen alcoholic beverages. After a quick sniff of her fingers (performed so none of our other co-workers would wonder what we were up to), I picked up the sea salt smell and while not spectacular, I definitely got the ocean vibe. Fast forward to 5:00, I had to pick up one of these from my local CVS. Got the teal one because it looked like a beautiful blue/green duochrome. Got home, eagerly whipped out the bottle and slapped away at my nails. First disappointment, no blue/green loveliness, just a faint greenish color likely sickly grass. Next disappointment, terrible chemical smell. Final insult – the next day, my nails smelled nothing like my co-worker’s. They smelled like plastic. And I couldn’t stop sniffing them to see if the smell improved. I took it off that same night and that is the only return I have ever made to CVS. I was so upset at the complete failure of this polish that I refused to keep it in my house. Of course, the ladies at CVS looked at me like a lunatic when I told them I was returning the polish because I couldn’t smell the beach…

  13. Esteeem says:

    omg I was totally sold by something like this I found in a Savers shop, coz I thought I’d see what bargains they have. It was an elegant touch “strawberry french” nail polish stick, which is double ended and had the stickers to do the tips with. I bought it for 75p thinking if it’s not that great, its only a 75p loss.
    I tried it at home, but unfortunately i’m terrible at doing french tips so it flopped quite bad.. hence the no blog!
    The top coat (pink) was the one that smelled of strawberry, but even so, it wasn’t that strong and when I asked the hubby to sniff he said it smells like nail polish. I love how he is so refined 😎

    They did have another fragrance/variant – Vanilla sparkle, which i found a pic for:

    So if anyone has a savers next to them they can give it a try so you know whether you want the revlon ones!

  14. Deery Lou says:

    I have the lavender creme polish “gumdrop” and it has a kind of generic sweet candy scent when dry. It’s a fun kind of novelty item. :)

  15. Emz says:

    Love the bright purple one so might have to get my hands on that but only for the pretty colour – not in the habit of sniffing my nails so scented nail varnish doesn’t really appeal to me!

  16. Geek Faerie says:

    I’m in the US but I haven’t tried these polishes yet. I think I would find the scented thing a bit distracting and may look like that odd ball sniffing my nails were I to wear it. Plus I have allergies and am constantly blowing my nose despite meds, I’d be worried that having scented nails that close to my nose might cause my allergies to act up more than normal. I never got the whole adding scents to things that you wouldn’t normally scent craze. Think I’ll pass on these.

  17. Sophia says:

    The colors are definitely pretty, but I’d have to agree with you. Scented polish is not for me. I can just see myself sneezing all over the place! Haha! While this is a valiant attempt by Revlon to try something new, I don’t think it’s going to work.

  18. Amelia says:

    this statement made me LOL : ‘
    …the last time I dedicated any time to sniffing my fingers, I was about 6 years old and had just picked my bum.’

  19. I don’t like scented polish. I’m picky about scents. My sister got me a cute set of polishes in bright colors that are supposed to smell like the candy flavors of pixy stix. Boy, the purple color was awesome but the grape scent drove me crazy. I’m typing away on my pc and keep smelling the scent rising off my nails. I did not need to stick my finger up my nose to smell it. It was way to strong! Yuck.

  20. gio says:

    I don’t really get the point of scented nails. I doubt the scent would last long and I wouldn’t be smelling my nails anyway. But if I find a beautiful color I like, I’d buy it regardless of the scent.

  21. Oceane says:

    I always thought living in the back waters of New Zealand we would be far behind the times.. But, these have been around for a while now. It seems that when it comes to Revlon, we are up to date.. Anyhow, the teal/blue colour is a sell out. Seen many painted toes in this spring. Did i say, that’s its almost summer?! Yahoo!! If I only I could get my hands on a decent fake tanning product…..

  22. Anitacska says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about the scent (unnecessary comes to mind really), but those two shades in the middle are GORGEOUS!

  23. Leah says:

    “…the last time I dedicated any time to sniffing my fingers, I was about 6 years old and had just picked my bum.”

    Best blog sentence EVERRRRRRRR. I love you missus, and not just because you tell me about bargains.

    I think I’ll be giving the scented polishes a miss, all the same, lest I be mistaken for someone sniffing out the scent of my own bottom! 😉

  24. Katrina says:

    Revlon released scented nail polishes last year in New Zealand, the colours and scents were completely different though. I remember buying the blueberry one and actually being rather impressed by the smell. It got left behind with all my other polishes when I moved to the UK :( I hope my Mum is enjoying it!

    Even if the scents aren’t very nice, the lime green colour looks lovely.

  25. PlatinumV says:

    I buy polishes for their colour, not their scent. Moreover, since I hate all the lip products with scent, it is more probable I would skip these to avoid scents that I don’t like!

  26. I actually have Gumdrop and really like it! I dont notice a gross nailpolish smell while it’s drying (nor do I notice a nice scent either, obv) but it smells delicious when it’s dry. I don’t consciously sniff my nails, but it’s so nice getting a whiff while I’m applying lipgloss or something :)

  27. Patricia says:

    “the last time I dedicated any time to sniffing my fingers, I was about 6 years old and had just picked my bum.”

    i almost fell off my chair when i read that, SO FUNNY! i agree, i find scented nail polish very silly, plus by the time i apply seche vite on top of it i doubt i owuld be able to smell anything!

  28. muamontreal says:

    I bought 3 of them because of the color not the scent : the fuschia, the lavender and the purple one. Colors and staying power are amazing …for 3$99 ! The scent is not interesting and isn’t lasting…but the colors , I love the colors …

    Caro xxx

  29. Jenny says:

    Sounds a bit toxic to me!

  30. Alla says:

    i love sniffing my finger after putting lemony flutter or lemon cuticle oil. you guess it right, i adore everything lemon, even my hand cream is citrus extract from avon :)

  31. Linda Lou says:

    I love scented nail color. Have not been able to find it for some time. Each time I find it on a web site it is discontinued or I can’t get to the site to order it correctly.

    I would love to find some locally but every store I check with looks at me like I’m dreaming.

  32. liloo says:

    i really like the idea. I wonder though for how long the smell last and this is my problem. i bet it only lasts a few hours after application and then nothing and in that case i’d rather stick to normal polishes.
    isnt the blue pool shade the most dupped colour ever though? It’s gorge but i feel every collection has got one like this. i want to smell it at boots :) xx

  33. Fee says:

    Thought I’d hunt down this post even though you posted it months ago!

    I actually spotted 2 of the scented polishes online and quickly bought them – so now wearing cotton candy and peach smoothie on my nail today…and I have to say I embarassingly keep sniffing my fingers!

    Love the shades though…but soooooooooo not a good thing to be scented whilst out in public. I mean sitting infront of the TV at night sniffing your own fingers is totally fine (ok, well maybe not) but alot better than being caught out finger sniffing in public!

    Having said that, I do really like them – think it will be something different for spring/summer :)
    Don’t know when they are out though!

    Fee x

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