Win it! Rio Airbrush Nails Kit

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 25 - 2012

In recent years, you can’t deny that the world has gone nutty for nail-art.  From gradients to ombres, from accents to stamping, it’s a trend which shows no signs of chipping (geddit?!).  This is all well and good if you’re a dab-hand with a brush… but what about those of us who are lacking in the co-ordination department?  The number of times I’ve had a go at creating some kind of intricate fancifulness on my nails, only to be scuppered at the last stroke by a wayward sneeze doesn’t bear thinking about.

So, forget about the fuss and put yourself in the running to win a rather nifty Rio Airbrush Nails Kit.

From the clean lines of a stylish French tip to the playfulness of a tropical gradient, the Rio Airbrush Nails Kit – part of a wide range of Rio Nail airbrushing tool and stencils – promises to deliver a professional touch to your nail art ambitions.  If you’re not sure how the system works, watch the instructional video to get a better idea of how you can use this tool to its greatest advantage or check out even more nail art kits from Argos.

I’ve got one Rio Airbrush Nails Kit (worth £39.99) to give away, and here’s how you can win it…

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1. Start date for this competition is 25th October 2012 at 00.01 BST
2. Closing date for this competition is 1st November 2012 at 23.59 GMT
3. There is one prize to be won, a Rio Airbrush Nail Kit (worth £39.99). No cash alternatives.
4. UK entrants only.
5. is the sole promoter of this competition.
6. Only one entry per email address will be accepted.
7. Personal details will not be kept or forwarded and are only used in the context of this competition to inform the winner(s) of their prize status.
8. One winner will be selected at random from all entries received.
9. Winner will be notified within 5 working days and will be expected to reply to an email sent to the address used to enter the competition within 5 working days or risk forfeiting the prize.
10. This giveaway has been made possible by a partnership with Argos

38 Responses to “Win it! Rio Airbrush Nails Kit”

  1. Leanne says:

    Ahhh I used to have one of these YEARS ago! I think I got it for Christmas when I was about 13. I used it to death and knackered the thing out in the end, it would be so much fun to play with airbrushing again especially since I’m a bit more knowledgeable about the whole nail art thing now. Cool giveaway, thanks :-)

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  2. Leanne says:

    Oh and also – would help if I answered the question wouldn’t it? – my favourite trend is probably gradients. There’s so much you can do with them so it’s a really versatile look. As for one I hate – caviar nails. CRIIINGE. So ugly. People kind of forgot about them after the Ciate debacle, but now that MUA have released their version suddenly my entire instagram feed is full of caviar nails. Barf. Oh, I also really hate that velveteen manicure thing. Gross.

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  3. vanessa says:

    what an amazing giveaway! this airbrush kit looks so good, I would have too much fun with this as I’m addicted to changing my nail colour!!


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  4. Annalise says:

    This looks fun, would love to try it! Also, my favourite nail art would have to just be simple stripes (I say simple, I still can’t get that right.) I agree with Leanne though, caviar nails just look horrible to me.

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  5. vanessa says:

    Such an amazing giveaway!! I would have soo much fun with this, I’m addicted to changing my nail colour!


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  6. Sarah Millard says:

    Ooo I would love to win that!
    My favourite trend has been konad/stamping. There are so many different patterns and things you can do with it.
    My least favourite is probably the reverse French manicure…just never seen one I like!

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  7. Sophie says:

    Very cool. This sounds very fun! :)

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  8. Liz says:

    This looks very exciting! My favourite trend is leopard spots, not really nail art as such but I can’t stand matt nails!

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  9. Maddy says:

    I love the ombre look and gradient nails, although caviar nails and felt nails make me want to gag!!

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  10. Lucy says:

    Wow what a great giveaway! I really love simple polka dots – they are so easy to do but very chic looking. On the other hand I really hate the velvet manicure – it just looks like some kind of nail fungus!

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  11. I love spots and flowers but hate stripes and black nails

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  12. Jade says:

    I think the nail art trend I’ve loved the most recently is the half moon/reverse french. The one I hate the most is the massive french tips covered in all sorts of horrid, tacky glittery yuck. I can deal with tacky to an extent but that’s just too far.

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  13. Mayuri K says:

    I love matte nails, hate the half moon though, not for me!

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  14. Sarah says:

    I think my favourite nail art trend is either ombre stain or gradient nails… the Beauty Department do great tutorials on both :) nails, ( My least favourite trend is french manicures with massive tips, or when they look cheap and tacky…

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  15. claire says:

    I love nail art stamping, It’s a quick way to get really impressive designs.

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  16. kim plant says:

    i <3 nail gems specially clear crystal but what i cant stand is nail clip-ons whoever invented them need shooting x

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  17. Victoria says:

    Oooh this looks fab. I prefer simple nail art, accent nails or simple stripes or dots. I especially dislike it when there are studs or piercings involved!

    Thanks for the giveaway

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  18. Kerry says:

    I quite like gradient nails, but not so keen on galaxy nails. That thing looks like it could be messy!

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  19. Banoo says:

    I hated ‘Duck Feet nails’ and I loved Lace nails.

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  20. Ria says:

    I love a simple accent nail, particularly on new nudes (griegey/gurple, nomnom), and am a little scared by velvet nails…

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  21. Alisha says:

    I’ve loved konad nail art and I am starting to get into Ciate caviar trend (late I know!) I like them both just because they’re so easy and don’t require much effort from my part! The nail trend I hate is crackle just because the 2 crackle polishes I have owned dried out within the first few months of owning them!

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  22. My favourite is probably the half moon mani although I haven’t mastered it yet and I freaking hate French polish. Am I the only one?

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  23. Sydney says:

    I recently attempted a French a few days ago (after years of abandoning it) and forgot how much I love how elegant and simple it looks – even with my slightly squiffy lines.

    Very good giveaway indeed, I have no doubt it would be incredibly handy (and not to mention fun!)

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  24. Gemma Turner says:

    I really love a simple plain colour with a coat of glitter polish! It instantly changed my mood :) it’s so pretty, and catches the light!
    I HATE the crackle polish trend! Bleh, it’s horrible! It looks like you have rotten nails!!!

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  25. Hi girls ! I already tried a similar product a few years ago in a professional and the result was quite impressive ! I’m really really interested in such a product to try it myself but I’m scared about the skills it takes. Is anyone tried it ? Thanks girls

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  26. melanie stirling says:

    I hate caviar but I love gradients! Great giveaway :)

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  27. Kirsten Murphy says:

    oh this looks so much fun! My favourite trend is the really dark ombres but I detest glitter polish
    Kirsten :)

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  28. Carolin says:

    I love good stamps but I hate caviar! :)

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  29. Kelly says:

    Fab prize, I am not a fan of plates myself but like it on others

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  30. stacie says:

    I hate caviar nails they look so messy to me and i love all hand painted nail art 😉

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  31. Helen Greenwood says:

    LOVE caviar, hate crackle polishes. :)

    Amazing giveaway!

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  32. christina curtis says:

    I don’t like matt nails! I love bright colours or coloured tips and adore leopard print pattern.

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  33. Oooh this looks awesome! Hmm…my favourite would be Konad! I love stamping. My least favourite is the ‘velvet’ manicure, I think they look mouldy.

    Thanks for the chance :)

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  34. SU WILLIAMS says:

    My favourite is gradients, and my least favourite is velvet.

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  35. Sarah Roberts says:

    I absolutely love nail art, especially the cute little bows! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  36. Sandra says:

    My favourite nail art trend is stamping with Konad, least favourite would be chipped nails :) haha

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  37. Thsi is brilliant! ^_^ Great giveaway thankyou xoxox

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  38. Christine says:

    My favourite nail trends are either the classic French tip or stamping with Konad. I love how simple it is to get such great designs! And I don’t really have a hatred for any trends but I don’t particularly like the caviar trend – they look pretty in photos but you can’t wear them for an extended period without the little beads falling off.

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