Help Help! I have triangle hair!

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 1 - 2010

Dudes… seriously, I’m in trouble.  I’m going up to the in-laws in about 4 days and I look like an idiot.

Some of you may have heard my constant occasional bitching on twitter about my hairdresser’s phobia of thinning shears.  I plead with her every time to thin out my layers… and everytime she makes this big show of taking her scissors and half heartedly snipping at the ends.

And everytime I walk away looking like this..

…and worse still, I tip the bitch!

Desperate times call for desperate measures and I bought a pair of these from Boots:

How in the name of God do I use ’em?  Blade down spikey bits on top and try not to go all out Edward Scissorhands on my head right?  I think I’m less likely to get carried away if I use ’em on dry hair too…

Anyone used thinning scissors on themselves? Any tips or IN THE NAME OF GOD, DON’T DO IT!’s for me?

I am seriously gonna look for a new hairdresser, but a half decent one is freakin expensive in this pony-loving, barbour wearing, land-rover driving county I call home and I refuse to pay over £25 to have less than a cm chopped off the ends.

37 Responses to “Help Help! I have triangle hair!”

  1. Sian says:

    I know this won’t help now, but have you considered having it cut really short underneath like mine? My hair’s so thick that to keep it looking ok in this style, I have the bottom half of my head cut short to my head. Since your hair is longer, it would cover it up.
    Apart from that, no. I’m petrified of the thinning shears. My hair dresser literally just chomps away at mine.

  2. Grace London says:

    No no no no no no no no no.

    In case that wasn’t clear DON’T DO IT! Seriously, it could go really horribly wrong – think ratty stringy bits if you go too mad, and how will you do the back? Take it from someone who once cut her own fringe (disaster) because it was annoying her while studying for accountancy finals.

    If you have thick hair, you have to suck it up and pay a bit more for someone who knows what they’re doing, I’m afraid.

    Please, for the love of God, a PR for a decent hairdresser is reading this and takes pity on you before you do something terrible 😉

  3. Ceona says:

    I echo the no no no no no! I’ve tried to thin my own hair before and it was a complete disaster. If you don’t know what you doing you end up accidentally cutting a wodge about an inch long, then you have triangle hair with inch long vertical bits sticking out!

    I echo the PR comment, someone save this fabulous blogger!

  4. PCMP_Forever says:

    Thinning scissors are old skooool! You get random chucnks of your hair and cut into the midlength or end, this removes the bulk.
    Have you heard of a hair razor btw? Not the one you shave your pits with 😛 It’s a hairdrssing tool. It basically where you slide it down the midlengths and ends of the hair and it slices it off to remove the bulk and to texturise the hair too. I find it much easier than thinning scissors. :)x

  5. Alicat says:

    I use thinning shears regularly but my hair is a completely different style to yours! I have all over layers in a very untidy shaggy cut so I can get away with it. I wouldn’t recommend it personally. Especially with In-Laws coming round…

  6. PCMP_Forever says:

    P. S – It is a bad idea to do it at home! 😛


  8. Charlotte says:

    Go for it hun :).
    My hair is ridiculously thick, the hairdresser loves hacking into it with her thinning scissors!
    You should give it ago yourself, just don’t go crazy ’cause you can always cut more off, but can’t stick it back on.

    Failing that, find a new hairdresser? X

  9. Sophie says:

    I say DO IT, they won’t remove length, Just bulk..

    They are pretty harmless and will just thin it out.. I don’t think you can do much damage, honestly :)

    However, if you do manage to fuck up, don’t blame me! 😉


  10. freshelle says:

    like everyone said, don’t do it!!!! i tried once, and i regret it soooo much. lol
    try to straighten it out with hair straightener…and then clip it half up or something!!! hope this helps and good luck meeting the in laws!

  11. jojoba says:

    move onto another hair dresser. if she can’t do the job right for you, she’s not the right person! and don’t do it yourself as you can regret even further. *_*

  12. MizzWorthy says:

    DONT DO IT! You will so regret it if it goes wrong! Find a new hairdresser asap!

  13. Kerri says:

    I know how you feel…….if I leave my hair too long between cuts I feel like I should be sponsored by the Birdlife society because I’m certain a few Sparrows have took up home in there ha:) I pesonally would never used these on my hair, but then again I’m a big scared-y cat who would literally weep if it went in any way wrong. I think you should have a large Whiskey and tell that hairdresser to really cut into the bulk (if you have layers this should be easier) because you are paying the silly mare after all. If it doesn’t work maybe a new hairdresser is the only way….this is coming from someone whose hairdresser loves to de-bulk her client and is great value for money.

  14. Caroline says:

    Thinning scissors like that are best used on mens hair – your hair is too long/thick for them to do much difference. You could try it – you literally just take a section and chip into it, but I don’t think it will look much different x

  15. Cindy A. says:

    From a person who has screwed up her hair on more than one occasion… DON’T DO IT! I’m sure your in-laws love you and could care less about your hairstyle. Just stay calm, be patient and find a better stylist. :)

  16. Lizzard says:

    put down the scis! call the original salon, ask to speak with the manager and get a free fixin!

  17. GoldenTouch says:

    I’ve left you an award on my blog honxx

  18. Maggie says:

    Normally I don’t encourage people to cut their own hair. People think that because I cut my own bangs & generally trim my own hair that they can too, which always makes me laugh. Thinning shears are fine though, just don’t go all that crazy with them. They just remove a bunch of bulk, not too much length. If you are scared, use them on the bottom layers. That way you can hide it easier if you do fuck up.

    Or, if you have a friend you REALLY trust, make them do it!

  19. My hair is thick and wavy, and my hair stylist employs these scissors to hack out large portions of my hair growth!!

    I wouldn’t do it to myself..this takes SKILL!!

  20. Nicole says:

    I have always had a hard time convincing hair stylists to do what I want. Apparently a shaggy layered look is not in the dictionary for all the ones I’ve been to. I ask for layers and I get them in about the last 1~2″ of hair. I have very wavy, kind of curly hair and it always ends up looking like a pyramid of nasty. I am also, however, a bit experimental and so I have cut my own hair a few times. Recently I picked up a razor (for hair) and had at it. I managed to chop my hair really short which I hadn’t intended to do but in all honesty it’s grown on me and I really like what I did lol. I think once I get a bit more length to it I’ll probably go to a professional and have them touch it up but I’ll probably keep attacking it myself anyways. I think if you are really attached to your hair and would be really upset if it ended up short then you should never try to cut it yourself. If you are like me and figure that it will grow back eventually then have fun!

  21. @Sian – I used to have it cut short underneath, but I didn’t like it when it started to grow out

    as I found it a nightmare to style. Do you not find that? like it wants to go every which way

    but flat?

    @GraceLondon – So you don’t think I should do it then? 😛 You’ve scared me now *puts the

    scissors down* – thing is though, my hair isn’t ‘that’ thick… infact, I’ve always thought of

    it as quite fine. Perhaps I’m confusing flat roots with fine though now I think of it…

    I honestly don’t mind paying out the moolah for the initial restyle. I just hate paying the same

    amount again every 8 weeks for a teeny trim.

    @Ceona – Oh god *pushes the scissors under a book out of sight and sits on her hands*

    @PCMP_Forever – I’m not sure I should be let loose with razors :o/ *googles anyway*

    @Alicat – Yeah, mine’s (supposed to be) quite a sleek bob… I’ll leave it till after I’ve

    visited I think…

    @Charlotte – I’m quite careful and unlikely to get carried away – I’m hugely cautious… but

    slightly less willing to give it a go since reading everyone’s replies! LOL

    @Sophie – That’s what I thought… if I do give it a go, I promise not to hold you responsible

    for any ensuing disasters! x

    @Freshelle – It’s too short to clip up… hair straighteners are my best friend for flattening it

    down a bit – thank yoU! xx

    @Jojoba – I will have to find someone else :( I don’t want to because she’s very nice and

    doesn’t spend the entire time telling me what she did at the weekend!

    @MizzWorthy – Argh! I’m just gonna have to look stupid oop north aren’t I..

    @Kerri – See, I’m quite easygoing about my hair… it’s currently far shorter in length than I

    wanted it to be (and I’m sure that’s cos she’s using normal scissors in an attempt to thin it).

    I did have layers! They were lovely, but they’ve nearly all grown out where she hasn’t trimmed

    them properly. Argh… I just need to get rid, she is a fool.

    @Caroline – Thank You for the advice xx

    @Cindy A – *takes a deep breath* ok ok, I’m calm… I will leave well alone for now 😉

    @Lizzard – I couldn’t do that! Lipglossiping, make a fuss? Never!

    @GoldenTouch – Thank You lovely, I shall have a look now xxx

    @Maggie – I was gonna bully Mr. Lipglossiping into doing it, but now he’s read everyone’s replies

    he’s like “no f’in way am I going near your hair now!” *sniff*

    @Jamilla – Next time I choose a hairdresser I’m gonna ask on the phone if they’re allergic to

    thinning shears…

    @Nicole – You sound like me, I will re-evaluate my thoughts on it when I come back from the in-

    laws. I mean, I can always buy a hat right? 😀

  22. Redtiger21 says:

    Lol well you don’t really need my advice, but for God’s sake don’t do it!!!! Just get a new hairdresser, even for the sake of the initial “thinning out” style, then go back to the crapper one to maintain it!!

  23. Dv says:

    I would advise to not to do it, but I have the feeling you got the idea already.. wonder where that’s coming from?! 😛

    Basically, I did it when I was 12, but luckily, my hair was soooo thick that I didn’t lose too much. I got soooooo embarrassed about my thick, frizzy hair – at the time I wasn’t allowed to use product! Thank god for Garnier Smoothing Milk *advertising time* it works for winter, and for summer! Hey, 2 in 1! Woop woop!

    I’ll shut up now… again… :) 😛

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  25. Lisa Kate says:

    Not sure if you did this yet, but I’ll put my two cents in anyways!

    Okay, while I don’t normally advise people to cut their own hair, you can’t really mess up too bad with thinning shears.

    Here’s what to do:
    -Grab middle sections of hair, not from the bottom (it will look flyaway when you pull it up) or top (it will look like poop)
    -hold hair TAUT (very important)
    -Go about halfway down and make a giant W with the scissors….so thats four snips. Does that make sense?
    -Comb out excess
    -Run fingers through and see if you need more.
    -Take a completely different middle section and repeat!

    Doing it with the W shape makes it so you won’t have anything poking out oddly. You will probably only need 1 or 2 W’s per side to get your hair back to normal.

    Hope that helps! Lemme know if you do it!

    • @Lisa Kate – thanks so much for those tips, I’m still very tempted to give it a go, just a little one… I reckon if I’m careful and really err on the side of caution I should be ok. I’m gonna put your tips into action!

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  29. ChynnaBlue says:

    Sounds like you should spend some time on What I’ve learned on that site has transfrormed my hair completely. :)

    • @ChynnaBlue – my hair isn’t really naturally curly though… it’s just kinda… weakly wavy. Great site though! I’m apparently a type 2a… which unortunately makes my ‘hair sista’ Joss Stone. lol

  30. desiiGirl87 says:

    im anew follower,i came across your link from i heart cosmetics’s blog.
    anyway, i don’t think i would ever have the guts to hack in to my hair…but if yu are going to..
    i checked on youutbe, and came across this vid..

    chek itout, it may help..xx

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