SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 3 - 2010

I’ve been waiting to write this review for a long time, I’ve owned the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil since the summer, but was being a good girl and using up my Shiseido Perfect Oil before commencing a new product!

The SK-II Cleansing Oil is another string to the bow of the Japanese Skincare Line SK-II (owned by Procter & Gamble) – the USP of SK-II is a single “anti-aging” ingredient called Pitera which they claim works to allow the skin to rejuvenate more effectively.

For your money (and rather a lot of it, I might add) – you get 250ml of oil, which, thankfully… is a generous sized bottle.  The packaging itself is plastic but at a glance looks like frosted glass.  I prefer the fact that it’s plastic, which allows for safer transportation.

They say:

This delicate oil with Wild Rose Extract and Pitera emulsifies with water and ‘Lifts and Locks’ onto hidden sebum and impurities. The ‘Lift and Lock’ formulation allows oil to transform with water to gently lift away make-up and impurities from the skin. Leaves it soft and fresh.

I never notice any discernible scent when using this (unlike the NUDE Cleansing oil – review to come soon!).  It’s a clear liquid of medium consistency which spreads quite easily over my face.  It’s lighter than the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil but heavier than my Shiseido Perfect Oil.  A happy medium!

I’ve never had to use more than 2 pumps, 1 pump will suffice if I’m not wearing mascara.

As you can see from the above list, mineral oil is the central ingredient… which is a shame, and at over £30 a bottle, I’m disappointed to see that they’re using such a cheap filler that is widely known to cause skin congestion thanks to it’s pore-clogging abilities.  Did you know that mineral oil is a byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil and that it actually costs more to dispose of it than it does to purchase it?  Now, I’m no Organic junkie… sometimes, chemicals just work and I admit to being endlessly suspicious that Organic products in general don’t work as effectively as their chemical-laden alternatives… but in this case, I’d rather my £32 bottle of cleansing oil wasn’t full of one of the cheapest substances on earth.

But, how does it clean?

It cleans well… It removes all mascaras (inc. waterproof) and leaves my face feeling fresh and (as promised) soft.  As with most cleansing oils… I do however, find it a little drying with continued use.  It also doesn’t emulsify as well as my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, leaving a slightly oily residue behind untl I’ve followed up with another cleanser (which I always do anyway).

This puts it in the same category as the Shiseido Perfect Oil… but let’s remember… gram for gram (or ml for ml) the Shiseido would work out less than half the price of the SK-II for the same quantity.  The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil also works out cheaper, and thus rendering it still my #1 choice for cleansing oils.

I mustn’t forget the Pitera… and if I were comparing anti-aging night creams, I’d have a harder time eliminating it as a reason for purchasing.. but to be honest, I want my cleansing oil to clean – I’m not fussed about it’s anti-aging, skin regenerating properties.  I’ll save those concerns (and money) for my moisturiser.

You can purchase the SK-II line from Harrods, both in store and online.

17 Responses to “SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil”

  1. Redtiger21 says:

    That’s a very interesting review actually- I didn’t know that about mineral oil! I’m never sure about cleansing oils as I have such oily skin- it seems to go against what i should be doing lol!

  2. Lina says:

    I second how interesting this review is. I’ve been eyeing the DHC Cleansing Oil for a while (I love oil cleansers) but for some reason am put off by ‘rinse-off’ oil cleansers. I know it’s annoying that it’s hard to get the oil ressidue off, but I still feel oil cleansers should be oil and thus water resistent. Anyway, obv oil cleansers have revolutionised and I’m stuck in the dark ages so I will def check out DHC if that is your final winner? xx

    • @Lina – Thank You xx It’s not my final winner, ‘cos I’ve got 2 more on the go at the moment aswell! I do adore it though, and Claire has let me know it’s on sale at the moment too! You can’t go too far wrong with it to be honest, it was the first one I tried, and I’m trying hard to better it… unsuccessfully so far!

      I know what you mean about how it doesn’t seem right… the DHC one is the absolute best at emulsifying in water… it just turns milky and not at all oily. I always double cleanse with a face wash afterwards… I don’t think I always need to, but it ‘feels’ like the right thing to do… so you’d probably be like that aswell.

      • Cindy says:

        what about shu uemura cleansing oil or kose speedy cleansing oil? for kose i found it very cheap only US 10 for 230 ml, what a big size for cleansing oil and i’m satisfied with the result. For shu uemura, you better find the best for your skin type cause i got bad experience for this one, but overall shu uemura is ok, two and a half more expensive than kose.
        DHC cleansing oil mmm.. i had my eye on this months ago…

  3. Claire says:

    I have not tried the DHC oil, but it’s in the sale on the UK site at the moment, so I am sorely tempted. My current fave is the Origins one – I think it’s called Clean Energy or something like that – it smells lovely, cleans everything off and emulsifies well before rinsing clean away. I once bought the Laura Mercier light cleansing oil but it irritated my skin. It was mostly mineral oil so I think it must have been that.

    I will wait in anticipation for your Nude review, as that’s another one that has interested me lately…

    • @Claire – Oh oh!! On sale!! *looks* anddddd it doesn’t end till next month – woo! Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely avail of that offer!

      I haven’t tried the Origins one… I want to now though!!

      I’m enjoying the Nude one, but it almost feels like a treatment rather than a cleanser… I shall explain more in my review! That’s on sale at SpaceNK at the moment too, down from around £27 to £14, mega bargain!

      Also trialling the Bobbi Brown one and first impressions are good!

      Thanks for the comment x

  4. Deborah says:

    Another great review.
    I’ve been thinking of indulging in a cleansing oil for a while. Leaning towards one from Shu; have you tried any?

    • @Deborah – I have only tried a sample of the Shu one… I liked it, but not enough to run out and spend £27 on a 150ml bottle of the stuff. Might be amazing, can’t judge on a sample though. Covent Garden Shu store were giving out samples like candy if you find yourself in the area. Thank you btw xx

  5. Frankie says:

    Nice review & thanks for the info on mineral oil. Never had a chance to read the ingredients before – don’t know how to read japanese.

  6. Claire says:

    LOL, glad to have enabled another beauty shopper with the DHC sale tip. I’ve also remembered I was given a sample of the RMK cleansing oil when I bought the creramy foundation from Selfridges. I must dig it out and give that a bash too.

  7. Dv says:

    I personally love putting a nice cool oil on my face, especially after a long day out! Some people COMPLETELY HATE the feeling of oil *cough*my sister!!!*cough* and won’t go near it.. what is the world coming to these days!

    But I go by, that if I’m wearing oil based makeup, I’ll use a cleanser oil, but if I wear water based makeup, I’ll use a water based makeup remover/cleanser. ‘Cause oil and water don’t mix.. right?! Aha, my techniques are truly weird.

    I was surprised when you said it was a little drying! Considering it’s a cleanser *oil*, that’s pretty weird… to me… but then again I can be different sometimes…. *.*

  8. […] the ingredients… At £28 a bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap.  But if I think back to my SK-II, (which came in at a hefty £32) it’s central ingredient was mineral oil.  I commented then […]

  9. […] cheapest substances and is a cause of skin irritation and dryness for many.  I’ve moaned previously how one of the most expensive cleansing oils in my bathroom cabinet is full of mineral oils, to see […]

  10. carla says:

    thanks for the review i have been looking to see what cleansing oils are best and also cheaper as i am a student :s, i have found a shiesido tiss online on ebay brand new 2 wash off oil cleanser,bobby brown is too expensive,i also found a virgin vie oil cleanser but no review on that.nip +fab which is available at boots and is new have a clean fix facial cleansing oil for £9.95 but i can get 12.5% discount cos my boyfriends mum works at boots and 25% off when they have double discount for worker days.the nip +fab had some reviews on line and all positive but it does contain mineral oil.might try the dhc,but that would involve waiting till my birthday when i have a bit of extra cash

  11. Vaseline is also a byproduct of gasoline 😛 I totally understand that it may clog people’s skin and that, but loads of things come from oil – that in itself doesn’t make it bad.

    • I hate vaseline too though (which can also remove makeup effectively!) And it proves my point about not being keen to pay £32 for a swanky looking bottle of Vaseline? 😀

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