The Perfect Red.

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 15 - 2010

It’s Monday morning and I’m feeling gloomy…

Cheer me up, I wanna talk about the classic red lip.

I struggle.  I have too much pink in my skintone and am forever clashing.  Failing that, I catch sight of myself walking past an office window and suddenly realise that the Hamburgler is probably after my Big Macs.

Can you pull off a great red lip?  Do you even like red lips?

Tell me about your favourite reds… your greatest disappointments, your greatest triumphs!

20 Responses to “The Perfect Red.”

  1. I struggle too. I’ve never found a red lipstick that doesn’t make me look like I’m about to don some kind of costume. For me, they’re all too blue-red. I need an orange-red that isn’t brownish, and even then I’m not convinced I’ll be able to pull it off. In my head it’ll look like Chloe Sevigny. In reality, probably more like one of the Loose Women after too many drinkies.

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  2. Elwing says:

    I don’t like red lips on me much. I’ve got a rather opposite skin tone from you – somewhere in between a very light olive and beige. (I’ve yet to find a liquid foundation that matches me. Everything is way too orange.) Red lips just… clash. The cooler they are, the worse it clashes. I can pull off the shades with tones of orange or brown in it better. I’ve found some great shades at Silk Naturals, but the pigmentation varies.

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  3. Serafia says:

    I do like red lips, but I can’t pull one off. Well, I probably could and I’ve tried to, but I really like to emphasize my eyes with makeup and have neutral lips. And I feel that if I’d do a red lip, I could not do much with my eyes and then all people see is my red lips, instead of the best part of my face which is my eyes (in my opinion). Red lips draw the focus on something else than what I’d prefer to have people notice.

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  4. francesca says:

    Im terrified of red lips although i love them on other people. I do like gosh soft n shine lipshine (the red colour) though as its very sheer and moisturising :) xx

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  5. I loooooooove red lips, and I prefer blue based reds on my yellowy skin. Not fond of pink based reds, and I havent really tried yellowy reds.

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  6. This looks lovely on you :) I love red lips but am rarely brave enough to wear them, although apparently [according to others] I can ‘pull’ it off… Not sure though!


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  7. I wish I could pull off a classic red lip – I think I need a blue based red to help whiten my teeth a little but I’m not sure what colour suits my skintone as I have no idea what colour I am….. a little warmer than death perhaps?!

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  8. Anitacska says:

    I also prefer blue based reds and one of my current favourites is Mac New York Apple. I also really like London Life, but I think that’s LE, so not sure if you have it.

    My mother-in-law wears bright red lipsticks (the oringy kind) and yuck! 😛 She looks kinda scary as she has white hair, black eyebrows, thick glasses and bright red lips – yikes! My eldest used to cry when she was a baby whenever she saw my mother-in-law. ‘Nuff said. 😉

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  9. liloo says:

    i am scared of red lips, i am scared of wearing it for longer than a homemade photoshoot for youtube. It looks high maintenance to keep it bright. I am scared it might bleed too. I would also feel conscious about it, thinking about yellow teeth, actual shape of the lip, what people might say too. I could go out with the most outrageous dark or bright makeup but I dont have the confidence for a red lip. Plus, on the men side, I think men don’t like cos it screams high maintenance and that it puts them off coming near you, let alone kissing you. I love a red lip, the epitomy of glamour and elegance but it’s not for me. You wear it beautifully xx

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  10. Lillian says:

    I love love love red lips, but sometimes i like to look like a clown so maybe i’m not the best person to advise. To me the look just reminds me of glamourous retro ladies of the forties and 50s. I like any red really, blue based, orange based, pink based, true reds, brick reds, any are good for me. My favourites at the moment are Mac Kanga-rouge and OCC lip tar in NSFW.

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  11. caz says:

    I like to think I can pull off the red lip..but i could be wrong i suppose. Whenever I wear a good red lippy I do tend to get compliments from guys. A blue based red lipstick is a very sexy thing indeed!

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  12. gio says:

    That shade looks so pretty on you! I love red lips but I’m not confident enough to wear them. And I also like to wear bold and colorful makeup on my eyes so I tend to keep the lips subtle and natural for fear of overdoing it and looking like a clown!

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  13. Sam says:

    I love red lipstick- it’s such a timeless classic. I actually wrote a post about it myself not that long ago.

    As for my faves, they are both Chanel, one is Rouge Hydrabase in New York Red and the other is Rouge Coco in Cambon.

    NY Red is more a classic blue toned red and is fairly deep in colour. Cambon is more of a pink tinged raspberry red. My skin is fairly cool toned so I’m lucky to suit a lot of different reds. I love red lipstick though and happily wear it during the day and at night. To the supermarket, into uni or to the bar I think red lipstick is a great way to feel a bit more glam if you’re having a bad day.

    And more people CAN pull off red lips than think they can (wait does that sentence make sense oh well I’m just going to go with it). I wish I saw more girls saying they love wearing red lipstick- most people comment that they are scared to wear it and it makes me sad. I think if you want a red that suits you the best thing to do is to go into your nearest beauty hall and find a girl at a cosmetics counter to give you a hand.

    Oh and the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks are DIVINE. It feels like you’re wearing lipbalm it’s amazing!

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  14. Nic nic says:

    looks beautiful on you..

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  15. Prab N says:

    super afraid of red lips!! mainly because i have small pouty lips that i HATE!! also because i haven’t found the right red!! i’m looking for that red with a goldish undertone or pearl or whatever it’s called..
    any help? :(

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  16. Jenni says:

    I researched this a lot because I wanted a Hollywood 40s starlet kinda red.
    My teeth are somewhat yellow (I happen to think that’s natural for teeth) so I went with Rimmel Diva Red (Red Diva?) as it has blue tones that cancel out the yellow a bit.
    It is striking and I like it. A youtube tutorial suggested adding lipgloss right in the centre – otherwise it is completely matte and usually that’s just what I want. On ebay it was well cheap! Result.

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  17. Redtiger21 says:

    Hmmm yeah, I do like a red lip, but I tend to think that women in general look prettier, makup wise, when they have a more neutral lip colour, and accentuate the eyes. Having said that, I don’t mind a bit of 40s glamour and all that, but if i’m going for an evening look (i wouldn’t wear anything as strong as red during the day), then I’d want to look as pretty as I can, which in my opinion would mean not wearing red lippy, but wearing something that suits me better. Does that make sense?!!! Probably not!

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  18. liloo says:

    oops i forgot i had already commented on this :)

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  19. Esmee says:

    The perfect red is Rouge Dior 999

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  20. Wordbird says:

    I’m with Francesca – I admire red lips on others but haven’t got the bottle to wear it myself. I compromise with Clinique’s Sweet Honey, which is a very sheer creamy red and is very forgiving.

    Maybe this winter I’ll try again and hunt through the Mac lippies for the perfect red for me. But then I’d have to do my eyes and foundation every day and I’m sooooooo lazy…

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