Fyrinnae Lip Lustres

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 4 - 2010

I’m smitten.  My heart is won.

Move over, make room… I’ve finally discovered Fyrinnae Lip Lustres.

I only own 4… I’ve already remedied that little problem and have another 10 winging their way to me as I type.

Wanna see what I’m going so crazy for this week?

4 mini tubes, each one sample sized and priced at a ridiculously cheap $2.50.

A standard little doe foot wand with an unassuming looking substance…

…produces the most beautiful hybrid between a lip stain, lipstick and gloss that I’ve ever encountered.  The colour is pigmented and glossy yet it feels like I’m wearing nothing more irritating than a slick of water on my lips.

As the day progresses and the initial burst of colour fades, I’m left with a beautiful stain that remains even and true despite drinking and snacking.  Not only that, but I’m not finding these at all drying and I was almost positive that I would need to combine them with lip balm.

I just wasn’t expecting to be bowled over by these little lip lustres quite as much as I have been.

Here’s some swatches of the shades I own, I prefer to do full face shots simply because when searching for lipstick swatches I feel that I personally get a truer impression of the colour if it’s put into context of skintone etc rather than just a pair of lips on the screen!

~ Visual-Kei is my perfect pink….

~ Romantique is a stunning golden peach nude…

~ Lollipop-Pop is a punkier pink with blue flashes….

~ Type A is an almost metallic garnet that cries out for some heavy lashes and winged eyeliner.


They’re perfect.  Oh and they smell ah-mazing too.

Ok, I need to think of something I don’t like about them… this is so gushy, I’m gonna make myself vom.


Oh yeah, the lead time on the Fyrinnae website isn’t great for impatient types like me.  It took 3 weeks before I had them in my hot little hands and now I’ve got to cool my heels for the same time again to get my new order…

anything else, anything else?  Um… no, I really can’t think of anything I don’t like.

I feel like I need validation after such a sickening gush, if you have them… tell me I’m not a mental and that they really are this great?

33 Responses to “Fyrinnae Lip Lustres”

  1. Julia Arenas says:

    They remind me of Beaute Weightless Lip Creme. Could you compare them? Are these like a weightless lip creme? I read on Fyrinnae site that they’re not tacky/and gloopy and are intended to be opaque not transparent. Sounds similar…and if they are, what a steal :) All iridescent though?

  2. I really LOVE Fyrinnae lip lustres <3 And now I want Visual Kei too, looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Sara says:

    oohh they look yummy! you look fabulous in all of them!

  4. Charlie says:

    *adds to wishlist*

  5. Fyrinnae is high on my ‘must order’ list- between their Pixie Epoxy, Arcane Magic shadows & now these, that order is coming soon! The only thing that bugs me is that, even if you’re adding to your cart, things only stay in for a short time (45 min I think) I guess the rule is- think fast!

  6. RaeRae says:

    I looooove these… I only have 3 though.

    The turnaround is a bit long, but I don’t mind that because they warn you it’ll be xyz amount of time.

    Don’t you love the smell of Type A? I’m on a big lychee kick at the moment…

  7. I’m anxious to try these now that they’ve changed the formulation a bit. Those look stunning! I really like mine as a base under lipglosses. The lasting power is great.

  8. They’re cute! Why did no one warn me that they were cute? I can feel my card trembling in my wallet…

  9. Danielle says:

    I really love Type A on you.

  10. Lauren says:

    Oh these are lovely! They look so good on.
    I wish I lived in the US :(


  11. Lucy says:

    Visual Kei and Romantique are TO DIE FOR. And thanks for the full face shots, I totally agree! xx

  12. Glamoured says:

    You’re not a mental, they are totally skill and aces! I had a similar reaction when I got my first Fyrinnae order last month – I got Devil Horns, Flavor of the Day and Pink Guitar – and I now have more winging their way to me.

    Unfortunately, Visual Kei is not one of them and I really want it to be after seeing your pic. Oh well, suppose I’ll just have to place another order…

  13. Charlene says:

    you are so right about having a full face for the lip shots! it does bring perspective!!!
    They look fab…ooh i would love to try!

  14. Dani says:

    visual kei is gorgeous! you’re right, it is the perfect pink! i must try these! thank you for sharing this with us :)

  15. I want all of their pink and peach shades. I only have 2, I needz more *_*

  16. Ellie says:

    Oh, these look gorgeous! Have been limiting myself to Fyrinnae eyeshadows so far but I can see I’m going to have to branch out into these!


  17. Justine says:

    Oh this was so bad for my wallet. Just ordered a load of the sample-sized ones, and the pixie epoxy I’ve heard so many good things about! Guess now I’ll have to impatiently wait for them!

  18. Lillian says:

    I love love love these!

  19. i like the size….what does it smell of?

  20. kelley says:

    I love the lip lustres! Romantique also makes an amazing highlighter across the tops of the cheekbones.

  21. Rae says:

    AHH! I’ve been thinking of trying these out recently, and I’m pretty sure you just made up my mind over them. They sound fabulous, darling! I love the size (and simplicity) of those samples :)

  22. caz says:

    Type A is beautiful!

  23. Pandora says:

    They look great! I may try some of them, I visited their website and the shipping charges are ridiculously low.

  24. Ooooh I didnt realise Romantique was so nude, it’s definitely on my wishlist now 😀 and well, Type A and Visual Kei have been on my wishlist for a while!

  25. liloo says:

    thank you so much for the full face shots swatches. I am the same. I much prefer to see the whole face to truly appreciate the lipstick and see if I’m going to like it not. This is so cute a brand, i love the way those products are so small, cute cute cute. The font on the packaging is very cool, reminds me a of a celtic fairy in the forest of sherwood. my favourites: lollipop and romantique.
    how sticky are they? oooo I’d love a post about comparison of lip glosses in terms of stickyness. Youre going to say, well that’s not a lip gloss, it’s a lip lustre. Well this is a very confusing world and mac did not help with the dazzle glasses, lip glazes and all :) rambles rambles. xxx

  26. Redtiger21 says:

    Wow, they look really lovely! I’m looking on the site right now….

  27. KT says:

    Oh how neat! Those look simply divine on you. For some reason I’ve never been a fan of lipstick, stains look like popiclse juice so I mostly stick to glosses which are generally more sheer and not as long lasting, so theses are very intriguing. And the price is right in my price range. I hopped over to take a look and there are so many options, how shall I make up my mind!

  28. FrankieBaby says:

    Oooh so pretty! I love the nude nails too..I can’t remember what post that was with the nail colour but I want it!

    I especially like Visual Kei on you, the perfect peachy pink for your skin, Lollipop Pop is gorgeous on you too.

  29. Liz says:

    They’re great, but once you get to the darker colours they are quite disappointing, as they are not anywhere near as opaque as they claim. =( (over other lipsticks they are quite nice though)

    My favourite so far is Romantique, it’s metallic, but subtle. =)

    Also they do ship internationally, and quite cheaply too!!

  30. Min says:

    :) not mental. I’m in the process of owning them all now too! Massive love from me. I lovelovelove type A.

  31. SaBRINA KHAN says:

    re the lip lustres,it says “UNAVAILABLE, DO NOT PURCHASE” on their website.

  32. Moni says:

    Thank you for the review. This helped me very much in picking out some lip lustres to order.

  33. Rebecca says:

    I miss fyrinnae… I wonder if/when they’ll be back.

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