Dirty Works exclusive to Sainsbury’s

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 5 - 2010

Put down the broccoli and head for the Beauty Aisle ‘cos there’s a new brand in town!

Dirty Works is exclusive to Sainsbury’s and incorporates a range of body scrubs, body butters and bath products to leave you feeling pampered but not penniless!

The comparison to Soap & Glory has to be made though right?  Is this an even more budget-friendly option?

I was sent a little trio of goodies called “Get Set Go” Mini Luxuries which includes:

Bare Necessity Body Lotion
Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub
All of a Lather Body Wash

I’m a little over the whole kitsch packaging thing now that it’s been done to death… but I can see it still appealing to many and this set in particular would make a great little gift set for a bathing belle.

Each product in the set is 100ml, so considering it’s mini… is pretty darn generous!  The products are all quite highly-scented… I smell cocoa butters, fruity scents and vanilla.

They’re not the most luxurious products I’ve used, but they do what they say on the tin and they do it well.

Most products seem to be priced around the £5 mark, check them out next time you’re doing the weekly shop!

28 Responses to “Dirty Works exclusive to Sainsbury’s”

  1. Yinnie says:

    Oh. But I’ve already fallen in love with S&G body butters. =/ Bad timing for this collection. I feel kinda bad for it, being up against S&G

  2. Georgie says:

    Woah, the packaging is pretty much identical to Soap & Glory! Still cute, but I don’t think S&G will be best pleased!


  3. liloo says:

    I like it and I will be on the look out for the body scrub. The body scrub I use doesnt exist anymore (a yellow one from garnier) and I can’t to see what this one looks like. Thanks for the heads up

    yes, the kitsch packaging has been done to death but this retro style does not belong to soap and glory: plenty of brands have done it. I’ve actually always overlooked the soap and glory products as I more appealed to fruity stuff, let’s say transparent package showing colour of the product or a picture of a ripe mango etc..

    The scent and price of this really appeals to me. This is part of lots of products which dont appeal to me at first hand, unless I read a review about it x

  4. Rebecca says:

    It is clearly modelled on S&G…I’d like to try it out though to see how it compares to my fave S&G products.

    • crystal says:

      S & G is amazing ! Although i had bought the scrub and lotion today and have just had a bath. The scrub is really good, so is the calendula bath soak…very moisturising and cheap and cheerful ! i forgot to mention that the lip gloss is pretty good too !

  5. Dani says:

    you’re right, the vintage packaging thing has been done quite a lot, hasn’t it? but since the only products sold in my neck of the woods that have this packaging is benefit, i’m not over it yet :p.

    plus, i’m always a sucker for vanilla scented anything!


  6. L says:

    Ooohhh I was having a look at this today in my local Sainsbury. Love the packaging – I’ve only recently got into S&G so would like to see how it compares

    L x

  7. Kelly says:

    Wow, I love the packaging!

  8. Kittynail says:

    I absolutely love the packaging!!!! <3

    Visit my blog too if you want :)

  9. Lillian says:

    I do like the packaging a whole lot but if they’re around a fiver each i might as well plump for Soap and Glory… unless this has anything really exciting.

  10. […] Lovin’ the Dirty Works’ packaging [Lipglossiping] […]

  11. lucy Palmer says:

    i brought the new body wash from sainsburys today and it smells amazing like nothing i have used it has a similar scent to some products i own by lancome! this brand i feel is alot better than soap and glory and hope it brings out a bigger range! :)

  12. Judy says:

    I think the products are really seriously HORRIBLE and EXACTLY the same price points as Soap & Glory. I for one won’t be using Dirty Works but sticking to my lovely Soap & Glory.

  13. Michele says:

    As a huge fan of soap and glory – i thought i would try the body scrub and shower creme.. Very disappointed with the scrub – the sugar had congealed therefore not easy to squeeze out – as a result the top of the tube split and the liquid part of the scrub squirted out of the tube and down the shower. When i finally got to unclog the nozzle – most of it had escaped down the plug – just leaving the thick sugar as the scrub …..

    I then used the shower creme – a very poor relative to S&G and had the consisitency and smell of a childs novelty bubble bath – cheap and nasty.

    sorry folks – dont waste your cash

    • Aisha says:

      I agree with Michelle. It’s a cheap, nasty way of getting at bigger and better brands. Soap and Glory is The Original and Best and will remain so. Other brands may come and go. Surely Sainsbury’s have better stuff to do than nick ideas off others?
      Then again, it would really match their unethical policies.

  14. safina says:

    I have only tried the body scrub and it is amazing!!!! It left my skin so smooth. I will definitely try the rest of the range. oh and it smells delicious as well.

  15. Sally - UK says:

    I just started using the hand lotion.

    Highly scented and not a patch on S&G hand food.

  16. Hazel says:

    Better than S&G, it was a christmas present and I love it.

  17. redsquareraptor says:

    I picked a lip plump up today mistaking it for S&G, they’ve definitely ripped off the packaging! I love it though, paid about £3.99 and so far I really like it. I’ll definitely try more Dirty Work products, but then it’s hard to mess up a clear lip plump/ gloss, we shall see :-)

  18. Sarah says:

    Very disappointed with the new fromula, the old one was more effective and leave the skin rather silky. Actually, I wonder if there is any piece left from the old formula so that I can buy it. I recommend also that Sainsbury stop producing the new formula since, in my view, it is a failure

  19. christine says:

    ive tried the anti-cellulite gel they do and have to say i seem to be noticing results….although it does smell like some kind of cough syrup and i only tried this because i saw it in store (slight impulse buy) and i havnt seen a similar product by S&G probs cos i havnt look though…..nice enough product but if S&G did a similar one i have to be honest and would probably move to that one..sorry :)

  20. Flo says:

    I brought some of the ‘Bling It On’ Shimmer Lotion today whilst in Sainsburys. Obviously, as I was dragging my heels through the shampoo and skincare isle, bored of the same white swirly bottles, this caught my eye. I spent a while gazing in awe at the lovely packaging….true – its not too original but its still lovely and at a great price too! I’m a particular fan of vintage, especially that kind of era so I felt I simply could not pass without getting something! I also noticed that everything was a third off the price so I couldn’t resist! I eventually settled on some Shimmer Lotion…the packaging was lovely and it smelled great….and at a humble £2.33 I was thrilled! I decided it would be a gift for my friend….after all, most products along the same lines look amazing but aren’t much different inside – albeit the fancy smells – from others…and to be honest, when was I going to use ‘Shimmer Lotion’ or whatever it was? But it was a brilliant gift….I told myself that giving it away was the right thing to do…..other people always seem to make better use than you would have of pointless but beautiful things….until I squeezed out a tad onto my finger. Once again the smell hypnotised me and after rubbing a bit on my leg I realised that some things actually are too good to be true. I’m keeping it.

  21. caroline says:

    Just started to use this and love the smell and it so nice for the summer looks great on the dressing table and bathroom waiting for a pamper evening! Its a good price for an every product !

  22. Roy says:

    Only came across this today in Sainsbury’s and it is all on half price now so as a complete sucker and discreetly opening and smelling, I think I have purchased the whole range as it seemed ok. Not a patch on my usual stuff I use but nonetheless good value for guest staying in my home.

  23. tayla says:

    i love Dirty works !!! <3

  24. heidi says:

    I love this stuff and do my 2 girls even my boyfriend pinches it when i not looking

  25. Beka says:

    Love this, saw these products the other day in sainsburys and will be purchasing some soon

    Great post

    Beka xx

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