Do a few millimetres really make all the difference?

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 21 - 2010

2 eyes, 83 eyelashes (or thereabouts) and 2 mascaras.

On one eye, I’ve applied £21.50 worth of mascara (DiorShow Iconic)

On the other eye… £5.99 worth of mascara (Boots 17 Wild Curls)

There’s undoubtedly a difference, and the expensive mascara (on the left as you look at it) has done it’s job well.

But is the difference really worth £15.51?

Hand on heart, for me… I think it’s worth it.  My husband thinks I’m a sucker.

What do you think?

47 Responses to “Do a few millimetres really make all the difference?”

  1. Sophie says:

    I think it is worth it too.. they look fab with the dior mascara on :) The 17 isn’t bad, but the dior wins!

  2. Joyce says:

    hehe hmmm i would rather use the money for something else :)

  3. liloo says:

    Cracking post. The difference is noticeable (i am so jealous of your long lashes!!!) but not worth £15.61. Superb definition for the £5.99. I demand another take / piccie / test as maybe your lashes are longer on the left side ^_^

  4. Lewelya says:

    I don´t think that the expensive one is THAT much better. I´d rather buy 3 cheaper ones and a lipgloss;-)

  5. Lucy says:

    100% worth it!

    My lashes are so stumpy I NEED those extra mm’s!

  6. Jasmine says:

    Just me, but on the right it looks more wispy and natural with deep dark definition … my kind of thing! And oh, your eyelashes really unfurl beautifully with all the curls fanning out … mine are sooo straight, I’m jealous!

  7. Charlie says:

    I prefer the cheapy – the Dior makes them a smidge too long and spidery for my liking. Superb for someone with short lashes though.

    My lashes are like yours and it drives me mad, I try not to use lengthening mascaras as when I open my eyes the tips of my fresh mascara all touch my lids and leave marks that I need to clean off… actually, I’d be interested to know, does this happen to you too?

  8. patuxxa says:

    I actually prefer the lashes on the right eye too. They seem more natural and better defined. I can detect a bit of clumpiness on the outer corner of the left eyelashes, and I go totally paranoid with clumpy mascara.

  9. Sarah says:

    i bought doir iconic at christmas, orginally thought it was naff (not as good as doir show) but i’m actually quite impressed!

    i love a good expensive mascara!

    have you tried Doir Show? its a wowser for me! xxxx

  10. redtiger21 says:

    I’m with you on this- definitely worth it! Not that the other mascara looks bad at all, and if i didn’t have the other pic to compare it to, i’d be pretty impressed with it considering the price, but the Diorshow is just tooooo good! Worth every penny.

  11. Jenni says:

    I think the Dior is clumpy/spidery. Perhaps it’s too thick and heavy. I prefer the Boots.

  12. Phoebe says:

    I like the seperation from the 17 one & I can definitely see the length difference, but I would much rather pay for 17 than Dior!

  13. Leanne says:

    Holy cow, your lashes are crazy sexy anyway! I’m abysmally low on money so it’ll be Wild Curls for me – it’s sounding pretty good from what I’ve heard!

  14. Citrine says:

    Yup, it’s worth it!

  15. i think i see more of a difference with your bottom lashes. but to be honest, i prefer the overall look of the boots mascara. your lashes look less scraggly on that side.

  16. Anitacska says:

    Oh I agree, it’s definitely worth it! I used to say I wouldn’t pay £££’s for a high end mascara, but now I swear by Guerlain’s Le 2 and Givenchy’s Phenomeneyes! Like Diorshow too. :)

  17. I think the right eye looks better 😀 It’s more natural but still “WOW”. I had Iconic (both regular & waterproof) too but I didn’t like it much, now I have Chanel Inimitable and it definitely is NOT worth the money… I want my LashStiletto waterproof back 😀

  18. Riddhi says:

    The length looks great but the lashes look a bit…spidery? I think I like the one on the right better 😀

    More length is good, but not £15 good.

  19. Jo says:

    I have to say that I agree with those who said the expensive one made the lashes spidery, they look very obviously extended by mascara. The one on the right look stunning and yet believable.

    But then I don’t like it when lashes don’t taper beautifully to the end, and go a bit wonky and bulbous at the end (which is what the expensive mascara did to your lashes).

    Thanks for this post, it’s great to know that you can save money and look better for it :)

  20. Rachel says:

    The cheapy on the right is better and looks less ‘Jordany’! It does a good job for 6 quid and the other one I thinks looks clumpy.

  21. Natalya says:

    No doubt worth it, but then I am fickle 😉 xxx

  22. Duvessa says:

    I’d rather get the more natural lashes from 17 than few mm more.

  23. Lipgloss86 says:

    totally worth it!! 100% lashes look amazing!

  24. baby in a corner says:

    yeah i prefer our right cause it looks dramatic but a little more believable natural than the other eye.

  25. hannah says:

    i think the boots looks feathery while dior looks spidery. i think i prefer the boots one! i am going to pick that one up, as i’m intrigued to try.

  26. Delfina says:

    Hi! You have great lashes. So great that with the Dior mascara they are nearly too long (envy speaking). Seriously, I can appreciate the difference, but I like the effect of the Boots one best.
    Great blog, thanks!

  27. olivia says:

    dior look a bit better but in my opinion itìs not worth it!

  28. Kim says:

    I would pay it and probably get a back up!

    Are you using an eyelash growth product at the mo?

  29. Lorraine says:

    much prefer the cheaper one to be honest – look is more natural, and the eyelashes are that little bit straighter :)

  30. I like the 2 of them,but I buy the 17 its more in my price range & I like the new 1. X

  31. Rebecca says:

    If the left side was £10 rather than £20+ then It would be worth it. For me it’s not.

  32. Anna says:

    Not worth it. £15 is a lot of money, and the right side still looks really nice. I might have to pick that mascara up actually. 😀
    With mascara I usually find that you can get away with a cheaper option. Rimmel and 17 all the way!

  33. Defo worth it! I bought the Wild Curls one today and its really turned out to be a bit poo for me :( I ended up sticking my Lancome Hypnose over the top. So yeah.. Im a sucker for a dear mascara too! ha.


  34. Rae says:

    I think it’s worth it! 😉 Your lashes look FAB.

  35. kyanvi says:

    i am jealous that you got lovely lashes. but no, the 17 mascara is good enough for me as my fringe always block 1/4 of one of my eye, so i dont think i need a mascara that is 3x times more costly while only 1/4 difference.

  36. WORTH IT!
    You do have gorgeous eyelashs to work with though :) I may have to go shopping…….

  37. If I had the money in my budget I’d spend it. Otherwise I’d have to buy the cheaper mascara. I love Dior mascara but can rarely afford it.

  38. Julia Arenas says:

    Though in length Dior wins, the product on the right Boots 17 has better definition and it looks softer…i find the lashes on the left, though bolder, a bit scraggly looking…that a word? hehe…so I go for the Boots 17…

    That’s a bit too expensive for me…unless it was a gift maybe…

  39. Kimberley says:

    Really worth it, i love the thick dark lashes. However saying that I also like the look of the cheaper on too! Im just a sucker all round for mascara, whatever brand it is, as long as it give me the desired effect!!

  40. D says:

    If it was only a couple of pounds difference, then I’d go for the Dior mascara, but I think £21.50 is just too far.

  41. Danielle says:

    The difference is really noticable but I couldn’t justify spending £21.50 on a mascara, so I’d stick with the 17 one but that’s just me :-) x

  42. Scientific Housewife says:

    People will pay money for longer lashes and that’s fine, do what makes you feel good!

  43. Karen says:

    I personally think that the cheaper one looks much better.

    I was drawn to that one first :)

  44. Lisa says:

    I thought there was a mistype at first because I think the right picture looks so much better. The Dior might make the lashes longer, but they don’t look like $21.50. For that much money, I don’t want spiderlashes. If the Dior-mascara is like that all the time (?!), I’d use a lash-comb to get rid of the excess, which would most likely mean I’d lose the extra lenght as well.

    Ie, cheapie for the win!
    I dont think it’s so much about what mascara you buy but how you apply it. Work with what you got and don’t expect miracles. Some mascaras need to be used thinly and maybe even combed. Others work in just one stroke.

  45. mayrei says:

    I agree with those that said the one on the right is better. The one on the left is definitely making them look longer, but it’s too much of a good thing. Makes them look over-the-top and spidery. The lashes on the right look absolutely perfect.

  46. Estelle says:

    DiroShow Iconic is hands down the best mascara I have ever used. WORTH IT!!!x

  47. Tina says:

    I immediately recognised the Dior one, but dare I say I like the cheaper one better…? :/ There must be sth wrong with me, lol!

    Btw, pls don’t tell me you actually counted those lashes, haha! 😀


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