Skinfood Gingko Green BB Cream

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 1 - 2010

My first foray into the infamous world of BB Creams!

What are BB Creams?

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream and is a very popular base product in Asia.  Korean companies in particular offer a wide-range of BB Creams to suit many different skin types.  They fill the gap in the market between cosmetics and skincare… a product designed to give flawless coverage whilst benefiting the health of your skin in one (or many) ways.

I first heard of BB Creams when I went to South Korea a few years ago, I had absolutely no idea what they were or did until I arrived back in the UK and started blog reading.

BB Creams at the minimum, offer moisturisation and coverage, with many more offering SPF, Whitening Properties and Anti-Aging to name but a few.  They’re big business in Asia and have been slowly but steadily making a splash amongst makeup aficionados worldwide.

So, why has it taken me so long to try one?  Ultimately… convenience.  You have to head to eBay or online stores that specialise in Asian cosmetics.  Then you have to work out which BB Cream you fancy trying and frankly, there are so many available… it all gets a bit confusing.

I took the plunge and settled for South Korean brand Skin Food.

Skin Food Gingko Green BB Cream #1 (50g) to be exact.

Here’s what they say about it:

A multi-function product for skin care and makeup.  Containing gingko leaf and green tea extracts rich in lecithin and vitamin B, it protects sensitive skin and improves skin tone.  Use when you want to achieve a bright, radiant skin tone.

It’s a little warmer than my skintone but ultimately blends to a decent match.  Colour matching seems to be one of the biggest issues with BB Creams and it’s always worth googling for a swatch to get an idea of how it might suit you.

The texture is truly rather lovely.  Thick but not so thick that it’s hard to spread.  There’s still enough slip to the product to stop it dragging across your face as you spread it.  Coverage is medium… it tones down my redness quite well and evens out my skintone.  Blemishes are not covered and concealer is necessary.  It really does feel like I’m wearing something different to my usual foundations… far more natural feeling on the skin.

Ultimately, this would be all you need if you’re blessed with great skin.  Oily skins will probably want something a little more matte.  I’m pleased I bought it, do I want to try more?  Oh yes….

I think I may have developed a dangerous new addiction.

Are you a fan of BB Creams?  Let me know some of your favourites!

17 Responses to “Skinfood Gingko Green BB Cream”

  1. rhamnousia says:

    I feel like such a stalker because I’ve been constantly leaving you comments on your blog, blame the iPad!

    Anyway, thanks for explaining what BB creams are, I really didn’t have any idea what they did but had seen them on quite a few American blogs.

    I really want to go to and explore the creams you can buy in the Far East because I see so many of them which I want to try out on my skin but ebay shall be my saviour for the meantime.


  2. So far the only BB Creams I’ve tried are the Missha brand. The lightest shade when I ordered was #21 but they’ve since come out with an even lighter version which I’m anxious to try! The #21 is a tiny bit too dark, but since the coverage is good, I don’t need a separate concealer most days which makes it reasonable. The new color is #13. Ok, I just checked and apparently they are having a 50% off sale so I’ll be testing it out and letting you know how it is. =)

  3. Make that up to a 50% sale… grrr, anyway.

  4. Cindy Khor says:

    i’m currently using misha bb cream every single day to work. although it is enough to cover my dark eye circles, but i think the formulation is a bit too heavy. and what’s more, misha smells wonderful.

  5. Julia says:

    Maybelline came out with their own version of BB creams here in the Philippines late last year. I blogged about it last week.

  6. Yinnie says:

    I used to love my skinfood mushroom bb cream but I’d love it more if the internet and the outer asia world have a 100% markup on it. =D

    I heard l’egere is quite a good brand, as is missha perfect cover

  7. I love bb creams!!! I’m addicted!!!!
    I’ve searched many sites for swatches. I’ve found a few places that do samples and minis which are useful for checking colours and types.
    good pale ones to try are (im Nw15, illmasqua 120)-
    Etude House precious mineral #1
    Innisfree trouble care
    Skin79 super ‘beblesh balm (pink bottle) yep Skin79 spell it that way lol
    Hanskin Caviar Gold
    The Face Shop Meeindo RIN Recovery BB

    those are ones ive tried and loved!
    Good places to buy other than ebay are- (they do minis and samples!)

    aswell as many blog sellers – who often will do samples and minis for you too.

    If there is a specific type you are after, i could recommend what you might like from what ive tried!

  8. Georgie says:

    Oh no, another thing I really want to try!


  9. patuxxa says:

    I’ve used Erborian’s BB Cream for a few months (in fact, I’m almost at the end of the tube) after reading a rave about it in French Elle. I really liked it, as it does not clog pores (I have oily skin and some acne issues) and gives just enough coverage for a very natural and healthy look.

    It only has one shade that is a smidge too light/pinky for my skintone (more yellow/beige), but to my surprise it blends like a dream right into my skintone.

    I had no idea that BB Cream is actually the name of a class of products… I thought it was just the name of the cream.

  10. Nic nic says:

    I’ve tried the Aloe version, the smell was too strong for me and a tad too pink for me. Then I tried Missha which gave me a white cast.. I guess BB creams aren’t really my thing lol.

  11. Jasmine says:

    I thought I commented so I checked back … I don’t know if I hit ‘send’! I’m sorry if I’m so verbose and stalker-ish!

    My favourites are:

    – Legere White Multi (it looks somewhat dark and orange, but I swear it blends into your skin, is light and sheer-medium coverage)
    – Dr Jart+ BB Cream Silver Label (very light and gives this gorgeous smooth airbrushed look, and has high coverage)
    – BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream (slight salmon undertone, but very natural and glowy).

    Hope this helps! Dr Jart+ and BRTC are Korea’s leading cosmecutical brands. And omg ladies, get a good remover for the BB creams because they’re part-moisturiser and get absorbed by your skin (that’s why it blends in and has that nice texture), or it’s clogged pores and breakouts!!

  12. Redtiger21 says:

    They look quite inetersting- I didn’t see the price though and I can’t find it on the link either?

  13. @Redtiger21 – Sorry my lovely, I picked mine up from eBay (here) and paid £7.99 inc. postage x

    2 shades available… 1 (mine) and 2 (slightly darker)

  14. […] trials the Gingko Green BB Cream from one of my favourite brands, […]

  15. I’ve tried Missha’s BB cream (red tube + silver lid thingy!) and it’s been fabulous, i used shade #23 as it’s got a warmer tone! 21 was too ashy on my warm skintone

  16. also: YAAAAY for first foray into BB creams!! I’d use my Missha religiously (it has spf42 + brightening skin properties.. i can sure vouch for that after usin’ it daily for a year + a half!!) but i have moved onto Lily lolo minerals… *swooon*

  17. mayrei says:

    Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream is my HG foundation. It’s by far the most natural looking thing I’ve ever put on my face, but still has pretty decent coverage for something so sheer and lightweight. It feels like nothing. I love love love it.

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