Lipglossiping New Year Giveaway – Day 18

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 25 - 2011

An all-in-one palette for creating the ultimate smoky-eye look, kindly donated by Jemma Kidd!

Jemma Kidd Essential Smoky Kit (£28) contains

~ Selection of matte and shimmer eye shadows  (white shimmer, brown shimmer, mid/dark grey shimmer, matte cream highlight, matte dark brown)

~ Exclusive wet/dry shadow and liner (matte black)

~ Exclusive lip and cheek flush (berry)

~ Hi-Shine silk touch lipgloss in Shell (frosted nude)

The Essential Smoky Kit is available nationwide in all SpaceNK stores, by mail order on 020 8740 2085 at

Leave a comment to enter.  Giveaway closes at 23:59GMT on 25th January.

UK Only, sorry ladies.

If you’re from outside the UK but don’t want to miss your chance at winning “most dedicated” entrant mystery prize… you can still comment.  Just let me know that you’re not eligible to win the daily prize because of your location!

Winners will be announced early next month.  Info and rulez can be found here.

222 Responses to “Lipglossiping New Year Giveaway – Day 18”

  1. Alison says:

    Enter me please! The brown shades in this are beautiful.

  2. Lilmiznutcase says:

    Gorgeous. Again another brand I would love to try

  3. Gemx says:

    Looks lovely! Enter me please :)

  4. Hayley says:

    Enter me please, I haven’t got to try any of the Jemma Kidd stuff, but it looks amazing, especially that lip primer. x

  5. Cheryl says:

    i’m not eligible but i’m goin for most dedicated :) Enter me please

  6. Dora says:

    Another piece to spoil us =P x

  7. Hannah says:

    Please enter me, this looks fab! xx

  8. Tom says:

    My partner would really suit these colours. Please enter me into the giveaway.

  9. Cassie says:

    I have the lipgloss in Shell and it’s a great formula.

    Enter me please!

  10. Jaynee says:

    Enter me please x x

  11. Jess says:

    Enter me please!

  12. Huong says:

    Enter me please! x

  13. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Not eligible! Good luck everyone :)

  14. Thian says:

    please enter me for the most dedicated prize

  15. Tululu58 says:

    How many times can I say jealous? Not eligible. *Sigh*. Oh well, good luck UK ladies. :)

  16. Brittany says:

    Aww, so beautiful :) I would love to be entered please :)

    Love Britt xxx

  17. Sydney says:

    enter me please

  18. lo says:

    Not eligible, but I’m pretty dedicated :)

  19. Rae says:

    Entering for most dedicated, again :)

  20. Eliane says:

    I would love to try this brand, enter me please :) x

  21. Justine says:

    Cute! Not in the UK, but I wish we got JK makeup here!

  22. Erin says:

    Ah nutz! Would love to have tried JK!

  23. Sofia B-M says:

    enter me please!!

  24. Heather says:

    So pretty! I’m not eligible, but I am still dedicated!!

  25. Susan says:

    Mmm. Seems interesting. Enter me please. 😀

  26. Jess says:

    Georgeous pallette!! Enter me pretty please 😉

  27. Pilipala says:

    I’d love to win this one, looks beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  28. emily says:

    Wow, absolutely beautiful! Please enter me x

  29. Claire says:

    Enter me please, I love the shadows and don’t actually have any matte in my collection. Thank you. x

  30. Emma Dunwoodie says:

    Enter me please:) I love Jemma Kidd make up;)

  31. Strawberry says:

    wow those eyeshadows are beautiful, totally my style!
    ente rme please x

  32. Joy says:

    That palette looks gorge! :) xx

  33. Lucy says:

    Enter me please :-) x

  34. Devon says:

    Bummer about the UK only thing!

  35. Lillian says:

    Please enter me :)

  36. Esha says:

    Enter me please, not tried anything from JK but am tempted to now this palette is gorgeous!

  37. mayuri says:

    omg, absolutely gorgeous! enter me please!

  38. Julie says:

    enter me please, I’ve yet to try jemma kidd!

  39. Nicola says:

    So nice, enter me please :-)

  40. Petra says:

    Not eligible but I bet those colors are even more lovely in real life.

  41. Ellen says:

    Ooh, looks pretty! Enter me, please x

  42. Mai says:

    not eligible but still trying!

  43. Lisa says:

    Enter me please :) x

  44. dreamer says:

    Enter me please

  45. Jeni says:

    I guess entering for the most dedicated once more. Not eligible.

  46. Lauren says:

    that’s another brand i’m surprised i’ve never tried.
    looks a really nice product though, enter me please :) xx

  47. Jean says:

    Not eligible, good luck to everyone!

  48. Nathalie says:

    Not eligible but that is one lovely palette!

  49. hannah says:

    Please enter me.

  50. Roxanne says:

    Oh how I wish this was not UK only! Ah well, enter me for most dedicated!

  51. Janet T says:

    Darn! Well, I’m going for most dedicated! Good luck U.K. ladies!

  52. Maria says:

    Not eligible, but enjoying seeing all the prizes!

  53. Julia Arenas says:

    That is so so pretty, oh I wish I lived near enough…

  54. peiwen says:

    not eligible but still dedicated 😀

  55. Hollie says:

    Enter me please xx

  56. Heather says:

    Not eligible, but what a gorgeous kit :) x Hoping for “most dedicated”! :)

  57. Avianna says:

    not eligible, but dedicated!

  58. SophieMarie says:

    wow this is lovely, gorgeous colors great giveaway!! pleasssse enter me 😀 btw new to your blog and absolutely love it already 😀 xx

  59. M says:

    enter me please ! x

  60. Not eligible. :)
    But i would like to win the “most dedicated.” :)

  61. Alexandra says:

    enter me please

  62. Aneela Aziz says:

    Not Eligible :(
    but plzz enter me for the most dedicated ones

  63. Rachelle says:

    Not eligible good luck uk lovelies!

  64. Gemma says:

    Hi that looks like a fabulous pallette with enough variation for it to be taken away without loads of other shadows/blushes/lipgloss. Please enter me

  65. Udita says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    Enter me please!!
    x x x

  66. Phoebe says:

    aha I have too many pallettes, but this has some SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL neutrals! love it! xxx

  67. LeanneOCD says:

    That’s a good travel palette. Nice mix of colours for day and evening.

  68. Louise says:

    Enter me please! x

  69. Judith van Bemmel says:

    I’m not eligible but still dedicated :)

  70. emmi says:

    i shall have this one so please enter me thank you

  71. louise says:

    please enter me! i am in the uk :) i have never tried this brand before but i know the pixiwoo girls like it so this interests me :)

  72. bourriquette says:

    Why are the nicest stuff UK only? I am jealous!

  73. Poppy says:

    Please enter me! Haven’t tried JK before.

  74. Summer says:

    Enter me please :) x

  75. Anna Crystal says:

    Enter me please 😀

  76. Kelsey says:

    Oh today was payday, I may have to go to spaceNK and check it out.

  77. mary says:

    Please enter me – beautiful palette!

  78. Patricia says:

    Looks like a great palette, unfortunately I’m not in the UK…

  79. Bex says:

    Wow! I love Jemma Kidd products! They’re awesome! Please enter me!
    Bex XxX

  80. gill close says:

    Enter me please pet x

  81. Margot says:

    I’m not eligible, but don’t forget about me 😉

  82. Rachel says:

    Would love to win this, looks very pretty, dont think I would pay £28 for it! That’s more than the Urban Decay palette!!!!! Enter me please xxx

  83. Madeleine says:

    Enter me please. The palette is very pretty.

  84. Sonal says:

    Enter me please! :)

  85. Anne says:

    I love it, especially the wet/dry eyeshadows/liners! Would love it if you entered me please!

  86. Lisa says:

    Oh yes please, it looks awesome!

  87. Lindsay says:

    I haven’t tried any Jemma Kidd products since they stopped stocking them in Boots. Please enter me!

  88. Tamara says:

    Enter me please, what a lovely lovely prize :) xoxo

  89. Kathleen says:

    Not eligible but lovely palette

  90. Bhumika says:

    enter me please :) xoxo

  91. Asmaa says:

    Pretty colours =) and so versatile!

  92. Kimberley says:

    enter me please. x

  93. nicolajones says:

    yes please, I’d like to be in with a chance! Thanks.x

  94. Jessie Ng says:

    Please enter me!

  95. Karen Scammell says:

    please can i enter x

  96. liloo says:

    jemma kidd : come to mama. *opens arms*

  97. Debbie says:

    Maybe more drama in an eye than I could handle but know someone who would love this. Please enter me, thanks loads x

  98. Very pretty,enter me please x

  99. Enter me please, this looks gawjus x

  100. Jane says:

    Enter me please :)

  101. Amy Leon says:

    I have a tiny bit of Jemma Kidds make up and I love it!
    Please enter me! Thank you!

  102. em x says:

    please enter me, would love to try Jemma kidd make up

    em x

  103. Katie says:

    i love a smokey eye. enter me please :) xx

  104. Twinkie says:

    Oh my! Enter me please! :-)

  105. Mona says:

    Enter me pleeeaaaase! :-)

  106. Catriona says:

    Enter me please, I love how convenient palettes are! :)

  107. AlicatAHL says:

    Gawjus! Please enter my name Charlotte! x

  108. Belle says:

    That looks really sleek!

  109. LittleMiss_H says:

    Enter moi s’il vous plaît! Went on a course with an MUA from Jemma Kidd and the stuff is luvverly! x

  110. hannah says:

    enter me please :)

  111. Ezzy says:

    I am not eligible but I want to be you most dedicated entrant 😀

  112. Janaina says:

    Oh MY GOODNESS this looks amazing! Enter me please! xx

  113. Leah says:

    Enter me please 😉

  114. Kirsty says:

    Enter me please xx

  115. Belle says:

    Enter me please :)
    Thank you

  116. Emily says:

    Enter me, please!

  117. Beth says:

    ooo purdy enter me please :)

  118. Maria says:

    Enter me please! Thank you!

  119. sarah says:

    This looks so cute!

  120. Kate says:

    Please enter me!

  121. Sarah says:

    yes please! xxxx

  122. Anitacska says:

    Enter me please lovely Charlotte!

  123. alafair says:

    I’m not eligible…good luck girls 😉

  124. Shifa says:

    Love JK products! Enter me please :)

  125. DalaLuz says:

    Good luck UK ladies! :-)

  126. Sophie says:

    I has never tried Jemma Kidd stuff :)

  127. Abbi says:

    oooo lovely giveaway, enter me please

  128. Sophie says:

    Gorgeous pallette. Enter me pretty please.

  129. FragrantWitch says:

    This looks gorgeous! Enter me please!

  130. Viv in the UK says:

    Please enter me! Thank you :) It’s my husband’s birthday, so it would make a nice present for ME, lol!

  131. Gabrielle says:

    looks lovely, enter me please! xx

  132. zoe says:

    enter me please x

  133. Emily says:

    Ooh it’s gorgeous please enter me!

    Thank you for the festive fun in such a bleak ol’ month!

    e xxx

  134. Ann says:

    I’ve never tried anything from Jemma Kidd, so I’m curious, please enter me!

  135. Hibel says:

    Enter me please, this looks prettyyy! x

  136. Sarah says:

    Enter me please. Thanks!

  137. MsWedgie says:

    Enter me please! :)

  138. Mercedes says:

    You’re so generous. Enter me please!

  139. Louise says:

    ooo lovely enter me please xx

  140. Emma says:

    Ohh very pretty colours. Enter me please! :)

  141. Alla says:

    enter me please~ :)

    are we missing day 17?

  142. Alisha says:

    Love the look of this :) Enter me please!

  143. Oh wow, I’m literally gobsmacked. Awesome product and giveaway! xxx

  144. LucyB says:

    Ooh, that looks really nice! Enter me please x

  145. love it. want it! :X enter meeee

  146. Ellen says:

    Enter me please. Looks v nice.

  147. Lauren says:

    Enter me please 😀

  148. Nicole says:

    oooooooooooooh! enter me please….oh, that’s right… can’t :(

  149. Alison says:

    so pretty! i’d take this everywhere with me xD

  150. megdalena says:

    Not eligible for the prize, but…. I *am* most dedicated. 😀

  151. Sarah says:

    The colours look great, enter me x

  152. Anastasia says:

    Not eligible!!!

  153. Wei says:

    Please enter me! :)

  154. Sarah Bailey says:

    Would love to be entered please :) xx

  155. Nina says:

    enter me please!

  156. Sam says:

    enter me please :)

  157. Amy says:

    Enter me please :)

  158. Daisy says:

    Please enter me!

  159. Helen says:

    Love those colours – please enter me xx

  160. FaceFixers says:

    enter me please, that looks amazing :)

  161. Penny says:

    Please enter me x

  162. Jessie says:

    enter me please xx

  163. Khadija Jamal says:

    That looks beautiful Enter me please 😀

  164. Caroline says:

    ooo enter me please x

  165. Jo Bryan says:

    Ooh lovely!! Thanks again xx

  166. Stylishpop says:

    Enter please :)

  167. hannah says:

    enter me please <3

  168. Lila says:

    Woah that looks nice. It’s a pitty that I can’t enter XD

  169. Marta says:

    OMG this palette is BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope I get lucky!!
    Thank you!! :))

  170. Eliz C says:

    enter me please! xox

  171. Katy says:

    enter me please! 😀 xx

  172. Claire says:

    This looks gorgeous! Especially love the glitzy brown x

  173. Christine says:

    This looks lovely, enter me please! :) x

  174. Emily says:

    Oooh, this is very pretty, I like the look of the lip/cheek flush!

  175. yasmine choudhry says:

    please enter me, looks a fab compact, great for the makeup bag
    thank you

  176. Fiona says:

    Enter me please! Thank you!

  177. Vikki says:

    Enter me please!

  178. Lisa says:

    Love Jemma Kid stuff!

  179. Rachel says:

    Enter me please :)

  180. Jen says:

    Enter me please :)

  181. Rosie says:

    ooh, perty. enter me please! xx

  182. Henrietta says:

    Enter me please x

  183. charlotte says:

    enter me please x

  184. Rachel says:

    enter me please!

  185. enter me please, this is beautiful!!

  186. Sam says:

    That’s a beautiful palette….Please enter me :)

  187. Kirsty says:

    Beautiful! Please enter me!

  188. Jasmine says:

    Lovely lovely lovely. What can I say? Please enter me! x x

  189. Pamela Lord says:

    enter me please

  190. Annie says:

    enter me please!

  191. Isabel says:

    Hi, please enter me. Thanks!

  192. Tracey says:

    Please enter me x

  193. Jenny Cole says:

    Looks lovely :) Enter me please xx

  194. Harpreet says:

    enter me please :)

  195. R00ki33 says:

    Enter me pleaseeee 😀

  196. Mimi says:

    Gaah! I want this! Maybe I should move to england…

  197. Catherine says:

    Thanks, please enter me :)

  198. ThatAndThis says:

    Enter me pls! Thank u. X

  199. neeta says:

    enter me please!! :)


  200. Lauren says:

    enter me please :)x

  201. Emily Paterson says:

    mmmmm, please :)

  202. Enna says:

    Looks lovely! Enter me please!

  203. Please pop my name down too!

  204. Jay Candy says:

    enter me please!!

  205. Dv says:

    enter me please :) x

  206. Andrea G says:

    enter me pls :)

  207. Janice says:

    Oh my… hehe, I really want to try this!! =P
    Enter me please xD

  208. sara says:

    Yes this is indeed a deeply desirable bit of kit, those colours would really suit me as well :-)

  209. Daisy Banham says:

    Enter me please :) xxx

  210. Marie says:

    *Hopeful Face* Please enter me!

  211. Kirsten Murphy says:

    Enter me please, I’ve not tried any Jemma Kidd yet and this looks a great taster kit!

  212. Kathleen says:

    no eligible, but please enter me for most delicate.

  213. pang says:

    Enter me plz:)

  214. Anny says:

    I love to try this product
    Please Enter Me!!

  215. Erics says:


  216. Lovely palette, enter me please x

  217. Farah says:

    It looks gorgeous! Count me in. Thanks! X

  218. Faybee says:

    Enter me please xx


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