Lipglossiping New Year Giveaway – Day 8

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 15 - 2011

Those guys at Denman and Batiste are spoiling you!

A red diamante studded Denman hair brush?  Yes please!

And if that isn’t sparkly enough for you, how about some Batiste shimmer dry shampoo too!  Perfect for nights out on the tiles!

Leave a comment to enter.  Giveaway closes at 23:59GMT on 15th January.

UK Only, sorry ladies.

If you’re from outside the UK but don’t want to miss your chance at winning “most dedicated” entrant mystery prize… you can still comment.  Just let me know that you’re not eligible to win the daily prize because of your location!

Winners will be announced early in the New Year.  Info and rulez can be found here.

142 Responses to “Lipglossiping New Year Giveaway – Day 8”

  1. Lauren says:

    oo these look great!
    please enter me :)

  2. Lilmiznutcase says:

    Very grumpy and sick. Need shiny things like this to cheer me up

  3. Krystal says:

    Aw, I’m Canadian so no luck. Still here though!

  4. Mai says:

    not eligible 😀

  5. Emma Dunwoodie says:

    Think I may be first!:)
    Enter me please;)

  6. Udita says:

    enter me pretty please!
    x x x

  7. Emily says:

    Wooow, interesting. Never tried the shimmer stuff before.

  8. Lillian says:

    Please enter me, I’d love to try the shimmer shampoo!

  9. Sydney says:

    Ooh, sparkly ones!
    Enter me please x

  10. Heather says:

    Aw:( Not eligible.

  11. Eliane says:

    Nice price, enter me please!

  12. liloo says:

    please please enter me :) xx

  13. Alla says:

    Enter me please :)

    didn’t see of the the give away posts for yesterday… thought i missed it 😀

  14. Jen says:

    Enter me please :)
    Love your blog!

  15. Marta says:

    Yes, please!!! 😀
    I want one of those brushes!! Thank you! :)

  16. Justine says:

    Did I miss day 7?? Anyway, not in the UK, but how generous of these companies!

  17. emily says:

    Would love to win, enter me please!x

  18. Harpreet says:

    enter me please 😀

  19. Jeni says:

    They look amazing, too bad its UK only :( Not eligible.

  20. Katy says:

    please enter me for this 😀 xoxo

  21. Stylishpop says:

    Enter please :)

  22. Dina (XYYan) says:

    not eligible not in the UK

  23. Kassandra says:

    Enter me please :) xx

  24. Huong says:

    enter me please:}}

  25. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh I love the new sparkly batiste got to try some at Christmas, enter me please :) x

  26. Amy says:

    Enter me please!

  27. I’d really like to be entered in to this one too please :)

  28. Julia Mathias says:

    Not eligible! ;(

  29. vid says:

    Enter me please!!! Not seen those batiste in shops!!

  30. Caroline says:

    Enter me please :)

  31. pwettybambi says:

    please enter me…

  32. peiwen says:

    not eligible but going for most dedicated :)

  33. Devon says:

    Goin’ for most dedicated!

  34. Jaynee says:

    Enter me Please :) x x

  35. Cassie says:

    enter me please!

  36. Tululu58 says:

    Not eligible, but good luck UK ladies! :)

  37. Maria says:

    Not eligible – but dedicated none the less. :)

  38. Petra says:

    Not eligible but good luck to those who are!

    Also, the ‘shimmer’ part in that shampoo has me intrigued. To Google!

  39. Sparkle, sparkle enter me, please x

  40. Robyn says:

    oooh, enter me please! I need some more sparkle in my life!

  41. neeta says:

    enter me!


  42. Eliz C says:

    Enter me please xo

  43. Gemx says:

    Very pretty! Enter me please :)

  44. Grace says:

    Please enter me :)

  45. Ellen says:

    Enter me, please :)

  46. Julia Arenas says:

    Not eligible just dedicated please enter me :)

  47. Mimi says:

    Can’t win this, but I want to be dedicated ^-^

  48. Brittany says:

    Aww, another gorgeous one! Thank you poppet :)

    I would love to be entered please :)

    Love Britt xxx

  49. Erin says:

    Wish I lived in the UK to win this one!

  50. Emily says:

    Enter me, please!

  51. not eligible to win this, :( but would like to win the most dedicated prize. 😀

  52. Jean says:

    Enter me for “Most Dedicated” please! So sad, I really need a dry shampoo… :-)

  53. Syd says:

    still going for most dedicated :)

  54. kathleen says:

    would like to win “Most Dedicated” !

  55. Heather says:

    Not eligible, but crossing my fingers and toes for “most dedicated”! :) xx

  56. Louise says:

    Enter me please!

  57. Roxanne says:

    I’m still going for most dedicated : D

  58. Janet T says:

    Good luck U.K. ladies!

  59. Thian says:

    I’m not from UK but I wish to win this

  60. Emma says:

    enter me please x

  61. Bex says:

    Please enter me! I love Batiste products! They’re really good!
    Bex XxX

  62. Bourriquette says:

    Not eligible for this one, but I will try my chance for the most dedicated…

  63. Belle says:

    Sparkly! You know, I’ve never tried the Batiste shiny shimmer. I bet they just give you shine but in my head I see gold glitter on my hair. This is what happens when you’re a child of the 80s. So I stick to the tamer versions.

  64. Jo Bryan says:

    Wow another good prize

  65. Judith van Bemmel says:

    Wish I could enter.. but I’m from holland :(

  66. Kelsey says:

    So glad I am from the UK :)

  67. Summer says:

    OMG I want sparkly hair! 😀 I love glittery things far too much x

  68. Hollie says:

    Enter me please xxx

  69. Aneela Aziz says:

    not eligible to win this, :( :( :)

    but would like to win the most dedicated prize. 😀 ;D ;D 😀

  70. Asmaa says:

    Oooo! You do spoil us! =)

  71. Penny says:

    Ooh yay more batiste please enter me xx (:

  72. Maria says:

    I’d like to enter!!!! Thanks!)

  73. Viv in the UK says:

    Enter me please! Thanks :)

  74. Nicole says:

    hummm. may have already entered this one. can’t remember! eligible to win, but dedicated I am!

  75. Dora says:

    Scrummy prizes yet again =) xx

  76. Siobhan says:

    Enter me :)


  77. Sian says:

    enter me please xxx

  78. Clocks7291 says:

    Enter me please :) Thanks!x

  79. charlotte says:

    enter me please x

  80. Lisa says:

    Oooo yes please!

  81. Lisa says:

    Yes Please! I am just now finding appreciation for Batiste, and I adore ym Denman but it isn’t sparkly :(

  82. amelia says:

    thankyouu for enteringg meeeeee

  83. Samantha says:

    Beautiful! I love that spray. I would like to enter please! xx

  84. Catriona says:

    Enter me please!

    Dry shampoo became my best friend when we had no water for 4 days over Christmas!!

  85. Carol says:

    the brush is very pretty 😀
    and i am sure the dry shampoo will come in handy for the lucky girl who wins it, and is in a rush in the morning
    c xxx

  86. Jane says:

    Enter me please :)

  87. Jessie Ng says:

    Enter me please!

  88. Fiona says:

    Enter me please! x

  89. Jess says:

    Enter me please!

  90. Jenny says:

    Loving the sparkles :) Enter me please! xx

  91. Emily Paterson says:

    enter me please, this is one of my must haves.

  92. Jessie says:

    enter me pleasee

  93. Yay – enter me xxx Thanks :)

  94. Pretty hairbrush! Enter me please x

  95. hannah says:

    enter me pleasee :)

  96. sara says:

    cor love the hair brush and love the idea of shimmery hair

  97. Julia M says:

    Enter me! I have platinum hair so I can’t help but wonder whether the gold or silver shimmer would look best!

  98. Anitacska says:

    Ooh can’t wait to try out some shimmery dry shampoo, enter me please! :)

  99. Nicola says:

    Enter me please, thanks!

  100. zoe says:

    enter me please sweetie!

  101. alafair says:

    I’m not eligible. Good luck to UK girls.

  102. Sophie says:

    Oooh, gorge! I like the brush!

  103. Tracey says:

    Enter me please xx

  104. Anastasia says:

    I’m not eligible. :(

  105. Lauren says:

    that brush is so cuteee! x

  106. Corrie says:

    enter me please :) xx

  107. Carly says:

    Enter me plzzzz, thank you :) xx

  108. Jessica W. says:

    oh bother for not being in the UK =(

  109. Pamela Lord says:

    enter me please

  110. Abbi says:

    fab giveaway, enter me please

  111. Alexandra says:

    enter me please!

  112. MsWedgie says:

    Enter me please! XxX

  113. Khadija Jamal says:

    Enter me please :)

  114. FaceFixers says:

    Please enter me! xx

  115. Helen says:

    enter me please xx

  116. Sarah says:

    enter me please.

  117. Lucy says:

    Enter me please x

  118. debbie mowat says:

    please enter me, great giveaway

  119. Alison says:

    lovely, yes please! 😀

  120. Margot says:

    I don’t live in the uk, so I’m not eligible :(

  121. Marlique says:

    I can’t win this, but i could use a pretty brush like that.

  122. Keeley says:

    Enter me please! :)

  123. ooh, great giveaway! :) enter me please! x

  124. em x says:

    oooo sparkly
    please enter me
    Thank you

    em x

  125. thepricklypinecone says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  126. Phoebe says:

    Thankyou so mcuh for all these amazing giveaways :3 enter me please! xxx

  127. Andrea G says:

    enter me pls 😀

  128. Miss Gabrielle says:

    lovely, enter me please x

  129. Rae says:

    Entering for most dedicated! :)

  130. Lisa says:

    Enter me please xx

  131. Rachelle says:

    not eligible but going for most dedicated

  132. Dv says:

    enter me please :)

  133. Stephanie Cummins says:

    Enter Me plz xox

  134. I’d be grateful if you entered me 😛

  135. Jemma Page says:

    enter me please! x

  136. Esha says:

    enter me please:)

  137. Ami says:

    Please enter me!

  138. Roisin says:

    enter me please


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