Tantalizing tresses courtesy of Gielly Green

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 12 - 2011

Whilst in London last week, I trotted along to Gielly Green, a boutique hair and beauty salon located just off Baker Street hopeful that Shai Greenburg, co-founder and creative director would be the man to inject some life into my tired hair.

I’m finally past that awful ‘growing out’ stage and to get it there, I’d been dodging regular haircuts left, right and centre since Christmas.  I know you’re not supposed to but we all know how tempting it is to eschew the snip in favour of growing length more quickly!

It also doesn’t help that in general, I’m not the biggest fan of going to hair salons.  I’m not massively precious about my locks but I detest (in order of distaste):

1. Salon small-talk (going anywhere nice this Summer?)

2. Being made to feel like a reprobate for colouring my hair at home.

3. Having to coax recommendations out of nervous stylists about what they think I should do re: styling.  I’m paying them for their expertise right?  If a full fringe will make me look like a git, I want them to tell me!

Better tell you about Gielly Green then…

The salon is a chilled-out space with brown and cream accents, seating you could drift off in and one of the most comfortable hair-washing experiences (electric chairs sweetie!) I’ve ever had.

Prior to washing, Shai asked me to take my hair down from the bun I’d scraped it in and I momentarily panicked that he would admonish me for failing to remember to brush my hair that morning.  Passing no judgement (at least none that I could see), Shai felt my hair’s texture before recommending which products should be used for the wash.  It was a good example of the personalisation I felt was key to the salon experience.

Once seated at the workstation, I explained to Shai that I didn’t want to lose too much length because I like to wear my hair up but that my two main objectives were to restore health and incorporate some ‘kind’ of style without going too heavy on the layers.

Then came the dreaded moment as he lifted my slightly pathetic 4-stranded side fringe between his fingers.  I braced myself for the question that I still didn’t have the answer to…

“This fringe, it’s not really doing anything…” he said before continuing…

“Shall we make it a little thicker, more substantial?  I don’t want to go too thick, your hair is quite fine… but a little more depth would suit your face shape.”

“err yes, ok” I nodded.  OMG, that was easy – he *actually* considered what would suit both my hair AND face shape.  I heard birds singing and harps playing in the distance.

It made me bold… I pushed him a little on the thick fringe question.  Here stood a man, a professional who had just proven he had the cajones to TELL me, the customer what he would recommend.  I couldn’t resist…

“I do like the look of a heavy, straight fringe though…”

He smiled a little wryly but not unkindly, like he knew I was being mischievous and gently motioned how far back he felt he’d have to cut the hair for the thickness of fringe I desired, explaining that I would lose a lot of volume in the process but was happy to do so if I wanted.  I quickly dispelled the thick fringe idea and settled back into the chair like a good girl, finally confident that I had a considered answer to a question that had plagued me for months.

Shai is quick, his scissors moved over my hair in a blur… he doesn’t talk much, if at all when he’s working.  It was momentarily awkward as I wondered whether I should initiate a conversation before giving in to the silence and simply enjoying watching him work.

30 minutes later and we were done, I had beautifully feminine, soft, flippy hair that looked healthy and shiny!

The layers are perfect, I can still scrape my hair back into a ponytail without the need for hairgrips.  The ends feel lighter, less weighty and my fringe… although still not that Zooey Deschanel dream, is definitely serving more purpose than its first non-commital attempt with my last stylist.  A good, uplifting experience… and best of all, he didn’t mention my dodgy home-colouring once!

Prices start from £45 for a cut and finish with a junior stylist.  You can visit the Gielly Green website for more information, services and even book your appointment online.

* I was invited for a complimentary cut and finish as a guest of the salon

25 Responses to “Tantalizing tresses courtesy of Gielly Green”

  1. Jamilla says:

    You look fabulous!

  2. I like! you look very purdy. x

  3. Katrine says:

    Is it ok, if I save you pictures and take them to my stylist and explain that I want that?
    After a year of regrowing my hair, yes, I cheated on my stylist and paid the full price for it, I am finally going to get my hair cut into a prettier shape than flat.
    And I want your hair. On me. Well not YOUR hair, but your hairstyle.
    So may I? I promise not to publish them, but rather link to your post if I write a blog thingy on my hair adventure.

    • Of course! Let me know if you need a pic of the back when it’s brushed straight… it was all fluffed in that photo so might not show the layers as clearly xx

      • Katrine says:

        I’d absolutely love that!!! And so would my stylist, we have a date on Friday to salvage my hair from the ill effects of having visited the evil step-stylist of doom-dom.

        My mail is divabeautybox[at]gmail.com

        Thank you so very much!!!!

  4. liloo says:

    perfect perfect haircut for you. flirty, feminine, bouncy and i like the fringe too xx

  5. Tass says:

    It’s a lovely haircut and really suits you. It does have an element of Zooey Deschanel even without the blunt fringe.

    I hate salon small talk, so much so, I purposely go out of my way to salons where the stylist speaks very little English. I can then happily spend the next 45 minutes watching them work their magic xx

    • I wish I could do that where I live… but we’re not quite at the same multicultural level as you Londoners… all the stylists near me appear to be called Sharon 😉

  6. Meeka says:

    Haha, yep I always feel awkward at salons. I hate small talk and I always feel like they expect me to talk 😛 I like your hair, it looks great!

  7. Hermione says:

    Oh, it’s a beautiful cute and style! I hope you and Shai have a long and gorgeous relationship.

    Finding a new stylist is so gut-wrenching. My previous stylist dumped me (long, boring story) but luckily I found a new one first time out. Gil and I hit if off and it’s a blast to chitchat with him :).

  8. Gauri says:

    So cute! :) ..amazing

  9. Liv says:

    wow! you look great!

  10. Leah says:

    Noiiiice! Looks really good. Can we kidnap Shai?

  11. Sydney says:

    Usually I dislike haircuts that come with a slightly larger price tag, but now seeing your results it is making me want to run to the Salon right now!

    You, and your hair, look fabulous. :)

  12. Gemx says:

    You look gorgeous! :) Your hair looks great, I can’t believe how long it has got! x

  13. Oh, that looks lovely! It sounds like a very positive experience (you know I don’t like the hairdressers for many of the same reasons) and I love your fringe!

  14. m88 says:

    My relatives every time say that I am wasting my time
    here at net, except I know I am getting knowledge everyday
    by reading such good articles.

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