Winter Warmers: The ultimate Cold Weather Fragrances!

Posted by Lipglossiping On November - 23 - 2011

If the Met Office is to be believed, we’re ‘in for it’ (technical description) this Winter, I hope so anyway… I’ve just bought some bargain sledges in anticipation of blizzard-y snow and icicle snots.

There are thankfully a billion things to make up for the fact that we’ll only achieve around 6 hours of sunshine from now until February — Pringles, Quality Streets, and Christmas episodes of Eastenders would feature heavily on my list, but another thing that melts my frozen heart are the Winter fragrances that I can splash on with abandon.

Here are my TOP FIVE Winter Perfumes to ward off the big chill…

1. L’Artisan Parfumeur: Tea for Two EdT (£78.00)

Black tea, honey and an aromatic smokiness that encourages deep, long sniffs with your nose buried in your sleeve.  Most of my perfumes are unisex because I’m developing expensive tastes and I find it much easier to justify my purchases when I remind Mr. L that we can *both* use them.  It’s not true of course, as I hide them behind my scarves in my wardrobe.

Tea for Two also contains a ginger note which doesn’t present itself very well on my skin.  I consider Tea for Two to be a less-sweet, slightly less boozy version of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille.  Longevity is grand on this one but it wears close to my skin – all the better for sniffing yourself with.

2. La Prairie: Life Threads Gold EdP (£74.00 – currently £59.95 at Cheap Smells) *

La Prairie’s Life Threads Gold is a force to be reckoned with thanks to its retro leanings and powerful floriental heart.  If you like people to smell you before they see you, this one could have your name written all over it.  Notes include (are you ready?): Plum, clove, tangerine, pepper, cinnamon, corriander, rose, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, vanilla, musk, golden myrrh and precious woods.

It’s as unapologetic as it is striking – go big or go home.  Perfect for the cold weather.

I implore you to go sniff this one out – as a girly/womanly type fragrance, it’s hard to beat.  I cut my teeth on Hypnotic Poison and it harks back to all I loved about that fragrance, but this one feels like it’s for grown ups.

3. Fendi: Fan di Fendi EdP (£39.50) *

The majority of my Winter fragrant love affairs evoke a smoke, leather and amber accord that carries me away to warmer, more exotic climes.  Fan di Fendi is a kitten by comparison, rendering it very work-appropriate whilst still containing a hint to my usual leanings.

The leather base is apparent though not rough-and-ready, as if struggling to make up its mind between dominatrix and classy handbag lady.  I detect a twist of the Mediterannean thanks to a freshness from some fruity notes which include tangerine.  Silage is decent, particularly when those initial top fruity/floral notes present but it quickly calms down into a calmer experience.

4. Bottega Veneta: Bottega Veneta EdP (£42.00) *

Elegance and sophistication with a clean, smooth leather that evokes the joy of sniffing luxury leather accessories.  And so it should, coming from Bottega Veneta — purveyors of luxury handbags.  A quiet soul of a scent, work appropriate without losing the edge that sets it apart from the competition.

The leather is gentle, almost suede-like with an initial hit of citrus to remind you of its Italian heart.  It’s most similar to the Fendi but with an altogether more sophisticated personality.  It doesn’t try hard, it doesn’t have to — it’s like that girl you know who manages to ooze grace without even knowing it.

5. Parfums d’Empire: Ambre Russe (£84.50)

Perhaps the ultimate in decadence, a king of a fragrance with a boozy, amber accord that transcends all earthly dimensions.  A little goes a long way and will leave those in your company searching the room for the source of this scent that offers up a kindly lesson in “how the hell to smell amazing”.

You can’t read anything about this scent without the mentions of Tsarist Russia and that’s because you can’t wear this scent without being transported to one of those onion-domed churches, incense burning while the blizzard roars outside.  Throw in a booziness that would make vodka-loving Russians (stereotype much?) blush and you’re getting close to the experience that wearing this powerhouse offers.


What are your favourite scents to get you through the cold Winter ahead?

* press samples


22 Responses to “Winter Warmers: The ultimate Cold Weather Fragrances!”

  1. luxiehoney says:

    I got samples of all the range of the Parfum d’Empire fragrances, slowly working my way through them! I do loooove Ambre Russe, totally get the Tsarist Russia, it’s so ridiculously decadent. It reminds me of my favourite perfume Guerlain’s Shalimar- but Shalimar has more of a bergamot/citrus top notes, but once it wears in it smells very similar. Can’t afford to buy them without bankrupting myself, but it ight just be worth it… Definitely will check out the Bottega Veneta! xxx

  2. I love Balenciaga its gorgeous, not heady but really wintry. But a bit on the expensive side and its nearly all gone!

  3. Rae says:

    Haha, I’m planning a winter frag feature as well right now! Just trying to find the time to shoot it 😛 Bottega really is just a gorgeous scent, isn’t it? Such a wearable leather.

    Already have that one & a sample of Tea for Two (and, incidentally, I seem to be the only person who *doesn’t* like it), but I’m putting the others on my to-smell list now!

  4. redtiger21 says:

    Arrrrgghhh I need some Longjohns! Refuse to shiver this winter! I’m a lover of CK Obsession myself- a bit 90s, granted, but spicy and sexy and wonderful x

  5. Jamie says:

    Kenzo’s Amour Indian Holi is a great one-of-a-kind scent for the chilly weather and a night out on the town. I plan to add Chloe EDP to my fragrance collection this winter as well!

  6. Lucy says:

    The packaging on Life Threads Gold is gorgeous :-)

    • The La Prairie packaging is always gorg. They have a Midnight Rain bottle which is teardrop shaped and mega sparkly – I always go and stroke it when I pass the counter LOL *weirdness*

  7. I think Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is quite a yummy gourmand scent for cracking fires and white snow…It can be a bit much for warmer days.

    • I’ve never given Flowerbomb a fair try but I have a smell-a-like of it that I bought in a bundle. It’s one of those that I tried not to like just cos I’m being a bit snobby but I always got compiments when I wore the smell-a-like so I should probably buy a little bottle of the orig and give it a fair go! x

  8. mary says:

    I love L’Artisan Tea For Two!, it’s the perfect intellectual winter scent. What lovely picks; Life Threads Platinum is also very nice.

    My cold weather picks would be Serge Lutens 5 O’Clock Gingembre, the perfect musky spicy skin scent. I also recently discovered Jacomo 8 (imagine a yummy spiced fruit compote) which I picked up from Cheapsmells (bargain!). My perfect wooly jumper scent is Cologne Pour Le Soir by maison francis kurkdjian (a perfect honey, vanilla , rose) and when I’m craving amber it has to be Serge Lutens Ambre Sulten.

    • I haven’t smelt the Platinum one, will do so immediately!

      I have a smell-a-like of the SL which I find a bit cloying so I’ll have to reserve my judgement for the real thing as these oils can be so hit or miss.

      Ahhh, I have the men’s version of Lumiere Noire MFK (not gonna attempt to spell it) on my WANT IT list. I’m not a fan of Ambre Sultan though… I’m not sure why it misses the mark for me but thankfully the Ambre Russe fulfils my cravings! xx

  9. Mrs Lister says:

    I tend to move between two perfumes depending on the season – Comme’s Sherbet Rhubarb and Byredo’s Pulp. To say I’m a fan of a fruity fragrance is an understatement! :)

    I used to LOVE Yohji Yamamoto and was heartbroken when they discontinued it.

    Love the sound of Tea for Two and Life Threads Gold. And of the Jacomo 8 that Mary just mentioned above!

  10. Christina says:

    Whenever the weather gets cold, it’s Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Snake Oil for me. I can’t wear perfumes with alcohol in them, so I have a stock of perfume oils instead. I’ve been wearing Snake Oil for years, and as it ages, it just gets more glorious!

  11. Zendadachick says:

    My winter fumes…

    For Strange Women Winter Kitty…Smells just like my cat after a dander in a snow covered forest and she’s been rolling in pine needs and rose petals.

    Regina Harris Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc…a decadent, resinous, spicy rose that smells like I’m being draped with a velvet curtain

    The Morbid The Merry Little Drop of Poison – Victorian in feel, powdery and bittersweet…transports me inside Edith Wharton’s novel “The House of Mirth”. Smells like a Victorian woman’s vanity table (at least in my imagination)

  12. […] couple of items to expand my collection. The first thing to land in my basket was a 100ml bottle of Tea for Two, my favourite fragrance. I’m halfway through my last bottle and waging a constant battle with […]

  13. Charlie says:

    Did I never comment on this post? I meant to!

    I want at least three of those, Tea for Two sounds amazing, the La Prairie one I have to sniff, but Bottega Veneta sounds incredible. I must sniff this soon!

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