The night I thought I’d Trumped myself.

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 13 - 2012

I bought a hair-dye from TK Maxx last week (it sounds like a bad idea already) and decided that the recent crop of ever-increasing greys needed a severe talking to.  That night, I checked out the packet… L’Oreal Recital Preference Hair Color Ultra Lightening in 6.3, Golden Brown.  I knew I was taking a risk… a). I’ve never tried the L’Oreal Recital Preference range before and b). Golden Brown?  Do I look like Beyonce?  I can’t remember the last time my hair was golden anything.

I calculated my options in my head and decided that I’d spent the whole year being a very careful home hair-dyer.  I’ve been touching up only the roots for a very long time now and felt that the ends had gradually faded in colour.  There was still a lot of build-up but nothing like it had been a year previously.  I deserved to take a chance.

I’ve been wanting to go lighter for a long time, I’m working on the assumption that if my hair is lighter it will make the regrowth a little bit less obvious leading to less-frequent dying and ultimately, healthier hair.  It’s all good right?

Except that I’d do well to remember that I haven’t seen myself anything other than a dark, dark brown for many years.  To put it bluntly, I nearly shat myself when I took the towel off my head.  My grey roots were a delightful shade of Donald Trump, glowing furiously under the hallway light.  Fuck.  I took to Twitter and said as much.  Fuck, said I.

Long story short, a wash or two later and a little bit of time to get used to it?  I’m loving it.  Sure… the roots are lighter than the ends but I’m gonna head to the hair-dressers next week and get it all cropped back to just below my shoulders again which should go some way toward helping the situation.

My problem is that I have no idea where to go from here.  I’m tempted to try and go a touch lighter again… but when and how?  I don’t want to overload my hair or damage it seeing as I’ve been trying to be so good for so long!  I’m giving my hair regular coconut oil treatments and treating it to some proper TLC while I weigh up my next move.  I’m thinking that colour remover thing next… (but not for a few weeks yet!)

Anyone else wanting to go lighter for the Summer?  Are you DIYing it too?

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  1. liloo says:

    ooo this is a gorgeous colour and also exciting from a makeup point of view. please let us know if you find yourself adjusting your makeup accordingly, if you wear the same shades, or go darker on the eyes etc xx

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  2. Kerry says:

    It looks really lovely! I might consider trying that colour myself!

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  3. I’ve recently been moving my hair from black back to blonde, in stages. FYI the home dye removal kits are not quite the little miracle you might hope. I definitely have an “ombre” look going on, with light roots and dark ends, but you know what’s strange? EVERYONE gives me compliments on it. Other than people who work in the beauty business, who can tell exactly what happened, people seem to think this was something I paid to have done. Goes to show that you can do anything to yourself and someone will like it, I guess.

    Your new hair does look lovely and thanks for the tip on coconut oil. I’ll definitely be needing some of that.

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  4. Mitzy says:

    Looks great!
    So, the roots are lighter than the ends? Just tell everyone it’s “reverse ombre” oh, it’s all the rage, don’t you know? LoL

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  5. Hannah says:

    That’s a really lovely colour on you and not at all Trump-esque. I always go to the hairdressers for colour, especially lightening but have seen some great blog results with the B4 colour. For condition, I’ve been using Fushi Really Good Hair Oil and it’s amazing. For the first time in forever the ends of my hair feel as smooth as the roots. Brilliant for coloured barnets. x

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  6. I think it looks lovely! I always buy hair dye with theintention of doing my hair, but just too lazt to do it. I have about 3 boxes of colour waiting to be used now. I’m debating whether to go jet black.

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  7. kelly says:

    I am jet black, have been for years! Never lighten for summer, well might go red/black or blue/black but that is the limit to my lightness!

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  8. Courtney says:

    I wanted to go lighter too for the summer. I’m lucky enough that I have a friend who’s a colourist who will come and do my hair for me at my house…All I do is buy the supplies and treat her to fancy dinners as payment. Its a win-win situation for me! lol

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  9. Kemcaflipflops says:

    Anyone venturing into the world of home hair colour should be aware that tint will not lighten hair that’s already tinted. So if you are trying to lighten up from a dark colour- only the new root regrowth will be lightened. Although there are bleaches & colour removers on the market, if you want an lighter overall EVEN colour, it really isbetter to go to a professional. Hopefully if you know this it’ll save some future hair disasters!

    Kirsten xx

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  10. NeenaJ says:

    I think it looks really pretty in that last shot. If you’re going to the stylist anyway, I’d ask for some highlights around the face and crown and I best that would give you the lightness and sparkle you’re looking for without doing anything drastic.

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  11. I love this shade on you!

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  12. Lucy says:

    I like it! It took me a fair few disasters for me to realise that home dying isn’t my strong point. Never again!

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  13. Julia Arenas says:

    It’s got the perfect balance of blondeness and ashiness…and I love that it isn’t too warm, way to go!

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  14. Iolanthe says:

    Hmm…I’ve read that Colour B4 can really fry your hair – maybe it would be worth trying a harsher shampoo on the ends for a while instead? This reminds me of the time I accidentally dyed my hair dark brown (instead of red) but managed to fade it with dish soap!

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  15. Jules says:

    Not a bad result at all! I’ve had good luck using baby shampoo, of all things, to lighten hair dye when I’m ready for a colour switch or went darker than I anticipated. I’m a natural blonde with pale skin and dark eyes; my actual hair colour looks ghastly so I’ve been turning it various shades of red and brown (and more!) for 17 years. I’m a medium auburn right now and am so very tired of the constant root touch-ups required when summer-style sunshine meets blonde roots that I’m thinking of heading to a light toffee shade.

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  16. Jess says:

    TK Maxx is actually a goldmine. I’ve found Nars, Korres and all sorts in there. I wrote a post about it – pure gloating, naturally!

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  17. Oooh glad I read this, I have been looking at trying these L’Oreal Lightening dyes, but because the ends of my hair are covered in dye and the roots not I’m a bit worried I’d end up with accidental ombre hair. But you look nice in the bottom pic – maybe it would be fine? x

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  18. Nazgul says:

    Shade looks great on you, especially on FOTD Frozen Lilac.

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  19. Sydney Kav says:

    This colour looks smashing on you – perfect for Summer!

    I am always tempted, but rarely do go lighter for the warmer months. Mainly because there is no middle ground for me, it’s either dark brown on bleach blonde (and I don’t think my hair could cope with any more bleaching in its lifetime!)

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  20. Luisa says:

    Charlotte, how do you do your coconut oil treatments?

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    • Hello love (late reply, sorry),

      I just melt the oil in the palm of my hands, massage through from root to tip (even rub a bit in my scalp but I’m not oily), then I brush it through, tie it up and sleep on an old pillowcase.

      I use quite a lot – I figure that if I’m going to all the effort, I might aswell drench it!

      Wash it out the next morning (double wash) and goooo!

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