If you’re sworn off the chocolates this year, how about some LUSH goodies instead?  The high-street heroes have released some Easter treats to ensure that even the strongest of wills are unable to resist the lure of some serious bathtime frivolities.

1. What came first, the chick(en) or the egg?  Well… it depends on what you choose to wrap inside this ridiculously cute Chick Knot Wrap!  Let’s face it, whatever you buy to hide inside, this chick is gonna steal the show – especially when the recipient finds out that the wrap is made from old plastic bottles!  Don’t forget to recycle it yourself, it would make an super-cute bag scarf.

2. Ahh, my favourite – ignore the strange looks and raised eyebrows you’ll get carrying a carrot into the bathroom and get that hot tap running.  Wave The Carrot about under the running water and watch as the bath fills up with (non-carrot scented) bubbles.  Leave our favourite orange veggie on the side of the bath to dry out and it’ll be ready to go again, and again, and again!  Reusable bubble bars?  LUSH!

3. Finally, you may be sworn off chocolate but no-one would begrudge you a few sweeties.  Especially when they’re of the bathing variety.  Fluffy Egg is a candy-mania(cs) dream, scented to smell just like marshmallow, candyfloss and all that teeth-achingly good stuff.  Stick two fingers up at the diet and sit in your Fluffy Egg filled bath this Sunday, eating your Easter Eggs.  Sick. [br]

Fancy winning one of these Easter goodies? [br]

[br] I have a bunch of Carrots (geddit?!) to give away this weekend.  If you want to chance your hand at being one of TEN bathing belles to win a LUSH reusable bubble bar, leave a comment below and answer the following questions.

1. What’s your favourite bath-time ritual?

2. How many Easter Eggs have you hidden away and which one are you gonna break open first?

1. Entry open to UK residents only.
2. I will choose 10 winners at random.
3. Lipglossiping.com is the sole promoter of this competition.
4. Competition closes on Monday 9th April 2012 at 23.59 BST.
5. Winners list will be published on-site on Tuesday 10th April.

43 Responses to “What’s Up Doc? Competition Time: WIN a super LUSH treat this Easter!”

  1. Liza says:

    1. I like my baths to be super hot and deep. That’s about it :)

    2. None! Wah :(

  2. ESTHER JAMES says:

    I keep topping mine up with hot water when it starts to cool down. Costs a fortune!

  3. ESTHER JAMES says:

    No easter eggs stashed away for me but my 2 year old has a couple stashed away that I might help her with! @esthermate

  4. Anna says:

    1. I generally take showers but on the odd occasion when i treat myself to a bath I will use probably three or four lush products at the same time, which i know is bad but i just cant choose between them!
    2. none, that will be up to my parents, hopefully this year i get a suitably big easter egg!

  5. Gemma says:

    Hot, deep and with lots of bubbles by candlelight is my ultimate treat – I love it.

    I’m afraid I’ve eaten my Easter Egg already (about three weeks ago!)- oops!

  6. sophie says:

    1. I have to have music on when I’m in the bath, preferably really loud. Currently I’ve got a mix CD of 60s girl groups on rotation.

    2. None yet :( usually my mum gets me one though!

  7. Shannon says:

    1) Lots of bubbles and a good book. :-)

    2) We have 3 in the house right now. I’m eyeballing the one with the two Cadbury creme eggs in it. Oh Easter candy… you are my nemesis.

  8. Louise says:

    1. I normally do a facemask before I go in the bath then I pop on my philip kingsley elasticizer and a shower cap – I like my baths to be hot and very bubbly, oh and long nothing worse than a rushed bath

    2. Easter Eggs, well I can see 3 that are mine from where I’m sitting but I’ve just eaten a pile of cadburys misshapes so I’m feeling a bit sick boooo lol

  9. Maddy says:

    Its got to be filling it really hot and deep with lots of bubbles and getting in with a new magazine and a big glass of something!

    2) As far as I know I only have the hello kitty one my boyfriend bought me as “everything else was so expensive this year!” (MEN!)

  10. Claire says:

    1. I like to put a hair mask on and read a book, and I keep the bath topped up with hot water.

    2. I haven’t bought any easter eggs yet, if I get them too early it doesn’t matter whether they’re hidden or not because they will get eaten!

  11. Victoria says:

    Oooh thanks for this giveaway, I love Lush but haven’t managed to pick up any of their Easter goodies yet!

    1) My Friday night ritual is a bath with an oil or bath bomb, Grazia and a glass of wine – bliss!

    2) I have 2 Lindt bunnies and a Hotel Chocolat egg stashed away, managed to risist them so far but think the bunnies may get it this evening!

  12. Dejeniera says:

    1. My favourite bath time ritual is to give my legs a good polishing with a lush sugar scrub before sitting in the bath with lots of essential oils so I emerge with super smooth legs
    2. I only get the one Easter egg! Sad I know but my friend gives it to me and I look forward to saving myself for it.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Louise says:

    I like my baths very hot, and because I get bored easily, I like to read or listen to music whilst soaking.
    I don’t have any Easter Eggs! My family don’t really celebrate Easter.

  14. Helen says:

    1. I like them hottish (not enough to hurt but enough to feel welcoming), facemask on, usual do a manicure while I’m there as well as a few maintence bits.

    2. Hubby and I are really bad and have already eaten ones for family and had to buy anohter lot!

  15. Claire says:

    1. Lighting a few candles and lying in a very deep bath with a magazine, bliss!
    2. We haven’t got much at the moment, one Creme Egg box which will be devoured pretty quick :)

  16. 1. reading my kindle with a bath bomb, relaxing with candles- bliss!!

    2. none because Im allergic to chocolate :( but I love stashing away the Lush ones instead!!

  17. Jessica says:

    Lots of bubbles – an oldies but lets face it, its still the way most ppl love to bathe

    I havent got any eggs stashed, only lots for my son which I will have to ‘help’ him eat

  18. Emily says:

    1. I love a lighting a gorgeous scented candle and lots of bubbles. Oh, and a head cushion!
    2. I’ve got a box of Lindors on the go at the moment, but I reckon they’ll be gone by Sunday!!

  19. emily says:

    1)Its got to be a red hot bath, LOADS of bubbles, a magazine, and at least an hour of spare time!
    2)I don’t have one! But I have got a few creme eggs arounf the house which will be enjoyed 😀


  20. Sarah s says:


    1) having a full on scrub, followed by lots of butter butter and fresh new jammies!!

    2) nada – my fam completely forget easter this year! boo!


  21. Ria says:

    1. Dead Sea salts are my only real ritual
    2. None this year

  22. Jenny says:

    1. I like a nice full, hot bath with lots of yummy smelling bubbles. Then as it cools down I let some out and put more hot water in!
    2. I have a little Creme Egg hidden away for me, the rest are gifts for others

    Thanks :)

  23. SarahC. says:

    1) I’m a total wuss so the bath can’t be too hot when I get in, but then I keep topping it up with hot water once I’m in…bad. And a good book is a necessity (although I have been known to set up my laptop on the toilet seat so I can watch SITC).

    2) The Boy and I are off to buy an egg tomorrow. We puts our monies together and gets a big fancy egg :)

  24. Gilian says:

    l love my baths hot bubby and with my kindle….my guilty pleasure

    I dont have any easter eggs but loads hidden safely out of my way for the children as am trying to be good….honest am trying lol

  25. Jessica says:

    1) I like my baths really hot and with some sort of bubbles or fizzy thing that smells nice. I usually grab a book or a magazine, too.
    2) I’ve got a Lindt one I’m saving.. we’ll see how long that will last, though!

  26. Lilmiznutcase says:

    I get in for about an hour and take a book and a cup of tea with me. I’ve got one egg from the mother in law plus some Asda white chocolate with strawberry pieces that I bought for myself.

  27. Shu says:

    1) I would fuss before to get the temperature all right and then end up in the bath for the rest of the evening!
    2) I’ve actually hidden away 5, but my bf has already found 2 of them and eaten them! I think I will have the Lindt one first before he finds that! >___<

  28. 1) I always have to top up the bath with hot water at least 3 times once I’m already in it – I don’t have baths that often so when I do, I’m in there for a loooonnngg time!

    2) Three. All mine. I can’t wait – 2 hours to go!

  29. Jayne says:

    I love hot, deep baths with lots of bubbles, candles & a nice mask. Lush bubble bars are always on the top of my bubble bath shopping list.

    I’m afraid I have just one Easter egg this year & I’ve already eaten it. Shame on me!

  30. Vicki says:

    I can’t have baths since my accident (boo!!) but when I did I loved v hot, deep baths with lots of bubbles. One day I’ll find a posh hotel with a posh bath with steps etc and then I’ll have a luxurious bath *sigh* would be lovely.

    I told the kids now they are all over 18 no eggs this year but they don’t know I gave in and bought some for them all (plus one for me!!!) will surprise them before I go to work tomorrow .

  31. Charlotte says:

    1. What’s your favourite bath-time ritual?

    I am a regular lush user so when I want a bit of a treat I use a bubble bar as well as a bath melt. I use my shower head to make more bubbles in the water and run it really deep. Then lay down and appreciate silence and stillness.

    2. How many Easter Eggs have you hidden away and which one are you gonna break open first?

    Haven’t got any hidden away and already opened my Ferrero Rocher one, ooops!

  32. Laura says:

    1. i love to light some candles and place them around the bath, so relaxing! i also love to take a good book in the bath with me, as it’s one of the only times i have some peace and quiet to really get stuck into a new book.

    2. i have a few easter eggs stashed away and i’m ashamed to admit that i’ve already broken into a malteaser egg! i couldn’t resist the temptation.

    great giveaway!

  33. Lucy says:

    1. I love running a bath that’s too hot (so it nearly skins me) with loads of bath bubble/bomb/yumminess and just lying back relaxing with a book and a facemask.

    2. I’ve got 3 eggs that I’ll probably be breaking into. Managed to partake in demolishing a couple of eggs in the last few weeks though…oops.

  34. Sydney Kav says:

    1) I like my baths incredibly deep and at the temperature of the sun. I also have to have a sickeningly sweet smelling bubble bath (think radox smoothies) and some form of chocolate (usually a massive bag of maltesers)
    Most of the time I take my kindle in with me but it very rarely gets read as I start to relax and think of lovely things (shoes mainly)

    2) being in a house with 2 kids there are A LOT of eggs around, very few were able to be hidden before they got opened. I do have a beautiful green and blacks egg that I’m saving til everyone else goes out today so I can scoff all that yummy on my own!

    Happy Easter! X

  35. amelia avossa says:

    1. I looove lush! i always run the bath then light the candle..then crumble a bubble bar…i dont put the bath bomb in till near the end of the bath!
    2. ive hidden a huge lindt chocolate egg for near the end of the night for a late night choccy treat!

  36. Julianne says:

    1. I bring at least two books, a notepad, and pens into the bathroom with me – I like to lounge for at least 45 minutes!

    2. Just one from my parents but I still have birthday chocs left over

  37. Reka says:

    1. Anything what smells nice.

    2. None :(

  38. sweety says:

    1. fav bathtime ritual? plenty of bubbles and nice hot water!
    2. how many eggs? i have just 1! hehe..

  39. kelly says:

    No baths here, I like a nice shower, body scrub while its hotting up, Ojon treatment while doing that, then in and face, hair and lovely Elemis tranquil touch body wash

    I have 2 eggs, one Mini Eggs and one Minstrels, started on the mini eggs one first but it is so big it will last for ages!

  40. Holly says:

    1. Really deep bath, and I limit myself to one Lush product per bath (excluding soap), because I can’t afford to use them all at once!

    2. I had a Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons egg, but I ate it in under an hour!

  41. Jade says:

    1. What’s your favourite bath-time ritual?
    Deep and hot with a nice scrub courtesy of the clarisonic.

    2. How many Easter Eggs have you hidden away and which one are you gonna break open first?
    None hidden, I bought myself a kinder Joy egg though, realised that as an adult the big toy isn’t so much fun but mmmm kinder egg

  42. Kelly says:

    1. Favourite bath time ritual has got to be soaking in a hot bath with Lush’s Comforter bubble bar – pink water and smells gorgeous! As well as using an array of their other products – Sweetie Pie shower jelly and the Godmother soap are among my favourites – its simply impossible to choose just one to use at a time! And it wouldn’t be complete without a good book and some candles.

    2. Not many easter eggs this year, although I’m sure there are some mini chocolate bunnies lurking in a bag somewhere in my room waiting to be found!!

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