SK-II Air Touch Foundation – Review

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 20 - 2009

I bought the SK-II Air Touch Foundation back in May.  I was beyond excited to get my hands on it after it had been sat at the top of my wish-list for nearly 6 months, and that’s a long time for an item to remain on my wish-list.

I’d tried it a few times and had been disappointed with the result.  I’d found it simply too sheer to be of much use to me.


It’s a beautiful little thing isn’t it? And look! You can see me in it!

SK-II is a Japanese brand whose USP is a little ingredient called Pitera, you can read more about Pitera here – I’m far too lazy to go into all that now.

Anyway, bollocks to Pitera, all I was interested in were the words “air touch” – woo hooooo!

I was immediately picturing myself with perfect, pore-less radiant skin.  Woah, I was gonna need a 10ft ladder to get this little product down off that pedestal I’d placed it on.  Secretly, I envisaged it turning me into sodding Snow White.


Where’s the bluebirds? Oh! Here they are!

Back to reality for a moment…

The basic premise is simple.

You get a teeny tiny sachet of foundation (and I’m talking wincey).  To get hold of refills in the shade you want, you’re gonna have to do some kind of deal with the devil whilst remortgaging your house.  We’re talking £45 for 5ml.  I’d sell you my eggs for cheaper than that.

Anyway… before I digress into full-on human trafficking…


Still sexy isn’t it…

That droplet icon is the one you set it to if you haven’t used it for while… it pushes out a single droplet to clear the nozzle.


The “business” end…

I’ve read loads of “how to” tips and watched many guides for this and the general consensus is that you hold it about half an arm’s length from your face and make smooth zig-zag motions back and forth until you’re happy that you’ve got enough coverage.

Which is exactly what I did.  Or at least, I thought that’s what I was doing.

See, subconsciously I was really going…

“£45…. for 5ml? Feck, better not use too much of this then.”

Which probably goes a long way to explaining why I felt I wasn’t getting enough coverage from this little marvel.

Today, after GraceLondon gently urged me to try again, I may have been in a slightly different frame of mind…

“Bollocks to it… if it’s shit again, it can go in a blog sale.”

See the subtle tonal shift there?  Look closely, it’s easy to miss.


Ugh, another one of them no makeup faces and I didn’t even warn you it was coming this time! Bwahaha.

I put the SK-II Airbrush Foundation into action again.  This time with a little more gusto, a little more confidence and a great amount of careless-ness.


I love it! It’s smooth, even, non-cakey but sheer.  Sod “my lips but better” this is proper “my skin but better”.

The redness around my nose has been evened out and it’s given my skin some luminosity that it was previously lacking.

Unfortunately, these photos aren’t the best.  The sun was being an arse and the lighting was rather uneven so you’ve got some over-exposure on the before image which conceals some of the unevenness.

Can you see it though?  Tell me it’s not my imagination!

I’m sneakily borrowing the below image from a FOTD that I’ve got coming up at the end of the week… but I wanted to show you how my skin looked with the SK-II Airbrush Foundation after it had ‘set’ (it takes 5-10 mins to dry) and I’d added a little powder and some blush.


So pleased with the results…

Nevertheless, I’m gutted to admit that I won’t be anouncing “Holy Grail!”… despite my new found adoration for Pitera.

It’s with absolute hand-wringing regret that I have to face up to the fact that £45 a pop is a lot of money for me.  Granted, if 5ml lasts me 6 months of daily use then I may rethink my stance but even then there is another obstacle… availability.

I know the refills are sold in Harrods, but they don’t stock my shade online…  they occasionally crop up on eBay (but are they genuine?)

However, I can happily conclude that until the day that last nectar-like droplet has spritzed the last red blotchy bit, I shall continue using this with joy and reckless abandon.

Want one?

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20 Responses to “SK-II Air Touch Foundation – Review”

  1. Grace London says:

    I’d be wary of buying the refills on ebay too – I’ve heard stories of old stock/separating foundation.

    It looks amazing. You have beautiful skin anyway, but it does makes it look almost supernatural.

    Bloody expensive stuff though!

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  2. MizzWorthy says:

    Makes your skin look amazing!

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  3. Just in case I get the urge to try this gadget, what shade are you (we are similarly pale)? PS I would kill to have your “before” FOTD! My skin looks looks like a freakin’ crater next to yours!

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  4. Jo says:

    £45 quid!!!! Bloody hell…. I’d have to sell one of my kids to be able to keep myself stocked up with that haha.

    Seriously though… it really does make your complextion look amazing! I’d be weary about buying your refills off ebay though hunny.


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  5. OMG! That is an AMAZING foundation!! I will be hurrying to Harrods!!

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  6. katy wilko says:

    I can definitely see a difference! it looks amazing on you, it really doesn’t look like your wearing make-up, really natural
    I will have to try it out!

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  7. katy wilko says:

    also which shade do you use?

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  8. @GraceLondon Thanks for encouraging me to give it another go! This is one receipt I hid from Mr. L

    @MizzWorthy – I flippin’ love this stuff. But, you’ve still made me want to try the RMK Creamy Foundation for winter.

    @JeweledThumb – You’re too kind xx I’m shade OP-1

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  9. @Jo – I know! *chuckle*@selling your kids for makeup money… there is one seller on there that I’m nearly 100% positive is genuine – expensive though.

    @Jamilla – Run! Faster!

    @Katy – Thanks, It is sheer but flawless coverage. OP-1 chicka xx

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  10. Rhamousia says:

    That looks really good on in the last picture, the only thing that would piss me off slightly would be design of the bottle. I give myself no time to put my face on in the mornings and having to do all kinds of gymnastics with that would not be on.

    Plus, the price scares me too..

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  11. Get Lippie says:

    Love the finish it gives, but I can’t justify the cost! Makes you look amazing though.

    I’m astonished I can’t justify this to myself as I own not one, but TWO La Prairie foundations!

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  12. @Rhamnousia – I actually can’t emphasise enough how much less trouble this is than applying my Revlon Colorstay *blend blend blend*

    But yes, I’m shit scared of the price too…

    @Get Lippie – Two La Prairie foundations? Jeez! Overspend much? 😛

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  13. Woo-hoo, SK-II just confirmd to me that even though it’s not showing online… Harrods do have stock of shade OP-1 and will mail out.

    Happy girl now!

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  14. Get Lippie says:

    They’re a couple of years old – they were “only” £65 each when I bought them! One of them is an untouched one in a pen applicator, I should dig it out, methinks …

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  15. FrankieBaby says:

    Every time I see your pictures, I’m amazed by your skin! The foundation does look gorgeous, really good coverage. I would love to have this in my kit for weddings but at $165 with $90 refills, I don’t think I will be doing it.

    For someone with skin like yours, it’s just a fun luxury item. Your skin looks flawless in the before, the foundation doesn’t make a big enough difference to justify that huge price tag.

    Thank you for posting this review xx

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  16. @Get_Lippie – Get using it!

    @FrankieBaby – you’re very sweet. Blind, but very sweet! xx

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  17. Redtiger21 says:

    The results are lovely, but it’s too expensive for me- i’d expect it to make me bloody fly!

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  18. mona says:

    are you still using your air touch sk2? are you able to inject any other foundation in it or do you get them in the uk?? have u tried the ebay ones? don’t know what to do with this expensive gadget.. thanks..

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  19. melanie says:

    i got the same question as mona. ive bought this amazing foundation, and now i can’t find the refills anywhere and its driving me nuts because i’ve tried SOOO many different high end foundations and this one out preforms them BY FAR. i cant even find anyone selling it online. if anyone can help me with this, let me know. im also curious about “injecting other foundations” into the refill packets. ive heard some people do it with the MAC air brush foundation, but im concerned because i don’t like MAC quailty of makeup.

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