A Lush Afternoon For Mums!

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 2 - 2010

I don’t generally copy press releases verbatim, but thought this might be of interest…

We love mums here at Lush – they give good cuddles and bake yummy cake, so we think they deserve some serious spoiling come Mother’s Day. With this in mind, on Sunday 14th March 2010 Lush will be opening up their doors to all mums for an afternoon of decadent pampering.

The afternoon festivities will have a 1950s theme and there will be free hand massages, foot massages and facials available, – along with cups of tea, cakes and even some vegan treats. All mums are welcome – young and old – whom their children are treating or who just feel like indulging themselves! And there’s even something to keep the children occupied – while mum is being pampered and preened, the little‘uns can colour in their special Lush Mother’s Day cards.

Lush has also designed a selection of limited edition gifts and products especially for Mother’s Day. Treat her to the new MUM hatbox (£25.95) containing a selection of bath and body products to spoil and pamper; or buy a bunch of MUMS ballistics (£3.50 each) that are short for chrysanthemums and offer a quirky alternative to giving mum flowers!

So if you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to say thank you to your wonderful mother, what better way than heading down your nearest Lush store and giving your mum the treat she really deserves!

Mother’s Day parties are taking place on 14th March 2010 in Lush stores nationwide. To find your nearest Lush store, please call 01202 668 454 or visit www.lush.co.uk

Ok, press release outta the way, am curious…

Are any of you “Lush Heads”?  I’ve never known (what is essentially a soap company) divide opinion so strongly.  A lot of people seem to love the brand with a passion… and there are equalliy as many who can’t stand it.  Which camp are you in?

Me?… I think it’s mostly overpriced, but there are certainly a few gems in the lineup that I would purchase over and over again.  Plus, I haven’t found better drawer scenters than their bath bombs… Leila always smells like a litle Lushie!

13 Responses to “A Lush Afternoon For Mums!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well I would have liked to go but as it is actually mothers day I will be with my daughter and my mother! They should’ve done it on the saturday.

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  2. I did not think of using them as drawer scenters – I know what I’ll be doing with that red glitter thing I got in my Xmas goodie bag now. Good thinking indeed.x

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  3. Oh that sucks. I’d love to go with my Mum to that but I won’t be able to. Personally I love all the bits I’ve tried from Lush but it’s pretty much all been people buying pressies for me. I buy people pressies fromt here quite a bit as well. I just love the novelty of the products being open and so bright. It makes such a difference when you usally just buy off the shelves at Boots or Superdrug.

    I can understand why some people aren’t keen though- it’s a strong smell. Although I love it I’ve been in with a hangover once before and the smell nearly killed me. I knew exactly what I wanted though so I held my breath while I picked it out and paid, job done.

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  4. Lady Gray says:

    I love and hate. The skin care is great. I love Big blue ballistics and the new Space Girll Ballistic. I don’t love their no packaging policy. Paper bags leech fragrance oils from the products so they barely smell when you come to use them. Quality has suffered terribly over the years. One bathbomb stashed in your bathrom would scent the whole floor of your house until it was used and then when you used it your house would STINK, now you barely get any scent at all off most things and you can forget about any scent at all when it gets in the water. The prices are astronomical although Spacegirl is reasonale at £1.85 or whatever it is, but I dont want to spend the best part of £4 on a bath thanks. The hair stuff is grim, use it for a few wadhes for goreous hair and then suddenly your hair starts to turn to straw. Lemony Flutter is fabulous ansd so is Ultrabland and te new solid serums look interesting… erm… I could go on… and on… but I won’t except to say DO NOT buy gifts from them unless you are ready to be incredibly disappointed at the condition of the products inside although to be fair I know they are aware of this…

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  5. I can certainly second Lady Gray’s comments regarding the gift sets. They have started to wrap their sugar scrubs in tissue paper though after a lot of people made a fuss over the L/E pink christmas one basically disintergrating all over the other products in the hatboxes etc but its an ongoing problem. For the price I expect better internal presentation, if at the very least, to keep the products intact (theres a lot of dye transfer, chipped/shattered products etc).

    I like Big hair shampoo but as before, it is very drying, same with Sea Salt and Fresh Pharmacy.

    I will always go back to Tisty Tosty bath bomb when I feel I need a comfort bath.

    I found the shower jellies to have awful synthetic scents, I’d never repurchase this (christmas strawberry santa, I’m looking at you).

    Basically theres the odd thing thats thats good, and then theres a whole lot of overpriced rubbish. Basically I’ve got better things to do than have a second shower to get the glitter off me (Ruby slippers) or fish raisins out of the plug hole (an exploded cerewdin’s couldron)!


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  6. Sarah says:

    my nan is the biggest LUSH addict going, trust me, she’s tried mostly everything going. the poor staff at the Croydon branch reconise her a mille off!

    i’ve known about this for a week or so, this is the perfect treat! i intend to spoil her rotten :) xxx

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  7. Sandra Mills says:

    I adore lush, i think i could possibly compete for the biggest addict title, i bought my mum and gran these ready for mother’s day. I think the fact that the label is also seeds is a nice touch x

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  8. Mhairi says:

    I think Lush is a bit overpriced, I’ve never really seen any of their products as holy grail items, but I do love them for their bath stuff. If I want a bath (I’m more of a shower girl) then I’ll use their stuff. I also love their face masks but again, I wouldn’t buy them on a regular basis, and I hate that they go out of date so quickly.

    It’s funny you should mention the drawer scenter thing, I have a drawer where I keep all my bath & body stuff, and all my Lush stuff means that when I open the drawer I get a lovely waft! :)

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  9. Rachel says:

    I tend to get 3-4 baths from a bubble bar, so it makes it far more reasonably priced, the bubbles last longer than anything else I’ve come across, and having a pink or blue or orange bath is always a bit of a novelty! Angels on bare skin is wonderful, as is dark angels and their toners, but I’m not a fan of their moisturisers or hair care stuff, and I’m not bothered about soap particularly either. They do make fab drawer scenters though!

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  10. Eh, I’m not really into Lush, because I’m not the type of person who buys fancy bath and shower products. I’m sure they smell amazing, but I just don’t want to spend my money on something that runs out so quickly =/ when I can spend it on more makeup that I dont need LOL

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  11. Rae says:

    Aww, those flowers are super cute ^^ My mum is so NOT a lushie, though — it’s hard enough to get that woman to moisturise on a regular basis! :P

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  12. I buy things from LUSH every so often, but it’s not as though I’m in there all the time like some people. I have to say that visiting my local store is great. The sales associates are super nice and it’s fun to shop there.

    I’ve never truly tried out their skincare only because it’s ridiculously expensive and goes bad quickly due to the new preservatives thing. I am forgetful so it wouldn’t be a shock if I went and forgot I had bought it and let it spoil.

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  13. Lady Gray says:

    AND! Supporting very dubious charities such as Sea Shepherd.

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