Just how long-lasting do you want it?

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 19 - 2010

We all bemoan an eyeliner that lasts for approximately 30 minutes on the lash line, but how far would you go to ensure your makeup remained perfect throughout the day?

Following my ‘brow post’ a few weeks ago that documented my overplucked and undefined eyebrows, I started thinking more about the various options available to us in the way of permanent make up and I discovered a lady called Tracie Giles.

Tracie Giles is a certified expert in her field of permanent makeup, and one of the many treatments offered by Tracie Giles Inernational is something called Ultra Lift Eyebrows.

Tracie describes her Ultra Lift Eyebrows treatment…

The Ultra Lift technique is one I’ve developed as a response to client demand and is exclusive to Tracie Giles. The difference begins with extremely careful planning. Your new look brows are designed sympathetically to your face, to give the most flattering and natural appearance. Then, the impression of individual eyebrow hairs are interspersed among your natural hairs to reshape, balance and harmonise your brows in a way that can literally transform your face.  This technique is done under extreme magnification and is highly skilled and specialised.

The treatment usually takes around 1-2 hours (conducted over 2 sessions) and the effects last around 18 months on average before requiring a top up as the pigment begins to fade.  Permanent makeup has come a long way in recent years with many advancements in both technology and technique.  Finally gone are those tell-tale strangely auburn inks!  Thankfully replaced by custom blended mineral pigments and a “hair by hair” approach.

It’s certainly not a cheap option with prices starting from around £495 for a full brow, but it sure as hell would beat sharpening that eyebrow pencil every day.

What do you ladies think?  Is permanent makeup something you would consider?  Indeed, have you ever had any permanent makeup treatments yourself?

17 Responses to “Just how long-lasting do you want it?”

  1. I had this done in Dubai in the Summer of 2008, and my eyebrows are still going strong! It’s one of the best beauty investments I’ve ever made, but mine cost about 1/2 of yours–London is very expensive!

  2. AlicatAHL says:

    Never mind her eyebrows, I want that girls eyelashes! They’re gorgeous!

  3. Olaola says:

    I would definitely go for it if I had the cash to splash… My eyebrows have a nice arch and a really good first-half (the one starting at the nose ;)), but then the other half is thin and a bit uneven. That’s just how they’ve always been. I’d love to fatten them up!

  4. Tali says:

    My blonde mum has blonde eyebrows so gets a light brown tattoo over them and it looks great but VERY expensive. As it does fade and needs to be re-done every 2-3 years which makes her always complain about the cost when it comes to re-doing them!!

    I like the idea of permanent make-up. Although not a fan of the cost!! Esp considering huge tattoos often cost 1/6 of that!!
    Ihave a patch of eyelashes missing on one eye and always wanted to get it tattooed with a 2mm black line (just so you dont see a white gap)

    I also would kill for the models lashes in that pic..my god!!!

  5. liloo says:

    The before and after are absolutely amazing. I think this treatment would suit you so nicely as you already have a wicked brow shape and nice arch to start with, and they are just going to enhance. The finished result on that photo could not be anymore perfect: it looks so natural, so groomed, and not stuck on and not tattooed like the blonde porn star which was in big brother at some point. It’s not too thin (god, I hate brows which are too thin) but not brooke shields either.

    I am always scared of semi permanent makeup but this really looks like a dramatic move from the the semi permanent I have seen so far. The finished brow does not look like it’s tied in with a particular fashion either, and looks like a brow I would still like in 10 years time. There is this british girl I am subbed to on youtube and she did a treatment on her brows. If I don’t forget, I’ll send you the link to the video, so that you have one more ‘method’ to compare with.

    Would I spend £495 for my brows? I would need to think about it. It’s an investment. A small price to pay for 2 years of freedom though. Imagine how liberating though it would be, to go on holidays, have a splash in the pool and they still look good, how fab would that be! How much time you would save in the morning. It would also give you more time to do more fun stuff makeup wise, playing around with eyeshadows etc. If I went for it, I would want to have let’s say a consultation afterwards, with the same lady to show me how to maintain it when hair has grown naturally around it, to see where I need to pluck underneath and stuff. It looks like on after picture, she has trimmed the natural hair too. I am not sure what people usually do: are you supposed to trim the hair that you don’t pluck. I rely on the lenght of the hair for coverage.

  6. caz says:

    …I must admit I tried to read this post but couldn’t due to intense staring at those damn eyelashes! Woah.

  7. Chris says:

    The brows are amazing, i have read a lot about this Tracie woman and was thinking of booking my girlfriend in for a treat. I think the price reflects the quality?

  8. Janie says:

    I HATE my eyebrows, but I do think the photo shown seems to be rare in terms of the permanent eyebrows I have seen people sporting in London! Usually the people that have them have no eyebrow hair whatsoever and all you see is black very thick caterpillar like things that looks like it has been done with marker pen or felt-tip. Not sure however if the lack of hair is through choice or not.

    What if you lost your eyebrows? Through alopecia or something, and then just had a big drawn on line?
    The risk is too great for me to consider this!!

    Great post though!

  9. Shifa says:

    wow that resutls look amazing above and I would definately give it a go but its overpriced in my opinion :S

  10. Lilbiuty says:

    WOW!! it definitely is tempting but that price just turned me off! Now if I were to win millions, that would be another story.. lol
    I gave you an award on my blog, please check it out 😀

  11. Christina says:

    Amazing you should definately get this done

  12. pfefi says:

    Those are some crazy long lashes.

    As for the brows… my mum has tattooed brow pencil and eyeliner (yeah she’s hardcore…) and both look fine; it was much cheaper to do in Asia. I don’t usually worry about long lasting-ness of brow makeup and liner, but imagine all the time it would save you – every day for x # of years. Time is money, right?

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t personally like the idea of permanent makeup. To me the whole idea is to change your look with makeup on a daily basis not be stuck with a specific look. But that’s more along the lines of permanent eyeliner or lip color and not brows. I fortunately have thick brows that I have to tweeze. Don’t hate me. :-)

    My mother has thin, sparse brows. She tried the permanent brows – where its like a tattoo – and it didn’t last but faded to an ugly gray. She did it so she wouldn’t have to pencil in her brows anymore and now she absolutely has to pencil them to cover the nasty gray color. Apparently her skin does not hold the tattoo ink well because she did it twice before giving up.

    Overall it was a waste of her money and made me emphatically against permanent makeup. You never know what the outcome will be since skin reactions vary.

  14. Francesca says:

    I agree with Elizabeth that previously the idea of permanent make-up has scared me, but when you are dealing with top beauticians (who charge top prices, of course) then I think you’re in safe hands.

    Nothing makes more of a difference to a face than a pair of well groomed eyebrows…

    I think this is a fantastic feature!

  15. I’ve always haaaaaated the idea of permanent makeup, because all the women I’ve seen with it in the past have looked terribly unnatural. This looks great though, and very natural.

    Also, that model has INSANE lashes.

  16. Jasmine says:

    I have a topiary for a brow. Yes, I have one. I have to DO SOMETHING to keep them apart, oh god! The irony is that I have no eyelashes at all, gosh, I can’t stop staring at hers!

  17. Terri P says:

    My name is Terri p and I am the Founder of Beautiologist, a Permanent make up business in Clearwater Florida.I am a Permanent Make Up Artist-as well as a traditional make up artist in the Los Angeles Film Industry. First let me say, that brows are not only a hot topic right now, but the best investment you could make in your beauty. The goal is to create a natural yet more flattering design.In my opinion no one is ever a candidate for black brows! Black is too harsh and does not age well. Pigments are placed within the dermis so the color choice of the pigment is vital for a great outcome. To think that all Permanent Make Up Artists are created equal, would be stating a huge mis-truth. It takes skill and artistry to perform these PMU procedures. Price shopping is not a good idea either, as I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for.To state that a certain outcome wasn’t good is like comparing Mahnolo Blahniks to Payless shoes. NO comparison. While i reside in Florida, perhaps those who want really good work with long lasting results should book a trip to Florida, stay on the beach in a 5 star hotel, and enjoy having your PMU applied by a celebrity make up artist who backs up her work…namely ME! I offer packages to Florida, with airfare, accomodations and FUN! Pleas go to a reputable artist who can Answer your questions, and give you peace of mind after all it’s your FACE we’re talking about, and you only have one. Cheers

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