Bitch has a problem…

Posted by Lipglossiping On August - 11 - 2010

A serious cleansing oil ADDICTION I tell you!  Look at all these bottles that are sat on my bathroom windowsill in a constant rotation.  They feel sick and wanna get off the merry go-round!

L/R: Nude Cleansing Facial Oil, Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, Muji Cleansing Oil

L/R: Shiseido Tiss Cleansing Oil, SK-II Cleansing Oil, Laura Mercier Cleansing Oil

L’Occitane Cleansing Oil

I repurchased the NUDE cleansing oil when it was half price and I’m still enjoying it.  I haven’t really used the SK-II for a long time (it just doesn’t emulsify that well).  So, with the exception of the Laura Mercier and the SK-II, I’m pretty pleased with the rest.

I just shouldn’t own so many is all.

I keep meaning to review the lot… but they’re not the most exciting products to write about.  I need a push, please answer my poll below!

Which Cleansing Oil should I review next?

  • L'Occitane (46%, 89 Votes)
  • Bobbi Brown (29%, 56 Votes)
  • Shiseido Tiss (14%, 27 Votes)
  • Laura Mercier (11%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 193

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52 Responses to “Bitch has a problem…”

  1. BeautyMaze says:

    I love cleansing oils myself, but don’t have half as much as you. The L’Occitane one looks interesting, so would love to hear your thoughts on it. x

  2. Beth says:

    I’d love to see a review of the L’Occitane one. I’m currently using the Origins one (can’t remember the name of it!) which is quite nice but I’ve been tempted by the L’Occitane one when I’ve been shopping.

  3. vonnie says:

    lol! you do have a ton of oils. oh beauty products, how much love we have for you.

  4. vonnie says:

    I think that I want to get a cleansing oil for the winter, i never have used them. could be interesting so I’ll read your reviews

  5. Laurie says:

    I love a good cleansing oil – currently obsessing over NARS (you should totally try it). I’d love to see your reviews on these though – I need to venture off and try a new one next:)

  6. Lauren says:

    Do it! Would love to see a review x

  7. wow, that’s some collection! Would love to read the reviews!

  8. ashley says:

    I wish you would review them :). I love cleansing oils too but haven’t had the chance to try many so I’d love to hear how these are working. based on your recs I may get one!

  9. ashley says:

    Did you review the Laura Mercier one yet? I’d love to see the review for the Laura Mercier and the L’Occitane because those are two I have considered buying. well, Bobbi Brown would be good too. I haven’t heard of the others. thanks!

  10. Sarah says:

    I am very curious about these! Most face products these days are oil free, so I’m amazed they make cleansing oils!
    I just started doing the Oil Cleansing Method which uses an EVOO and Castor oil mixture to deep clean the skin and restore the natural moisture balance.
    I’d be happy to hear about any of the products you have!

    • Ahhh.. I started with the Oil Cleansing Method but just couldn’t get my face feeling clean afterward. Always felt there was a residue (plus I broke out very badly).

      People swear by it don’t they? I still have my bottle of Castor Oil somewhere… the EVOO went in the kitchen cupboard! xx

  11. Where did you get Shiseido Tiss from? Years ago I lived with a Japanese girl who had this and i ‘borrowed’ it from her a few times – it was fab! I remember scouring the internet for it at the time, but couldn’t find it. I’d love to get my hands on it… x

  12. lucie.lovely.cupcake says:

    I love cleansing oils! I think nothing removes make up just as well and quick! I use one by Daniel Jouvance, a french brand, it’s really good and smells lush! You should look if you can get hold of some to add to your collection! :) x

    • OMGGGGGGG – I hate it when someone recs a brand I’ve never heard of.

      I’m like a bunny with twitching ears.. “oooh, new brand? where! where!”

      Off to google I go, thanks for the rec! xx

  13. Rae says:

    Yep — you definitely have a problem. And it is an awesome one. 😀

    Now, no more cleansing oils until you finish up some of the ones you have! No matter how pretty and temping they are. *slaps your wrists*

  14. kyanvi says:

    i can’t wait to see more reviews on cleansing oil, as I have already used 3 bottles of DHC and really want to find another good one to try out!

  15. Meeta says:

    Tough choice, I would pick to review BB or L’Occitane. I love cleansing oils but haven’t tried nearly as many as you so it would be good to see your reviews. My favourite still remains Origins but I would like to try Muji or Bakel next.

  16. siglet says:

    ooh i love cleansing oils too and have about 7, but i restrain myself and only allow myself to use 1 at a time… haha >< the l'occitane one was the first one i ever used 😀 i've tried shu and dhc, please review the muji one!

  17. Amy says:

    Bobbi Brown (I am addicted to all things Bobbi). I own it, love it and would like to know your thoughts!

  18. akisa says:

    Since I’m time poor the style of reviews I prefer to read is a comparison on several products at once across key criteria. Would you consider doing it like that? Perhaps group them by price range or something. I’m eyeing the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil!

    • I could try, but it would probably end up being the longest review ever, thus defeating the object.

      What I should do… is go back through my old reviews, pull up the images and just score them out of 10 on factors that are important.

      Thanks for the idea! xx

      • Galen says:

        That sounds like a great idea!

        I was about to ask you which is your favourite, but this way you don’t have to choose just one to recommend! 😉

  19. Andrea says:

    I know you obviously don’t need any more – but I love the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, it’s my favourite one.

  20. LOL oh dear, I don’t even have one! :O

  21. Scientific Housewife says:

    I had a sample of the Laura Mercier and it was okay, it was just weird to use cleansing oil when I’m a suds and gel fan.

    • I don’t think LM is a great one to start off on. I’m not really a fan. I hate residue so always follow up with my normal cleanser/water combo. I think of Oil Cleansing as a kickstart and a way to ensure my makeup is fully dissolved.

      I leave the ‘cleaning’ to my cream cleansers x

  22. bubbles says:

    I love cleansing oil too :) but I have been using just Shu Uemura’s ones only <3 hehe..

  23. Elsie Barley says:

    I have never tried cleansing oils. What do they do and how do you use them? What makes them good?
    I use Neal’s Yard Facial Oils at night time and they are lovely but not cleansers.
    Tell me more. Please.

    • Makeup is mostly oil-based and to remove it really effectively – a good idea is to use an oil which will dissolve it.

      I use Cleansing Oil to dissolve the grime and makeup. I only ever use Cleansing Oil in the evening. 1 or 2 pumps and massage onto my face. Because of it’s texture, I also take the opportunity to massage my skin gently… this helps with drainage and general relaxation.

      Once all my makeup has been dissolved (1 minute later). I use hand hot water and a cloth to remove. A good cleansing oil should remove without leaving much residue.

      Some people leave it at that. But I fear leaving a residue behind so always “double cleanse” with a normal facial wash afterwards.

      Some people use a standard high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed with a splash of Castor Oil to cleanse… I tried it, but found it a bit of a hassle and hard to remove, which is why I’ll happily spend a bit of money on a Cleansing Oil.

      They are huge in Asia… and some of the best come from Asian brands.

      That’s a little introduction, if you need to know more – just ask x

      • Elsie Barley says:

        Thank you very much for all the good info – I think I am missing a trick here! Maybe they would be good for my dry “mature” (cough) skin in the winter months along with Neals Yard facial oil? Or maybe that would be a bit OTT! I will have to investigate.

  24. Lucia Luna says:

    HI there,
    LOVE your blog! Please tell me which one of the oils is your favorite. I am in Love with the SHu Uemura ones ( I went thru many bottles already), but I am in the USA and I know Shu is going to say good bye soon, and I am in the lookout for a new cleansing oil. Which one is the one that will take anything from your face including mascara, as Shu does?????

    • Hi Lucia!

      Thanks so much.

      I think it’s a real personal choice, I’m not THAT enamoured of the Shu cleansing oils… well, they’re fine… but I think that for the money, there’s equally great cleansing oils available.

      The Origins Cleansing Oil always seems to get good feedback, though I haven’t tried it personally.

      I love DHC’s cleansing oil which is thick and a little smelly (olive oil) but I find it to be hugely effective.

      Bobbi Brown and L’Occitane are also high up on my list.

  25. Sarah B says:

    Have you tried the new skincare brand astalift? new premiere skincare brand from japan it has a brilliant cleansing oil that dissolves all make up even waterproof mascara
    and smells like turkish delight and its only £19 x

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