Confessions of a Makeup Up Addict – Part 1

Posted by Lipglossiping On September - 11 - 2010

Who knew that you could quite literally spend ALL FREAKING NIGHT trying to decide whether to organise your makeup collection by:

* colour

* high end/high street

* current favourites

* recently used/long-forgotten

* daytime/night time

* formula

* alphabetically (ok, I joke… no really – don’t even think about it or I’m calling in psychiatric backup!)

I settled for high end/high street… I bet that reveals a disturbing indication of my shallowness or something.

I have 2 foundation drawers (they’re small drawers honest!) – 1 with all my high end ‘only wear this shit when you’re going somewhere nice’ and 1 with all my ‘you can go to the post office in this’ stuff.

Do you organise?  And more importantly… does it stay that way?!

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  1. Natalie says:

    I try to just organise by face, eyes, blusher blah blah blah. But it never stays that way. It looks so pretty and neat for a few days, then I get lazy and just start chucking stuff anywhere. :/


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  2. Catanya says:

    Lol! It’s really difficult to try to find the perfect way to oraganize our makeup stash. I do mine according to brand, it seems easier for me… The truth is that it does not stay that way for a long time, but I often spend an hour or so trying to organize it all again. I hope to see some pictures of everything organized by you!

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  3. Julia Arenas says:

    I don’t have a proper big kaboodle case. I will soon hopefully, but for now I have a little suitcase and I used large ziplock bags and organized my makeup according to what purpose/use/facial feature. Coz this is how my mind works when I’m about to use them “i’m gonna do my face now, i’m gonna do my eyes, i’m gonna do my lips…”

    So they’re organized this way per bag for now till i have a place to put them: face/complexion (blushes, foundations, concealers, highlighters, powders, bronzers), lips (lipsticks, glosses, lip pots, lipliners), eyes (eyeshadow palettes, pigments, single eyeshadows), eyes part 2 (mascara, liquid liner, pencil liner, brows, cream shadows). Hehe hope that made sense.

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  4. Robyn says:

    I have a computer desk for my make-up – the keyboard tray has boxes for face, lipsticks, lipglosses, various brands/types of eyemakeup. On top I keep my palettes, brushes, tools, brush cleansers, lotions and potions and on the bottom of the desk I keep my spares, polishes and my case of false lashes as well as my curling irons etc

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  5. rhamnousia says:

    I try to organise by item but it always goes horribly wrong because some items (eyeliner pencils, I’m looking at you!) always takes up more than one compartment and then some other poor sod (lipsticks) has to share with the overflow because they are lesser in number.

    It does stay organised in the drawers but it’s total carnage on the surface of the drawers. I leave my makeup out all week and take out what I need as time goes on and then come the weekend, I bemoan the fact that I have to put everything back and wash my brushes.

    Mine is all in one drawer but that drawer needs a good sort out..I just don’t have the patience to do it because it has to be done all at once and not bit by bit.

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  6. Gyudy says:

    I keep things I use almost daily in a box on the top of my makeup drawers, and the rest is organized by face, eyes, lips… Palettes and brushes are near me on a shelf. I keep everything like this, but I often change the things I keep on the box on the top! :-)

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  7. Sophie says:

    I organise in products, like foundation, mascaras, eyeshadow, etc..
    It does stay that way, I’m pretty good at making sure it stays in it’s place after use.

    However, I am out of room in my current storage, and need to add some.. I’m having a nightmare trying to figure out how to store it all at the moment!


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  8. Jan says:

    I have a huge problem with storage and am with Rhamnousia on the pencils problem. The problem for me is that I nearly always keep everything in it’s packaging, a nod to when I used to sell stuff on ebay, but also now it makes me feel that I am opening/using it new every day (sad but true). I had the same problem organising my books, author? subject? paperback v hardback? In the end I went for colour – mad I know but it looks very pretty.

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  9. kyanvi says:

    i tried to put them in groups depends on their functions, but it is quite difficult as they come in different size and shapes, took me a while to finalise the measurement for my DIY cardboard drawers….

    and yea, they don’t stay in that way afterwards, got to put them back in their original position every week =.=

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  10. Louise says:

    I have no high end.. except a MAC eyeshadow & pigment I won in a giveaway a while back.
    Mine are organised by face, lips, eyes (liners & mascara) and eyeshadow. Eyes used to be my favourite group and had many products but now it’s face. Because of this, it is overflowing so I think I should put my blushes in another basket!
    I just use medium sized baskets from good old Wilkinsons which are around 30p x

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  11. My makeup never stays organized! I try though. At the moment I just moved into my townhouse for the year for school and I’ve got very limited counter space so I’m having difficulty organizing my stash to my satisfaction. *sigh*

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  12. Lena says:

    Right now, mine stash is in a, shall we call it?, transitional state. My eyeshadow collection has grown so monstrous that it was spread EVERYWHERE so I’ve evicted all of my other makeup from my little 3-drawer bin and my shadows are currently spread through that. At the moment, they’re organized by brand and it looks quite lovely – I have mostly mineral shadows, and when stored on their side so you can see the color, it’s a veritable rainbow when I open it up!

    Alas, this also means that, currently, my face and lip makeup are all ungloriously stuffed into cosmetic bags to the side. Ugh. I’ve GOT to get more storage space; this tiny little counter top is NOT cutting it.

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  13. Right now I organize by type and keep ‘everyday’ stuff in my bathroom. I know that’s a no- no but it’s where I do my makeup!

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  14. Katie says:

    I have four drawers – 1) eyeshadows/pigments 2) lips 3) cheeks/foundations 4) eyeliners/mascaras
    and in those four drawers I organize by brand etc – All Barry M pigments together, all Body Shop blushes together etc. It normally stays that way but I LOVE going through it all and tidying it all up once a month!X

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  15. Mandy B says:

    I recently brought my stash under control: 3-drawer desk organizers hold eyeshadows, blushers, palettes; another two larger drawers hold polishes; a plastic bin for my lip glosses because I like to dig through those; and a pretty multi-section pencil holder from the office supply store for my brushes and liners.

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  16. Joice says:

    I have 4 of those plastic 4-drawer thingies and I stacked them so I have 2 8-drawer towers.
    I organized them by type. 2 for mineral stuffies, 1 for face essentials (primer, foundation powder), 1 for blushes, bronzers and highlighters, 1 for lippies, 1 for mascaras and liners, 2 for eyeshadow, 1 for false lashes, 1 for miscellaneous tools, 1 with mini products and samples and 1 with “must use this stuff up fast”.
    I keep all the large palettes in a pretty shoebox I found

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  17. the extent of my organization is to dump all the products that do the same job in one very little drawer (i.e. lip products in one, cheek products in another, etc).

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  18. Anitacska says:

    My stash is organised in the sense that I know where everything is (pretty much) as I keep a list for almost every brand and write down where I keep things. Most of my eyeshadows, face powders/highlighters (the ones I don’t use everyday or at all (you know, those pretty highlighting powders by Estee Lauder that I just cannot bare to destroy)) and blushes are kept in boxes and make up cases/bags in and under cupboards. I also keep my lipsticks and lipglosses (separated like yours, high end/high street) in boxes under my clothes drawers. On top of my two chests of drawers I keep the stuff I use more frequently and also most of my Mac products. It’s all overflowing though. :(

    If anyone’s interested to take a peek, I did a video a while ago: and here’s my lipstick/lipgloss organisation (although I now have 5 boxes):

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  19. Rae says:

    Haha, I organize like a craaaazy person! And it stays reasonably organized 😛

    Also, wwp! 😉

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  20. Kimberly says:

    I wish I could get through mine in a night, mine would take days.

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  21. How funny, I just decided to get my stuff organized a little better this past week! I pretty much organized by brand, which is good enough for now since my collection is still fairly small. I have some stuff in a drawer and the rest of it in a vintage train case–you can see more here if you like!

    It’s in pretty decent shape at the moment, but whether it will actually stay that way remains to be seen!

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  22. Rachael says:

    I bought a 3 drawer organizer for my bathroom so I could get it all off the counter. Eyes in the top, blush/bronzer in the center, palettes and MeowCosmetics Eye samples in the bottom. Foundation (I only have 2), brushes and liners on top. I have a drawer in the counter for lipsticks, gloss, lotion, headbands and hairbands. I have 2 caboodles (old school!) under the sink; one with nail polish, the other with really old stuff I can’t/haven’t thrown away and frankly never use.

    My point? To keep the counter in the bathroom clean. It stays that way for a day, then I slowly start putting more things on it instead of in the drawers. Usually lip products but also eye products and brushes i mean to clean. Such a mess!

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