Lipglossiping New Year Giveaway – Day 16

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 23 - 2011

But only ‘cos I love you.

I’ve been holding on to this prize since I bought it back in August… and then BarryM released a near perfect dupe and cheapened my giveaway prize by about £14 *shakes fist at BarryM* – still, nevermind… the ‘label conscious’ amongst us will still appreciate it on that merit!

I don’t really need to say too much about this one do I?

Leave a comment to enter.  Giveaway closes at 23:59GMT on 23rd January.

Winners will be announced early next month.  Info and rulez can be found here.

368 Responses to “Lipglossiping New Year Giveaway – Day 16”

  1. jbrobeck says:

    I would take this over Barry M any day! I have already put a big dent in my bottle, would love a back up!

  2. Jemma Page says:

    I need this! enter me enter me enter me pleasseee!

  3. Alison says:

    i’ve been waiting for this one to come around again with baited breath! my barry m has glooped up already and i only got like halfway through the bottle! ):

    so gorgeous, i want it all 😀

  4. Rachel says:

    Haven’t got round to getting the Barry M one yet, so I would love to win this :)

  5. stacie says:

    Yum Yum Chanel! Yes please!

  6. Jaynee says:

    Enter me please :) X x

  7. Kirsten Murphy says:

    I love Chanel varnish & love this shade!

  8. Fee says:

    Oh I don’t care about Barry…would love this!

    Fee x

  9. Belle says:

    Oooooft, enter me please!
    Belle xxx

  10. Tiffany S. says:

    You’re a saint for giving it away instead of holding onto it!

  11. Tracy S says:

    I love the colour!

  12. Crystal says:

    I’ve been wanting this for ages! It’s a beautiful colour!

  13. sherrie says:

    very swish this would be the poshest polish I own, My other polishes may not welcome it but I KNOW I will!! lol xx

  14. Gina D says:

    awesome giveaway thanks

  15. Andrasescu-Scrieciu Adriana Camelia says:

    Please , enter me!!!!!

  16. Chris says:

    Please enter me!

  17. emily says:

    Beautiful colours! Please enter me x

  18. Dora says:

    This is perhaps the best piece yet =) x

  19. AlicatAHL says:

    Would be so cool to win the ‘original’! Enter me please xxx

  20. Eliane says:

    Chanel OMG! Brillant price, enter me please!!! x

  21. peiwen says:

    omg!! fabulous prize! enter me please :)

  22. Ooh! Do enter me please :-)

    What a fab prize! x

    I follow you on twitter too and will tweet about this
    My twitter name is @Clever_Rabbit


  23. Louise says:

    Please enter me!!! I love this!! The original over a dupe anyday!!

  24. Heather says:

    I love this color! Enter me please!!

  25. ThatAndThis says:

    LOVE it!! Enter me pls! xx

  26. yasmine choudhry says:

    another fab prize, the colour is great, never tried theirs before, so would love to win this
    please ener me

  27. Grace says:

    please enter me :)

  28. K says:

    What a beautiful color! Please enter me!

  29. Sophie says:

    Please enter me! :)

  30. Jess says:

    Enter me please!

  31. mirta says:

    please enter me too :)

  32. ZebyK says:

    I’m not label conscious, but I can pretend to be….ooh such pretty pretty colour!! If you don’t mind enter me please C! Thank-you!! Xxx

  33. Got to want to win this!

  34. gorgeous! enter me, please :)

  35. LucyLights says:

    Enter me please :) x

  36. Katrina says:

    Ooh, I love this colour. I regret not picking up a bottle when it came out.

  37. Thian says:

    I like this color….

  38. Liene says:

    Enter me, please :)

  39. Sophie says:

    Please enter me!! :)

  40. Evangeline says:

    Ohhh chanel paradoxal one colour that I love enter me please evangeline x

  41. Udita says:

    lovely shade! (and label!)
    enter me please!
    x x x

  42. Marie says:

    *Crosses all fingers which can be crossed without injury, closes eyes and wishes REALLY hard* Gnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    (That’s my wishing really hard noise, it’s eerily similar to constipation)

  43. Lillian says:

    Please enter me, I’ve never tried a high end polish 😛

  44. Morganne says:

    I love the color and i don’t have the barry m soo i would love to win this beautiful.

  45. Aileen says:

    Oh. Em. Geeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I want it baaaaad! :-) xx

  46. Carmenesque says:

    I would soooooo love to win this one. I simply WANT something Chanel, but I’m a poor poor college student who cannot afford it…So you must enter me, pretty please! :-)))

  47. Eliz C says:

    Enter me please! This looks gorgeous! xox

  48. Ellen says:

    Enter me, please! x

  49. shauna says:

    this is such a gorgeous colour! i would love to win! :)

  50. Emily says:

    I want this so badly!

  51. Julia Arenas says:

    lovely lovely purple. Would like to win this of course, enter me please :)

  52. Huong says:

    YAYYY enter me please! ^_^ lol

  53. jenn says:

    Love that color!

  54. Tara M says:

    I would love to win this! xx

  55. Tululu58 says:

    Oh em gee, I would love, love to give Chanel a test drive. Pretty much say, “Why yes, my polish IS Chanel”*. Sign me up. :)

    *Isn’t that terrible?

  56. Janny says:

    whee! enter me please! =D

  57. Oh man you do not even know my love for purple, and I’ve recently been completely addicted to nail polish. LOVE!

  58. M says:

    enter me please ! :)

  59. Ivana says:

    please enter me! :)

  60. Strawberry says:

    great blog~!
    enter me please ^^

  61. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Chanel nail polish!! Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  62. lucie.lovely.cupcake says:

    Enter me please! I have never tried Chanel polishes :) x

  63. Grace says:

    Eeeek! Please enter me, this would be so exciting!

  64. Bicky says:

    I’m too unlucky to win this but do want. <3

  65. lo says:

    Eeeee! I would probably cry if I won haha. So pretty.

  66. enter me please xxx

  67. Krystal says:

    Very pretty! Please include me :)

  68. I can’t get this shade anywhere, enter me please xxxx

  69. Nicoline says:

    Beautiful. Enter me pretty please.

  70. Dree says:

    *squeals* really? oh you’re too kind! ive always wanted to try this out but i cant afford it haha. thanks for this giveaway and enter me!!!

  71. Oh dear lord! You’re amazing for including this in your giveaway

  72. Lilllisal says:

    Enter me please:-D TY

  73. Michelle says:

    I have such a weakness for purple. Seriously.

  74. Catherine says:

    LOVE IT! enter me please :)

  75. Holly says:

    i don’t even like purple but this shade is just too pretty. please enter me!

  76. Petra says:

    This is such a pretty nail polish!

  77. Ashley says:

    Chanel Paradoxal ain’t available instores anymore and Barry M is unavailable in Canada. Make up Gods, give me a break!!

  78. Justine says:

    Enter me please! Chanel is always amazing, dupes notwithstanding :)

  79. Jeni says:

    Enter me please :) Looks gorgeous.

  80. Lizzard says:

    boo barrym, yay lipglossiping!

  81. Lauren says:

    that is such a gorgeous colour. enter me please :) x

  82. Tina says:

    I would like to enter as well. Thank you!

  83. Kate says:

    Ooooh so pretty. Please enter me:)

  84. liloo says:

    please enter me :) :) xx

  85. Nicole says:

    please please please please please please please enter me (with a cherry on top)

  86. JoElla says:

    Hopefully you ship Stateside! I would love to win this!

  87. Emilie says:

    Enter me too please! thanks!

  88. Ohhh! Paradoxal! Enter me please!

  89. Nathalie says:


  90. Leone says:

    Oh yes, enter me please. Thank you!

  91. Amy R says:

    I am hyperventilating! =DDD

  92. Sumee says:

    Please enter me! :):) Thanks

  93. hannah says:

    enter me pleaseeee :)

  94. Devon says:

    This would be awesome!

  95. Catherine says:

    Enter me please :)

  96. noi says:

    i don’t even have words. PRETTY.
    enter me, please! :)

  97. Rachelle says:

    enter me, please

  98. Avianna says:

    enter me please!

  99. Janet T says:

    Yes! Please! I would love to win this!

  100. Maria says:

    Ooooh man – polishgasm – please enter me!

  101. Mai says:

    enter me please 😀

  102. Katie says:

    I’d like to enter, please!!<3

  103. Katherine says:

    Ooh, I’d love to win this! Please enter me. Thanks!

  104. Heather says:

    What an incredible prize to win – love you too! 😀 x

  105. eRiN says:

    I actually got the Revlon dupe, but the formula is HORRIBLE so I don’t really use it at all anymore :/ Please enter me!

  106. Halifax says:

    Oh thank you, Paradoxal is still a hit :)

  107. Sonal says:

    Enter me please! :)

  108. hollie says:

    enter me please x

  109. Mariza says:

    I’d love to try this color out! Please enter me!

  110. molly says:

    Please enter me, thanks

  111. Shaheeda Petersen says:

    Enter me please :)

  112. Elizabeth says:

    Oooohhh 😀 I <3 Chanel!

  113. Aneela Aziz says:

    Enter me please :)

  114. ShiriBT says:

    Enter me please! Great blog!

  115. Jay says:

    I would love to be entered in this giveaway!


  116. Sharon says:

    Ooh, a Chanel! *drools*

  117. pfefi says:

    Even the not label-conscious can appreciate the merit of being “the original”!

  118. olga says:


    please enter me :)

  119. quinie says:

    nice colour!! 😀
    enter me

  120. Poppy says:

    Purple? Please sign me up!

  121. Louise says:

    I have wanted this for so long! But it’s either priced stupidly high or sold out! Please enter me! :)

  122. Michele Ahearne says:

    Enter me please!
    It’s my birthday this week and this would be a fab gift! Never got round to buying it myself!

  123. Tiukukello says:


    Enter me please. : )

  124. Anna says:

    enter me please! :*

  125. rijaH says:

    Uhh cool! I would love to win this one :)

  126. Teja says:

    Enter me too! Thanks =)

  127. Mansikka says:

    Enter me, please :)

  128. Qian says:

    I love Paradoxal! I tried the tester and loved it, but, alas, it was too expensive.

  129. Lisa says:


    please please enter me!

  130. Susana says:

    Nice! I got the Barry M one, couldn’t bring myself to spend so much $$ on Chanel… if it’s true that they are dead on dupes, this is a real beauty.
    Enter me please! 😀

  131. Emmie says:

    This is gorgeous, enter me please.

  132. Ilaria says:

    enter me please :)

  133. bee says:

    that is the most gorgeous colour my eyeballs have ever seen :-O

  134. JMTolman says:

    Enter me please!

  135. victoria says:

    O_O I LOVE this color!!!! Enter me please!

  136. Shortiee31 says:

    Enter me please! I dream to own a Chanel nail polish 😛

  137. Jen says:

    Wow! You’re so generous! I have never bought a Chanel anything! It looks so beautiful :)

  138. origami says:

    Oh, this is lovely! I am just kicking myself for being away from the internet these last couple of weeks. I’d love to be entered. 😀

  139. Cam says:

    pleeeeease enter me, I would love to have this nailpolish!

  140. Becca says:

    Enter me please! I’ve been waiting for this one!! :)

  141. Katie H says:

    Nice!!! Please enter me! Kxx

  142. Anitacska says:

    Please enter me!

  143. Kelsey says:

    I don’t own any chanel, I would love this!

  144. Jessie Ng says:

    Please enter me!

  145. Faybee says:

    Sometimes there’s nothing better than the real thing :)

  146. Summer says:

    Oh you really do spoil us so :) x

  147. Bex says:

    Ohhh, please enter me! Thanks!
    Bex XxX

  148. Kathleen says:

    enter me please

  149. Charlene says:

    Gorgeous color and its Chanel that says it all. Enter me pls.

    Charlene xxxx

  150. Angel E. says:

    Wow! The brand, the color, please let me join. :) I find myself gravitating towards purples and plums these days. :)

  151. Louise S. says:

    Yay enter med please!

  152. enter me please!!!!

  153. kirsty says:

    Enter me please 😀

  154. Bourriquette says:

    Since I’m French, the Chanel lable has quite its importance for me…

  155. Alexandra says:

    enter me please, I’m jumping up and down like a little kid at the though of this

  156. Pippi says:

    My mother taught me not to say “I want”, so I’ll say “PLease enter me” instead.

  157. Alexandra says:

    laptop crashed as I tried to enter, so I don’t know if my last comment worked, grr. Enter me please!

  158. SaBaH says:

    Gorgeous giveaway! Enter me please. :-)

  159. charlotte says:

    I have the barry m dusky mauve, so would love to compare! Enter me please x

  160. SaBaH says:

    OOh drooling already! Enter me please. :-)

  161. Lorraine says:

    I am so in for this one, thanks !!

  162. Emmy says:

    wow, they really always come up with the perfect shade, don’t they? :)

  163. Ally says:

    Would love to win this one! Enter me please x

  164. Sadi says:

    I loveeeeeeeee this color.

    so plzzz enter me for this giveaway

  165. Ria says:

    This is one of the huuuugest lemmings I have!Count me in!

  166. Picksley says:

    It’s still a world of pretty though. Enter me please xxx

  167. Emma Dunwoodie says:

    Enter me please:) never had a Chanel varnish but would love one:)

  168. hobbit84 says:

    Enter me please :)

  169. PolishSis says:

    OMG is this for real? You are giving away a Chanel Paradoxal? This is awesome, good luck to everyone who entered!

  170. Ladybug says:

    Such a great colour. Count me in!

  171. Chloe Smith says:

    I love this so much 😀

    Enter me please <3

  172. Lisa says:

    Yes please! xxx

  173. Enna says:

    Enter me please!! :)

  174. Elena says:

    I love it! Please enter me..

  175. Barbolya says:

    Gorgeous color! Please enter me!

  176. LucyB says:

    I think I need this in my life :) Enter me please! x

  177. Carol says:

    this colour is very pretty 😀
    Chanel always delivers gorgeous things! xxx

  178. Penny says:

    oooh, preetty!
    please enter me x

  179. Emma says:

    enter me pleasexxx

  180. Lauren says:

    i would love to try this!, please enter me :) x

  181. Margot says:

    I die! Please please pretty please enter me x

  182. Bhumika says:

    enter me please :) xo

  183. Casey says:

    wow that colour looks fabulous!! I want it!!!

  184. FaceFixers says:

    That’s amazing, enter me please 😀

  185. Alla says:

    enter me please :)

  186. Alison says:

    enter me please!

  187. alafair says:

    I’ve never had a Chanel polish..enter me please!! :)

  188. zx says:

    nail polishes are my weakness lol
    love chanel

  189. nat says:

    I swatched this in Sephora…love. all you need to say

  190. Gemma says:

    Enter me please :)
    Love this colour :) x

  191. Debbie says:

    Stunner and all the dupes in the world aren’t as good as the real deal! Please enter me, ta x

  192. Imogen says:

    enter me pretty please!xx

  193. Anne says:

    I love this colour! If I don’t win it, I’m going to buy the Barry M one but it would be so lush to own a Chanel nail polish!

  194. Maria says:

    Oh! Enter me, please!

  195. Sarah says:

    :O yes please! xxxx

  196. Siobhan says:

    Please Enter Me :)


  197. Mercedes says:

    It’s purple..I want it :-)
    Enter me please.

  198. Arrow says:

    Enter me, please.
    Thank you :-)

  199. Belle says:

    I still covet this, even though I finally found the Barry M dupe:)

  200. Kirsty says:

    I’d like to enter please

  201. Anastasia says:

    Please please enter me!!!!!

  202. Phoebe says:

    Would love to add a Chanel polish to my collection!

  203. Sylvie says:

    It’s freaking gorgeous. Enter me please :) xx

  204. Sarah says:

    enter me please!

  205. Gabrielle says:

    The only piece of Chanel I think I’d ever have! enter me please x

  206. Mehak says:

    OMG…love it..enter me pleaseeee

  207. Deborah says:

    Yessss I would love to have this one <3.

  208. Vicki says:

    ooh yes please, since I broke my arm and am off work I have rediscovered painting my nails xx

  209. Samantha says:

    I would like to enter please :) Thankyou

  210. Alisha says:

    OMG I hate the fact that I missed out on this!!!

  211. Wei says:

    Please enter me! :)

  212. Pilipala says:

    Oh yes PLEASE!!!! thanks for the chance to win :)

  213. Anna Crystal says:

    Enter me please 😀

  214. redtiger21 says:

    Ooh, very nice too! Enter me please!xx

  215. Catriona says:

    Enter me please, I have dreams of owning a Chanel polish!

  216. Jennifer says:

    Enter me please :) I don’t own anything from Chanel!

  217. Crystal says:

    enter me please!

  218. elwingelfje says:

    Enter me, please! :)

  219. Duvessa says:

    Never enough purple nail polishes! 😀

  220. R00ki33 says:

    Wow Enter me please!! And its near impossible for me to find the dupe lol xx

  221. Keeley says:

    this is amazing! enter me please

  222. Oooh Chanel! Lovely, please enter me :)

  223. Kristina says:

    I love purple, enter me!! :)

  224. Rachel says:

    Enter me please!

  225. Christine says:

    Enter me please! :)

  226. Olga B. says:

    You’re so amazing for doing this again!
    Please enter me.

  227. Fiona says:

    Please enter me!! Thank you!

  228. Katy says:

    Enter me please 😀

  229. Angie says:

    Enter me please!

  230. Ann says:

    enter me please! I’d love a bottle of this!

  231. Rachel says:

    I would love to win this, enter me please :)

  232. layla says:

    Thats such a pretty shade! Pity that your prize was cheapened.. lol.. but thats great news for the rest of us I think. Dont think I could ever dream of owning anything Chanel 😉 thanks for the giveaway

  233. Erica says:

    Enter me pleaseee!

  234. Sophie says:

    OMG, Yes please! LUSH!

  235. Louise says:

    oooo enter me please charlotte xx

  236. DalaLuz says:

    It is a truly gorgeous color, precious, gorgeous, OMG and stuff! I am unfortunately not in the Chanel-capable buying bracket, so please don’t hate me for being happy with cheaper dupes :-) but trust me, this lacquer is still is an ultimate treasure to behold, I may even create a special pedestal for it to be able to look at it every day and *sigh* over its fab Chanelness…. So please enter me :-)

  237. Eva says:

    OMG I am in love!!

  238. Ness says:

    I would like to enter, thanks!

  239. Sarah Bailey says:

    Utterly amazing what I wouldn’t do to have that on my finger tips so please enter me xx

  240. Alina says:

    Chanel is currently out of my budget, hope my salary will ever allow me to spend money on buying Chanel)Giveaway is amazing..

  241. Clocks7291 says:

    Ohh, lovely! Enter me please :) Thanks x

  242. Adia says:

    Lovely giveaway!

  243. Victoria says:

    Wow, the prize is amazing! Enter me please!!!

  244. Tom says:

    That’s a great colour. Please enter me.

  245. Pamela Lord says:

    enter me please x

  246. Mimi says:

    enter me plese!

  247. Vedra says:

    Count me in too please!

  248. Jennifer says:

    please enter me :)

  249. Nina says:

    Enter me please!

  250. Caroline says:

    Enter me please, if all fails I’m going to buy the Barry M one :)

  251. Corrie says:

    enter me please :) xx

  252. zoe says:

    enter me please!amazing giveaway lovely x

  253. Kiara says:

    Would love to try this, please enter me

  254. eva says:

    OOOOH! Enter me please!

  255. Dv says:

    enter me please! this is so exciting :)

  256. sophie says:

    enter me please!!

  257. Abigail says:

    Enter me, please :)

    Thank you :)

  258. Renee says:

    oh my – I’ve been drooling over this for months now but just can’t manage to cough up the money to get it. Ahh!

  259. Enter me please. Thanks x

  260. Susan says:

    oh wow. yes please, enter me! :)

  261. Have never tried designer nail polish, hahaha!

  262. Jessie says:

    enter me please xx

  263. Claire says:

    Enter me please, I would love to own this polish. xx

  264. Pam says:

    I missed out on this.. please enter me! :)

  265. Lilli says:

    enter me, please! :)

  266. Nicola says:

    Oh wow, you’re very generous! I’d like to enter – I don’t own any Chanel nail varnish and this looks gorgeous :)

  267. Sundas says:

    Wow Chanel!!

    Enter me please.

  268. Hana says:

    Please enter meeee, I do have the Barry M dupe but would love to have the Chanel one :)

  269. Jane says:

    oooh enter me please! x

  270. Marloes says:

    Wow you must really love us :)
    Enter me please :)

  271. Phoebe says:

    I have ALWAYS dreamt of owning something chanel <3 *sigh* I don't mind that I could get an imitation! haha xxx

  272. Ana M. says:

    That would make a nice win!

  273. sara says:

    Sublime loveliness yes please

  274. Lila says:

    *_____* I love this colour so much, but 20€ were always too much for me… I always wanted to own something from Chanel. Please enter me!

  275. Lindsay says:

    Ooh, yes please!

  276. Kirsty says:

    Enter me please xx

  277. Esha says:

    Would love to win this soooooo much!!

  278. Tracey says:

    my god yes yes yes!!! Please enter me xxx

  279. Gemx says:

    Cool, enter me please! :)

  280. Lucy says:

    Enter me please! :)

  281. Such a beautiful color. Would love to be entered for this one :)

  282. Lilmiznutcase says:

    Lovely jubbly. I just managed to score a Jessica nail varnish for a quid at a church fair!

  283. Jan says:

    Always late to the party, dragging my knickers up and running a comb through my haystack (!) please enter me. Jan x

  284. SoFrolushes says:

    Purple is my favourite colour.

  285. Lisa says:

    Enter me please! I think I would drop down in shock if I won any of these prizes hehe 😀

  286. em x says:

    fab colour, please enter me :-)

  287. Claire says:

    Thank you, it’s gorgeous!!

  288. I would rather have the real thing than the dupe!, enter me please :) xx

  289. roberta says:

    great prize, good luck to everyone

  290. Ms Wedgie says:

    Enter me please!! :)

  291. Mindy says:

    enter me please!

  292. minu says:

    Amazing! Please enter me

  293. jorid says:

    I need a pretty purple, and really want to try out Chanel’s line of polishes. Please enter me! :)

  294. Johanna says:

    enter me please :)

  295. Agh, I just got home, I don’t think I missed this one.
    Enter me please! (: Thanks!

  296. Maisie says:

    :O *droooooool* AMAZING! enter me please! xx

  297. Claire says:

    Beautiful colour :) Please enter me x

  298. LeanneOCD says:

    Oooooh pretty! What an amazing colour.

  299. Jay Candy says:

    enter me please! love it!

  300. Christy O says:

    Great year-round colour, particularly fetching right now as we slowly enter warmer months.

  301. Jess says:

    I’d love to have this product!

  302. Patricia says:

    Oh the elusive Paradoxal…

  303. Janice says:

    Enter me please!! *drools over the colour* =P

  304. Bergny says:

    enter me please :)

  305. Lauren says:

    Enter me!
    Thanks x

  306. Harpreet says:

    enter me please :)

  307. Emilie says:

    Enter me please 😀

  308. Emily says:

    Wooow, super awesome :3 Would love to own this.

  309. Khadija Jamal says:

    Enter me please :)

  310. Ezzy says:

    anything for a chanel polish 😀

  311. Viv in the UK says:

    Please enter me! Thanks :)

  312. Haha, aren’t Barry M cruel 😛 Enter me please.

  313. Bianca says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, it looks stunning, would love to have it ;;)

  314. neeta says:

    enter me please!! would love to own some Chanel :)


  315. Sydney says:

    Well since they don’t stock the cheaper Barry M versions anywhere near me, this is still an amazing prize
    Enter me please x

  316. Hannah says:

    Enter me please! I bought this for my best friend for christmas and now I’m totally jealous of her nails :( x

  317. FragrantWitch says:

    Oh yes please! Purple is my very favourite colour

  318. tiffanyterese says:

    i have a dupe for this too!

  319. Judith van Bemmel says:

    Love this!
    Enter me please :)

  320. tgz says:

    I love purple nail polish :) Enter me, please

  321. Ami says:

    Love purple love chanel enter me please!

  322. stef says:

    a fantastic giveaway indeed!! xx

  323. Cheryl says:

    ooo i love this colour! Enter me please :)

  324. Nina says:

    Still my most coveted color! Thanks!

  325. Annie says:

    enter me please!

  326. Vicky says:

    Enter me please!

  327. Suzanne says:

    Enter enter enter^^

  328. Melody says:

    yay enter me please! =D

  329. Hibel says:

    oh hello, the mighty Paradoxal by Chanel, pleased to meet you 😉 hope to get my greedy hands on this eheh x

  330. CJB says:

    I would love this…please enter me!!

  331. Andrea says:

    Wow! Great prize!

  332. Rachel says:

    This looks amazing! enter me x

  333. Melissa says:

    I just started getting into nail polish, and I’ve always been curious about the hype of Paradoxal. Please enter me! Thank you!

  334. Stylishpop says:

    ooooo enter please

  335. Beth says:

    please enter me *has sore feet from walking between boots and superdrug so many times to find the dupe*

  336. glitteratti says:

    So pretty! Enter me please.

  337. Helen says:

    enter me please – love this colour x

  338. gio says:

    That’s gorgeous!

  339. Helena says:

    I’d love to win this <3

  340. mayuri says:

    loves it! enter me pls :)

  341. hannah says:

    enter me please

  342. Jenny Cole says:

    Gorgeous colour :) Enter me please xx

  343. Andrea G says:

    enter me pls :)

  344. Ana Belén says:

    I love the nail polish! enter me please!

  345. Kim says:

    Oh wow you’re such a gem! Enter me please xxx

  346. clare says:

    I got the Barry M dupe after seeing it here on Lipglossiping,,, but I’d love to own The Real Deal :) Please may I enter – thanks!

  347. @_PurpleAi says:

    Enter me please x

  348. Shifa says:

    Would love to try this out!

  349. Dee says:

    enter me please!

  350. Nero says:

    enter me please!

  351. rhamnousia says:

    Oooh, enter me for this one! xx

  352. Leticia E. says:

    Enter me please! :)

  353. Sylvia says:

    omg chanel, come to mama!!!

  354. Madeleine says:

    Enter me please.
    I’ve been trying to get the barry m dupe for ages but my local boots don’t sell it or it is always sold out.

  355. baby in a corner says:

    Just in time! Thanks Charlotte!

  356. zara says:

    wow! would love to have this!

  357. Sarah says:

    enter me please. :)

  358. Bernice says:

    Enter me please 😀

  359. Jessica W. says:

    Hehe.. The label conscious will appreciate it. Everyone deserves a little Chanel.


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