NARS Copacabana Illuminator – Swatches

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 6 - 2011

It was around the same time last year that NARS released the first in their line up of liquid illuminators, the NARS Orgasm Illuminator.  This year, NARS are releasing not one, not two but THREE new illuminators to sit alongside the original.

Due out a little later this month, the three shades will be well-known to NARS fans out there:  Copacabana, Super Orgasm and Laguna.

NARS Copacabana Illuminator is a pale pearly pink shade shot through with a hint of silver sparkle.  The sparkle stops it from being the kind of illuminator that I’d want to mix in with my foundation (at least during the daytime).

It has a thin, blendable texture and like it’s predecessor, a little goes an extremely long way, the 30ml bottle should last and last.

It is such a pretty shade for pale, cool-toned skin and I’m pleased that NARS have decided to extend the shade collection in this range.  Although I was a fan of the original Orgasm illuminator, I did comment that I felt it suited darker skin tones than mine.   This one?  The Copacabana Illuminator?  Made for me.  Not you, just me!

So far, I’ve worn this dotted along my cheekbones and it blended quite happily over liquid, cremes and powder foundations with no clumping issues.  I’ve also dropped a couple of dots into my body cream before slathering over my decolletage.  There are endless ways to wear illuminators… well, 4 or 5.

The illuminator dries down to a powder finish after a few minutes, so although it’s easy to blend… I feel that I have to be a bit quicker than with the original Orgasm version.

I sneaked a peek at both the Laguna and Super Orgasm illuminators as well.  Whilst Laguna looked ah-mazing for darker skintones, Super Orgasm disappointed me a little… it’s uber glittery (as you might expect) and I’m just not sure it was a needed addition when we already have an Orgasm illuminator available.

NARS Copacabana Illuminator will be available from the middle of this month onwards from all NARS counters and online.  Priced at £23.50.


Are you liking the look of NARS Copacabana Illuminator or are you cooling your heels for swatches of the Laguna version?

39 Responses to “NARS Copacabana Illuminator – Swatches”

  1. Viv in the UK says:

    Interesting – loved the original, and a lighter one sounds even better!

  2. Lillian says:

    Pretty but too pricey for me 😛

  3. karleigh says:

    I was a bit gutted that the Orgasm illuminator didn’t show up on me (I have the same skintone as you!) but I really can’t wait for Laguna =D

  4. Julia Arenas says:

    You look so cute in this photo, you have the “i have something you don’t have” look…and it isn’t smug…it’s cute hehehe.

  5. eRiN says:

    Omg, I REALLY want this!!! My skin tone is similar to yours :)

  6. Catriona says:

    That looks beautiful!

    I swatched the Super Orgasm today – HELLO GLITTER. There’s so much glitter in it I don’t know if anyone over the age of 14 could wear it…

  7. rhamnousia says:

    This is exactly what I need, albeit in a darker shade.

  8. Tracy S says:

    This looks amazing!

  9. katie says:

    I have this in the multiple stick and it’s way too light for my NW25 skintone! I’m going to give it to one of my light skinned friends. So sad though, it’s such a pretty highlighter.

  10. redtiger21 says:

    It looks beautiful on your skin.

  11. tiptoe shortbread says:

    ooo this looks gorgeous, I’d definitely use it on my cheeks….must take a wee look at the counter mid-month……..

  12. Cat says:

    Wow – this looks absolutely gorgeous! I know what I shall be purchasing next time I’m near a Nars counter :-)

  13. Sumee says:

    Charlotte you look lovely! :)

  14. Let E. says:

    This is lovely!! I think its prettier than the Orgasm illuminator.

  15. Replica says:

    I’m so glad you did this post as I was very close to ordering Super Orgasm online, but won’t now because of the glitter, of course I now want to get Copacabana :)

    • I think you’d be disappointed with the Super Orgasm one, though you may like the Orgasm version – a lot say that it doesn’t show up on them…. but for me, I’m not expecting it to be a blush yano? It just gives a peachy highlight as opposed to a cool-toned one like this. x

  16. Becca says:

    I love the Copacabana Multiple so thanks for this post, it looks even better swatched than I thought it would!

  17. Jan says:

    Very lovely – but C your site is sloooowww, doesn’t matter when I log on be it morning noon or night as is my want, it is taking an age, oh tell a lie just now about 5 secs to load but way quicker than this pre-xmas and when I was lipstickmamma 😉 Jan x

  18. That looks lovely and so wearable. I have a small sample of the Orgasm illuminator so I know exactly what you mean about a little goes a long way. I’ll be interested to give this a try.
    Jane x

  19. martine says:

    They have these in Space NK Manchester. Wasn’t too impressed. Becca ones are much better. Love your blog :-)

  20. I really like this one! And I think it will probably go well with my skintone too, so hooray xD

  21. Erin says:

    Just lovely. A bit pricey, but I’m sure it would last forever.

  22. Paris B says:

    Ah Orgasm Illuminator didn’t work for me either. I found it too dark. I would be interested in this one so I’ll keep an eye out for it 😀

  23. Jennifer says:

    i have the multiple version of copacabana and don’t quite like it :/ the liquid version seems better though :D!!

  24. This is amazing, want to try this copacabana!! And you really look beautiful! :)

  25. This is gorgeous on you! And holy crap, a Laguna one? MUST SEE THIS.

  26. AlicatAHL says:

    Hi Charlotte. I’ve got the original Orgasm Illuminator (was in my goody bag!) and still don’t really know what to do with it. Do I use it as a blusher over liquid foundation and then powder ontop? Or do I apply it after powdering? Do I mix it with my foundation and use all over? No idea at all. I haven’t even swatched it yet!

    Any pointers anyone will be gratefully received!

    • Hi Ali!

      It won’t give you enough colour to use it as a blusher (despite it looking like it might in the tube!). Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your finger tip and make three dots along the sharpest point of your cheekbone on each side and blend with your fingers.

      It should be happy over powder or liquid bases, don’t powder ontop of it, so maybe apply it last? Put a speck on your cupids bow and maybe under the arch of your brow too.

      Then turn your face in the light and “ooooh, AHHHH” at the shininess!

  27. Lila says:

    woah thats great! The price is not sooo big, as ther are 30ml of it and you just use it for nose or cheeks… It’s not my tone, I’m a litle bit warmer but this looks really nice on you!

  28. Marie says:

    I’ve been waiting for swatches of this ever since I first heard about it. So thank you so so much.
    I’m sure now, I must have this.

  29. Mia Jay says:

    i’m debating on buying this; the only thing i am worried about is how much glitter is really in it. i have the chance to ask for it as a birthday gift and the nearest nars to me is a far distance so i can’t try it out. how shimmery is it in real lighting because it looks like a perfect pearly sheen in the picture

    • Hello Mia,

      Glitter is so subjective that what might be acceptable to me is “glitterbomb” for you.

      I can tell you with certainty that there is no ‘chunky’ glitter particles in the formula. But the sheen is made from literally thousands of micro sparkles if that makes sense? It’s not pearlescent…. it’s definitely sparkly but I can’t FEEL the glitter and for me, it’s fine enough to not exaggerate pores etc.

      TheBeautyBite has an incredible cheek swatch which shows the glitter in the product well:

      Hope this helps and happy birthday!

  30. Amy says:

    This post really sold me on the Copacabana Illuminator. I have very very pale skin, and I’ve been looking for a good cream highlighter. I think I’m in love with this one!

  31. Me gusta tu blog, acabo de descubrilo y a partir de ahora soy Fun. Saludos

  32. Selma says:

    I want this in my life!!!

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