Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipsticks in Mod Pink & Guava

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 31 - 2011

When I was in London last week, I was on a lipstick mission… overtaken by the urge to find something to tempt me, I came home with more than I bargained for – a new lipstick obsession!

The new Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color’s had been piqueing my interest for a few weeks now and I headed to the counter in HoF Westfield to take a closer look.

The new Rich Lip Color range comprises of 12 relatively bright shades which definitely lean more Summery than Autumn/Winter in my opinion.  I chose two from the 12: Mod Pink and Guava.

Mod Pink was a shoo-in from the moment I spied the bullet.  It’s a lovely pink for Spring/Summer.  I took a bit more convincing with the other despite previously professing my love for all things Guava!  I was just a little unsure if it would be too warm and be a bit too “Oh HAI lips!”

I am pleased with myself that I pushed out of my comfort zone… not only that but I completely avoided Old Hollywood, a particularly lovely-looking red!

The packaging is the typical, sleek Bobbi Brown affair… nothing particularly exciting, just understated and elegant enough to pull out in public should you do that sort of thing!

God I love new lipsticks! *drool*

The texture of these is good!  Firm but smooth to apply with barely any drag on the lips.  Pigmentation is high (as you would expect from a range called “Rich Lip Color”.

Finish-wise, the two that I own are both semi-matte and despite this, they feel extremely comfortable on the lips and not particularly drying considering the very good wear I achieve from them.  I would estimate at around 4/5 hours without eating or drinking.

And here’s how they look in context with my face…

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipsticks are priced at £16.00 each on counter but are currently available on the House of Fraser website with 10% off.

Next on my list is Bikini Pink!

Are you planning on checking these out? Have you bought any already?!

43 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipsticks in Mod Pink & Guava”

  1. Amy says:

    A Bobbi Brown sales assistant put Old Hollywood on me a while ago and I am so in love with it, but I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of the range!


  2. Jen W says:

    Gosh they both look beautiful on you!

  3. rhamnousia says:

    Oooh, new design is looking nice!

    The lipsticks looks nice, I never get around to swatching high end lipsticks because the eyeshadows always stop me in my tracks. I also don’t like the HoF in Westfields but that is mainly because the first time I went in there, it was really hot, I had a headache, Simon wouldn’t hold my bags and the makeup was right by the door so I just gave everything a cursory glance.

    Finally, your eyebrows are looking very thick (this is a good thing!)

    • Thank you lovely!

      I’ve never really looked into BB powder eyeshadows, are they all that? I only own a couple of cream ones.

      Oh I like the HoF in Westfields but they seem to go out of stock on things really quickly, I guess ‘cos they’re so busy.

      Yes, check out my caterpillars!

  4. Emma says:

    How GORGEOUS is Guava! Love it!

    Also, after my comments yesterday, I’ve changed my mind about your blog, certain features of it anyway! I’m loving the roundtable and its loading faster today, so maybe it was just our net yesterday!

    Still lush lips though! x

    • I know!! It’s a really wearable ‘coral’ for pink skins to pull off I think!

      Thank you Emma, the loading problem is a REAL issue with my hosting company at the moment. It was bad in January, kinda fixed itself through Feb/early March and looks like it’s on the downhill again now.

      I *really* should change hosts but I’m scared it’ll mean down-time for the blog again. I need to just go for it really.

      Thank you for re-considering your feelings on certain bits of the re-design. I know I can’t please everyone, though would love to and I’m compiling everyone’s dislikes to see what is still a real issue for people in a few weeks time. Then I’ll look to adjusting!

      I really appreciate your comment x

  5. Lily says:

    Both are lovely colours which really suit you! Gorgeous :)

  6. Debbie says:

    God, now you have made me want Mod Pink, Bikini Pink AND MAC sheen supreme Behave Yourself. Damn you and your linky thangs!

    • Bwuahahahah, never!

      Mod Pink is a must.. it’s bright without being too bright for everyday. A lovely, clean pink… perhaps slightly mauve/cool?

      Bikini I really want aslong as it’s not a bit Viva Glam Gaga on me… I’ll have to swatch I think!

      MAC Sheen ones, I bought the hot pink one (Insanely It!) the same day as I bought these… lovely formula!

  7. Vijaya says:

    I prefer Mod Pink to Guava, although both are lovely. Mod Pink actually looks more like the color I think of when I think ‘Guava’.

  8. Charlotte says:

    After looking at swatches on temptalia I’d avoid Bikini Pink if I were you. Heather Pink looks amazing though..

  9. Jennifer says:

    Mod Pink looks so good on you. I think I want every single colour in this line, they are just so wearable! I’m going to check them out on Saturday, Mod Pink may be coming home with me.

  10. Viv in the UK says:

    Yes – I got Bikini Pink :) They really are gorgeous, and am so very tempted to buy more….

    • Oooh tell me about Bikini Pink, is it a bit stark? I need to go and see it again to decide!

      • Viv in the UK says:

        Well, tbh, it could be a bit ‘out there’ – I’ll be wearing it with one light coat I think. Think Bare Pink or Sweet Nectar would have been a better choice actually in retrospect – and as it’s on offer in HoF, I feel a ‘Collect in Store’ coming on…

        • Ahhh, that’s what I was wondering… I don’t want something that’s a bit Viva Glam Gaga – I just want a soft pink… perhaps I should keep looking.

          Hoorah for Collect in Store. Shame my nearest store is 40miles away though!

          • Viv in the UK says:

            My nearest HofF is about half a mile from my kids’ school :) I think Old Hollywood would look great on you…..

  11. redtiger21 says:

    Ohhhhhh Guava is divine!!!!!

  12. NeenaJ says:

    Mod Pink looks incredible on you! I love Guava myself (I’m a pale-warm). But when I tried it on, it only lasted an hour or two – and that’s without eating or drinking. Maybe I’m an unconscious lip biter? Anyway, I really wanted to love them, but I’m going to wait for the new Guerlain Rouge Automatique to fulfill my need for a new bullet.

    • Thanks Neena! Ooooh I can imagine Guava looking divine on you. The wear doesn’t sound good though and I thought I was a lip biter!!

      Yes, Guerlain…. rrrrahhh! Bye bye pennies! xx

  13. shanice says:

    I’m SO in love with Mod Pink! It looks lovely on you :)

  14. SaBaH says:

    Both colors are looking so good on you that i’m confused which one is better looking! 😉

  15. Leah says:

    I really like guava. I think it’s a really summery shade that’ll suit me. I must break out of the habit of buying lipsticks because I like the colour, forgetting that it’ll look hideous on me. This could definitely be a goer, or a cheaper dupe :)

  16. gio says:

    I’m loving the look of Mod Pink! Guava is lovely too.

  17. Larie says:

    Beautiful! I don’t even like lipsticks, and your photos make me want these! They look so beautiful on you.

  18. Jasmine says:

    Mod Pink is a-maz-ing!

    Do you think it would work on yellower skin tones (Chinese girl here)! I LOVE how full it looks without being garish. And Charlotte, your lipglossiping has left it out of stock on the site … alas, I will have to look at your lips for my kick now. Sigh. :)

  19. Gemx says:

    They both look lovely on you, but Guava is a really beautiful colour! x

  20. This is getting a bit more subjective, however this is a great blog.keep up the good work.

  21. So glad you said these were semi-matte, other blogs have been calling them glossy and I was so confused. Mod Pink is TOTALLY your color and Guava also looks lovely. I’m also loving the different textures on the packaging, which makes it look luxe and avoids the smudgy fingerprints issue.

    You reminded me of that one post from ages ago where you said guava about a hundred times… now I can’t find it! I lol’d at that one.

  22. Both of these look gorgeous on you. I have only got so far as swatching a few of these at a counter but I really liked them. I didn’t buy anything but I’ve regretted it ever since. I was looking at my ‘usual’ colours though. You might just have convinced me to be more adventurous 😉

  23. Robin says:

    Oh the Guava is devine!!!! I am so going to check these out at Macys (im in NY) This is my 1st time on your site! Love your photos!

  24. Tass says:

    Mod Pink looks lovely and totally unrelated but you’ve lost so much weight! xx

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