Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense #3 Purpura

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 1 - 2011

Well, I wasn’t gonna get sucked into the hype.  Oh no, not me!  But then I thought “oooh just one little look to see what everyone’s going on about… *swoon*, *thud*, *kerching*”


Priced at £24.50, I believe this makes the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense in #3 Purpura, the most expensive single eyeshadow I own, roundly beating my Le Metier de Beaute spangly silver that I bought on impulse and have barely worn to this day.

So first things first, is it worth that horrendous price tag?  Of course it’s not… but like my Tom Ford lippies, the numbers that ring up on the till matter less once I’ve fallen head over heels.  All that matters is finding ways to justify why I require at least one more from the range.  Sucker.

The Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense range of 12 shades incorporate multi-faceted pigment with impressive colour payoff and a rich, creamy formula.

I initially approached the counter with Lust Red in mind after seeing Temptalia’s swatch of the blackened-red shade… but a quick check at the alternatives available had me lusting after something a little lighter for Summer.  Don’t worry Lust Red… I’m coming back for you in the Autumn!

Purpura, #3 is a beautifully blended mix of purples and gold that combine to create a violet-toned charcoal that dances with a golden glimmer.

I wouldn’t class this as sheer when applied dry but it’s definitely more ‘buildable’ (that’s a diplomatic way of putting it!) than some of the other, more intense shades.  This is actually one of the reasons I purchased it as it felt “airier” and more befitting for hot days when a ‘made up’ face just looks a little too much.

The three swatches above show Purpura applied dry, ontop of primer (Urban Decay original) and with a damp brush.  There’s not a great deal of difference between using a primer or simply applying it with a dampened brush so I’d imagine the question of preference will come down to longevity.

As for longevity, well I don’t have any opinion on that yet seeing as I only bought this yesterday.  All reports sound good so I’m looking forward to decent wear from this really, rather expensive but ultimately flippin’ gorgeous eyeshadow.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadow in #3 Purpura is priced at £23.50 and available to buy on counter if you can find stock.  As of yesterday (31/5), Selfridges in London was out but Harvey Nichols came up trumps!

What do you think?  Like or no-like?

35 Responses to “Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense #3 Purpura”


    I too saw swatches of these at Temptalia but could really not justify that amount for ONE eyeshadow. Sigh.

  2. Debbie says:

    LOVE! Although have resisted urges to buy loose powders as I know I will end up with it everywhere apart from where I want it! It is really really bugging me that I have/had a pressed eye shadow that was this exact gold and purple combo that I loved and I have no idea where it was from and where it is now – probably in daughters pit of a bedroom (take note – all your nice stuff will end up in L’s room in a few years time!)x

    • Debbie says:

      That shadow was Nars Strada and I bought it for Em for her b’day. So its ok that its in her room after all! Worth a peek for a more affordable purple/gold shadow btw! x

    • Just realised that purple/gold shadow was Nars Strada (well worth a look if you fancy a similar purple/gold combo without the scary price tag!) I bought it for Em for her bday so for once its ok if this is in her bedroom! x

  3. I was trying to resist these any you are not helping!! Thanks for the review.

  4. Jen says:

    Purpura 3 is very beautiful but it loses its identity once you get it out of the pot…If only you could get that effect on the eye.

    Site’s rather slow again btw. Sorry.

  5. Arianne says:

    Oh LIKE! So much LIKE!

    The thing that amazes me about these eyeshadows is how it translates from the colour on the pan to swatches. It is exactly like purple and gold mixed together. It’s so surprising, but also so incredible. Did I just try to justify possibly buying Purpura? Possibly. :)

  6. Meeta says:

    This is the shade I have my eye on – so pretty and slightly unusual too

  7. Sydney says:

    This colour looks absolutely incredible.
    Shame about the price tag though!

    Might have to check out Debbie’s NARS recommendation first :)

  8. Lily says:

    That looks incredible! I’d be tempted just to have it on display haha. Couldn’t justify spending that much on an eyeshadow myself, though!

  9. Shifa says:

    This is gorgeous for occasions. I’ve been looking for a colour that I could wear all over the lids, on its own for a wedding and this looks just perfect!

  10. I’ve been resisting the hype on these as well but I think I’ll be caving soon. If Neiman Marcus had have had this shade online yesterday when I made my order I’m pretty sure it would have been part of it!

  11. Rae says:


    You’re killing me, Charlotte! The price tag is seriously painful to look at, but good lord is this ever gorgeous. Would love to see it incorporated in a FOTD, if you have the time 😉

  12. Vijaya says:

    Definitely like!

  13. ShannoninBC says:

    must. have. now. I have #9 which is a peachy neutral, however the #1 (Lust, black & red) and this one are CALLING ME LOUDLY…damnit.

  14. gio says:

    That’s a beautiful and very interesting at. But the price! Ouch!

  15. Anitacska says:

    I saw this on Temptalia and loved it, will try to find it at a counter near me, although I have no idea where I can actually buy this outside of London. I seem to recall Bentalls in Kingston having an Armani counter though, I’ll have a look next week. i also like the look of no 1, the blue and gold one. 😉

  16. Laura says:

    That’s such an amazing shade! Not quite as blue as it appears in the pot but still lovely. I can already feel my bank balance sighing!

  17. Tiahaar says:

    I’ve been drooling over these eye shadows ever since I saw them on Temptalia. I almost bought Lust Red a week ago, but 38€ is just too much for one shadow. But I could get 20% off the price this month and I don’t know what to do!! 😉 The one I have my eyes on is Lust Red. I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere else. But I kinda hope I would run into a dupe soon. (But to be fair I could grab any of them.)

  18. Leah says:

    Stunning….ly expensive! But so purdy! And I like the pot.

  19. I have this coming to me and you are making me practically jump in my chair with excitement over how dang good this looks! Thanks for the review.

  20. My favorite shadows of all time! I only have one because every time I go back for more they are sold out of the colors I want!

  21. Esha says:

    Its such an unusual colour that I think its worth the price and seems like it will last you forever!

  22. Kacey says:

    Trying to resist these….you’re making it even harder! I would absolutely love to see this in a look sometime :)

  23. I actually caved in and bought one in Pulp Fiction! Mine’s still en route though! Temptalia’s swatch of Purpura wasn’t that impressive, and I love purple so opted for Lancome’s Ultra Lavande Ombre Magnetique instead.

  24. NeenaJ says:

    I’m thinking of getting Rock Sand, which is a gorgeous, boring neutral. But for the price tag, I want something that will get a lot of wear!

  25. TheIMakeupMaven says:

    Love the article and Purpura swatches but I’m not too sure about the name. Purpura is a pathological condition characterized by purple splotches on skin, membranes and organs. What were they thinking?

    • Yeah but Purpura is latin for Purple.. and Armani is an Italian brand so they were maybe thinking more along those lines?

      • TheImakeupMaven says:

        Hehehe, it’s funny. I guess an oversight by their marketing team :)

      • Marie says:

        Actually, all of their products’ names have been adapted for the market they’re intended for. Products have italian names for the italian maket, english names for the english-speaking market, and french names for the french-speaking market, etc…
        Yet, Purpura is the only product in their entire line that hs kept its italian name for the english-speaking market (for which purpura is a serious skin condition).

        • Interesting, yes I see they’ve named it Ultra Violet for the French market… either way, I don’t think it’s anymore offputting than some of Urban Decay’s products names so it’s not something that really bothers me. Curious though!

  26. Viv in the UK says:

    I love all of these – have got the Purpura, the Pulp Fiction and the Lust Red – this last one is my favourite, and works perfectly with the new Clinique Black Honey range that is just coming out – I almost feel I can throw out all my other makeup but the Black Honey and the Lust Red for the autumn, and possibly for ever!

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