Guest Review: M2BROWS Eyebrow Renewing Serum

Posted by Lipglossiping On September - 26 - 2011

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I have no eyebrows.  Nope, nada, none.  It’s not that I’m deformed, they’re just not there — they don’t exist.  And before you’re quick to judge like most, I did not wax, shave, torture, over-pluck, or burn them off in a freak accident.  For a mousy brown haired girl, I simply have very fair eyebrows that have some slight growth at the start before fading away to nothing.

For a long time, this didn’t worry me but then it became a mission, a quest for the perfectly arched, fierce, don’t-mess-with-me power brow.  I have tried countless pencils (too harsh), filling in with eyeshadow (too dusty) and gels (too brown), alas the search for real Brooke Shield brows was still defeating me; until Charlotte offered me the M2BROWS Eyebrow Renewing Serum to trial.

Stocked at Harrods and retailing at a rather pricey £133, I had high hopes for this baby.  Infused with natural black sea rod oil, the serum aims to stimulate growth for sparse or out-of-shape brows in just under six weeks.  I followed the easy instructions and got into the routine of painting the liquid onto clean brows after showering and before applying my night time moisturiser.  The brush applicator was easy to use and I was heavy handed, slathering on a generous amount to all, and I mean all, areas of the brow.

After a week or so, I began to see growth, mainly in the sparse area beyond the arch.  Over the coming weeks, the amount of hair increased dramatically, creating the perfect bushy-ness needed for transforming and re-shaping.

I ditched my tweezers for the 6-8 week trial so that you would be able to witness the results, thank the lord for glasses to hide the re-growth!

To my utter delight you can see the serum worked to full effect, I was completely gobsmacked, the serum had stimulated growth in all areas of the brow – hurrah! However, this new growth was very blonde so it was time to bring in the Eylure Eyebrow Tint and whip these unruly bad boys into shape!

I purchased the at home Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint by Eylure, I was excited, nervous and pretty bloody scared at attempting to do such thing to myself, but it couldn’t have been any easier.  Simply mixing the dye into a thin paste, two minutes later, hey presto the girl HAD EYEBROWS.

After a MASS plucking session, I am pleased to announce that I am currently sporting a very natural, not too bushy, fierce Brooke Shield pair of brows.  It has added a new dimension to my face, creating a better balance.. They say you don’t know what you’re missing till it’s gone, well I never knew what I had till they grew and got tinted!

I highly recommend the M2BROWS Eyebrow Renewing Serum, if like me, you suffer with barely there brows, and I mean barely there, it’s worth splashing the cash.  If you’ve simply over-plucked and you know they will grow back, I would just wait. However, if the actual hair’s there, but very blonde or very fine, then the Eylure Eyebrow Tint is a must.  Priced at a very reasonable £7 (with up to twelve applications), it dyes brows a natural light brown, with no fear of looking like a Scary Mary.

I will continue to use the serum, as there’s plenty left in the tube (even after 10 weeks!) just to help create the perfect shape and make them twins, not just sisters.

My overall thoughts are as follow: HULLALUHAH!

18 Responses to “Guest Review: M2BROWS Eyebrow Renewing Serum”

  1. ketoglutarat says:

    WOW. stunning results. and such a strong will to ditch the tweezers ;)
    congratulations to your new brows!!!

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  2. Charlie says:

    Oh my, I need this so much! Thats incredible!

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  3. Anitacska says:

    Wow, wonderful result! Your new brows look fab! And may I say you have gorgeous eyelashes too. :)

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  4. Liza says:

    Wow they look fantastic! Not something I would ever try since mine are naturally soo thick, but what a great product!

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  5. esther says:

    This is fantastic, at last something pricey that works. And yes amazing eyelashes, wonder if they do one for those as mine are stupidly short.

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  6. jenn says:

    OMG! Thank God it worked!!

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  7. Jasmine says:

    Holy hell, I need me some of this – amazing! I loved your review, thank you!

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  8. Eden-Avalon says:

    My only concern is whether the growth will continue after the product has run out? Or is the growth permanent?

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  9. kelly says:

    Jees! The price was shocking to me, then I saw the results! Wowwwwwwweeeee! That is an amazing difference!
    Sadly I have brows that require weekly tweezing and 3 weekly waxing so not a product for me!

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  10. Carmel says:


    Just stopped by to read your review. You had great results! I only can say that like with any hair growth serum.. once you stop using it the growth stops.. Once all of your eyebrows have grown out/fallen out etc (this may be several months.. you may need to buy another bottle to continue to get the same thickness as it’s not permanent.

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  11. Ann says:

    Are the ‘after’ photos also after tinting?

    I would be interested in a product like this, but I need to wait for a lower price point … I mean, I was considering the $45 Anastasia serum expensive, so this blows that out of the water … but at least it clearly gives results!

    I hope you will find that some of the growth is permanent … I mean, maybe it will kinda wake up your brows and they will be like “oh, yes, I *can* grow hair!” and keep doing it to some extent.

    I have brows that are decent in some places, patchy in other places, and which I did abuse a bit, but only in certain areas. After carefully regrowing them for over a year, I now have a bit more brows than I did (they look a lot better) but there are still those sparse areas and they really do need to start a bit closer together >_<

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  12. Maria says:

    I´m sorry, maybe I am the only one who has noticed but you do not seem to be the same person in both photos (the 1st one with the cocktail and the third one looking at camera). Your nose does not look the same, your hair is completely different..etc..Could you please share a photo before applying M2brows where we can see your full face looking at camera and not hidden behind a drink?.

    Do not want to say you are lying, just that you look like another person. This product is very expensive so if you say it has worked this wonder for you, I just want to make sure before buying.


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  13. Sarah (CityGirlsFashionBox) says:

    Dear Maria,

    Quite simply, no. Although i might have done if you had asked more politely. Rudeness gets you nowhere.


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  14. Maria says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am sorry if you have found my previous note was rude, I did not mean to, I have just said what I think with no other intention. Maybe my english is not good enough to express myself in a more polite way, but what is true is that I have not said a single rude word in my note to make you think that way.

    All I have said is that you do not look the same in both photos. If you really are and you really think that the product is worth it, why not to share another photo where we can see your whole face?. If I was recommending a product I would try to provide as much evidence as possible to demonstrate it is really worthy. Otherwise, it is comprehensible that people who do not know you, may not trust.

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  15. Lipglossiping says:

    Hi Maria,

    The first link in the post will take you to Sarah’s blog where you’ll find over 2 years worth of photos of her. I personally chose Sarah to trial the M2 Brows because I was aware of her frustrations at not being able to grow out her brows. I have met her on a number of occasions and am happy to vouch 100% that all photos in this post are indeed of Sarah. Cocktail glass or no cocktail glass.

    I hope that this, in conjunction with checking through the archives on her own blog will satisfy your doubts.

    Thanks :)

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  16. [...] Sarah started off with nearly NO brow hairs. She posted her before pic and after pic. I cannot believe how amazing her results are. She started seeing growth after 1 week. You can check out her review of M2Brows here: [...]

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