The perfect IKEA makeup storage solution for less than you’d think!

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 6 - 2012

Most of my makeup is split between five old-style Ikea FIRA chests and a couple of Ikea HELMERS.  When Ikea discontinued the FIRA, makeup-loving hearts were broken across the globe, they’ve since replaced the storage solution with a hugely inferior version called the MOPPE which is about 2x the original price and half the original depth of the FIRA. No bueno.

I’ve been loving my HELMERS more and more since I threw some cheap drawer dividers in there, it wasn’t pretty but it helped to organise each drawer a little more effectively.

I went to Ikea a couple of days ago and came across some plastic basket inserts called ANTONIUS.  They come in one size, with one compartment configuration.  They cost a mere £1.80 a-piece and THEY FIT THE HELMER!  It’s actually a little bit of a squeeze to get them in there but fit they do!

Wanna see?

How sexy is that picture?  I just need a Dymo printer to make those little labels and I’ll be happy left alone in my room for the next seven years.  That’s a bit of a miscellaneous drawer by the way: powder highlighters, cream and liquid highlighters and lip products that don’t fit in my lipstick drawer!

On the right is mostly MAC MSFs, which should give you an idea of how big the compartments are.

A different drawer.  These are blushers.  It’s so much easier to be able to store them on their side with minimal rattling about or ‘foraging’ to find the right shade.

So how much would a full makeup storage solution set you back?  Well… let’s do the maths.

1 Ikea HELMER @ £24.99

6 Ikea ANTONIUS @ £10.80

Total = £35.79

Not bad eh?

I couldn’t be without my HELMERS.  Sure, I love the look of the ALEX but… these serve their purpose really well and after nearly three years of daily use, they look as good as the day I bought them.  I have one which fits snugly under my desk for nail polish and one that sits ontop of my desk (I have a huge corner desk) with the rolling casters removed.

How are you storing your makeup?  Got any tips to share?

46 Responses to “The perfect IKEA makeup storage solution for less than you’d think!”

  1. Vicki says:

    I’m tempted to nip to IKEA today now, My makeup is in a IKEA malm they don’t seem to do anymore, I have been fancying a helmer for a while

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  2. Becky says:

    Oooh I use the Alex 5 draw which does the trick with some cheap plastic baskets in various colours but this looks great.

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  3. Rae says:

    Dammit, Charlotte, now I want a HELMER in addition to my ALEX! D:

    (In my defence, I need more space. Which, admittedly, is probably actually a reason for me to stop acquiring more makeup rather than hunting down additional storage, but.)

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  4. baby in a corner says:

    i have an alex five drawer too I think! I love it! I found the helmer a little too rattly in the shop but i know loads of people love it!

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  5. Liza says:

    I use cutlery trays similar to that, but in an ALEX :)

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  6. Kelly says:

    These are perfect! I own two helmers for my makeup and nail polish collection, but now it’s sorted with Glossybox boxes and lids. These dividers are a so much better way of keeping things organised. Will definitely pick up a few when I visit IKEA next time. Thanks for the great pictures and the tip!

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  7. Wow, I’ve definitely always thought that Ikea storage would be more expensive!
    Also, that drawer looks incredible – I looove seeing pictures of well organised make up!<3

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  8. Julia says:

    I have one Ikea antonious but I wonder where it’s hiding…

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  9. Sarah s says:


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  10. Laura says:

    I’ve got mine in a Trofast frame ( with the plastic Trofast buckets that slide in. It’s kids furniture but whatever!They’re heavy plastic and easy to clean since everything comes apart. I added casters and have four short buckets for makeup and one deep one for hair products. It’s big enough for them to stand upright.

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  11. Paris B says:

    Oh wait! Antonius inserts fit in the Helmer? Now why didn’t mine?! 😛 I had to improv some separators using some separator things I got from Daiso. I’m going to have to re-do my Helmer & try the Antonius inserts again. Thanks Charlotte!

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  12. Irene says:

    Just went out to IKEA to get this combo, loving it so far.
    I’m now busy organizing all my different drawers, yay.
    Thanks so much for the tip =)

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  13. Sydney Kav says:

    I’m a little bit in love with you right now.

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  14. Lily says:

    Eeee, this looks great! I have a red IKEA helmer but really need another :S I doubt anything would fit in if I put dividers in too haha :’) Shall have to see when I move house!

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  15. Syen says:

    Oooooh! It fits? I have the Helmer and the Antonious, but it didn’t fit when I tried, and I never bothered to shove it in. I absolutely adore my Helmer too!

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  16. SoFrolushes says:

    I was inspired by your previous blog post on Helmers. I bought one and whilst disorderly organised it suited me. But now I am tempted to buy a second one because I bought those draw tidy things and now everything does not fit as it did when it was just thrown in. With that in mind I will probably buy a proper vanity desk thing so one can go either side.

    Helmer one of the best tips I got from you. Simply because now I see how much makeup I have and how many duplicate products I own.

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  17. rhamnousia says:

    I have those plastic thingies! I have had them for a few years now and they fit perfectly into the tall MALM chest of drawers (the one that comes with the mirror).

    It’s fantastic but now I realise I need more because my makeup collection keeps on growing!

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  18. Sarah says:

    You’ve set a dangerous precedent for me here Charlotte – multiple Helmers. I’ve got one red one. Obviously I’m now going to have to go to Ikea and get some Antoniuses (Antonii?) to go in it. There’s every risk that I’ll return home from said trip with a second Helmer as well. Oh man.

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  19. Nik says:

    Thank you so much for this post!
    I currently have different boxes dotted around all over the place.

    I got so excited I sent my brother out to buy me the helmer and trays, now I’m getting impatient, I want it now. He’s a bit slow with deliveries!

    How much shoving does it take to get the baskets to fit? I’m worried I’ll break it!!

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  20. Kate says:

    Helmers are $130 in Australia … Tear :'(

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  21. Sheenie says:

    I bought this yesterday and at 9pm decided to assemble this whilst watching Desperate Housewives, Made in Chelsea and Tim Minchin live. I went to bed after 1am. My hands hurt. Why? Because the screws at the base are a bitch. I got 2 done in an hour and have left the wheels to another time when my hand has recovered! I don’t understand them – they are really difficult to secure (they get stuck half way) but once they are in correctly, screwing them in is easy. It is definitely a very secure cabinet that’s for sure – no chance of it falling apart! The trays do fit although I think I will file/sand them down just a tad so they sit inside the drawers better. Really easy to assemble, I’m just a weakling, I suppose.

    The Antonius tray inserts were £1.60 each at Wembley’s Ikea. I have stuck a few things in there but will arrange it properly when I have time. It definitely looks much more convenient to retrieve items and use the ones I keep neglecting. Thanks for the work-out, Char – my guns thank you too.

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  22. Mimi says:

    Thanks for all your tips. Gonna order mine online tomorrow. I’ve been looking for the perfect makeup storage and finally I’ve found it-thanks to you!!! By the way-how much make up do you have ha ha

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  23. Laura says:

    Charlotte, you are a bad influence! lol

    I managed to convince the hubby to go to Ikea after a photoshoot he had so I got my Helmer and inserts and he got a new computer chair! =)

    I did spot the Alex and I love it in person, but I’m going to managed with the Helmer very nicely. 😀

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  24. anna says:

    i want one now

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  25. Kirsty says:

    This looked so good that I took a trip to ikea to get it! I got the helmer but unfortunately the inserts have been discontinued! I’m absolutely gutted! Anyone know of an alternative?

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  26. Mac Lover says:

    Thanks for inspiring me! Your makeup collection is lovely!

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  27. Mac Lover says:

    Does the antonius take up the whole drawer?

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  28. Kim says:

    Does the antonius insert fit the Alex drawers???

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  29. Alexis says:

    How many antonius fits in side the Alex in total ?

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  30. […] storing make-up in a drawer.  Here are a few simple ideas that I found… {Ikea organizer: source} {More Ikea Drawer Organizers: source} {Kitchen Drawer Organizer: source}If you are short on […]

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  31. Amy Caitlin says:

    Thank you for writing about your make up storage! I have been on my laptop for the last two hours looking for the perfect draw organiser for my make up and the ANTONIUS basket insert is exactly what I need! I’m so grateful! xo

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  32. […] Divide and conquer your bathroom drawers. You can find inexpensive drawer inserts just about anywhere and once you’ve got all of your drawers outfitted with inserts and dividers you can start filling each compartment. […]

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  33. […] Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects http://www.lipglossiping&#8230; […]

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  34. […] Ikea Makeup Solution  //  Lipglossiping […]

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