A little beauty haul!

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 23 - 2013

I don’t mind admitting that it’s been a while since I hauled anything more interesting than standard repurchases and top-ups of my routine staples.  I used to be a complete brand flirt, hopping from product to product and whilst I’m not beyond those days… not at all, I do garner more comfort from sticking to the tried and tested than ever I would have in the past.

I’m either becoming less adventurous in my old age or perhaps just a bit more sensible now that I have more “grown-up person” type bills to meet each month.

A little beauty haul!

Websites like Cheap Smells and Fragrance Direct always make a good job of parting me from my pennies.  You know when you just want one thing but then you look at the postage and think… “well, I might aswell make it worth it” before adding another 593494390 products to your basket?  Yeah, that.

Well, I was after a new foundation… not because I needed one… heck, I could paint the Eiffel Tower a pleasant shade of “vanilla” with the amount of unfinished foundations in my stash.  No, it was simply because one of you lovely lot suggested that I might like Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Ultra Lift & Firm Makeup.  You bloody big enablers, pack it in… that’s supposed to be my job.  Anyway, I spied it on Fragrance Direct at a ridiculous price of £8.99 (RRP £31) and I couldn’t resist it.

Then the whole internal postage conversation kicked in and I added a couple of bright Rimmel Kate lipsticks in #6 and #13 to my order to ensure that my makeup-receiving-grin would be even wider when I met the postman at the door.

(while I’m on the subject of FD, you should probably know that they’re selling some great OPI shades from circa Spring 2012 for £3.99 a-piece at the moment, you’re welcome)

A little beauty haul!

Last weekend, I decided that I needed a muted lipstick, and I was so thoroughly sick of reading all that hype about the Rimmel Apocalips that I caved.  I bought Celestial, but I don’t like it – what a bloody waste of anticipation!  I’ll properly review it later if you can even be arsed to suffer another post about them.

A little beauty haul!

My final purchase of the weekend came in the form of this lovely little tin of Herbacin Wuta Kamille Glycerine Handcream.  I bought the tin because it was cuter but John Lewis (where I picked this up) also sell a 100ml tube which is infinitely more practical.  I wouldn’t call it deeply nourishing but it’s easily absorbed and smells beautiful.

What have you been buying this week?

9 Responses to “A little beauty haul!”

  1. loobylou14 says:

    I’d be interested in a review of the Rimmel Apocalips. I love them so I’d be interested in finding out why you didn’t like it :)

  2. Janie says:

    Oooh I actually really like Celestial – it’s the first non nude lip colour I have been brave enough to wear.
    Also have the nude shade, but can’t remember what it’s called.

    Thanks for the OPI tip – Over the Taupe is probably the best of the bunch, but will make great gifts!


  3. It’s the bills. Our magpie ways are just dormant right now. 😉

    I once finished a giant tube of that Herbacin hand cream. It was okay. I see no difference between using that and Nivea Creme or a thick body butter.

  4. Joanne Green says:

    I let loose on FD after your last post about them – 7 Dainty Doll blushes later…… I love them! Colours of the cream blushes are just lovely on pale skin and the powder ones go great on set foundation – thank you very much for the heads up! I’ve got Celestial too and like you, not impressed with the feel of it at all on the lips even though the colour’s nice enough. Treated myself to a new Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC cream this week too from Ebay. They sent shade 2 instead of the shade 1 I ordered but now I’ve tried it, Shade 2 is fine and it’s stayed put all day – not too bad at all considering and it’s a huge tube for a tenner. Love the look of your Rimmel Kate lippies, haven’t tried them out yet. What’s the EA foundation like then? I’m looking forward to pay day this month, might have a bit of a splurge, debating with myself about Hourglass Ambient Powder in Diffused light but can’t think that a powder could ever be worth that much. Will hopefully have talked myself out of it by the time there’s cash in the bank. Rambling away here, will bugger off and go catch up on some Sons of Anarchy.

    • Hi Jo, The Holika Holika sounds good, do you think shade 2 would work for me? I’ve only worn the EA twice so far but it’s going on like bloody velvet. It almost feels as though it’s been designed as a matte finish for dry skin which is refreshing as my skin usually dictates that I stick to dewy finishes. I’m not sure if that makes sense but it’s been nice to see my complexion look made up and matte without looking dry. Coverage is medium, definitely not a sheer, summer foundation but not a night-time only one either. Will do a proper review soon!

      Hourglass is a brand that intrigues me but I always hold back, not sure why. Price? Probably. And yes, Celestial… it just feels, plasticky on my lips. x

  5. Joanne Green says:

    Not too sure whether it’ll work, Charlotte, it might do. I normally wear MUFE Face & Body in 38 as it’s a bit more neutral whereas the 36 that suits you perfectly is a tad too pink for me. Shade 2 of the Holika Holika looked distinctly orange on my hand and I thought straight away that it would be no-go but tried it on my face and it’s spot on. It feels a bit strange at first which I think is the high spf (32), it feels slightly sticky but a bit of Mac’s prep & prime powder sets it like a dream. It doesn’t seem to cling to or show up dry bits (of which I have lots) like 99% of my foundations do so that instantly puts it way ahead. Cover is nice but not too heavy and it wears well. It’s a white cream that has colour spheres in it that burst as you apply. Can send you a little pot to try if you’d like :-)

    I’m quite keen to try the EA one, sounds right up my alley – I normally stick to dewy finishes too so it’ll be nice to have one that’s matt but not drying. Look forward to seeing your full review of it to see it in the flesh.

    Celestial lasted about an hour on me and then the urge to scrape it off just became too much. I’m the same with the new L’Oreal YSL dupe liquid lippies that everyone else loves too – yak!

  6. Candace says:

    I’d also love a review of the Apocalips, as I quite like them and would be interested to hear why you’re not convinced!

    After a loooong no-buy period, because of exams and lack of interest in a lot of products, I finally went into the city with a big list of products to try out, only to discover that I couldn’t find any of them! A bit annoying but good for the wallet. I left with two of the Sleek three blush kits and their Mulberry lipstick – been looking for a dark vampy lip for a while and remembered I love their formula :)

  7. I’v heard great things about Rimmel Apocalips, and it’s finally coming to the U.S. I’m so excited. I’d love to read your review on it.

  8. SoFrolushes says:

    I love the apocalips range but shade galaxy is my fave.

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