NARS Spring 2011: The Eyeshadow Duos – Bateau Ivre & Nouveau Monde

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 7 - 2011

If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d get excited over the thought of a blue eyeshadow duo, I’d have pointed you in the direction of this photo and told you not to be so stupid.  So it surprises me to recognise that Bateau Ivre was the duo that captured my imagination when I first saw promo images from the NARS Spring 2011 collection last month.

They say: The Spring 2011 Collection is the epitome of minimalism, reaching a sensual peak with fresh, forward color. Jeweled earth tones for eyes and nails are infused with a metallic finish that lends a subtly sleek finish. Cool compliments of sheer and sparkling lips pair with unexpected accents of parrot green and vivid blue.  It all adds up to a look that’s indisputably modern.

Let’s take a look at those eyeshadow duos:  Bateau Ivre & Nouveau Monde*

Bateau Ivre, Limited Edition – £23.50

They Say: Named for Arthur Rimbaud’s renowned poem, this Duo Eyeshadow features a rich sky blue and a deep denim hue that can be applied wet or dry, alone or layered. No matter which way they’re worn, the effect is always as evocative and memorable as its namesake.

I can’t grumble about the shades in this duo, they’re delightful.  The perfect pop of wearable blue with a toned down denim to compliment.  I’ve worn them both wet to line… patted them over my lid with my finger for a softer, more spring-like look and worn them in a heavy, more structured way as shown in the FOTD below.

The lighter, satiny shade of the duo is more vibrant and a little more pigmented than it’s counterpart which is very matte.  Both work brautifully together and can be built up to create a great smoky eye if Spring looks aren’t your thing!

Nouveau Monde, Limited Edition – £23.50

They Say: Just like the French phrase it is named for, this metallic silver lilac and rich olive gold Duo Eyeshadow captures the essence of new world hopes and ambition. Wear each sumptuous shade solo or use one as a base and the other as an unexpected accent or highlight—the combination is striking and sophisticated.

I live in fear of green eyeshadow, it’s one shade that I really struggle to wear well.  To my eye, the right hand side of Nouveau Monde looks much greener in the pan than how it actually translates onto my skin.  Perhaps the uber pink tones in my skin cancel out some of the yellow and turn it a little browner than it might appear on other skintones.

Both shades are shimmery, with the lilac on the left containing silver glitter.  Before using this side, I prime my lids with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to give it better hold.  So far, I haven’t experienced too much fall out but it’s definitely a chunkier ‘shimmer’ than I’ve come to expect from NARS and something to be aware of if you hate micro-glitter in your eyeshadow.

The shades contrast well and the lilac does give a beautiful light wash of shimmer over the eyelid when worn alone.  Simillarly, the ‘green’ is beautiful as a liner and would bring the warmth in brown eyes out an absolute treat!

Both eyeshadow duos from the NARS Spring 2011 collection are available for a limited time from NARS online and on counters nationwide priced at £23.50 each.

Are you a Bateau Ivre fan or are you ready to explore the Nouveau Monde?

Are either of these calling your name?

*Press Samples

47 Responses to “NARS Spring 2011: The Eyeshadow Duos – Bateau Ivre & Nouveau Monde”

  1. ZebyK says:

    That blue looks utterly ah-ma-zing on you!!! I’m another one that gets scared by blue eyeshadows, but you look lovely :) xxx

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  2. Charlie says:

    Woah you make those blues look incredible, ok they are on my list, Nouveau Monde always was!

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  3. Tali says:

    Neither called out to me.. partly because I had no idea how to make them work. Especially blue on my brown eyes conjurs up memories of my first eyeshadow (blue) aged 14 and the drag queen style make-up looks i produced with it.
    However now after seeing how they look on…. I do like the look of Bateau Ivre..

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  4. Jennifer says:

    Both of those duos look great on you. I am supposed to be on a ban until the MAC Wonder Woman collection but you are tempting me :/ I will try to be good, I can probably get dupes of those shades.

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  5. Shifa says:

    The blue duo looks gorgeous on you!

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  6. Patricia says:

    That denim shade is bloody perfect, pardon my French.

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  7. Mercedes says:

    The blue toned ones really suit you!
    Brilliant swatches. thanks.

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  8. liloo says:

    check you out with your falsies. I delete EVERYTHING I said about the cheapness of them: your eyelashes are so long and full already, these are just perfect for you. particularly LOVING your nouveau monde fotd: wow. so dramatic. love that long wing you created with eyeshadow: must do that on myself too. There is no way I could pull shimmer in my crease, but you gave me confidence trying. wow.

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  9. Viv in the UK says:

    Look great on you, but I don’t do blue! Love the Nouveau Monde though – definitely on the wish-list!

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  10. Jennifer says:

    both the duos look sooo great on you <3!!! I was a bit scared by the vibrant colors in their usual eyeshadow range….:P

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  11. Debbie says:

    Would never wear the blues myself, but they are gorge on you. Am totally nicking your smoky eye application, in fact its all I can do to stop myself dashing off to have a go right now it looks stunning!

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  12. FragrantWitch says:

    Blue eye shadow that doesn’t look trashy- hoorah! Still, not for me, because with the 70’s trend for S/S’11, I fear I could end up looking REALLY like my mum. I love her but….no.

    Nouveau Monde grabs ‘me, I have very similar eye-colour to you( a bit more grey, though) and the pink in my skin would probably do a similar thing into toning down the green. Off to Nars!

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  13. Dempeaux says:

    Wow, that blue looks stunning on you! I struggle with blue, but I’m tempted by this :)

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  14. They’re both beautiful on you and they’re both calling my name. But I’m resisting! I have ordered the Calanque trio instead, I’m pretty sure I can dupe these within my collection.

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  15. I have them both… I love them… no great surprise, eh?

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  16. I was not a fan of the blue at all until I saw it on you and now I’m sold! It actually looks better on you than the other, more wearable duo. Stunning. Will have to look out for this X

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  17. Naomi Saddington says:

    Suprisingly, I actually prefer Bateau Ivre! I absolutely love the look you did with it :)

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  18. I love Nouveau Monde… I may be tempted to treat myself as ASOS has 20% off for students right now… urgh I’m supposed to be budgeting – damn you NARS!!!

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  19. linda says:

    the blue looks amazing on you!
    and my… you look like you’ve been losing a lot of weight O.o
    your face looks a lot thinner is your recent pics…

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  20. Leah says:

    Oh Em Gee! Bateau Ivre on you is aaaaaaaahmazing! What’s the nude lip too? Love your top as well.

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  21. redtiger21 says:

    They look so pretty on you!! I prefer the gold-and-silver look myself.

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  22. gio says:

    Wow, those blues look gorgeous on you! I need to check out this due now.

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  23. zoe says:

    love the blue eyeshadow!you look so pretty charlotte x

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  24. tiptoe shortbread says:

    Wow, you look amazing in these photos!! And you’ve made me want these both…and I only wanted the blue to start with, dammit!! 😉

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  25. shaglam says:

    WOW! I just got noveau monde, but your pictures almost make me want to get the bateau ivre… that one looks absolutely beautiful on you!!

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  26. Louise says:

    loving the look of Noveau Monde :)

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  27. Emily says:

    Both of those look gorgeous on you! Especially the first one!

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  28. Let E. says:

    Bateau Ivre looks amazing on you!! Nouveau Monde is nice but if I were to buy I’d wear them separetely. I really like the silver shade. Now the darker blue of Bateau Ivre is just so beautiful!! I think that a look with the silver and the dark blue would be gorgeous. :)

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  29. ketoglutarat says:

    oh my goddesss! you look stunning with both eye make ups! i like the blue tones better on you, though i like the colours in the nouveau monde duo better (and have ordered it for myself 😉 ).

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  30. Ann says:

    Nouveau Monde is totally calling to me – how would you compare the silvery shade in Nouveau Monde and the silvery shade in Melusine?
    If you have both of these, is there any chance you could do a comparison swatch? I would be SO grateful, since I’ve been (unsuccessfully) looking for a good comparison, since I really want both duos … but if the two shades are really similar, I’m just going to get Melusine, since I already have a couple great green/gold/olive shades (they seem to suit me well).

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  31. Heather says:

    Those blues look fantastic on you – and the green, I agree, does show up with more brown tones on your skin. Both gorgeous on you! :)

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  32. tania says:

    I can’t imagine blue eyeshadow looking nice with my brown/green eyes, but the second duo of the lilac and green I now want! I’ll have to do some hunting around for some alternatives with a more student-friendly price tag!

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  33. Robyn says:

    I wasn’t feeling the blue until I saw your FOTD! Gorgeous on you!

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  34. Arrow says:

    These looks are simply gorgeous! I have a friend who has similar coloring so I am sending her the link.

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  35. Jan says:

    Very pretty, and very beautiful. Not sure I could pull off the blue, I think I am more the linked photo. Eye face and skin envy here. Jan x

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  36. Jasmine says:

    You look absolutely dreamy… I think your dress complements the mystique of the shades! I’m fairly certain I can’t pull those colours off though, shame!! Am too yellow to get those right.

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  37. Tass says:

    Oh it looks bloody beautiful! Are you wearing any lip colour in the first set of photos? xx

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  38. aradhana says:

    the blue looks soooo good in the look you did! really works well with your hair and eyes!
    i might lean more towards the nouveau monde for myself, but we shall see when i finally get myself to the nars counter to swatch!

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  39. Oh, those eye shadows are so beautiful, and you?…you look gorgeous!! I love the blue eyeshadow duo! 😀

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  40. Neither of these duos has me like ‘OMG NEED IT’ but HOT DAMN your eye looks are gorgeous woman!

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  41. Tina says:

    Well, not before I read this post, nope, I certainly didn’t feel like any of these was calling my name…
    But… wow… I’m speechless atm!!!!!!

    BEAUTIFUL looks!!!! You did an excellent job with these!!!!
    Heck, I’m actually thinking I could use some ..”new world” lol!


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  42. Jade says:

    I absolutely love how you’ve done your eyes in the top post, the blues really suit you :)

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  43. Paige says:

    None of these eye shadow duos caught my attention at first but after seeing you FOTD using Nouveau Monde, I am reconsidering my decision. It looks so lovely on you!

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  44. ShanghaiLil says:

    I’m one of the few that prefers the Nouveau Monde though I think the Bateau Ivre beautiful on you, it’d be good to see the look front facing. Your post is one of the images that made me think I might be able to do the silvery purple/green as we have similar eye color. You definitely wear the colors well. The Madere never looked so lovely! Have you tried pairing it with Nars Fantasia?

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    • Hi ShanghaiLil – I purposefully don’t shoot front-facing very often because I have pretty hooded lids and they droop over the lid colour. Trust me, you’d have seen nothing but the crease shade!

      Madere is nice but strictly reserved for evening and smokey eyes – I’ll check out Fantasia next time I’m on counter :)

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