Lumos High Speed Top Coat? Better than Seche Vite…

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 1 - 2011

…that got your attention didn’t it?

I’ve been using the Lumos High Speed Top Coat (and base coat) for a few months now, it’s a product that I hadn’t heard much about before.  It’s not cheap but I’m confident that you’re going to need it.

To be honest with you, it’s been *killing* me that I haven’t been able to blog about this sooner but I wanted to make absolutely sure that I didn’t go ahead and rave about this top coat only to watch it go the same way as my numerous bottles of Seche Vite a few months down the line – i.e. gloopy and unusable.

The Lumos High Speed Top Coat hails from a company called Famous Names LLC and a little bit of digging reveals that this company is owned by none other than Jim and Linda Nordstrom of Creative Nail Design fame.  These are people who quite frankly, know what they’re doing when it comes to nails.

So… why do you need it?

Because it appears to be the top coat we’ve all been waiting for.

~ It dries solidly in a couple of minutes… touchproof, smudgeproof.  It’s equally as good as Seche Vite in providing a quick-dry finish.

~ It applies effortlessly, floating over the nail bed without pooling and it doesn’t complain and drag if you need to ‘go over’ it to spread it a little thinner.

~ I haven’t noticed any shrinkage or colour change to my polish after application.

~ It doesn’t go gloopy after a couple of months (3 months of frequent use, still perfect).

~ It seems to last and last and last!

How about some cons to even things up a bit?

Well.. it’s a bit expensive at around £10/£11 a bottle… but considering the image above shows 3 months usage (yes, really – there’s barely a dent in it!), I think it still represents great value for money.

I’ve also been using the Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat which promises to increase polish longevity but in all honesty, I’m just not the best placed to comment on its effectiveness simply because I don’t suffer from chips and I rarely want to wear my polishes for longer than 4/5 days at most anyway.  I can say that I haven’t experienced nail staining from my blue polishes (a.k.a smurf nails) since using this, so on that score – it’s a good base coat.

The UK distributor for LUMOS are Sweet Squared, a professional-only distributor.  I bought my duo set from eBay in January (£19.50 for both) but a quick google search also reveals a few other stockists that will sell directly to consumers.

45 Responses to “Lumos High Speed Top Coat? Better than Seche Vite…”

  1. Aw man… I just ordered a new bottle of Seche Vite from eBay… clearly I need to try this now!x

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    • Not that I’m trying to tempt you (ok, I am) but I’ve spotted mini versions for £3.50 inc. postage on the ‘bay. I’ve just bought one for my handbag (cos obv my handbag needs a manicure) x

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  2. Wow, will have to check this out :)x

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  3. 25FLONDON says:

    It sounds good, but I think I’ll stick to my Seche Vite (+ Seche Vite thinner) for the time being. At least until I use them up! The combination of both products is working well for me when the gloop hits, & they cost me around £4 each on eBay!

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  4. Kirsty says:

    Oooh I am definitely going to be trying this! Been debating over Seche Vite for a while but the shrinkage was putting me off, this sounds perfect! xx

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  5. Meeta says:

    Ooh, thanks for the review, I have just bought a new bottle of Seche Vite but I will have to explore this once that gets gloopy!

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  6. Lily says:

    Seche Vite is actually the worst topcoat I’ve ever used. Shrinkage, gloop and halving the amount of time I usually get from a mani! I only use it now for events/ nights out when I fancy a gloss finish. Thanks for the alternative!

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  7. Henessy says:

    I definietly need to try this, my Seche Vite doesnt work for me anymore.

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  8. Sydney says:

    I am so going to be trying this.
    If only just because it dries within minutes.

    Thanks for the heads up (and thanks for waiting in order to give the best review!)

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  9. Vijaya says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Seche Vite. May try this, though.

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  10. Nicola says:

    Ah you star! I have been searching for a quick drying top coat – OPI takes ages, Nails Inc dries really quickly but then my mani doesn’t last long, and I’ve been reluctant to buy Seche Vite due to having heard so much about the pain of the gloopiness after a few months! Have just ordered one of the mini versions of this to give it a try. This is why I love your blog – I would never have found this to try if it wasn’t for you! :)

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  11. Anitacska says:

    What I’d like to know is the ingredients, how do they compare to Seche Vite? I bought Seche Vite last summer but I’ve been scared to use it since it says on the bottle it may be harmful to reproduction system, even though I don’t want any more children, I also don’t want to end up with cancer or something equally nasty later on. :S

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    • I thought I’d thrown the box out… but I’ve just found it, so here goes:

      Ingredients: Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetyltriethyl Citrate, Cyclomethicone.

      No mention of toluene which is the substance that requires the warning on your bottle of Seche Vite x

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  12. Lucy says:

    Ooh exciting, I have a Sweet Squared account so might have to check these out :-)

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  13. Leah says:

    When I blogged my first ham fisted attempt at Seche Vite Jim commented on my blog about Lumos, and I’ve been wondering where to get hold of the damn stuff ever since! So I thang yew :)

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    • Jim commented on your blog? oooh la la! Yeah… eBay ftw in situations like this!

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    • Bonnie says:

      You can buy it through Sweet Squared in the UK. You can go to the website, to see where you can get it or order it from the website.

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  14. liloo/tsunimee says:

    yeah but the bottle a big ugly. i thought you preferred out of the door innit.
    i dont know what to buy anymore, oh you’re so versatile lol x

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    • What is it with you and bottles?!

      Out The Door is great… but I’ve always said that it doesn’t dry as fast as my Seche Vite… this is equally as fast as Seche Vite but without the gloopiness issue. Or to put it another way, this is equally as good as Out The Door but a bit faster to dry completely! x

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  15. Esha says:

    I have yet to try seche vite, the fact it turns gloopy after a few months put me off from purchasing it. Will definitely give this a go at £3.50 it would be rude not to;)

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  16. Eliane says:

    I have heard of this before. Couple of questions, does it “peel” your polish like Seche Vite does (or at least did to me after 2 days)? And is it 3 Free(Harmful chemicals)?
    Thanks x

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    • Hi Eliane,

      1. I’ve never experienced ‘peeling’ polish with Seche Vite so I’m afraid I can’t help you on that one!

      2. I’ve listed the ingredients above in my reply to Anitacska xx

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  17. Gemx says:

    I’ve been on an anti-topcoat rant for about a month. I was fed up with shrinkage and/or gloopiness and I had a strop and got rid of all my topcoats that had wronged me!
    I really do need a new one and this sounds amazing, definitely worth the investment. I’d pay double that for a topcoat that works! 😀

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  18. ReaderRita says:

    This sounds amazzzzzing. The shrinkage with Seche Vite has always vexed me greatly, not to mention the poisonous chemicals! (the order of those two items shows you where MY priorities are… Poison? Well maybe, if it gives me lovely talons…) (I must be certifiably insane.)
    I can’t find Lumos listed as being sold anywhere in the US, however. Sad for me. I’ll have to troll around on e(vil) and snag some! Thank you SO MUCH for this info!

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  19. Joyce says:

    I m sad that they don’t sell this in the US too…. i just got a new bottle of seche vite because my last one is so goopy…. at least i always get it at half off so it’s not that expensive….

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  20. FYI fir all US customers please go to and they will be able to help you with the purchase of Lumos.

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  21. Faye says:

    just to let you know that Lumos is a nail system and the top AND base coat have to be used together to get maxium results! so its no use just using the top coat you wont get the same results you have to use the base coat to!
    But trust me its worth it ever bit im a nail professional and i wouldnt use anything els in my salon!

    Also why dont you all try supporting you local businesses? i HATE ebay people just trying to make a quick penny!! ring up your local salons and see if they sell it? otherwise these small salons will be gone soon!! :(

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    • Bonnie says:

      I totally agree. Buying from reputable distributors guarantees you will be getting authentic products and most likely at lower costs.
      In the UK it is available through Sweet Square and in the US throught the website,

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  22. I’ve been trialling this since Xmas and I’m still not 100% certain. Sometimes it is amazing (when used over jellies and foils) and other topcoats do not come close. Other times, I find it gets narky – particularly with OPI cremes or with being exposed to water for a long period of time. In both of these instances, especially after a long bath or shower my varnish has just peeled off. I’m still trucking though as I want to get a consistent result.

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  23. Jen says:

    I’ve about had it with Seche Vite–I may need to look for this on eBay!

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    • Bonnie says:

      Depending where you are, you can purchase it in the UK exclusively through Sweet Square and in the US from the Famous Names Products website,
      That way you can be guaranteed of authentic products at reasonable prices.

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  24. Innnnnnteresting! I left Seche Vite in the dust months ago because of the gloopiness issue and have moved on to CND Air Dry. It lasts much longer before going gloopy, but it still does develop issues after a few months. Intrigued to see that the people behind CND have created yet another quick dry top coat, and I’m betting I’ll love it based on my experience with CND Air Dry.

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  25. Kimberly says:

    I got 2 tiny samples of this at the recent hair/beauty show here in Florida. I didn’t think anything of it. Then I was sorting out the stuff I got there. I got a folder with lots of info on this and these 2 tiny samples. I started using them right away because I wanted to know if this hype was for real. I haven’t had my bottle, using it, for over a week but I can tell the consistency is WAY different!! The top coat dried in a flash. And the bottom coat is fast and smooth too.

    Seche Vite…you have been de-throned!

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    • Bonnie says:

      So happy to hear you love Lumos. It truly is a great product with incredible shine. We are finding more and more nail techs making the switch. Living in FL you will be happy to know it dries fast even in humid weather and it doesn’t get thick and goopy if not used for awhile.

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  26. Vicki says:

    Brilliant product! Big thanks for the recommendation – definitely better than the Seche Vite. The topcoat especially gives an amazingly ‘tough’ feel like nothing I’ve ever used before – never tried it, but similar to what I would expect Shellac to feel like perhaps? Super-fast drying to proper hardness too (not just the annoying deceptive hardness I’ve found from other topcoats that end up in annoying chips when you’re lulled into a false sense of carelessness!)…

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  27. Bonnie says:

    You have to try Dadi’Oil. It is the brand new product from Famous Names Products, the people who brought you Lumos. Dadi’Oil is 95% Certified organic and was formulated by the same person who formulated Solar Oil, Jim Nordstrom. It is the best nail treatment oil on the market.

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