Travalo, making perfume portable and a GIVEAWAY!

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 5 - 2011

When a product gets over 200 5* reviews on Amazon, I can’t help but take notice.  Which is how I ended up buying one of these Travalo perfume atomisers last Christmas to put in a care parcel for my sister in Oz.  I haven’t actually *sent* this parcel yet, infact… I’m looking at it with overwhelming guilt as I type this. Note to self: send the damn parcel already, it has creme eggs and a packet of twiglets with her name on ‘em!

I’m tangenting…

Anyway, I was contacted by Travalo’s PR last month who wondered if I’d heard of the atomiser… “Yes!” says I, irrelevantly explaining what a completely awful sister I was.  Once I’d stopped rambling, they deduced that I hadn’t actually tried it for myself and kindly offered to send me one.

Behold.  The Travalo.  (and a nearly empty bottle of Hypnotic Poison).

The premise is simple.  We don’t want to carry big bottles of breakable perfumes around with us in our handbags and we *definitely* don’t want to pack them in our suitcases to take on hols but we still want to smell incredible right?

Old fashioned perfume atomisers involved fiddly things like funnels and swearing under your breath as you poured half your bottle of EDT over yourself, the kitchen counter and the cat before managing to eke maybe half a drop into the atomiser vessel.

Travalo uses a pump action to draw the juice from the original bottle into the atomiser chamber without a single drop going to waste.  Or that’s how it works in theory at least… look…

You just pop the nozzle off your favourite perfume and press the base of the Travalo onto the exposed, erm, errr, stump?  I’m sure that’s not the technical word.

It totally reminds me of watching my mum refill her BIC lighters in the 80s.  But again, with less swearing.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about pumping the Travalo up and down on the stump of the perfume bottle.  And it doesn’t even remotely make me think of sex either.

You get about 50 spritzes from a full Travalo which should be plenty for a week in the Sun.  I like that the atomiser has a decent nozzle too… it doesn’t dribble fragrance pathetically or force me to make do with my most hated of dispensers… the roller ball.

It’s a bit “form follows function” in its design and styling but it serves its purpose well without any major faults.  I’ve lumped it about with me in my handbag, given it to L to play with in the back of the car and even let Mr. L have a go at filling it after his curiosity got the better of him.  It has suffered a fair few scratches where the Travalo has bumped up against my car keys so I’d like to see the product come with one of those little drawstring pouches to keep it better protected.

When all is said and done though, it’s solidly achieved what it promises without fuss or palava, providing an affordable solution to a common fragrance dilemma!

Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomiser Bottle is available to buy online from CheapSmells and Amazon, priced from £7.10 with free delivery.


Now, for the giveaway… I have one of these Travalo Atomisers (in PINK!) to give away to a lovely Facebook follower!  If you don’t already following on the book of faces, why not? Oh, you hate facebook?  In that case drop me an email and I’ll enter you anyway.

If you ARE on Facebook, it’d be much easier to go here and click LIKE.  Or alternatively click the ‘like’ button over there on the right somewhere —>

1. Entry open to worldwide participants by liking the Facebook page.
2. Alternative entry available for Facebook haters by email.
3. One winner will be picked at random from all participants.
4. is the sole promoter of this giveaway.
5. Competition closes on Friday 13th May 2011 at 23.59.
6. Winner will be notified through Facebook or email within 5 days of the close of the competition.
7. No email addresses will be stored once the competition has closed and will only be used to contact the winner.


25 Responses to “Travalo, making perfume portable and a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Vijaya says:

    “Doesn’t even remotely make me think of sex either.” xD You cracked me up in the middle of a silent library. =D

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  2. Anitacska says:

    I like you already. :) Would really love to try this. I bought a similar one from Debenhams (for £10!) and it doesn’t work very well at all, you have to spray the perfume into a nozzle thing and there is always some waste. :( Like the idea though and will buy one of these if I don’t win this one. x

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  3. Oh brill sounds great. Have “liked” on facebook as Nicola McCandless

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  4. Sydney says:

    These are absolutely fantastic. I bought one a while ago and wish I still had it (was stolen by my mother who goes on very regular jaunts away and therefore claimed to have more need for it)

    Lovely little giveaway, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t make use of it :)

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  5. Phoebe says:

    This sounds perfect. No more perfume ‘stained’ hands!

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  6. Rebecca says:

    That’s such a magnificent, little gadget!!!!

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  7. Gemx says:

    Haha, love your reviews! It looks simple enough, but I can imagine myself being sprayed in the face in a cartoon skunk like fashion :P Handy little gadget xxx

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  8. ThatAndThis says:

    Pls enter me….I ‘Like’ you already – I’m on there as Oseme Edehomo. This looks very handy,a nd i was just discussing with my friends how annoying it isn carrying large bottles of perfume around with me!

    Thanks. x

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  9. Charlotte says:

    Oh this is perfect! Firstly as it’s getting warmer in England I do like to top up with fragrance throughout the day, secondly I’m going on a hand baggage only trip for work next month and was scouring eBay for a mini of my favourite perfume, and thirdly I’m going on holiday in July (with proper lugagge!) but do always worry about taking the full size glass bottles.

    If I don’t win I’ll get one of these ASAP!

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  10. Tass says:

    This is brilliant. I have so many perfumes and I never wear them because I can’t be bothered to carry them in my bag. I have a few tester perfumes I keep in there but they break so easily :(

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  11. Lucy says:

    I got one of these for free at the airport, I think it’s a really good idea for travelling – especially with the worries about baggage allowance, the amount of liquids in your hand luggage and loss or damage :-)

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  12. Ann says:

    I’m a big perfume geek, and thus, I already have 2 of these (silver and pink), so I will restrain myself from entering, so that someone who’s not already a devoted Travalo lover has a chance to win >_<

    I have to say, these are awesome. I have had my first one for almost 1.5 years now, and my second for about a year. The thing that I love MOST about these is that if you have favorite perfumes that are really expensive, you can decant into a Travalo without wasting a single drop (or getting it on your hands). I actually don't only use these when I'm traveling … I keep my big, expensive jewel of a bottle safely in its box, stored in a cool dark place, and keep my corresponding Travalo handy in a drawer with my makeup etc. Whenever it's empty, I pull out the bottle again and refill.

    One thing I would caution people though – pick your scent and stick with it. You don't want to fill the Travalo with one scent, empty it, and then fill it again with something else – because there are plastic parts which, even if you could take it apart and clean it completely, would still have absorbed fragrance.

    So really I want Travalo to make more colors, so that perfume lovers can have one for each of their favorite bottles and still be able to tell them apart easily! (are you listening, Travalo?)

    Sorry for the long post – but I just had to because I seriously love these things.

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    • Thank you SO much for taking the time Ann and I hope you’re about for tomorrow’s Lipstick League question, I’d be so interested to hear about your current fragrance faves! xx

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  13. asmaa17 says:

    I picked this up in Argos today for £5.99 also in pink! It doesn’t look half bad, sort of a metallic dusty pink. And it’s the perfect size for carrying in the (extremely) small clutch bags =)

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  14. NeenaJ says:

    What a great gadget. I hate the ones you have to decant your fragrance into – they make such a mess that it’s not worth it.

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  15. LucyLights says:

    Have already liked you :) x

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  16. thian says:

    I ‘like’ your facebook page …

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  17. Leah says:

    Ahhhh Hypnotic Poison, my favourite ever scent. The Travalo seems like a brilliant idea. Much better than lugging around a huge bottle and risking breakage, or else using wishy-washy body spray.

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  18. rhamnousia says:

    I have one of these and they are brilliant. I bought one for myself and was surprised at how easy it was to get the perfume in there. I have an old school atomiser which you have to fill by tipping the perfume bottle into it but then you get the smell of perfume all over your fingers and you waste a lot.

    My brother saw it and I ordered him the silver one and all his mates were quite impressed with know how Indian boys need to be smelling of perfume (aftershave!) all the time..

    I totally agree with Ann, pick a perfume and stick to it because this does absorb the scent. Mine has been filled with a D&G scent and now I need to get more because I don’t want to mess up a new scent by adding it in.

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  19. oo I love these, but I love them soo much i now want like 50 for all my different perfumes :( haahaha

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  20. Oh this sounds great, I have something similar, but you have to completely open the perfume bottle and pour some in the atomiser, so not very safe lol!

    “Doesn’t even remotely make me think of sex either.” hahahaha you’re hilarious!!

    I “like” your facebook page as Stavroula Plag :) Thanks ;) x

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  21. Ayshe says:

    I read the comment above about finding a scent and sticking to it, but does anyone have experience of washing it out? i change my scents a lot, and i love the idea of this, but I wouldn’t want to have to buy a new one each time and potentially leave one redundant.
    Great review!

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    • Ann says:

      It won’t like … poison you if you re-use it with a different scent, but it could kinda ‘contaminate’ whatever scent you put into it second, mixing it slightly with the scent that you use first.
      You might be able to smell the difference, you might not, so it could be worth experimenting. You won’t risk contaminating your bottle, just the amount of scent in the mini sprayer.

      I think it wouldn’t smell that ‘off’ unless you used a really strong scent, and then tried to re-fill it with a very delicate scent.

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  22. Cheryl says:

    I saw these on Hautelook a few months ago and always regretted not getting one. such a great idea and way better than lugging a full size perfume around! Would love to have one of these :)

    I ‘like’ your FB page as John Cheryl

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

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  23. […] to this Deal Alert – Remember when I talked about the Travalo Perfume Atomisers?  Well, they’re fairly inexpensive to begin with but CheapSmElls are offering them at an […]

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