Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection: The Swatches

Posted by Lipglossiping On August - 17 - 2011

I’ve posted about the packaging and I’ve posted individual close ups of the eyeshadows alongside their official descriptions.  This post will document the swatches from the new Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection* alongside my thoughts on each eyeshadow.

Midnight Rodeo is as Anitacska has been warning me, the love-child of MC/MCRA.  A beautiful base colour, spoiled by chunky glitter that will be ALL over your face in minutes if you’re not very careful about tapping off as much glitter as possible.  Urgh.

Tainted is a disappointment to me too.  A slightly amped up lilac yet it looks more dirty mauvey in the pan, less… prissy and simply more exciting!  Still, the texture is nice, the gold shimmer is a pretty touch and it could well be a grower.  No glitter.

Deeper is a ridiculously well-pigmented shade of awesomeness.  Copper with a firey gold sparkle (not glitter), it’s like a big beasty teddy bear and will make a fantastic liner on green eyes.  It looks a touch ‘grainy’ in my swatch (like Mignight Rodeo) – it’s not… that’s my bad.

Midnight 15 is a velvet-smooth, pale silver taupe.  A great inner corner highlight or an allover wash to brighten the area.  It has some (not too many) silver glitter particles.

Junkshow is a shocking pink with violet flashes.  Smooth shimmer with no glitter, I can see this one getting a lot of use on days when I’m feeling a little brave!

M.I.A is one of the most buttery eye shadows I’ve ever swatched.  It’s a deep chocolate shimmer with no glitter.  Hugely versatile.

Vanilla, the obvious highlighter is a smooth pale gold.  No glitter.

Omen is a violet with strong blue flashes.  Clearly, it’s stunning and builds up with great intensity though you’ll find a dupe (albeit a more greasy version) for a £1 in MUA’s eyeshadows.  Glitter free.

Ace is a graphite that is a good shade lighter than my swatch suggests (sorry).  A nice alternative to black for darkening the crease colour with a good texture.  No glitter.

Flow is a beautiful, neutral lid shade.  A shimmery peach that doesn’t pull too warm for cool skin tones.  Very pretty if not hugely exciting.  No glitter.

Evidence is a cracking midnight blue with some great vivid flashes.  It benefits from some building up and has a slightly hard texture.  No glitter.

Blackout, it’s matte black.  Move along.

Chase almost looks foiled right?  Another ridiculously buttery eyeshadow with a high-metallic finish.  Very pretty and glitter-free.

Deep End is a beautiful green/blue mix that leans slightly more green to my eye.  It’s a pretty shimmer with impressive pigmentation.  No glitter.

Half Truth is a smoky purple with multi-coloured shimmer.  Probably the most unique shade in the palette and my favourite!  Tres jolie!


My top 5 shades:  Half Truth, Deeper, Chase, Evidence, M.I.A

The Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection is available to buy online at Debenhams.com, priced at £39.00

Have your favourites changed now you’ve seen the swatches?

* press sample

27 Responses to “Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection: The Swatches”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow – they’re gorgeous!

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  2. DalaLuz says:

    There are many beauties in there!

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  3. The colours are deep and glowing – you are tempting me!!

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  4. .Nekku. says:

    Oh, these are so pretty I might just faint. Wish I could get my hands on this palette. I’ll go and ask my dear friend Mr. eBay, if there’s something he can do about this.

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  5. .Nekku. says:

    And btw, I had nothing to do with that link there. It just appeared by itself.

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  6. Lily says:

    Now I’ve seen the swatches I’m actually interested! Deep End and Midnight 15 look a-ma-zing.

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  7. sahar awan says:

    wao colors look so pigmented and gorgeous…love them all

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  8. Nini says:

    I love these, they are smooth as butter!

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  9. nargis says:

    These are beautiful! I want Omen, but would have to settle for £1 version :p

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  10. Esteeem says:

    you’re swatches are tons better than mine! I must find out your swatching technique 😉

    Seriously can’t wait to go to town on my palette and make tons of makeup looks but I just can’t seem to get the time! =(

    my favourites are deep end, evidence, vanilla (cos its SO soft) and tainted.. coz it’s a different colour to the norm.

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  11. Sara says:

    I snatched this palette the second it was available on Sephora (missed the previous two chances) and haven’t regretted it. I’ve got the BOS3, Naked Palette, and a handful of singles and a small palette that popped up on Hautelook last year, and now this one too. I love BOS3, but it doesn’t have enough neutrals to be the only thing I take while traveling, I *love* the Naked palette but it doesn’t have any “crazy colors” in case I wanna brighten up for travel….so naturally I justified this purchase pretty easily. This palette has a little bit of both and can easily be the only thing I travel with and cover all bases.

    I haven’t used it much yet, but I did a smokey “20s-ish” eye with Deeper applied over Pixy Epoxy and holy god was it awesome. Especially after smudging the edges a bit with MIA and bringing my hair down around my face in a wavy sort of way (totally not official finger waves, but as close as I could get it). Seriously, try that out next time you don’t know what to do but want something vampy.

    Thanks for the swatches – they look great! I can’t wait to see what sorts of looks you get up to with this palette.

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  12. ketoglutarat says:

    your photos and swatches are phenomenal!

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  13. Fabulous Fabs says:

    Yesterday I said ACE, EVIDENCE, HALF-TRUTH and JUNKSHOW were my favourites. Today I would say DEEP END, HALF-TRUTH, OMEN, EVIDENCE and M.I.A.

    Thanks for the great swatches

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  14. Geek Faerie says:

    I think I just found my TARDIS blue in Evidence! How quickly can I get to Ulta right now?!

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  15. Patricia says:

    Thank you for the swatches, I still think it’s a pity there aren’t more matte shadows, but this is such a stunning collection… oh temptation…

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  16. Rae says:

    Eep! These are even prettier than anticipated D: Stunning photos as always – thank you for sharing swatches & descriptions for all of these, lovely!

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  17. Kat says:

    Your swatches are gorgeous! I remember seeing this and thinking that I completely loved Evidence, Flow, Deep End, and Omen, but I couldn’t quite justify purchasing the collection for the four shades that I loved. Half Truth is completely stunning, but something about it is just sort of “off” on my skin tone.

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  18. Julianne says:

    Oh well I basically HAVE to get it now after those swatches! Grumble…;)

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  19. liloo says:

    wow, tainted, vanilla and chase: the stars of this palette.
    sadly, i’ve got way too much makeup as it is to justify the expense.
    good job they didn’t have any matte in there (does urban decay actually do matte??) cos otherwise it would have been harder to resist xx

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  20. Sarah B says:

    Oh wow, this teaches me not to judge solely by the way it looked. These swatches are very convincing…
    Sod it, it’s pay day, I bought it!

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  21. Kirsty says:

    Totally snapping this up instead of BOS4. Saw the swatches on Temptalia and I am absolutely NOT into it! If I needed a speaker, I’d drag my ass to Dixons.

    Great swatches Charlotte :-)

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  22. Gauri says:

    I’m loving each and everyone of em.

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  23. Catmint says:

    *sigh* of course there is no international delivery *mopes* Swatches are looking great, I hope I can find this somewhere else :)

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  24. […] do a daytime FOTD next, any requests to include a particular shade? Tweet FOTDs Urban […]

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