Treats to keep a dieter sane!

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 5 - 2012

This is a bit of an odd post from me but I had a question last week regarding the #fooddiary hashtag that I’m currently using on Twitter.  I use it to basically remind myself of the meals I’m eating (and how many calories they contain) as I try to keep a tighter rein on the quantities (and types) of food that I shove down my throat.

Anyway, I was asked about the other foods that I’ve been eating, aside from the main meals and for me, it’s the snacks that are often my downfall.  I don’t start working until after Leila goes to bed and as a family, we always eat our dinner earlier in the day which means that I’m ravenous by nine or ten o’ clock at night.  This wouldn’t be a problem if I was able to send myself to bed but I generally work through till around two in the morning.  So… here are some of the treats that I’ve been indulging in over the past few weeks…

1). Being naturally isotonic, coconut water is known as a real thirst-quencher and I don’t know about you but I often mistake thirst for hunger.  This ZICO Coconut Water* which has just launched into the UK market hit the spot and had a natural sweetness that felt far naughtier than it was.  60kcal per bottle and priced at £2.50 each, it’s not a cheap option but I think it would work well as an after-gym reward.

2). I love my tea and while most people start the day with a coffee, I kick mine off with a cup of Oolong.  I always think of Oolong as the half-way point between black and white tea… it’s naturally quite mellow in flavour and contains less caffeine than both of the other varieties.  I buy the teabags simply because I can’t be faffed with infusers first thing in the morning.  Oolong has been a bit of a media darling in terms of reported health benefits (one of which includes fat-burning!), I just like the taste… all the other stuff is an added bonus!

3). If I’m going to be out during the day, I grab a protein bar to take with me.  It (usually) stops me from diving into McDonalds (I know, filth) or somewhere equally unhealthy.  The Biggest Loser Bars are the ones that I have at the minute but I can’t say they’ve been my favourite!

4). I bought the Japanese Sencha to drink chilled but haven’t gotten around to doing so yet!  I first tasted Sencha at Camellia Tea House and really liked the mild, sweet flavour.  It’s very gentle and a little grassy-tasting.  Full of anti-oxidants, I find this probably the most refreshing of the teas I drink.

5). Special K Mini Breaks are my sweet-tooth saviour!  99kcal a pack, they don’t do to much damage but really hit the spot late at night when I’m craving something naughty.

6). Every girl needs a hot chocolate once in a while and Cadbury Highlights Dark Chocolate (it has to be the dark one!) is the most chocolatey of the lot for the least calories.  Trust me on this, I think I’ve tried them all!  When made with hot water, 40kcal won’t break the calorie bank.

7). Don’t laugh at this one but I’ve been known to raid Leila’s snack cupboard for a late night indulgence and these Annabel Karmel Tasty Tomato Corn & Rice Snacks are so good that I’ve just picked up a couple of packets for myself!  78kcal a pack, they’re around 55p each in my local supermarket.

8). Twinings Pure Peppermint is my ‘relaxation’ tea.  Is that weird to have different teas to suit different moods?  I first discovered the wonders of peppermint tea after my c-section… some of you will know what I’m talking about!  I have a few cups a week and both the smell and taste really chill me out.  Yes, I think that probably is a bit weird upon reflection.

9). I haven’t tried any other varieties of Chinese Gunpowder Tea yet but picked this one up from our local Asian supermarket because Mr. L fell in love with the smooth but smoky flavour.  Are you bored of my teas yet?

10). Another winner from AK!  The Oaty Chewy bar comes in at under 100kcal and is another sweet-tooth buster.  I do fierce battle with my daughter over these and whenever I steal one, I remind her of the numerous times I’ve turned round to find my last chocolate digestive missing from the plate.

11). Last but by no means least, satsumas!  I don’t really like fruit but I can’t get enough of these at the minute… around 40kcal each and so lovely late at night.  Take ages to eat too because I’m really fussy about picking all the pith off!


What healthier alternatives do you enjoy and are you a late night snacker?

* press sample

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  1. Siobhan says:

    Mmm, these food posts have been great! I totally understand about teas for different moods, I have a tea schedule throughout the day, with different teas for different times…weird eh? Our family’s latest snack love is stewed fruit. It’s great for using up fruit from the tree/discount bin at the supermarket & might be easier to eat than straight fruit for someone who’s not a huge fruit fan!

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    • I’m really glad you’re enjoying them Siobhan – thank you for telling me, it’s encouraging because I never know if stepping outside of the beauty realm ocassionally is something I should be doing!

      Stewed fruit is lush, but it makes me crave ice cream like nothing else!

      I’ve only really ever done apples though, any other that stews nicely?

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      • Siobhan says:

        Pluns, nectarines, peaches, pears…practically anything!

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        • Wordbird says:

          Mmmmm! And if you want dairy with it, you can always top it with a dollop of fat-free fromage frais or Greek yoghurt. And allegedly a sprinkle of cinnamon helps improve insulin response. Allegedly.

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  2. Kerry says:

    Interesting snacks! I love oranges and other fruit, and I really like the nut and raisin/cranberry combo. It *almost* tastes like chocolate.

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  3. victoria says:

    Interesting post :)
    I’ve been enjoying Graze boxes for snacks lately

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  4. Lilmiznutcase says:

    Considering the number of teas on the market, I don’t think it’s at all inappropriate to have one for each mood. I need to find my angry tea! I am also big on late night snacking, which never really helps in weight loss. I know having the family eat meals together is important, but could you maybe have a light snack while Leila had dinner and then have supper around 8?

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  5. Jasmine says:

    Seaweed! Get them from any asian store. Very low in calories and savory to boot. A cucumber or some celery is juicy and quenches the thirst too. I love melons, especially watermelons.

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  6. Daintynymph says:

    Dessert hummus is my new favorite thing. I’m not sure how the calories stack up, but it’s pretty heavy on protein at least. Soooo good!

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  7. Wordbird says:

    I am at the starting point of a big ol’ diet and am also a PCOS gal like you, so I read your posts with great interest. They’re very inspirational but don’t make me feel guilty, which is quite a feat. And I’m also a latenight person and dreadful snacker. Gah!
    I’m something of a diet pop fiend, though I’m starting to reconsider, because I worry about it making me crave sugar. So I’ve been thinking tea could be the better choice. Now you’ve given me some interesting suggestions to try – thanks!

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    • Coke Zero is a massive weakness for me too – good luck!

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      • Wordbird says:

        Thanks, I’ll need it. I’m around the same weight you were when you first started, so it’s going to be a long one. :)
        I was cruising the teas aisle in Sainsbury’s yesterday with my 7-year old daughter, after explaining that Mummy was going to try to drink more tea instead of Diet Coke, to be healthier and lose weight (she’s blunt about telling me I’m fat and that it’s not healthy and I can’t contradict her – I am and it’s not). Naturally little eagle-eyes spotted the Slimming Tea and said really loudly ‘this is what you need Mummy! it will make you thinner!’
        Ah, thank you my love.

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  8. Jade says:

    I really love the twinings chai tea, a sweet kick without actually being sweet :)

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  9. Jade says:

    Unless you really hate liquorice then you should try Teapigs Liquorice and Peppermint tea. Its really naturally sweet (I even suck the bag) and its about 2kcal per cup. Its gorgeous.

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  10. Stacie says:

    Mmmm this post made me hungry……..

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  11. Wordbird says:

    I have a question – I’m trying the Cambridge/Shakes approach and I’d like to know which make of shakes or protein powder you recommend? I’m trying the Biggest Loser shakes at the moment and erm, they’re not very nice (but I’m too stubborn to throw them out, so I’m adding a couple of drops of peppermint oil to mask some of the taste). Finding something that’s not gruesome is a key part of this campaign, so… Guidance please? :)

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  12. Lilmiznutcase says:

    I know a lot of people who love their fizzy drinks. I don’t particularly, but I do get bored of water and tea. One thing I’ve found is that most supermarkets do decent non-fizzy flavoured waters. The lowest carb one always seems to be peach for some reason!

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  13. Sydney says:

    I might have to give a few of those a try.
    I have already become addicted to Green Tea in the last month, and satsumas are always in my hand bag (yummy treat for on the go)
    Thank you for sharing these with us :)

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  14. rhamnousia says:


    I am also on a diet and have been going mad not having anything sweet, going to have to get myself some of that hot chocolate!

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