Weight Watchers Weekly Challenge #2 – Planning Your Meals

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 11 - 2013

Well, it’s Thursday and I’ve stayed on plan this week.  There’s been a couple of times that I’ve sneaked into my weekly PP allowance (an allowance you have in addition to your daily allowance – best reserved for treats/night outs, “emergency points” if you will) but on the whole, I’ve stuck steadfastly to my PP per day limit.  Talking of limits, after Monday’s weigh-in (I lost 3lb), my PP allowance has dropped from 30PP to 29PP, something to simultaneously cheer and grumble about.

This week’s challenge has been all about keeping track of what you’re doing and how you’re sticking to the plan.  And for me, it was a very easy one….

You see, I always plan my meals a week in advance… I have to, it reminds me when my belly rumbles at 3pm that I’ve got such-and-such dinner for tea… which is only an hour or so away so putdownthosebiscuitsrightnow.  It also allows me to use my PP effectively, and ensures that I include enough healthy and filling foods into my diet to keep the hunger pangs away.  Planning and a little forward thinking really is key to Weight Watchers in my experience.

So here’s what my weekly plan has looked like (and the meals that have gone with, thus far)

Monday: Bacon, Scrambled Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms, Bubble & Squeak patty, Bread – 10PP – Not bad for a fry up!


Tuesday: Balsamic roasted vegetables with streaky bacon and cous cous – 10PP – I didn’t expect to really like this one but it was probably my favourite!

balsamic roasted veg on cous cous weight watchers

Wednesday: homemade pizza (garlic sausage, tomatoes, onion, basil, mushrooms, grated cheese) with salad – 13PP – Lovely, the homemade thin crust was 8PP on its own but LUSH.


Thursday: Sausages, onions, carrot/swede mash, butternut squash, yorkshire puddings – 13PP – One of my favourites but I’m still searching for the perfect lowfat sausage! Oh and a word to the wise, Asda Smart Price Yorkshire Puddings are 1PP each, you’re welcome.

sausage yorkshire weight watchers

Friday: Tuna melt in a wrap with salad – 11PP

Saturday: Leek and potato gratin with blue cheese and bacon – 11PP

Sunday: Spinach and Quark Cannelloni – 10PP

My instagram page features all my main meals and if you use the hashtag #wwfooddiary, you should find many more dishes, snacks and treats to inspire from other instagrammers.

So, as you can see…. I’m not really a baked salmon on a bed of air kinda girl which, to be fair, is probably why I’m following the Weight Watchers plan in the first place.  Having said that, I’ve bought some frozen coley portions, asparagus, and lemon that doesn’t come out of a bottle in an attempt to not eat sausages every day next week.  You know I would if I could.

So far, the plan isn’t proving to be remotely difficult but then again, I am used to it and have sussed out LOADS of shopping tips to ensure that I make the clever choices when it comes to filling my basket, and my belly.  It’s Mr. L’s birthday on Sunday (21 again) so we’ll be going to the cinema and out for a meal at some point next week… we also have an afternoon champagne cream tea booked in to celebrate.  This week was easy… next week is going to be my NEMESIS.

To be continued… (back to the makeups tomorrow!)

Do you make a weekly meal plan?  What’s been your favourite healthy and filling meal this week?

* I am a Weight Watchers blog ambassador and my links to their website are affiliated.  I have received no payment for this post.

17 Responses to “Weight Watchers Weekly Challenge #2 – Planning Your Meals”

  1. Lily says:

    All of your meals look amazingly tasty! I don’t know if you’ve tried them, but if you spot WW own mini victoria sponges – BUY THEM. Seriously, sooo good!

  2. Sophie says:

    I’m so impressed with how… meal-like these look! They’re proper, solid, big dinners! Pizza! Fry up! I’m a big fan of foods that make you feel like you’re being naughty and extravagant when you’re not really.

    Congrats on the weight loss too! I’ve lost 4lb of post-Christmas weight so far but it’s my birthday next week and I’m scheduled for at least two dinners/lunches out so I am feeling your pain there!

  3. Trona says:

    I’ve just started back on Weight Watchers, but I only get 26 points *cries*. I think my favourite meal this week has been homemade pizza with lots of vegetables on it. Nice going on the weight loss so far! x

  4. Janie says:

    I’m a calorie counter rather than pointer, so sometimes I probably eat way too much fat, but remain within my calorie allowance.

    I love the Tilda Microwaveable rice to bulk up a meal. No idea on the points, but half a pack is only 184 cals, 6.1g of fat and the Coconut one is deliciouso.
    I have it with Beef and Chicken Curries which usually come in around 500 – 600 cals, which is reasonable for an evening meal.

    This week I made a Thai Chicken Curry and a Beef Rendang.

    Have you found those WW Chocolate Eclairs I recommended yet?

  5. Sianni says:

    I make a weekly meal plan too, I find it easier to stick to the diet that way. Tesco light choices sausages are really yummy and are low fat I think they are between 3 and 4 % fat. Something like that but they taste nice not like cardboard and they don’t fall apart during cooking either! Plus when we are dieting we have them with a dry fried egg, baked beans and mushrooms which is really low as well fat and cals as well. Might be worth a try! Good luck! xxx

  6. Janie says:

    Ps: Have you tried quorn sausages?
    I don’t eat pork,and whilst most of the time this doesn’t present me with a problem, sausages unfortunately are mostly pork.
    Even the beef or chicken ones often have pork casings believe it or not, so that leaves me with quorn sausages.

    They’re actually pretty tasty and apparently 3pp for two? Hopefully that’s not a lot?
    Maybe you CAN eat sausages every day!

  7. dee says:

    hi there, i have recently lost a stone, without much trying. i run 5 mornings a week (or i wont do it if left till later in the day) and i do meal plan. the best things i found were meal planning and using home grown produce (we grow about 90% of what we eat!). lunches are on a rotation – soup, salad compose (a french thing where they use a salad base and then cook a number of different veggies and put that on top of the lettuce/tomato/cucumber/peppers and then drizzle a bit of salad dressing on top), eggs and finally sardines on home made bread. dinners are all veggie based and most are simple things made out of seasonal veggies – it may sound boring, but it is very good as a slimming tool and the weight stays off! my hubby has lost 10kgs this way and he still have cheese and alcohol and the odd dessert. should you look you will find quite a few different veggie websites with very interesting meal ideas that you can tailor to your points, it may take a bit of effort, but there is nothing like eating something interesting and delicious and slimming every night.

  8. Louise says:

    Tesco Butcher’s choice half fat sausages are pretty damn good, I think I actually prefer them to normal ones as they are less greasy! 5PP for 2.

    Warburtons white squareish wraps used as a pizza base are 4PP.

    Both are staples in my menu!

  9. Sim's Life says:

    What an amazing weekly meal plan! The balsamic roasted veg looks lovely and is something I will definitely try!

    On another note, it is you I have to thank for inspiring me to find a 50’s style dress for my 30th birthday… which incidentally arrived today. It was the picture of you in the beautiful dress from your WW and Me post – so thank you! :) x

    • Do try that one, it really surprised me how good it was! Happy birthday (in advance?) – have you got a petticoat for the dress (it needs one!) x

      • Sim's Life says:

        I think that could be a potential date meal to impress someone..!

        Yes, I still have another 15 days left yet, thankfully! I do have a petticoat too! My daughter thinks it’s a beautiful tutu and also wants one. It’s amazing how much the dress transforms just by adding the petticoat. The fit of the dress is so flattering, I cannot wait to wear it for other occasions too! :)x

  10. Kelly says:

    I love Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself cumberland sausages or Weight Watchers sausages but they are a bugger to find!

    • I haven’t tried the Sainsburys ones… I’ve bought the WW ones for next week because someone else recommended them but I think you get less in the packet? I think I’ll go back to the Tesco Lighter Choices Cumberland ones (via trying the Sainsburys!)

      • Kelly says:

        They are quite expensive, which is why I like the Sainsbury’s ones. The plain ones are ok, but not so low in points as the cumberland.

        No Tesco near me so no idea the points of their ones!

  11. Debbie says:

    I love the Skinny Lizzie sausages, v low in fat and a proper sausage taste – no nasty pink sludge!
    When I followed SW they were about 1 syn so I imagine they’d be pretty low on WW too.
    I’ve only ever seen them in Morrisons – £1.99 for either 6 or 8, can’t remember!
    Would thoroughly recommend them – fab when you’re hankering after some bangers and mash!

    • Hi Debbie,

      We don’t have a Morrisons nearby but I may make a trip out because there’s a few other bits that I want to try from there. I succumbed and headed back to Tescos for some of their Lighter Choice Cumberland ones instead today. Sausages tomorrow! YUM YUM

  12. Gill says:

    Well done you on losing 3lb! I love to make something called pulled pork which is a balsamic and tomatato passata based sauce for basting a pork joint cooked in the slow cooker, dead easy, very impressive and delicious 😀

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