Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Cosmetic quackery?

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 22 - 2013

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you may already know my thoughts on the use of gold in skincare.  Ultimately, I believe it’s an addition that’s far more beneficial to the marketers than the end user… it’s not a mineral enriched with healing properties, it’s a metal, prized for its stability and inertia.  But boy, does it pack some prestige and “luxury” into a product, no?

I was sent a beautifully packaged 24K Deep Peeling gel from Orogold Cosmetics for review… it really is a rather splendid thing.  Priced at £100… I guess it should be.

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_1

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_2

The heavyweight packaging, embossed font, and satin-lined box all scream luxury… living up to its placement and price tag.  But what about the product inside?  What are its claims and does it live up to them?

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_3

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Deep Peeling is an exfoliating product that promises to remove a thin layer of dead skin cells to “reveal ultra-smooth and youthful skin”.  It is recommended to be used once a week with a “sweeping circular motion over skin until you feel the dirt forming”.  Oddly, there is no mention on the website of the 24k gold that this product contains.  Considering that this is such a selling-point and no doubt a price justification… I’m surprised to see that the brand have omitted this information online.

So, what about this gold?  Is it there, do you need a microscope to detect it?  Well, no actually…

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_4

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_5

Each pot of Orogold 24K Deep Peeling comes with its own certificate of authenticity (I told you the packaging was good).  The certificate proclaims that the product contains pure 24K gold from Italy.  And you know, it really does… it contains food-grade gold leaf.  Very pretty to look at but at that size, unlikely to have any impact on your skin.  You’d need pores the size of moon-craters to benefit from any of its so-called properties.

To put it another way, the thickness of gold leaf is rated at around 125nm and anything rated above 40nm has been shown not to be able to penetrate deeper than the upper 1/5 layer of the epidermis.  This gold ain’t going nowhere except down the plug-hole.

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_6

But you know, pretty….

Orogold Cosmetics 24k Peeling_7

So, I’m obviously not convinced by the gold.  But what about the peeling?  How about the exfoliation?


See the picture above?  That’s the “dirt formation” you will feel after rubbing the product into your skin for a few moments.   It’s not dirt… it’s not your dead skin cells being sloughed off… it’s the product’s chemistry reacting with the massage motion you use to apply it.  This isn’t a new thing… many products, particularly those in the Asian market exfoliate skin using this method.  It’s pretty cute… let me explain how it works…

To create this kind of “balling up” upon application, you need to create a chemical reaction on the skin.  Two such ingredients that will create this effect are: cetrimonium chloride and carbomer… both of which are present and correct in Orogold’s 24K Deep Peeling.  Clever huh?

Now just because I’ve (semi) explained the science behind the “magic” doesn’t mean that it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Those little flakey bits will actually help to gently exfoliate your skin as you massage them over your face and let’s not forget the other ingredients contained within the exfoliator, namely: tocopheryl acetate (vit e), ascorbic acid (vit c), and glycerin… all of which will indeed help to smoothe and soften the top layer of the skin.  That being said, it’s a very gentle exfoliation and I’m not sure how effective it would be in the long term if used only once a week as per their direction on the website.

All in all, Orogold 24k Deep Peeling is an exfoliator that works to errr, exfoliate.  I won’t deny that it feels nice on the skin, looks the business in the pot, and leaves my skin feeling soft but… is it worth £100 of your hard-earned cash?  I wouldn’t pay more than £10 for it – gold or no gold.

Orogold 24k Deep Peeling is available to buy instore from one of Orogold Cosmetic’s London boutiques or online from oro-gold.co.uk

* press sample

54 Responses to “Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Cosmetic quackery?”

  1. Sotengelen says:

    Loving the totally honest, no bullshit approach.

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks for the honest review!

    I pass by Orogold Covent Garden boutique every day on my way to work and their salespeople are my pet hates – too pushy and preying on unsuspecting tourists. How many times do you need to say no to the way overpriced products?

  3. Robyn says:

    Man, that is stupidly expensive! Food-grade gold leaf does not warrant a £100 price tag. Love the no bullshit approach as always.

  4. Elisa says:

    I really appreciate the honesty in this review as well as an explanation that makes sense to me. Thank you!

  5. A. says:

    I remember reading about this brand a few months ago on another blog, Do a search for them and you;ll find some pretty sketchy stuff about them. I’m glad to see that this was a PR sample and that you didn’t spend your money on it.

  6. Noa says:

    This is a HUGE scam in the United States. They have kiosks all over shopping malls, a group of very pushy salespeople, who will not leave you alone until you buy something, they won’t take cash, and once they have your credit card, they’ll charge you for more stuff you didn’t even buy. Once in a job trip, I stumbled upon one of their sellers, who grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let me go unless I bought her a cream. I had to get a bit aggressive and scratch his hand! Later I started reading about the scam and how several people fell for their techniques. Awful.

    • kf says:

      Yes you are right. I am embarrassed to admit I just fell for it in Honolulu, Hawaii. After I foolishly spent $400 she gave me a free facial coupon and told me how she couldn’t wait to give me the facial the next day. So I showed up and she was not there instead there was a guy who said she was in an accident and he was going to do it. Instead of being a relaxing facial which was going to help me justify spending so much money, it was a push to sell me more and very pushy at that. I realized it and got turned off by their tactics and bought nothing and the guy was genuinely angry! Whether the products are good or not I am not yet sure but I would not want to give them my business simply because of their sleazy. pushy tactics.

      • kf says:

        I forgot to mention the day after the supposed accident I saw the saleswoman walking on the street with her child and she saw me and looked away quickly….

  7. Noa says:

    Oh, I forgot to say this: OroGold changes its stands in malls every now and then to sell another brand called Vivo Per Lei. Is the SAME CRAP with the SAME PRICE and a different name: the distribution chain, aggressive sales technique and credit cards post sales issues are the same. Consider yourselves warned :).

  8. God I see employees handing out samples of this stuff all over London. Great to finally see a review on it. Particularly nice to see a no bulls**t one at that! x

  9. Kelly says:

    Is this not just a ‘glammed’ up version of the Ginerva Green Tea exfoliant? But £100 extra!

  10. casey23 says:

    Such an honest review.. with all the research.. to a PR sample.. Respect! That’s all I gotta say

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  12. […] – questions the merits of gold in Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Gold-laden genius or cosmetic […]

  13. […] – questions the merits of gold in Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Gold-laden genius or cosmetic […]

  14. […] – questions the merits of gold in Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Gold-laden genius or cosmetic […]

  15. […] – questions the merits of gold in Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Gold-laden genius or cosmetic […]

  16. […] – questions the merits of gold in Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Gold-laden genius or cosmetic […]

  17. M says:

    Wow! With the incredibly hefty price tag, one would hope it would actually… I don’t know… be more effective than a drugstore tube of St. Ives. Will be removing this from my “will possibly buy” list. Thanks!

  18. VNikol says:

    Funny, HudaBeauty praised this stuff like it was the second coming, but I tend to prefer a more down-to-earth sans fluff approach to reviews & when every posts title starts with “The Most Amazing”, “You HAVE to try”, or “Incredible new..”, it’s basically a red-flag for me…. thanks for the honesty!

  19. olivia says:

    From my experience, I can honestly state that I have been extremely impressed by the Orogold products. There was an issue with commission pushing sales representatives, in which case Orogold have encouraged the public to purchase on Amazon.I love the product and wouldn’t change it for anything. Seeing is believing! They have done their research and the product has been endorsed by many of appropriate standing. If you can afford it, go for it! Magnificent product!

  20. Kate O says:

    UGH! Awful company! I was a victim of consumer fraud in their store and am in the process of trying to get them kicked out of the Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey. They are con artists who lie and deceive and conceal that the sale is a final sale, all of which are in violation of the NJ Consumer Fraud Act. Do not go into their store or let these people approach you. Avoid them like you would avoid other criminals because that is exactly what they are. And if the products are really that great, why would they have to go to such lengths to sell them. Do not believe a word that comes out of these scammers’ mouths. I am spreading the word about them everywhere I can to make sure no other consumers are duped the way I was!

  21. Rachel says:

    I purchased this and the basic face cream about a year ago along with the two products for the eyes. I have to tell you, after about 2 months of using this I could see a substantial difference. My face has never been smoother and silkier. I’ve been using it now for nearly a year and I haven’t ran out. I can tell the difference when I put my foundation on. It glides on my face rather than smears. Also, when my face is very smooth and exfoliated the gel won’t ball up like it normally does because there isn’t much to pick up. After catching sun this summer, it has worked over time taking off the dead, burnt skin.
    It may be expensive, but it works.

  22. Catherine Palmer says:

    I have discovered 2 closed shops in Covent Garden, 2 dissolved Orogold named companies on Companies House register. They currently operate as ISOD Ltd on their website but are registered as ISODI Ltd on Companies House, same adress as the reply on their customer services email reply.I have done a week of not sleeping after my experience on 28 July 2014 in 155 High Street Kensington, trawling the internet in all the citizens advice, WHICH.com, TRADING STANDARDS, Consumer Association, and contacted them all. I was completely taken in. When I left the shop I was euphoric, in a heightened state of excitement and had a feeling of tremendous gratitude to the sales Lady Jessica who had pursuaded me to purchase a product package. This feeling dissolved within 30 minutes and I was left feeling sick as though I had come out of trance, wondering what the hell had just happened. It is testament to how many times I refused that it took an hour, while she kept me there, she had performed 3 demonstrations, offered me for free another 3 product package, a 2 product package, 2 free facials, and a day cream. She flattered me, professed to want to help me, do me a favour, give me gifts that would go on her personal account, all while chatting away as though she was my friend and I was the luckiest person alive. Last night I sat up researching brainwashing/ mind control & manipulation techniques and am so ashamed that I fell for them. In my defence, Jessica is a master, they use her to train their staff!. According to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Scehdule 1, Orogold use use BANNED TACTICS described under aggressive marketing techniques, including Lure & Switch, Limited Offer, and free Offer subject to purchase. I have registered this complaint with the Citizens Advice Bureau and The Kensington & Chelsea trading Standards office, who are very familiar with Orogold and customer complaints. ANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE FALLEN FOR THE SCAM: CONTACT K&C TRADING STANDARDS 02073415645. According to their receipts which state, underneath the ‘ no refunds if you change your mind’ disclaimer, that ‘Redress will only be offered in accordance to your statutory rights’. The sales tactics are unlawful and a breach of your statutory rights. We have rights and their are regulators paid to protect us. The more people who register their complaints, the greater case can be made against them. Do NOT be ashamed.

    • Lei says:

      Catherine, I emphatize with your experience. It may not be hypnotism but pressure selling with falttery on top. And sometimes we deny our insticts and feel like we don’t want to be taken as cheapie and can’t afford so we go with it. And unfortunately, when the excitement lapse, we realise we spent so much on something we really do not even believe in.

      I did get suckered by them and hate myself after. I definitely learned my lesson and will avoid these people !

      I hope you get the result you want from the K&C Trading standards.

    • Karen says:

      I too have been taken in by their pressurised selling – the salesgirl on Bond street was called Hila and she certainly had been schooled well! I thought at the time she was being very kind, how wrong can you be, she even had me believe that because of the sales she had managed that day she was able to give me a hefty discount as she really liked us and also threw in some freebies as a treat (some treat) can’t believe we trusted these people. Unfortunately when you go away for a few days you let your guard down and these people from orogold really know what they are doing when they capture you, we certainly saw many people in the store with other members of staff who were surely getting the same treatment – shame we were so gullible but hey we hadn’t heard of them or read any of these tales of woe and like the rest who’ve been caught out they’re good at what they do!!! Where they were situated also on Bond Street in a huge store you would have thought you were safe enough, surely we deserve some protection from the regulators who must be well aware of the scams they are using.
      Maybe Ann Robinson could sort this lot out, good luck with trading standards I also shall be taking this up with them.
      If I lived in London I would be stood in the doorway of their store warning every potential customer – maybe we should get a group together to do just that – bad publicity won’t do their sales any good, even a days takings for them would be quite something I should imagine after all that I’ve read so far.

    • Louise says:

      Who would you contact in the US?

  23. Lei says:

    I have experienced the hard selling approach when we took a walk with my baby and friend in King’s Road, Chelsea. There was this guy giving samples and handed us both each. Out of politeness, we stopped and listened to his introduction. Apparently, they just opened few days ago and next thing, he was pulling my friend’s hand to go inside so he can give us another sampler sachet. To make the story short! we got suckered to it, bought the 24k Deep Peeling out of pressure. Which I deeply regret, as soon as we left the front door of their shop. Not the best excuse I should have said NO but I just felt awkward as the guy sat us at the end part of the shop and felt caged. He keeps on saying what beautiful skin we have ( and honestly, we both were looking like we just got out of bed, we were dressed like we don’t have any money on us. We keep smiling at each other because we know it’s BS but politeness didn’t do us good. He kept pushing and pushing until we gave that credit card to stop him from offering more expensive products one after another.

    I would like to advise people that will or might encounter this sample giving guys to get your sample sachet , and if you’re not really interested to spend ridiculous money on skin care products — smile and walk away as fast as you can!!!

  24. Alex says:

    Thank you so much for your honest review!.. They tried to sell me that product too and it was scary because they were so pushy!!! Theu had two salesperson team up trying to sell me the product! they had me sit in a chair while they try the product on me and the product was very interesting and I can see the cream they use on me after absorbed much better but everything made me feel like a scam too. So I walked away as soon as possible lol. Anyways I am glad I didnt walk out of orogold with a $140 product lol.

    Do you by any chance know of any luxurious skin care product that you like or has very good review? I appreciate all your time!


  25. TJ says:

    I knew there was more to this. I did a test with rubbber gloves and still made the balls of “dead skin” right through the rubber gloves I guess lol.

  26. Emilie says:

    A shame!!!


    I once did the mistake to accept the sample the sale assistant was handing me in the street and from that moment it was already too late. They have such aggressive sales techniques that you won’t be able to leave the shop without buying anything. Once the first eye contact is made they literally force you into the shop and will make pressure until you buy one of their expensive and useless products.
    I am usually not an impulsive buyer and thought I could follow him into the shop and then politely tell that I am not interested or would have a though about it.

    Once inside he will start by asking you a couple of questions to pinpoint who you are so he can adapt his sales tactic and tell you what you want to hear. He will of course guess that you are 5 years less than your actual age and will explain why it is important to take good care of your skin (as if we did not know). Then he will bull*** about their brand, “why it is not better known in Europe”, “who is using it” (apparently some famous stars that I do not know and do not care about at all!), he will emphasise that it is a natural product and that gold is a really good product for your beauty (gold is actually a very small part of the composition of the product and honestly I have doubt about its use in cosmetics). Then he will speak about price and show a catalogue with products ranging from 800£ to 2000£ and tell that for you it will only be 200£ for a face cream.

    Of course I refused his offer and he magically cut the price by two. I still made clear that I did not want to buy anything and told him I would do some research online and come back if interested. To what he started laughing and continued to find the right arguments. After another 5 minutes conversation he applied his so-called “personal daily discount fare” and I was “offered” the product for 60£. Seeing that I was still reluctant he also offered me a 1 hour facial treatment for free. I finally accepted…

    I know it sounds ridiculous seeing like this, I am usually not an impulsive buyer and do not spend a lot in cosmetics but there I was just trapped!

    Back home I opened the package to see that the cream pot had already been opened (or at least was not sealed properly). I rushed on the internet looking for reviews on them and read that it is usual that customers complain about already opened products and that Orogold do not have any return policy. So I did not even waste my time returning to the shop. I looked at the ticket where he said I will find the phone number to call to book my “free facial treatment”. It was a strange number from Middle-East that I did not even bother to call and through the receipt and the number straight away. I finally decided to try the product and of course this product is nothing special at all! It smells glue and has the same sticky consistence so I suppose there is some glue in the product, I used it for a couple of weeks (he told me to use it once a week only) and after 4 times I through the product in the bathroom bin with this feeling of taking a 60£ note out of my wallet and doing exactly the same.

    Then for a couple of weeks I was systematically avoiding passing in the street of this shop (New Bond Street) fro fear of seeing that guy again. After a while I decided it was ridiculous and stopped doing that and every day I see poor “customers” in the process of being tricked by those sales assistants and it makes me so furious! I should tell them but of course I do not there, but at least I will post this comment anywhere I can and hope I will be able to save some people.

    Well, we always learn from our mistake 🙂

  27. Samuelle says:

    The sales tactics are mighty pushy, it’s true. I was offered to “be treated” by a saleswoman on the street who was handing out free samples. She showed my partner and I lots of products, not without passive aggressive digs at my partner’s skin for some reason… My partner, to me, is perfect but this woman was insistent that his skin was full of blemishes. To be honest he only has one or two every now and then. On that day, his skin was actually lovely so I don’t know what the heck she was seeing. That made him feel pretty insecure and he was asking me afterwards if he looked bad, poor darling.

    Anyway, our time in the shop was otherwise enjoyable. We got chatting about many things, not just about products, but of course it always came BACK to products, you can imagine. We were offered deals, and each time the offers were made cheaper and cheaper, better and better, and eventually I left with the purchase of only one product, and another full size one for free. I just waited to see if my skin had a reaction first and it didn’t, so that was already a good thing. I am open to trying new things.

    All in all, the products are actually quite nice. Not worth the massive price tag but if you are a confident haggler, give it a shot. Just remember you always have the right to say no. I have problematic skin and not much impresses me, but these products seem to give me what my skin needs, and for that I’d say “if you can find it for a good price, try it”, but nothing more than that. If you cannot afford it, do not even think about trying it as there will be cheaper alternatives elsewhere I can assure you. I’m just very limited with what I can use because I have some medical health and skin issues, so sadly for me, I must choose such products.

    I’d give their product quality a 8/10.
    I’d give their service quality a 4/10.

    This is only based on my personal experience. I hope this helps someone.

  28. alexis parr says:

    hi will any orogold victims kindly contact me please for a proposed article about the
    truth of this product?
    thanks so much – all initial chats in confidence as would appreciate background
    i am also on 075 954 696 75

    • Sarah says:

      Hi , my husband and I got accosted , just off Bond Street , I’m usually no fool but this lady was good , and after a long time managed to sell us some goods at half price which was apparently cost price!! Which after reading all the reviews I realise not to be true , feel very annoyed and stupid to have believed her , we carried on walking and some other gold company called us over , a competitor and tried to the same thing no luck this time !! Is there anything we can do?
      Regards Sarah

  29. Marisa says:

    I too fell for this, they handed me sample on St Christopher’s place, walk in the shop and I ended up buying the deep peeling at £60, and feeling pretty sick as soon as I left the shop. Furthermore I realised I was not given a receipt. I am going to ask for a refund as soon as the charge shows on my credit card. I have enclosed the Guidance on the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. I have just spoken with the citizen advice service and Orogold is failing to comply with this trading regulations (as one comment mentioned above). Point 8 is for AGGRESSIVE COMMERCIAL PRACTICES, which is what they are doing. I will try for a refund with this legislation in mind, I will let you know. I can’t believe these people are trading in Mayfair now too…. so bad.

  30. Marisa says:

    In my comment above I did not mentioned the extreme sales pressure, I could have taken Catherine Palmer’s comment from above and paste it. It is such a similar story. The salesman kept mentioning exorbitant prices, how he did not really need to the sale as he has already sold £1000 + of products that day and blah blah blah, and how much I needed the deep exfoliant, and of course he did the demonstration on my hand and all the “dirt” that comes up (which after researching on line it turns out it is not dirt but glue!) …. I feel very embarrassed that I could fall for this; it is the 1st time this happen to me but I am warning friends, family anyone I see entering their shop. They are so bad. I will also fight for a refund.

  31. zohar says:

    i purchase some products from orogold shop and if to be honest so… yes the salesman
    was a bit pushi but he explained everything perfectly, it seems like this guy have lots of expressions in skin. the 24k deep peeling is an amazing product!! im using it for more than a year and its my favorite, let me explain to you something about that product, the peeling action is to attached to dead skin cells with a material that has a similar effect as glue, by massaging it you remove the top layer of the dead skin that attached to the “glue”

  32. Monica says:

    Hi, I was given a store demonstration of the exfoliator and moisturizer. To be honest, I liked the product, but didn’t agree with the price tag so I declined to buy anything. The sales lady had a very slick sales approach with lots of flattery, but she had imperfect skin, so to me she was unconvincing. The way she accosted me on the street, anyway, was that she complimented my skin and asked me what I do to have such nice skin. I told her the same thing I tell everyone who asks: I eat mostly vegetables, lots of raw veggies & some cooked; I eat no sugar and no carbs; I eat healthy fats such as coconut, olive oil, avocados, and sugar-free chocolate; and protein as needed. Diet is really the secret to good skin. My skin was better than hers and she was trying to sell me a $180 product! I was like, no way. I would’ve paid $20, because I actually did like it, but no way is it worth $180. When I said no, she immediately cut the price in half, and asked me once I started using the product to tell people that I have nice skin b/c of Orogold. I was like, are you kidding me woman??? There is no way I would scam anyone like that, even if they paid me to be their spokesperson. A healthy diet will give you better skin than any product. Raw veggies detoxify your skin, smooth it out, and give you a glow. And they don’t break the bank 🙂

  33. Kathryn says:

    I had a horrible experience at the hands of Oro Gold on Saturday 1st Aug 2015. I ended up parting with £290 that I did not want to spend after being subjected to, what I believe to be, aggressive sales practices. I am interested to hear from anyone else that has had a similar experience.

  34. sonia says:

    Reading all of this I am beginning to be concerned I too have been caught in a sales trap .The eye cream demonstration I must admit was very effective , one eye was almost immediatly transformed ,all creppiness gone but that was just the lead in to a massive sales pitch about all of the other products and with no discounts offered i payed a massive £750 for some products I did not want!
    This type of sales pressure is not something we Brits are accustomed to in our high streets so buyer beware!

  35. Louise says:

    I got scammed too! They offer a free facial and give you some free water. She said she was applying a 1000.00 mask on me,. tried to get me to pay 10000.00 Tried to get me to buy the whole store. I am very careful in what I spend. They got 4000.00 out of me plus 347.00 After the facial they rushed me out of the store. Couldn’t get money back, when I went back they offered me water 10 times so whats in that water? disputing it now. Don’t take the sample and don’t drink their water is all I can say.

  36. Takenin says:

    I’m also a victim of them and also of Tresor Rare just next door. This must be stopped. We need to go viral national international TV radio newspaper magazines everything. Just cost me nearly £4000 . Don’t any of it. Never did .cant explain what happened. Robbed blind.

  37. Shelly says:

    This company is only out to make commission and could not care less whether you are a happy customer or not!!

    I was lured in by their offer of a “free facial” and told I was one of 25 girls specifically selected for this special offer. It turned out to be nothing more than a load of useless products being slathered around my face by a man who clearly has not completed any form of training, let alone has experience in the beauty world.
    I was repeatedly told of my imperfections and flaws during this time and afterwards offered alcohol and told how “amazing” my skin looked. My skin is in very good condition, so there was no real difference in my opinion.
    I was then told I would be offered $10,000 half price and before I even realised, my credit card was being whisked away for processing of payment. I was given the reassurance that if there was going to be issue with payment, that we could come to an agreement and “Uncle Johnny” would be able to work something out. At no point was I told that they had a no refund policy, which in this day and age, I find appalling!. Still at this stage, I had no idea of what I was getting, or what price each product would cost!! More the fool me and after spending over 2 hours in the store, I was aware I needed to go to another appointment and had to leave. When I came to my senses about what occurred, I called to say I needed to bring the products back and get a refund. This was quickly brought to my attention that it’s a no refund policy.
    The next day I returned to the store in good faith to return the items all of which were unopened and in their original packaging. I was told that the Store Manager didn’t even know how to process a refund and was given an email address to contact Customer Service and then ushered out the door.
    I have fought through the Fair Trading Department of NSW and have been to the Small Claims Tribunal. I got a portion of my money refunded… funny how now all of a sudden they can refund money.
    These people are only in it for themselves. I will accept full responsibility that I was the idiot to fall for such tricky sales tactics – they manage to attack the vulnerable and although I can’t take back my foolish decision, I will make every attempt to try and ensure NO ONE goes through this same experience or gives these SCAM ARTISTS their hard earned money. The products are useless.

    • jane says:

      Hi SHelly can you share more, I have just had this occur to me, can you tell me what occured with fair trading and small claims court, was there a recommendation by the court that I might be able to cite to get action from them (Orogold.?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Shelly, I was lured into the George Street shop in Sydney a week ago and experienced the same extreme pushy sleazy sales trap like most of the people saying here. After the girl standing outside the shop giving away a free sample of moisturizer, she then invited me inside to the shop to try its eye cream. A guy who claimed he came from US to promote the products came out and demonstrated the Orogold 24K intensive eye serum on one of my eyes and pushed me to buy it for a much higher price. Then he offered to lower the price to $250 plus throwing in a free gift deep peeling cream. After the purchase and left the shop, I was chased on the street by the same guy and asked if I had extra 20 mins for a free facial as the manager of the shop was just free.

      After the manager gave me a facial and eye mask, he showed me how beautiful my skin was and started pushing me to buy the product for $10,000. That was a ridiculous high price for the product that I never heard of and I could not even afford. He then reduced to $1,000 plus adding on two years supply of the masks and the other four 24K gold bottle facial skin care products. I turned down the offer. He then threw in monthly free facial for two years. I still said no as I could not afford. He went out to fetch the first guy who gave me an eye cream demonstration. He started saying to refund me the $250 purchase with the deal and brought in the credit machine to process my purchase. I asked why he still tried to process a debit of $1000 on the machine and should the $250 be reduced from $1000 to $750. His said he didn’t know the manager had offered me 2 years free facial so he could not give back the refund of my previous purchase.

      I asked for the products usage instruction/manual, a contract agreement and an invoice of my purchase, the first guy told me a girl from the main office will email to me by Sat. I didn’t receive any mail as per the first guy promise.

      I felt sick with their sleazy pushy sale approaches in addition to over payment without an invoice and contract agreement. I did once think of returning the products for a refund before opening any of the deal packages. At the end, I thought was fair to give a go trying on the bio-brightening dark spot solution. After applying on my face, I felt a bit tingling on my face so I am not sure if the products are suitable for me or not.

      When I went back for the first free facial on 1 Dec 2016, I asked the manager for the invoice and contract agreement, he told me the guy who promised to send it to me was busy as his wife was having a baby.

      I felt sick with their sleazy pushy sale approach in addition to over payment without an invoice and contract agreement.

      I am glad that I saw your comment here and do inspire me to follow up with Fair Trading if they don’t honour what they offered verbally.

      I agree totally to tell everyone not going anywhere near their shop front.

  38. Eleen says:

    They are here in South Africa as well. I live in Port Elizabeth and in March 2011 I was at a shopping mall and one of these “charming” foreigners made a bee line for me and offered me a free sample. He sat me down and proceeded to demonstrate the products on my skin. He used the same tactics which so many complained about. Before long, I was conned into buying 7 products at great cost. They now have a “Obey your body” shop at our new Baywest Shopping Mall which opened up a few months ago. My daughter was taking a leisurely stroll through the shopping center and the next thing they enticed her with a “free” sample and once they got her into the shop the “hard sales tactics” began. She told the guy that she wanted to think about it but he would not listen. He was so persuasive that she finally bought two expensive products from him. Later she went on to Amazon and discovered that she could get the same products much cheaper. Same story but different countries. How do these con artists get away with this day light robbery on vulnerable unsuspecting people? Now she also wants to warn her friends and family against these people who are so well trained. They are trained to ask the right questions, to use flattery and then become very persuasive. It’s almost as if they mesmerize their “victims” and get them into a hypnotic state. Before long the “victim” has parted with her hard earned money. They don’t want your cash just hand over your credit card. My daughter was very upset and complained to the General Manager who promised to look into the matter. We’ll see if any action will be taken against Obey Your Body Shop who are stockists of Orogold products.

  39. gail says:

    I too was scammed in Sydney. I don’t usually get conned but they were very good. I feel like such a fool. I spent so much that I feel I need to use the products. I want to take action against them to get my money back but I don’t know where to start.

  40. Jenni Davis says:

    I am the latest victim (or at least the latest victim to admit to it!). My story is virtually identical to that of Shelly in Australia, except that I was taken for a ride at the store in St Christopher’s Place in the West End of London. Perhaps to my disadvantage, this is an area I know and love, having lived and worked near by many years ago, so I sort of trust it. How naive! I am (usually) an intelligent woman, who researches absolutely everything, yet I found myself caught, mesmerized like a rabbit in headlights, meekly handing over my credit card not once but THREE times for stuff I didn’t want and knew I’d never use. The minute I left the store, sanity was restored, and my daughter returned to the shop literally within minutes to get a refund – but oh, whoops, I’d signed a receipt that specified no refunds (the guy was, of course, busy distracting me while I signed). My daughter has since tried the Customer Service route but they’ve tied up all ends very cleverly indeed.

    WHAT CAN WE DO? We must do something. I can think of a million things I’d rather have spent £1,800 on. OH, just read Marisa. I’ll follow that up. I’m sad for you all but so relieved I’m not the only idiot.

  41. Stella says:

    I was lured into the shop off Bond St and came out with 3 pots of stuff for my wrinkles.However the wrinkles really are disappearing but each time I apply the serum the skin feels tight and dry and I am wondering if after the tube is finished there will be some massive sagging as the moisture eventually looses its’ effectiveness. 3 pots for 280 quid. Probably a massive scam but for now I’m happy! oooh, they gave me a free facial as well and gave up selling more of their products afterwards although the facial was a month after the initial purchase!

  42. Jessie says:

    Damn, my story sounds the same and it is still going on.
    Has anyone had any luck getting help from reporting them?

    • Weronika says:

      I have just been similarly scammed on Monday on Bond Street. I’m in the process of reporting them, but they still are operational and using the same tactics they have been since the first post on this thread.

  43. Melissa says:

    I like my 24k gold deep peel the salesmen was slick with the talking I’ll give you that but everyone says they paid $100 or more and I paid $59.99 which is still pricing but not nearly as bad and it will also last me a long time. I don’t feel like I was scammed.

  44. jane says:

    Wow, was I ripped off, got caught by heavy sales pitch, high pressure and then no authorisation when they billed my credit card for additional products never received, so…. nearly $10k worse off and refusal to reimburse me for no products…..

  45. Diana Sheriff says:

    My experience was a couple of months ago in San Antonio,TX and is practically identical to the above. In my case, the tab was $570.00 plus $78.00 separately for some perfume that I had been told would be included free of charge. Having read everyone else’s comments, I feel less embarrassed that I was so completely scammed but the anger is still strong. I bought the Mer D’Or Deep Peeling and the Mer D’Or cleanser, a couple of other items….there has been no improvement on my skin. Unfortunately this experience just turns you off to anyone else who may actually have a legitimate product and fair price.

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