Cloud Nine The Wand waves a magic spell on my hair!

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 4 - 2013

Following on from Saturday’s “I want a perm!” declaration, I thought I’d let you know what prompted this revelation. I used a styling wand! And not just any old styling wand but one that is generally considered a bit of a posh styling wand, the Cloud Nine version.

It’s a bit of a chunky beast with a large tapered barrel and a heavy-duty, solid handle.

The wand comes complete with a protective sheath that slides over the heated barrel and protects fingers/surfaces from burns and damage when the tool isn’t in use. The Cloud Nine The Wand certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted (or weak-wristed), it quite heavy and takes a little practice to wield comfortably. I don’t mind admitting that it took not one, but two ear burns (matching) before I realised that at least one secret can be found in a simple solution: for the love of God, do not move or angle the tool once it’s cms from your skin, move the hair. MOVE THE HAIR, NOT THE TOOL. Are we clear on this? Good.

Cloud Nine The Wand Before After_05

The tapered barrel allows for a good amount of volume at the root of the hair, and as you wind the hair toward the tip of the barrel, the curl will become tighter.

The controls are simple and easy to master, the wand gives you complete control over the temperature you’re using, which is great for anyone whose hair frazzles at standard settings. My fine hair generally responds pretty well at low temperatures, so for obvious reasons, I’m relieved that The Wand (like their straighteners) gives me the option to turn down the heat. If you’ve got coarse hair, by all means… crank that baby up.

Cloud Nine The Wand Before After_04

The Cloud Nine wand also comes complete with a heat-resistant glove, this took away THE FEAR and ensured that I could wind each lock around the barrel right to the tip, there were no straggly straight bits for me! Plus, just having one glove in your possession is total justification for trying out any Michael Jackson impressions that you’ve been secretly stifling over the past 31 years. Not that I did any. Ow!

Cloud Nine The Wand Before After_03

Cloud Nine are currently campaigning for women to be kinder to their hair by having “off” days. I have plenty of “off” days but after reading the press release, I realised that weren’t thinking along the same lines. According to Cloud Nine, you can treat your hair without compromising on style simply by rethinking your “2nd day” look. An example of this would be curling your hair on day 1, wearing the curls to their full-potential before using day 2 to be kind to your hair, leave the heated tools on the dressing table and simply wearing your hair in a half up/half down style with loose waves (the remainder of day 1’s curls) keeping you looking stylish.

It’s a bit bloody obvious isn’t it… but I get what they’re saying…

So anyway, onto my before and after… here’s my hair in all its uber flat, just washed and dried glory. Boring.

Cloud Nine The Wand Before After_06

I honestly thought it would take longer to style, I kept asking Mr. L whether I’d missed a chunk at the back because it took me less than 10 minutes to curl and achieve this…

Cloud Nine The Wand Before After_02

The above photo shows the curls before I’d separated them with my fingers. I was a little haphazard because I wanted to accurately reflect how I’d use the tool.

I’m not the kind of girl who has the patience to part her hair in a thousand different directions, pinning each section up and spritzing with heat defence. I’m the kind of girl who sprays half a bottle of heat defence, brushes it through, before randomly taking sections (that may or may not be completely different sizes) and curls. That’s me. I’m a crapiologist, and this still came out looking good.

Cloud Nine The Wand Before After_01

So there you have it, I really like this… for one major reason. I could achieve proper curls a couple of times a week without wanting to gauge my eyes out in frustration. I’m not a hair person, I’m rarely happy with my hair but I hate fussing even more. So much so… that I’m already contemplating a one-off perm so that my hair can look like the above without me doing ANYTHING at all. Except, I know that it won’t work out like that and I’ll emerge from the salon looking like little orphan Annie, so as an alternative to not having to do anything at all, the Cloud Nine wand has proven itself to be a genuine solution to achieving great curls with the least amount of fuss, even on low heat.

Now as for that 2nd day hair… well, I could have done half-up/half-down, but that’s how I wore my hair to school, so screw you 2nd day hair. Instead, I cheated and used an old-skool setting lotion. Take that! No waves for me, these curls lasted until I had to wash the buggers out ha!

Cloud Nine’s The Wand is currently £20 off the usual RRP, priced at £99.95 and available to buy online from

* press sample

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Poundland Dry Shampoo (Intu Style)

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 9 - 2013

I expect I’m not alone when I say that I’ve tried numerous dry shampoos over the years because although I’m pretty loyal to Batiste… it is quite expensive no?  I’d also wager a bet on the likelihood that popping into Poundland once in a while is as much of a guilty pleasure for you as it is for me.  Somewhere up there with scowling at a Liz Jones article, buying more Krispy Kremes than there are people to eat them, and lingering on Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns for longer than is strictly necessary whilst browsing the channels.  There, I said it.  I <3 Poundland.

So when I spotted some cans of dry shampoo on the shelves that I hadn’t spotted on previous trips, I felt a little thrill of excitement!  Not only that, but they had different versions for coloured hair a la Batiste!  Oh happy day!

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Poundland Dry Shampoo (Intu Style)

I picked up this can of Intu Style Dry Shampoo for Brunettes, expecting it to be thoroughly ineffective.  But it’s bloody marvellous!  In-fact, rather than plain old dry shampoo, it reminds me more of the Batiste volumising one (but for brunettes).  It also seems a little less noxious with a non-descript scent that although not amazing, doesn’t melt your brain either.

Obviously, this stuff is a mere quid – I’ve only seen it in Poundland and whether or not it’s still in plentiful supply is anyone’s guess.  I picked this up just before Christmas, so if you’re passing your local store… drop in and see if you can spot a can.

Have you tried it?  What other “off brand” dry shampoos do you rate?

Hark the Hairold Angels Sing! LUSH brings (happy happy) joy to my bathroom!

Posted by Lipglossiping On December - 21 - 2012

Hair perfume. Hair what?! Hair perfume!

I’m sure you’re familliar with the idea of spraying your perfume onto your hair for a scent that follows you around like a haunting?

Well, this inventive conditioner from LUSH works on the same premise and uses your hair as the carrier for its wonderful scent.  And wonderful it is, a positively uplifting blend of neroli, rose, grapefruit, rosewood, orange flower absolute and benzoin that works really well now, but will work even better in Summer’s warmth.

LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy

It’s not cheap… priced at £18 for 250g (which is about the size of a standard bottle of conditioner) but I fear that once you try it, you might be as hooked as I am. Unfortunately, it will be a habit that is ultimately too expensive for me to maintain – for one reason, and one reason only.  I have to wash my hair daily/once every 2 days at the least, I literally dream of being one of those women who wash and straighten their hair only once a week.  DREAM.  If you’re one, please tell me your secrets!

So, you see… I would need to purchase this fairly often… and I just can’t justify it.

LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy

Conditioning properties? Well, it’s neither here nor there, it does the job – though not as well as some of my intensive conditioners… mind, this isn’t supposed to be an intensive conditioner – just an incredibly well-scented one.

I have found a cheeky solution though via the LUSH reviews on their website… the consistency of the conditioner is rather thin and after using my regular conditioner, I have been using just a little of the LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy as a leave-in conditioner on the ends (I KNOW I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T!)  but my hair doesn’t seem to have suffered as a result and I get to use far less product.  If you hair is very fine, you may find that it weighs your locks down too much to do this.

Try and get a sample instore and see how it works for you.

LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume is available to buy instore and online at, priced from £9.00

* press sample

Deal Alert: Cheap hair styling tools online at Tesco!

Posted by Lipglossiping On November - 5 - 2012

I was just browsing the Tesco website and discovered that there are a number of hairstyling tools to be had at a decent saving.  I thought that with the “party” season just around the corner, this could be of interest to some of you. I wish I had more dedication to making my hair look nicely done, I always feel better when it looks less bird’s-nesty but when you have to prioritise time in the mornings, something’s gotta give and hair is just way down there on the list of priorities.

Anyway, here are the offers on cheap hair styling tools on the site that caught my eye… anyone know what the TRESemme “big hair-alike” is like (number 2)?

cheap hair styling tools

1.  TRESemmé Salon Professional 24 Hour Body Rollers – normal price: £29.97 / current price: £17.50

2.  TRESemmé Salon Professional 24 Hour Body Styler – normal price: £24.97 / current price: £19.97

3.  BaByliss Pro 235 Smooth Straightener – normal price: £59.97 / current price: £29.50

4.  THX Power Up 2200w Hairdryer – normal price: £19.94 / currently price: £14.94


What hair styling tool could you not live without?  Mine is the modest hairdryer, my fringe looks like a pair of curtains without it.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo leaves me feeling shirty…

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 29 - 2012

I don’t have the easiest scalp in the world to please. It’s dry, much like my hair and this time of year is when it’s at its worst.  When the central-heating kicks in and the temperature drops a few degrees further, I know that I’m gonna be scratching like a hooker on pay day.  You know I’m still talking about my scalp…. right?  Just so we’re clear.

LUSH have recently released some new products into their haircare range and one of them is this interesting pot o’ banana-scented goop, going by the name of Blousey.  It’s aimed at people with coloured hair, those with locks that are susceptible to damage, dryness, and fading from frequent exposure to the chemicals found in hair colouring products.  That would describe the needs of my hair pretty well and I was keen to see if it would improve the general condition of my hair whilst preventing the dreaded colour-fade.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

I don’t like any products destined for the shower to be housed in pots, I find the packaging an irritation.  Locating the driest spot in the shower, twisting open the lid and scooping out the correct amount of product?  Fine, but then… you’ve got product in one hand, the pot in the other, the lid clamped between your chin and neck – how the hell do you get the lid back on?!  All of this while you’ve got Niagara falls thundering on your back and you’re trying to stop about 7 litres of water per second from contaminating your product.  Just put in a damn bottle already.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

The shampoo itself is a joy to use.  It’s rich and creamy, both feeling and smelling far more luxurious than your standard supermarket-fare brand of shampoo.  I wasn’t sure whether to put it in my hair or head to the kitchen to make banana bread with it, it’s that authentic in terms of banana-iness.  Delightful, if you like bananas.

LUSH Blousey shampoo didn’t leave my hair feeling as dry as some of the other shampoos I’ve tried from LUSH in the past and I feel that it made my colour quite vibrant post-washing, but it didn’t deliver the level of moisture that I was expecting, considering that this is, after all, its selling point.

Added to which, my scalp got pretty itchy within a fortnight of using it – not that I’m blaming the product for the itch at all, as I’ve said – I’m really prone at this time of year… but for such a supposedly deeply-moisturising product, I was hoping that it might offer a little relief whilst making my hair resemble spun silk and Blousey doesn’t do either.  It’s back to the ketoconazole for me for a week to bring it under control, which is a shame – because that stuff completely slays any colour I have on my hair.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

Ultimately, if you like your bananas and a super-creamy hair-washing experience, LUSH Blousey has your name written all over it but if your needs for a deeply-moisturising product run less superficially, you might need to look elsewhere, for both your hair and your scalp’s sake.  Particularly when you take into consideration, the price.

LUSH Blousey is available to buy online at and instore, priced at £18 for 240g

Do you feel the itch from additional dryness this time of year?

* press sample

Charles Worthington Miracle Repair Elixir Oil

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 21 - 2012

Argan Oil (and the like) has done for leave-in hair serums what the Hummingbird Bakery did for cupcakes.  I have spoken to plenty of women who class these serums as game-changers for taming unruly locks and I too, use them on wet hair before blow-drying and on the ends of my dry hair to seal the cuticle and give the impression of sleeker locks.

The problem that many women find with these products is that it’s very easy to go overboard when applying them.  Too close to the roots or a little too much on fine hair and you’re never going to be happy with a head that looks like the overspill from your chip pan.

I can probably count on more than one hand the number of times I’ve had to dart back into the bathroom to re-wash my fringe after getting a little too trigger-happy with the serums and it’s the kind of faux-pas that I, at least, haven’t been able to break with practise alone.

The thing that struck me so intensely about the new Charles Worthington Miracle Repair Elixir Oil is how different it feels in texture to many of the others.  It’s a lot lighter, a lot runnier and doesn’t seem to stay stuck to my palms for the rest of eternity.  Having said that, it still delivers the same manageability to my hair that I’ve grown to expect from using these serums.

For a “high street” name, at £14.99, you’re not paying a high-street price tag… but a quick look at the ingredients tells me that you’re not getting high-street quality either…

Unlike most mass-market “elixir oil” incarnations, the natural oils appear in the top half of the ingredient list, let me transcribe the (partial) list for those of you who might be interested, I’ll stop when things start getting tricky to spell 😉

Cyclopentasiloxane [stop now then shall I?], Dimethicanol, Cetyl Dimethicone, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Pentaclethra Macroloba (Pracaxi) Seed Oil, Camellia Sinensis (Camellia) Seed Oil, Triticum Vulgare (wheat) Germ Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopherol, Phytantriol, Cocoglycerides, Capryllic/Capric Triglyceride, Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone… (and the list goes on…)

4th ingredient down the list and bingo – which isn’t bad considering that when reading the back of the the much-loved Moroccan Oil packet, you’ll get to the 6th ingredient in the list before seeing the magic “argan” word.

I’m inclined to think that it’s more to do with the blend of silicones they pack into these things that aid the smoothening of the locks far more than the blend of natural oils, but… still, it’s nice to see that CW isn’t skimping on the oils part of the “magic formula” isn’t it?

This is definitely worth a try if you’re finer-haired and have had trouble with the heavier formulas of other argan oil-inspired products in the past.

Charles Worthington Miracle Repair Elixir Oil is priced at £14.99 for 50ml and is part of the new Charles Worthington Salon at Home range, which is available to buy now in Boots instore and online – I have a couple of other bits from the range that promise all sorts of wonderous things for your barnet – should they impress (or catastrophically disgust me), you can be sure that I’ll tell you about it.

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Deal Alert: Ojon Trade In Day a.k.a FREE POSH SHAMPOO DAY!

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 18 - 2012

What is it?

Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner – formulated with Ojon Oil, which helps instantly hydrate extremely dry, damaged hair and protect it from future breakage.  The brand are offering customers the chance to take home a full size Damage Reverse Shampoo and a full size Damage Reverse Conditioner, completely free of charge!

How do I get it?

Customers are invited to visit their nearest John Lewis, selected Boots stores, House of Fraser, Fenwick and Harrods on November 8th 2012  to take part in this one day event. Customers will receive the Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner, worth £41.50 in exchange for an empty shampoo or conditioner bottle from any brand.  This offer is on a first come, first served basis and the offer will only stand while stocks last.



Get that date in your diaries ladies and don’t throw away your empties!

* for your nearest participating store call: 0870 034 2454

Quick Pick: Fudge Matte Mineral Textures Anti Frizz Deconstruction Spray

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 17 - 2012

I received a few Fudge bits and pieces through the post a couple of weeks ago and among them was this, which I initially mistook for hairspray…

We all have the capacity to become a bit green-eyed about certain traits other women may posess, things that we find ourselves lacking in, and one of those for me, is glossy hair.  The sort of hair that looks as though it’s made of one solid piece of polished-to-hell shine.

I might be sitting opposite a lady on the tube who runs her fingers through her hair and each piece falls back into place, as though she’s parted a wave… before the tide returns to reclaim the individual droplets.  If I do that with my hair, each strand happily stays at a 90 degree angle to my scalp.  Frizzies, I has ’em.

Well, while the spray doesn’t do enough to tame them completely when I’m wearing my hair down, I’ve discovered a specific and useful application for it… you might find it useful too…

You know when you put your hair up… a bun, some cute plaits?  Anyway, those shorter strands… the slightly frazzled ones that won’t lie flat to your head and instead give the illusion of an explosion in a mattress factory.  Yeah, you know the ones I mean.  Shake the can, give it a quick blast over your head and then gently smoothe/flatten any frizzies with your palms and they do not spring back up.  More importantly, thanks to the super-matte formula, you don’t get the hairspray “look” that doing this with hairspray creates, I’ve tried both – this looks a lot more natural and far less “heavy” on my fine hair.

It’s quite a specific benefit but if you’re a fan of the Croydon facelift, it might be a very useful tool in your arsenal!

Fudge Matte Mineral Textures Anti Frizz Deconstruction Spray is currently priced at £8.60 online at

* press sample

WIN a GHD Gloss IV Styler

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 9 - 2012

Happy Monday morning to you!

Well, when I say “happy”… I’ve actually got my sympathetic face on.  You see, when I wake up in the morning, I’m blessed with more time to get ready than most – thems the benefits of working from home.  It’s not as luxurious as it sounds, half the time it just means that I end the day looking the same as I did when I rolled out of bed that morning.

None of you glamourous lot would ever dream of being so slattern would you?

Oh, you would?

Well in that case, keep reading because I have an early-morning hair saviour up for grabs that might just encourage you to change your ways.

The ghd Gloss IV Styler not only promises your hair the glossy finish it’s been craving but creates its own style tribe with a high-shine, patent finish in addition to all the usual features you’d expect from the best-selling brand.

When you’re as bleary-eyed as a panda, you’ll be grateful for the long, swivel cord that won’t leave you contorting your upper torso into impossible angles and the safety-conscious sleep mode will ensure that the only burnt aromas you’ll return home to are from the remains of your morning toast.

Wanna win a pair?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Entry open to UK residents only.
2. One winner will be picked at random from ALL entrants and this winner will receive a limited edition ghd Gloss IV Styler.
3. Email details are only required to enter the competition, no details will be kept once this competition is closed and personal information will only be used to contact the winner.
4. Competition closes on 16th July 2012.
5. Winner will be notified within 5 days of the competition’s closing date.
6. is the sole promoter of this competition.

Style it, don’t fry it with Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 4 - 2012

If we’re not straightening it, we’re curling it.  If we’re not dye-ing it, we’re stripping it.  Our hair goes through more daily turmoil than the cast of Eastenders and I’m always on the lookout for ways to protect my locks, because heaven forbid, I should actually just stop mistreating them!

Philip Kingsley, major hair guru (or trichologist to give him his proper name), offers an anti-breakage, heat protecting conditioning spray for all hair types in the form of his Daily Damage Defence* spray.  It’s spendy at £22.50 for 250ml but if you only straighten your hair a couple of times a week (like me), this hefty bottle is going to last you 6 months or more with no trouble.  If you straighten your hair daily, stop that at once!

Many of us straighten our hair to eliminate the frizzies, at least… that’s what I do.  I’m a little bit addicted to the glossiness that ironed hair imparts and I haven’t yet discovered the secrets to achieving the same with a decent blow-dry.  I’m only washing my hair a maximum of twice or three times a week at the moment because I lose too much colour, too quickly if I wash more frequently and I’m finding that this by itself is helping my hair retain more moisture than normal.

I wash (still keep cheating on my SLS-free shampo), condition (deep condition once a week), pat dry with a towel, spray with the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence, and comb through with a boar-bristled brush.  Then I blow dry, and finally… run my straighteners through at as low a temperature as I can (anything above 180 degrees is really too hot for hair to handle).

The Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence is a silicone-based heat protectant (silicone avoiders beware) with added nourishing benefits from ingredients such as: hydrolised elastin, almond seedcake extract, amino acids and other hygroscopic (moisture-attracting) properties.  It smells good and dispenses a fine mist so I don’t overload my fine hair and weigh it down.  It’s the only styling product I’ve been using except for hairspray in an attempt to grasp any other benefits that it may be delivering.

Has my hair been breaking less?  Not really… at least, not that I’d directly attribute to the use of this product.  My hair breaks more so (in my opinion) because of my polycystic ovarian syndrome, I’m also a terrible shedder and I can’t have a shower without emptying the plughole of enough hair to stuff a pillow.  I haven’t noticed any improvements in this regard since using the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence.

Do I see any benefits at all?  I find that it’s helping my straighteners glide through my hair more efficiently and more quickly, something which I believe is lessening the scope for damage whilst still delivering good results when I’m done.  I haven’t noticed it causing any additional colour leech, infact… I’d say that I’ve had less since I’ve been using it (and it does say “suitable for use on color treated hair”), something which has become a bit of a priority recently.  I’ve just been for the chop (4 inches off) so I can’t comment on split ends but I hadn’t noticed a significant improvement and really don’t believe that any product will deliver on that score!

It’s more than I’d want to pay for a heat-protectant… but you get a lot of product for your money and it’s packaged in such a way that there is no waste during use, so if you don’t already have something that you’re happy with and can stomach the initial splurge, I do recommend the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence.  If you already use something that you swear by at a more bargainous price, I’m all ears!

I’ve tried a few and hadn’t (until now) found a happy balance between the product weighing down my hair and not actually achieving anything other than a bit of additional scent!  Thumbs up for this one.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence (250ml) is priced at £22.50 and available to buy instore and online at Marks&Spencer

* press sample

The accidental redhead

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 6 - 2012

I know what you’re thinking… “Charlotte, don’t be stupid – you don’t just “accidentally” dye your hair”.  But allow me to explain, because it’s not as black and white (and red) as it may initially seem.

You remember that time when you accidentally ate someone else’s Krispy Kreme because you weren’t paying attention?  Or that time you innocently forgot to take your pill and had a baby as a result?  There are all kinds of accidents, it’s just that some of them aren’t completley blame-less.

I didn’t mean to wake up this morning with bright red hair that leans menacingly toward the cerise, but I’ll admit that it didn’t just ‘happen’ either.  It went something like this…

I bought a bottle of Crazy Color semi-permanent hair color cream online from Amazon… after umm-ing and ahh-ing over the shades, I went for #56 Fire mainly because the reviews of some of the other reds in the range were pretty poor.  I bought the Renbow Crazy Color because I was looking for something to refresh my recently dyed hair without causing further damage.  The Renbow Crazy Color range works by staining the hair shaft without opening the cuticle and penetrating into the hair, it’s a vegetable dye that doesn’t inflict damage in the same way as conventional dyes.

In order to refresh my locks and give them a little boost of colour, I intended to mix a little dye into my conditioner and let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing out.  Easy peasy!  Except, it didn’t quite work out like that.

Once I’d blow dried my hair, I could see that the dye had really taken to my lighter roots, creating an uneven halo effect.  Not only that but thanks to my cackhanded application, only the very top layer had grabbed the colour.  I tried to live with it for a couple of hours… but I couldn’t kid myself, I looked ridiculous.

So I went for it.

Ignoring the instructions, I applied 3/4 of the bottle to my dry hair and concentrated on ensuring that I was evenly distributing the product throughout.  I can’t lie to you, it was messy.  At one point, Paul commented that it looked like he’d been trying to murder me.  I knew from reading reviews that vegetable dyes are notorious for staining skin and bathrooms but I don’t mind admitting that I got to the point where I didn’t care!

Once I was satisfied that every strand had been covered (and combed through for extra insurance), I set to work on the cleanup.  I’d been wearing disposable gloves… an absolute must, trust me.  The rest of the cleanup was surprisingly easy – the sink was treated to a hefty dose of Cillit Bang and any ‘staining’ wiped off without any bother.  As for my skin?  I used a damp flannel and rubbed until  my skin bled I decided that I’d rather live with the staining than keep going.  I left the dye on for around 30 minutes before rinsing.

And rinsing.  And rinsing.  I was stood under the shower for another 30 minutes in an attempt to get the water to run clear.  Eventually I got bored (and a bit cold) and gave up.  At this point, don’t reach for one of your nice towels – you’ll ruin it.  I’m gonna burn mine to hide the evidence.

Enough talking… it’s just hair dye.  Here’s how it turned out….


I’m anticipating that it’s gonna fade quickly (6-8 washes maybe?) so I’ve bought another bottle online and I still have about 1/4 of the first bottle left to go back to my original plan of refreshing the colour by mixing a little in with my conditioner when I wash my hair.  I’ll be honest, I’m a bit unsure of my new ‘do’ – it makes my eyes look really green but I think it clashes with my skintone!

Anyway, that’s the story of how one might become an accidental redhead.  Call it a cautionary tale if you like.

Do you use vegetable dyes?  Got any favourites?!

* oh, by the way, I need to tell you that you all disgusted me, disgusted me with your grubby ways on yesterday’s post – you brilliant, brilliant lot.

Hair Jewellery: Would you? Do you?

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 24 - 2012

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe…

I’ve been eyeing up some pretty hair jewellery around the interwebs and wondering what it would take for me to take the plunge and invest in a pretty piece.  I think the answer lies somewhere near the bottom of the bottle of Malibu lurking in the fridge.  Yes, I’m uncool enough to still love a bit of Malibu!

Silver Wings ($40.00)  |  Wildfox Daisy Chain (£47.47)  |  Kyoto Moon-Kanzashi Geisha Hair Stick ($40.00)  |  Moustache Ear Cuff (£8.00)

Honestly? I can just imagine getting horribly tangled up in it all the time.  Perhaps it’s a trend better suited to those with effortlessly sleek locks that seemingly never frizz?

Me?  I’d turn my head too quickly and attach myself to a fucking kitchen cupboard.

Do you own and wear any hair jewellery?  Hair bands and combs don’t count – I’m talking proper barnet bling!


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Swatched: Mavala collaboration with Elle, free with August's issue

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Advent Giveaway – Day 22

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Alex Byrne with Benefit Cosmetics for Jean-Pierre Braganza SS/12 LFW

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Deal Alert (London): Elemis Amnesty Tomorrow!

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …


CLOSED: Competition Time: Givenchy Very Irresistible L'eau en Rose Perfume!

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

CLOSED - Win it! The Body Shop Expert Brush Collection

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Win a gorgeous "glow" trio with prizes from Urban Decay, New CID, & Arbonne!

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Hello? Is this thing on?

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Avoid the brush off with Oral-B Pro-Expert

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Big savings on French Pharmacy brands, win my top picks!

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Win it! 3 EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brushes to win!

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

FOTD Busting out of the comfort zone!

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Dear Obesity...

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …

Urban Decay The Black Palette - Photos & Swatches

It takes a special kind of lady to rock certain styles – I’m not a special kind of lady, “speshul” maybe… I’ve been eyeing up …


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