Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 25 - 2009

I know this is no lady-like way to start a post but… I think I might have done a little wee when this unexpected treat landed on my doormat.

I’d been waiting for a new-style UDPP tube from the PR agency to hack to pieces and over analyse for you all, but none of you would believe me if I said that I was disappointed to find this inside the parcel instead.  Mainly ‘cos I’d be lying.

If you haven’t bought yours yet… why not?  Let’s have a little group unveiling…











I am going to get so many different looks out of this one palette, the shadows are smooth like buttah (bar the ‘orrible MCRA) and heavily pigmented.

The wand in the mini UDPP is one of the new-fangled angled (I’m a poet) ones.  So it’ll be interesting to see how it gets into the nooks and crannies of the (still) rather daftly shaped bottle (stick it in a squeezy tube already!)

I love that they’ve included a brown liner pencil as some of the shades in the palette are crying out to be paired up with a softer line than black would give.  I know a lot of you are huge fans of these Urban Decay 24/7 pencils… but I’ll be honest and say that for the difference in price, I still prefer my GOSH Velvet Touch ones which seem to last equally as long on my eyes before admitting defeat and morphing into eye bogies.

The substantial mirror in the lid is very useful and ensures that these will be the only shadows I take along with me when I visit the in-laws over Christmas.  The “book of looks” is a slightly superfluous but glamourous addition that gives a nice focus for the shadows.  It’s more of a “look what we can do” rather than “look what we can help you do” affair, but it does link to a URL which claims to help you learn how to create the looks featured in the book.

I’ll be doing some individual swatches but I wanted to get my initial thoughts on this palette “out there” before it became impossible to find.  My local Boots only had 3 left in stock on Saturday.

I have another one coming (which my friend has already decided will now be her Xmas present from me) as I already had one on order from Debenhams when this showed up (it’s like waiting for a bus eh?)… I paid £24.30 inc. p&p, if you want to know how I got it for that price let me know and I’ll post the codes I used in the comment area, otherwise I’m a bit too lazy to re-find them.

33 Responses to “Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II”

  1. Victoria says:

    REALLY want this. Flipside is just gorgeous.

    Argh damn you for making me want this!



  2. Kim says:

    These look gorgeous. I shall be adding this to my birthday/Xmas list. Oh how I wish I wasn’t a poor student lol :( Can’t wait to see what looks you do with these :) xx

  3. Amy-Louise says:

    ooo you lucky girl!! think i’ll have to add it to the xmas list! x

  4. Ceona says:

    Oh my. That is stunning. Yes we want the codes. I got paid and dammit I want to buy something pretty to make up for having no voice and an uncooperative nose.

  5. http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10001_60215_1178793_-1


    PC4P – gives 10% off
    SHD1 – gives free delivery.

    Don’t know how long they’ll be valid for though.

  6. Tali says:

    That is GORGEOUS!! I want it! The greens are so vibrant but i suspect with a light hand they could be very wearable as liners.

    Also now that halloween is coming up gunmetal is the perfect shade for general smoking and blending!!

  7. Ally says:

    I think i want this just to collect it :( I somehow am not ‘feeling’ the colours in it.

    totally agree re GOSH velvet touch liners..i love mine and use them more that the UD ones and they are great value too. They do a better job too!

    Great photography as always!

  8. Papayabunny says:

    I want this (as well as book 1) so badly, but I can’t justify the cost to myself. And when I look on ebay, they’re going for $70 – 80 when they’re half that on the UD site!

  9. Eliza says:

    Dear Santa,
    Please send me one of these. Stunning.



  10. Dear Santa,
    I too would love one of these just like Eliza. :-)

    Yours truly,
    A makeup junkie in Canada

    Anyway….Can’t wait to see the looks you create!

  11. Helen says:

    I saw this in the flesh at the weekend and it is very pretty indeed, yet for some reason I didn’t feel it call to me. My friend did though and it went straight on to her Xmas list!

  12. I just put this on my wish/WANT list! I don’t have any UD eye shadows and that is a crime in itself! Gorgeous clear photos as well don’t help in my lust!

  13. Miss Virtue says:

    Is it wrong that I want this palette soley for the eyeshadow called sellout?! – What does that say about me!? :s – I shall think about it whilst perusing the Boots UD stand! LOL

    …PS. How’s my spelling today ;o)

  14. Emma says:

    Ohhhh i nearly bought this the other day. With those codes now to hand i think i may have to. xx

  15. FrankieBaby says:

    I debated so much on this one. I saw it when it first hit the stores and was kinda meh about the colours, thinking to myself that I already own a hundred similar things. Luckily I was able to test drive it by applying it on a few clients and I agree with the “smooth like buttah” review! I can’t wait to see the looks you come up with!

  16. You are such an enabler with your gorgeous, crisp photos and bewitching way with words… you… grr! 😉

    Went in to Boots to check this out today and had the lovely girl put it away for me, going back to pick it up with a couple of the Heavy Metal liners on Thursday when they’re having the Boots Advantage Card Day – I think you get £12 in points back when you spend over £50… happy days :)

  17. I absolutely LOVE the look of this palette. The mix of vivid colours and neutrals has totally won me over. I cant stop staring at ‘flipside’, such a pretty colour.

    I’ve never really tried Urban Decay, but this may have changed all that!

  18. @Victoria – haha, sorry x

  19. @Kim – I have been very lazy with capturing any FOTDs but I do have two with this palette that should be coming up shortly x

  20. @Amy-Louise – You should!

  21. @Ceona – You have an uncooperative nose? Is this something that you and your nose often argue about? 😉

  22. @Tali – Flipside isn’t as vibrant as Homegrown which is *awesome* – shame I don’t like green though LOL

  23. @Ally – Thank You… *starts GOSH Velvet Touch Fan Club with you*

  24. @PapayaBunny – I know, I want book 1 too… missed the boat on that one though :(

  25. @Eliza – Haha, hope he’s listening for you!

  26. @Michelle – Thanks, and ditto what I said to Eliza! x

  27. @Helen – It is missing a theme… it’s just a pile of pretty colours isn’t it. I do like palettes with a theme, especially seasonal ones.

  28. @OxfordJasmine – That is a crime! Sort it out lady! x

  29. @Miss Virtue – No, it’s not! Sellout is beautiful! One of my favs in the palette. Spelling is goooood! Turn off that spellchecker now!

  30. @Emma – Hope you like it! x

  31. @FrankieBaby – Thank you xxx

  32. @LionLovingTiger – hehehe, I’m not sorry 😛 xx You got a friendly SA! All the ones in my local are sour olf boots!

  33. @BeautyJunkieLondon – Flipside is an unusual one isn’t it! Oh you must try Urban Decay, there’ something for everyone in the brand!

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